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Quick Update + 100 VIEWS!

Hello Everyone!

I know it has been  a while since I last posted an update (on any of my blogs really….) and life in continually getting in the way. What other meaning is there to life but the Sims?! But seriously, I’ve had some great things happening in my life right now like going back to college! Now that the first few weeks of school are out of the way and I have studying under my belt it’s time to throw the Sims back into the mix.

I’m hoping to update on Monday’s (since I don’t have class and rarely work on a Monday) but please don’t be too upset if for some reason I miss one (AKA around midterms and exam times!)

ALSO! I would like to thank you all for checking out my blog and here’s to you and helping me reach the FIRST 100 VIEWS of my ISBI! This blog (or any other blog I have) would not exist without you fantastic readers! Check back for more Kookiness to come and keep posting those comments! 😀

Happy Simming!


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