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Chapter 1.1

on August 1, 2013

Screenshot-49And here we are at Sims University! Wait, Ben where are your clothes?

Ben: I lost them.

Yes, I can see that! Where did you lose them?

Ben: I lost the game.

What game?

Ben: The game!

Do I even want to know?

Ben: No.


Screenshot-52So why did you want an exercise machine?

Ben: I’m athletic! I can jog for hours!

Yah right, you’re going to fall. Just don’t let the machine kill you, you’re not allowed to die yet.

Ben: I won’t fall!

Screenshot-59I told you so.

Ban:  Damn you, confounded voice! You jinxed me!

Yah, like I can MAKE you fall.

Screenshot-62Um, Ben? What are you doing?

Ben: Delightful, absolutely delightful!

Screenshot-67BEN! Get out of there!

Ben: *echoes* I found treasure!

You found garbage! Put it back, you have a Meet & Greet to go to!

Screenshot-71Ben:  Oooo! Free stuff!

Don’t eat the candy bar, it’s going to be gross.

Ben: …….

Again, I told you so.

Ben: I hate you.


Screenshot-72Okay, I know you’re in a Fine Arts degree, but really? You’re in everyone’s way!

Ben: Silence! This is a master of the sketch pad at work!

Screenshot-74I see you’ve changed your clothes again. Going for a real jog this time?

Ben: I want to take a fishing class.

Okay! 😀

Screenshot-79How was your fishing class? 😀

Ben: Fish smell.

Yes, yes they do.

Screenshot-85Ben: Yay! Autumn salad! I’m going to enjoy this!

Wow, you really like your salad…

Ben: Don’t dis the salad! *Evil glare*

Okay! I won’t dis the salad!

Screenshot-91Day one down at university! He didn’t meet any girls yet…. and he’s hopelessly lonely at the moment… let’s see if we can fix that! 😀

Screenshot-95BEN! It’s the middle of summer! Aren’t you hot?

Ben: Nothing like a morning jog in a snow suit to get the old heart pumping!

Yah, it’s going to pump you into the grave!

Ben: Why are classes in the summer?

Um, you enrolled for the early semester? Don’t ask me useless questions!

Ben: Oh, okay.

That was easy.

Screenshot-97Hey! How was class?

Ben: Need. Food. NOW!

Quick! Get to the cafe! You are NOT dying of starvation!

Screenshot-99*Sigh* Ben, where did your clothes go, again?

Ben: It’s summer! I’m hot!

Wearing a snow suit in 30 degree weather will do that to you!

Screenshot-100How’s your bagel hot stuff? 

Ben: Exquisite, thank you for asking.

Book Dude: Um, you talking to me old man?

You know, if you talk back to me when other Sims are around they’ll just think you’re even more insane…

Ben: I demand you be quite! Let me enjoy my bagel in peace!

Book Dude: Seriously dude? Chill out.

Screenshot-104Oh! A girl! A cute girl! What’shernamewhat’shernamewhat’shername!

Ben: I must say, you are an exquisite creature, might I have the pleasure of knowing your name?

Oh my plumbob, is that the word of the day? We have to work on your ppl skillz!

Cindy: *giggles* It’s Cindy! I like old, half naked men.

Wonderful! Try and get THAT image out of my head, thank you!

Screenshot-108Ben: I’m pretty spry for an old guy. I lift weights like all the time, yo!

Yo? What are you hip and cool now because some hot chick is talking to you? He doesn’t lift weights! He lies!

Screenshot-109Cindy: You must jog too, you have such lean muscle tone!

Ben: Oh yah, all the time! I’m a great jogger!

He lies! He falls on the treadmill like 9 times out of 10!!

Screenshot-116Ben: I have to stay fit so when the world is taken over by these tentacle things I can out run it and stay alive!

Cindy: Oh! Wow! Right, so is that the time? I have to, um, wash my hair! Bye!

Great, you scared her away with your crazy talk.

Screenshot-124Ben: *Sigh* I’d sure like to catch her like a tasty fish!

Book Dude: Ha! Loser! Looooossseeerrrrrr!

If I could, I would punch you Book Dude. Ben! Stop daydreaming! It’s late and you need sleep!

Screenshot-126Another girl! And she likes you too! 

Ben: Why do you sound so surprised?

Gabby: Um, I guess I’m surprised at how good you still look? Is that rude of me to say that to an old guy?

Ben: What? Oh, no, never-mind.  Uh, I work out! 😀

Good save. 😀

Screenshot-138Gabby: I love to garden, some say I have a green thumb!

Ben: Me too! Me too! We’re meant to be!

Whoa! Hold on, I thought you liked Cindy?

Ben: Cindy didn’t talk about gardening.

Gabby: Who’s Cindy?

Ben: Um, no one. Let’s talk about plants!

Gabby: Okay!

*rolls eyes* Yay…. plants…..

Screenshot-143Well, that’s it for chapter 1.1! You sleep well Ben, you worked hard. No points, but hey! He met some girls! 😀



-10 Dog Sitter (2)
-10 Total Points

18 responses to “Chapter 1.1

  1. zefiewings says:

    Oh Ben. He is such a doll.
    I find it so funny how panicky one gets about things that can kill you when you have a life goal like that.
    Great update, I can’t wait for more!
    BTW, I am almost done righting the new rules/list for the first two age groups.
    I have to wait until my sims ages up though to see whats available for the next age group but…should be soon. Ish.


    • I know! I watch him soooo closely and everytime he decides to do something on his own I’m like “what are you doing!” Haha! I might be able to get one more update out this week. Maybe tomorrow. Not having a day off work all week sucks lol.
      And yay!! I can’t wait for the list! I want to try it out. See if maybe I can implement it into The Darnell Legacy? Generation one is coming to an end so it would be a good place to start it. 😀


  2. gryffindork7 says:

    Gabby is gorgeous! I married her to a spare in my legacy and I kind of regret wasting her fabulous genes. I’ve got my fingers crossed for her and Benny Boy 🙂


    • I was wondering if she had good gene potential! It seems like most University EA premades have good genes. My Sims have married a couple and have had great looking kids so far.


  3. brainofivane says:

    Still making me laugh and giggle a lot. I love your dialogue and how kooky your founder is!


  4. All these legacy people getting gorgeous spouses from university…almost makes me want to get it just for the spouse potential. Maybe now that TS4 is out, the TS3 EPs will be cheaper?
    I like Gabby, just because her name is cooler than Cindy.


    • It seems like any world that sims can travel to have gorgeous spouse material sims. Lol. I’m sure the prices will drop eventually. Unfortunately for me I bought all the expansions right as they came out so no savings for me. Lol. 🙂


  5. Marion_the_Flash says:

    I like Ben. I don’t think he can handle the voice in his head though. And he has no game. Lol. I want this game!


  6. lilyrae98 says:

    Haha, another funny chapter 😛 I ship Gabben…Babby? I don’t know what their ship name is…I’ve started my own legacy challenge-ish story at, if it’s not too much trouble would you mind checking it out and telling me what you think? Now, onto chapter 2 🙂


    • I’m horrible at coming up with ship names so I just let the readers refer to them how they want. 😀
      I’m checking out your legacy now! I’ll leave you some comments! 🙂


  7. That must have been a really good book. Book Dude was pretty unphased to have a shirtless, hairy old guy sitting right there eating a bagel… I mean, I would’ve at least done a double-take. Unless, you know, I was right at the good part of the chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. DarkwingLady says:

    Lol, so funny! Am saving this to read in between work.

    I love Ben already. Peeking to the family tree, is the Spouse to be Gabby? Yay!! (^_^)b

    Liked by 1 person

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