Insanity Family

The Kook Family Backwards ISBI!

Chapter 1.2

Screenshot-148Hello Ben…. Beeeennnn…… wake up…… BEN!

Screenshot-149Ben: Huh, wha-?

Wakey-wakey Ben! I told you to go to bed earlier, but nooooo, you wanted to flirt with girls.

Ben: At least girls are more interesting than this class…

Hush, it’s mandatory you go if you want to stay in university.

Screenshot-156More salad…

Ben: Salad is amazing!

Ben! I just heard the doorbell! Go see who it is!

Screenshot-157Cindy: Hi Ben, I just wanted to stop by and see how you were doing. I’m sorry I ran off yesterday.

Ben: It’s great to see you again Cindy! You’re hair looks lovely.

Cindy: Awe, thanks. We should hang out sometime. Anyway, I have class. Bye!

Yay! Cindy came back! Maybe you didn’t scare her off after all!

Screenshot-165Ben! What’s wrong?! This is the fourth time you’ve woken up and freaked out!

Ben: AAAAHHHHHH!!!! I’m so tired! But I’m scared! There’s a full moon!

There’s nothing to be scared of Ben! *hears moaning sound* Wait…. what was that?

Screenshot-168Ben: What is it?!

Oh, a zombie girl with back pain. No wonder she’s moaning.


Relax! Your doors are locked, she can’t get you. Just stay inside and go back to bed!

Screenshot-171I see you are wearing your snow suit again. Did you have a good nap before class?

Ben: Shhhhh, I’m concentrating.

I’m sure that mime is more distracting than me…..

Ben: ….

Fine, I’ll leave you alone. But after class you’re going to find a girl.

Screenshot-177You take a lot of naps…

Ben:  Well it’s hard to sleep with a zombie outside your window.

Point taken. Are you ready for that juice kegger party tonight?

Ben: Yup, I’m even in my fancy clothes!

I think the invite said casual…

Screenshot-186Where did you get that bike?

Ben: It appeared in front of me!

Whatever you say, just hurry up and get to the party!

Screenshot-189Ben: Help me do a keg stand Cindy!

Cindy: Okay!

Show’em how it’s done, Ben!

Screenshot-192Ben: Pst! Look at his hat! I haven’t worn a hat like that since I was a young adult!

Cindy: *giggles* I can see why it went out of fashion!

Guy in the Hat: Real mature guys…

Screenshot-202Ben: I had a wonderful time tonight Cindy. Let’s go on a date soon.

Cindy: Oh Ben! You’re so romantic!

Don’t be fooled, he’s had those flowers in his pocket for AGES! He could have given them to any girl.

Screenshot-205She accepted the kiss!

Screenshot-210Did you have a good time Ben?

Ben: I’ve found my soul mate!

Um, is that Cindy streaking in the background?

Ben: Yah…. isn’t she something? *dreamy look*

She’s something all right….

Screenshot-2Run Ben! You’ll be late for your exams!

Ben: I’m going, I’m going!

Screenshot-3While Ben is in his exams I just want to point out how pretty the campus is in the fall season *sigh*.

Screenshot-5How did you fail BOTH of your exams?!

Ben: Well maybe if SOMEONE let me focus on school more than girls I may have scraped by!

We have a job to do here, but you’re right. Next term you will focus more on studies. Now lets go find Cindy!

Screenshot-8That doesn’t look like Cindy…

Ben: *echoes* She was busy, so I’m looking for treasure!

How many times do I have to tell you garbage is not treasure!

Ben: *echoes* Oh! A rubber ducky!

Screenshot-9Angry Homeowner: What are you doing rummaging in my garbage you handsome old man! You have flies in your beard and smell like trash but I’m oddly attracted to you….

Ben: You’re pretty even when you’re yelling at me!

Wow, just wow.

Screenshot-11Finally! She must be a busy girl! It took you a whole day to get her to go out somewhere. Or maybe she’s just not interested?

Cindy: Hey Ben! This is some great weather we’re having.

Ben:  You are so beautiful in the rain.

Screenshot-15Ben: So Cindy, I have a question…

You can do it Ben! Fingers crossed!

Ben: would you do me the honour of being my girlfriend?

Screenshot-16I guess we’ll take that as a yes! Now that Ben has a girl it’s time to finish up at university and get things moving on the home front. 😉



-10 Dog Sitter (2)
-10 Total Points


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