Insanity Family

The Kook Family Backwards ISBI!


Screenshot-2Welcome to the Kook Family Backwards ISBI! As you can see we have an elder sim here as our founder, Ben Kook, and his trusty dog Dusty.  😀

Ben: Who’s a guud widdle puppy?

Dusty: *growls* you should be a ghost by now old man

Screenshot-3So Ben, what are you up to?

Ben: What a marvelous device, oh look a cat video! Was someone talking to me?

Screenshot-5Yup! Hi Ben! No, you can’t see me, but I know you can hear me. 😉

Ben: YOU! Get out of my head!

I’m afraid I can’t do that Ben.

Ben: No! Be gone disembodied voice!

Screenshot-6Ben, can we just talk a moment? You see, I need you for a challenge and – 

Ben: ‘I need you for a challenge’ Phhfftt, whatever. ‘I’m a disembodied voice and you will do what I say!’ No!

Screenshot-13Hey look! A llama! :O

Ben: ‘Oh, a llama!’ Yah right! You can’t fool me!

No, really, there’s a llama…

Llama: Umm, sir? Are you okay?

Screenshot-15Ben: *gasp!* A llama! A talking llama! My life is complete!

Ben… it’s a mascot…

Screenshot-21Ben: All my life I have dreamed of meeting a talking llama, and now here you are!

Llama: Um, okay. Well here’s a welcome basket, and, uh, you should come to our university.

Ben: It’s a sign from the Watcher! I must go to university!

Llama: Right, well, later! *backs away slowly*

Screenshot-30Yay! Ben’s going to university!! 😀

Ben: Why is there still this voice in my head, didn’t I tell you to go away?

Screenshot-32Well, you did, but I’m not going anywhere! Ha!

Ben: This is all your doing! Isn’t it?! You made that llama come!

Actually, no, he came on his own.

Ben:  I don’t believe you. I’m not going.

Yes, you are. I need you to live longer, so you are going to university.

Screenshot-33Ben: Live longer? Am I going to die?

Not until you’ve met a girl, had two kids and at least one grows up!

Ben: Oh. Why do I need kids?

I guess I should explain that…*announcer voice* CONGRATULATIONS BEN! You have been chosen to be the founder of a Backwards ISBI! I am your guide, MichelleLynn! Together we will find you a wife, have kids, and keep you alive! *crowds cheering in the background*

Screenshot-40Ben: Oooo, pretty flag!

I knew you’d come around! 😀

Ben: I still don’t like you.

Can’t win them all. 😦

Screenshot-41Ben: Now you be a good boy and stay here Dusty.

Dusty: *woof*

Ben, Dusty will be fine, come on, let’s go!

Screenshot-43Ben: *on phone* Hi! I’m Ben! I’m coming to your university!

Did I just see a pop up that said a dog sitter was going to check in on Dusty while you were gone?

Ben: Who else will feed Dusty? Duh!

Oh I hate you, -10 points already! 😦

Screenshot-45Ben: What are the points for?

Never mind, it’s not important for you to know. Shall we head out now?

Ben: Bye Dusty! *sobs* You are my only companion!

Oh my plumbob, you’re coming back! Go get in the van!

Ben: *sobs*

Oh dear….



-10 Dog Sitter (2) (I wasn’t thinking when I created Dusty in CAS that he would need a sitter. Since Ben will be gone for 2 ‘terms’ I doubled the point deduction, -5 for each ‘term’) 😦
-10 Total Points


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