Insanity Family

The Kook Family Backwards ISBI!

Chapter 1.5

Screenshot-119Cindy: So Ben, I was thinking we should get some bells put around the yard, for, you know, intruders and stuff.

Ben: Okay dear. Mmm… these pancakes are superb!

Screenshot-116It looks like someone is praying to the porcelain goddess! Could it mean…?

Ben: What is that smell? I think those pancakes we ate went bad dear, they look green…

Cindy: *Blarfff* I don’t feel so good……

Was it pancakes? Or something else?!

Screenshot-120Ben: OH! I gotta go!

Why do you insist on waiting so long! Run Ben, run!

Screenshot-121Good boy Dusty, digging holes in the garden for Ben! I like this dog!


Cindy: Now how did this happen?

Jeez, I wonder…

Screenshot-123Since nothing really interesting happened during Cindy’s pregnancy here’s a shot of out first ever gnome for this family! It looks like he’s taken some notes from Dusty and is digging, too! 😀

Screenshot-124Cindy: *moans* uuuuhhhhgggg….. what’s happening…..?

Umm… you’re having you’re baby… where’s Ben for this? She can’t hear me… I need Ben!

Screenshot-125Umm… Ben… You’re wife is outside having YOUR CHILD!

Ben: *Bang, bang, BANG* What? What child? This toilet needs a fixin’ since Cindy went and blew it up.

And like all men he is oblivious…. (no offense guys) 😉

Screenshot-128Cindy: Aaaaaahhhhh!!!! The pain!

You can do it Cindy! I know you can’t hear me but I’m here!

Screenshot-130Cindy: Sparkles? Wha- um… maybe I should try spinning?

Yes! That’s it! Spin!

Screenshot-134baby boy - AnakinYay! Cindy had a boy! Say hello to Anakin (Skywalker? Hehe! No…) Baby no. 1 down, now just one to go!

Screenshot-136Ben: I have a son! Come to papa…

This brings a tear to my eye… he looks so happy! 🙂

Screenshot-137Ben: So, baby, since the first one turned out so good let’s say we try again, eh?

Cindy: Wha-?

Screenshot-138Ben: Come to papa, Baby!

Cindy: Ew! No! Get off me you dirty old man!

Ben: But-

Cindy: NO!

FAIL Ben! Better luck next time!



-10 Dog sitter (2)
-5 Fire (2)
+5 Birth (1)
-10 Total Points


Chapter 1.4

Screenshot-79Hey you two! Long time, no see!

Ben: What an odd little contraption…

Cindy: I gotta pee…

And as usual I’m chop liver… Cindy! Get to the bathroom you numbskull! (It took all my willpower to not control her…)

Screenshot-81Cindy: Gotta go! Gotta go!

Dear Watcher please let her make it! *prays silently*

Screenshot-83Aw, the poor newly weds don’t even have a proper bed to consummate their new marriage in. 😦 I’ll have to fix that! 😉

Screenshot-85Cindy: Oh Watcher! I’m starving!

Hmm… I guess I need to build a kitchen, and fast… I am not losing you to starvation!

Screenshot-86Cindy: Where did this building come from? Oh well, it has food so what do I care!

Oh the life of a sim… wish for something and BAM! You now have a kitchen. At least she’s smart and got some food! I’m so proud of you, Cindy!

Screenshot-87Ben: Damn women… casually eating her breakfast while I’m forced to work out here… *grumble grumble*

Hey! None of that now! She is your loving wife, and besides, you like to garden!

Ben: Can’t a man complain in peace?! Annoying voice…. *grumble grumble*

Screenshot-91Look at how wonderful Cindy is! She takes care of Dusty…

Screenshot-97AND cooks servings of mac n’ cheese so Ben doesn’t have to! 😀

Screenshot-101Okay, these two REALLY need a bed… we need babies!

Screenshot-102Cindy: Bye dear! I’m off to work!

Oh yah! Cindy works at the Science Facility in town! 😀 Need someone to bring in the dough around here since Ben is a lazy %&@….

Ben: I heard that!

Good! Maybe you’ll actually work in your garden without stopping every half hour and grow some produce to sell!

Screenshot-103Ben: I’m working on it! Slave driver!

Ben…. we’ve talked about this…. what is wrong with this picture right now…. hmmm?

Screenshot-104Ben: Oh no! My hat! I forgot my hat!

You don’t have a hat! … What’s that behind you…..?

Screenshot-105BEN!! YOU’RE ON FIRE AGAIN!!

Ben: Wha-?

Screenshot-106Ben: AAAHHHHHHH!!!

(As much as I HATE him catching fire I can’t help but laugh hysterically watching him run to the shower like that…. mwahahaha!) But… I HATE you Ben! Another -5 points! Grr. 😡

Screenshot-107Okay Ben, we need to get this show on the road…

Ben: What ever do you mean?

You. Cindy. Woohoo. NOW!

Ben: B-but… there’s a Zombie!

I don’t care!

Cindy: Did you say something dear?

Screenshot-109Ben: Just this… *horrible, sloppy, squishy kissing noises*

Zombie: Dur… I think my neck is broken…

Let the baby making commence!

Screenshot-113I think I heard jingles!

Screenshot-112Zombie: Hehe! A cat video! Awww… it’s adorwable!

Umm…Mr. Hot Zombie dude?…. sorry to interrupt… but do you mind putting some more clothes on?! I swear, the zombies in this game are here to torment my soul…. 😦



-10 Dog sitter (2)
-10 Fire (2)
-20 Total Points

A/N: Well jeez, I’m not off to a good start point wise… but stay tuned for BABIES! I know this is the first post in a loooooong time… BUT! I have pictures galore uploaded to wordpress now so expect another chapter soon! 😀

~ ML


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