Insanity Family

The Kook Family Backwards ISBI!

Chapter 1.9

So we ended last chapter with Anakin growing up to child stage and gaining the Insane trait after Ben was miraculously spared by Death. I apologize in advance but this chapter will be a birthday chapter!

Screenshot-23Isn’t he adorable!? Ben and Cindy make good looking kids!

Screenshot-24Oh, and this thing decided to burrow up from the earth RIGHT ON THEIR FRONT LAWN! Future adventures to be had soon? Perhaps.

Screenshot-25What’s the matter Ben?

Ben: It’s crying!

Then look after the poor child!

Ben: Do I have to?


Screenshot-26Where did you get homework from? You haven’t even been to school yet!

Anakin: 5 times 7 is… uh….

Apparently Anakin is a goodie two shoes with homework and is starting it BEFORE his first day of school! (When I transferred the game file to my other computer it must have spawned the homework… only explanation I can think of…)

Screenshot-27Ben: Now son, remember this rhyme. I ate and I ate and I got sick on the floor. Get it? 8 times 8 is 64!

Anakin: Gah… Daaaad, I’m trying to concentrate…

He’s such a good father, helping his son get ahead in school. 🙂

Screenshot-28Cindy: I’m on to you child. You may have been born by Ben, but you are not mine. I will not let you ruin my children with your alien ways. Understand? Good…

You’re kinda creepy Cindy… put the baby down… slowly…

Screenshot-29Anakin: I am King! And I say cookies and ice cream for all!!

Nice try kid. But I don’t think there are any cookies. There’s ice cream though… go look in the fridge!

Screenshot-30Now who did this?! Where’s Ben, he’s supposed to be fixing things, not breaking them…

Ben: I didn’t do it!

I don’t believe you.

Screenshot-31So when the game file transferred Cindy decided that even though her age bar had hit 0 she would just stay a young adult. Generally I haven’t been using birthday cakes since they have been causing way to many fires lately. However, after a couple of days of her neglecting to age up on her own I decided to do it for her.

Cindy: Oh, a cake! Ben, you shouldn’t have!  What should I wish for…

Screenshot-32Cindy: *Gasp!* Sparkles! I’ll just close my eyes and they’ll go away and I’ll still be young and beautiful…

Screenshot-33Cindy: A-ha! I have triumphed! I am beautiful!

She actually doesn’t look too different. Sometimes they get early wrinkles and I laugh hysterically!

Screenshot-34Where are you off to, Mr. Anakin in his fancy pants.

Anakin: It’s the first day of school! I have to make the right impression.

Does he remind you of anyone?

Screenshot-2 (3)Blast from the past… ahhaahahahahaha.  XD

Screenshot-36Poor Kenneth seems to be ignored. So here’s a shot of him beating up his IF doll. These things are seriously creepy and I’m thinking of taking them away.

Screenshot-37Look at Anakin get right down to homework after school! Star student right here, folks! Don’t mind the creepy Gnome-puppy, this is the first time I’ve seem him up close and I don’t like his bug-eyes!

Screenshot-38A-HA! Caught in the act!

Ben: Uh-oh… But I-

You are supposed to be fixing things! Stop breaking everything!

Ben: Well maybe if we actually had nice things they wouldn’t break for no reason!

Hey, if you want nice things you need to get out in that garden and make it grow! You sell produce, remember? Kinda hard to sell when YOU HAVE NONE!

Screenshot-39And so he decides to ignore my push to go out in the garden and trains Kenneth to walk instead. At least he’s spending time with the child everyone ignores!

Screenshot-41Another birthday!

Screenshot-45So here is Frankie looking all alien-ish. I did a slight makeover…

Screenshot-47TA-DA! He’s kinda cute!

Screenshot-49 Awe. Brother bonding time! I swear, all they do is play with those dolls. They have a toy box and the block and music toys, but noooooooo. They sit there with these dolls all day.

Screenshot-50More homework! Keep it up Anakin and you’ll be on the honour roll in no time!! 😀

Screenshot-52One last birthday!

Kenneth Child BirthdayApparently Ben didn’t get to finish training Kenneth how to walk! Like I said, he is the ignored child, poor kid.

Screenshot-53OHMIGAWSH! He’s so cute! I clicked that hair just for laughs (because I’m cruel like that) but I think it actually suits him!

Screenshot-54I just want to take a moment to point out how good this family is. Everyone is in bed, at night, and sleeping peacefully. Even the dog! Also, I wanted a shot of their current house. There’s a bathroom in the corner that is cut off. I’m thinking of demolishing and giving them a better layout… any thoughts?

Screenshot-55Kenneth’s first day of school! And since he’s not Insane like his brother and father he is dressed in normal clothing. I’m so proud of you!

Anakin Honour RollYAY!!!! First honour roll student! +5 points!

Screenshot-56Hmmmm…. and a possible second close behind? We’ll have to see!

life fruit Cindy Promotion to Lvl 3Also! Ben FINALLY grew a life fruit! And Cindy got another promotion. It’s not much but maybe I can build them a slightly better house… or update their appliances. Decisions, decisions.



-10 Dog sitter (2)
-10 Fire (2)
-5 Self urination (1)
+15 Birth (3)
+5 Skill Challenge (1)
+5 Honour Roll (1)
0 Total Points (finally broke even! now to just gain more points….)


Chapter 1.8

Am I in a blogging mood today, or what? Yet another update from our favourite kooky family!

So just as we though things couldn’t get any weirder, Ben goes and has an alien baby. Let’s see what he gets up to this chapter…

Screenshot-221Ben: *on phone* A ticket is how much? *pause* I can do that.

What’cha doing Ben?

Ben: *on phone* Yes, one ticket to Al Simhara, Egypt please!

EGYPT?! BEN! Why are you going to Egypt? You JUST had a baby! You should be resting!

Al Simhara - EgyptAs much as I tried to dissuade him, Ben insisted on going. He claimed there was a magical Life Fruit to be found by the most courageous adventurers that he could harvest and plant in his garden so he could live longer. I told him it was a load of baloney.

Ben: Just you wait! I shall triumph over Death and live a long and full life!

Ben! I know you are getting really, really old. But I think we can find something at home, in Sunlight Tides!

Screenshot-222Awe well, we’re here now so you may as well have a good vacation at least. Uhm, where are you’re clothes?!

Ben: Well, er… you see…

Let me guess, you lost the game. -.-

Ben: Yes! How did you-

Let’s not go there…

Screenshot-225Really, you’re going to go inside? That door doesn’t even have a handle.

Ben: Wow… *low whistle* now how does this door work?

*Sigh* And so Adventurer Ben begins his search for the elusive Life Fruit.

Screenshot-227He checks behind statues…

Ben: Hey it moves! Did you hear something rumble?

Screenshot-228And he braves hidden traps…

Ben: I’ll just stick my hand in here and…

NO BEN! You’ll lose it forever!


Ben: Ta-da! Presto, no more trap!

How did you-?

Ben: I’m a Master Tomb Raider!

I highly doubt that…

Screenshot-231Ben: Yes… these symbols… they mean something…

Well yah, but it’s not like you can read them!

Ben: I’ll just push here and…

Screenshot-233Ben: Damn, it’s just a door.

A secret door! Ben go through it!!

Screenshot-234He will brave the deep waters and explore every crevice! Will he come out alive!?

Ben: You really don’t have any confidence in me… this better not be shallow water…

Shallow water…? Wait! You should check first!

Screenshot-235Too late… please don’t break your neck!

Screenshot-237And the brave adventurer dove through the underground well to find a secret room with untold treasures! And you are in your snowsuit again… where were you hiding your snowsuit?!

Ben: You don’t want to know…


Screenshot-241Ben: Look! A big, decorated rock! It opens!

Ben! Get out of there! You could be attacked by a Mummy!!

Ben: There’s no- AHHHHHH!!!


Ben: Haha! Got’cha!


Screenshot-242Well, did you find the fabled Life Fruit?

Ben: I-I don’t understand… this is the bush! Bu-but it’s bare! The fruit should be right here!

Are you sure it’s the right bush?

Ben: Of course I’m sure! I’ll just wait here for it to grow back.

Poor Ben checked the bush constantly until the end of his vacation and went home bearing no fruit from his adventure. 😦

Screenshot-243Ben: Well that was a waste of time…

Hate to break it to ya, but… I told you so.

Screenshot-245He filled his final days spending time with his sons.

Screenshot-246Until, sadly, one day the yellow sparkles of old age claimed him. 😥

Screenshot-247Ben: What’s happening? I feel… light… and free…

Cindy you horrible person! Your husband has died and you’re still sleeping?!

Screenshot-248 No, no, no, no! Go away Death!

Screenshot-251Ben: Hey Death! I know why you’re here and I welcome you’re embrace! And just to show you there are no hard feelings I want to give you this creepy looking flower.

Wait, what flower?

Screenshot-252Cheated Death - BenWhere did you get that flower?!?!?!

Screenshot-253Death: You’re token of friendship is accepted and in return I offer thee life!

Screenshot-254Death: What a beautiful flower… I must go now.

Ben: I’M ALIVE!!!

Screenshot-255Ben: Hold on Death. I mean, are you sure? I’m awfully tired and-

I’m going to cut you off right there Ben. I need you to finish this challenge!!!

Death: Maybe I should lift weights… Ben looks pretty muscular, I should learn his secret…

Screenshot-257Zombie: RAWR! Death braaaaaaaiiinnnnssssss in da hoouuuuussse…..

Death: *screams like a little girl*

Dusty: Dude… this is totally ruining your ego…

Screenshot-262Ben: I can’t believe it. I’m still alive!

Dusty: Where is this kids mother? Damn kid is farting sparkles!

Happy Birthday Anakin! Am I the ONLY one who cares?!

Screenshot-263Dusty: Yikes! Where is his mom! This kid just burst into sparkles and now there’s a stranger!! Help!

Anakin: My doggy is the only one who loves me… *sniff*

Child Stage - Anakin“Excellent parenting skills”…. yah right! I have proof his parents are horrible Sims!

Choose Trait Child Stage - AnakinSo he got the Insane trait just like his daddy. 😀



-10 Dog sitter (2)
-10 Fire (2)
-5 Self urination (1)
+15 Birth (3)
+5 Skill Challenge (1)
-5 Total Points


Chapter 1.7

What?! Another post one day later?! The world has gone insane! Well… actually… I just don’t have much homework and I’m being decidedly lazy. So what better way to spend my time than with the Kooks! 😀

Things are going along as usual at the Kook household and this time Ben decided to teach Anakin how to talk INDOORS! I’m so proud of you Ben!

Screenshot-203Ben: Ani, say Garbage. Smelly. Gar-bage.

Anakin: Gwabage! Hehehehe!

Ben! I am not proud of you anymore! Why are you teaching the children your horrible ways! I have told you before, garbage is NOT treasure!

Ben: I demand you be quite, voice! Treasures are a wonderful thing!

I weep for this family…

Screenshot-205Ben: What pretty lights! Who did you say I was going to dinner with?

Oh, just some friends, you know. I may have scheduled a, erm, brain wash….

Ben: A what?

Screenshot-207Ben: AHH!! I’m floating! I’m floating? I can FLY!! I CAN FLY!!!!

He always makes the best out of the situation, gotta give him credit for that.

Screenshot-208Ben: Cindy! Come look at me! I’m flying!

Enjoy your trip Ben. Now aliens, remember our deal. Just a simple brain wash, no funny business! Make him the best father ever!

Screenshot-210Ben: Oooohhh… I don’t feel so good. Fly isn’t that fun after all. Thanks for nothing alien!

Alien: I must retreat! Beam me up, Scotty!… You missed!!

Hey Ben! Doesn’t a loving and doting father want to go see his children?

Ben: I’m going to be sick…

Hmmm… never trust aliens and their “two-for-one brain wash” specials. 😡

A Skill Challenge - PlumberLearned to Talk - AnakinPromotion - CindyPotty Trained - KennithLearned to Talk - KennithA Special Toy - KennithThen all this stuff happened! Ben completed a Skill Challenge (yay! +5 points!) Anakin learned his final skill, Kenneth leaned two out of three, and Cindy got a promotion!

Screenshot-212Isn’t that great Ben? Your family is doing well!

Ben: You sound surprised. No faith in me whatsoever! *grumble, grumble*

You’re looking a little big there Ben. Maybe you should lay of the pancakes?

Hahahaha… Big Ben…..

Ben: I am not! How rude!

Well, maybe not THAT big… but you have gained a few pounds. Time to hit that treadmill of yours that you NEVER USE!

Screenshot-214Ben: Wha-what’s happening to me?! Why am I glowing?!

Wait a minute! Gah! Curse you aliens! I said no funny business!!!  D:<

Screenshot-217Say hello to the newest edition of the family! (+5 points!) Can things really get any weirder?

Alien babyBen: Take it away! It’s GREEN!!!

You are keeping it Ben! Whether you like it or not he is of your blood and therefore eligible to be a Torch Holder! *Clicks Raise*

baby boy - FrankieWelcome to the family, Alien baby Frankie! Poor child is a Rebel and Clumsy… this could be interesting.  >:D   <—*evil grin*



-10 Dog sitter (2)
-10 Fire (2)
-5 Self urination (1)
+15 Birth (3)
+5 Skill Challenge (1)
-5 Total Points


Chapter 1.6

And the Kooks are back! Sorry it’s been so long, I’m not going to bore you with excuses. Remember when we left off oh so long ago to Cindy rejecting Ben’s oh so sexy moves?Screenshot-138Ben: But, Cindy, my love, I NEED another child!

Cindy: Touch me and die, old man!


Screenshot-147I guess that threat didn’t really hold!

Cindy: I should really stop eating so many pancakes… I’m getting fat!

I don’t think that’s from pancakes Cindy…

Screenshot-151She is SO BORING during her pregnancies! It rained the entire 3 days and all she did was splash in puddles! Until she got super preggers anyway.

Cindy: Yippie! *splash, splash, splash* I’m five years old again!

I’m starting to wonder about this family…

Screenshot-146At least Ben is a good dad and looks after his child. It’s more than Cindy does.

Ben: My wonderful boy, you love daddy so much!

I have no memory of where that puppy picture came from. Maybe is was a wedding gift from some random?

Screenshot-169Cindy: O.O WHAT IS THIS FEELING?!

Jeez Cindy, you’ve given birth once, and recently I might add. You should be familiar with the feeling. BEN ATTEND TO YOUR WIFE!

Ben: I think I’ll just stare at this lovely wall and spend some quality time with my first born, the WONDER CHILD!

*Face palm* Dear Watcher, save me now.


baby boy - KennithSay hello to another baby boy, Kennith! As you can see he is Brave and Disciplined. You’re off to a good start, kid. However, you’re parents spelled your name wrong. I am taking no responsibility for it but from now on I will do you the honour of spelling it ‘Kenneth’.

Ben: I’d rather spend time with THE WONDER CHILD! My first born!

A father’s love has no equal, not even for his other son. 😦

Screenshot-175 And for some odd reason Ben decided to take poor Anakin out in the rain to let him age up.

Ben: Dirt builds character!

Oh that explains a lot about you!

Screenshot-182Isn’t he just adorable! The little tyke got mommy’s eye colour! I have no clue where the black hair came from. To my knowledge Ben was born with grey hair. 😛

Screenshot-179LOOKY, LOOKY! Mark the day, Cindy is CLEANING! Although I doubt those chemicals are good for Ani.

Anakin: Mwammy bad!

Yes she is sweetie, what woman exposes her child to harsh bathroom cleaner?!

Screenshot-183Hmmm… I think Cindy has a challenger for the Worst Parent of the Year award…

Ben: I’m teaching the wonder child to walk! I’m a good father!

YOU ARE OUT IN THE SNOW! Bundle that child up before he freezes and dies! And the same goes for you! Wearing snowsuits in the summer, bathing suits in the winter…. *grumble, grumble*

Learned to Walk - AnakinAt least this happened. So I guess Ben isn’t tooooo horrible….

Screenshot-184Potty Trained - AnakinYay! Two skills down, one to go! Keep it up Ben, you might just prove to be a good father!

Ben: I am a good father! Don’t say such things in front of my child!

Speaking of… where is your other child?

Ben: What other child?

Oh boy…

Screenshot-185Hey Cindy! Finally attending to your mother duties I see… wait, what are you doing?

Cindy: Just do a little dance, this feeling will pass….


Screenshot-187CINDY!!! Curse you and your traveling pee! (-5 points)

Cindy: I didn’t do the dance right…

No kidding! Between you and Ben we’ll never be in positive point scores.

Screenshot-188A Special Toy - AnakinAwe, creepy doll bonding time! To let imaginary friends be, or not to be. That is the question!

Screenshot-189Family fun time in the snow! Someone get that child a snowsuit! Please!

Cindy: Play nice with Dusty, Anakin! I’m going to read.

You are a horrible, horrible mother!

Screenshot-190Cindy: What are these pretty lights?

Take her! Taker her far away and never come back! (Am I allowed to say such things? Meh, she doesn’t do much around here anyway.)

Screenshot-193Cindy: AHH!!! HELP MEEEE!!

Nope, not gunna happen. Maybe they’ll mess with your brain and you’ll actually care about your children!


Ben: I wonder what I’ll catch today…

NOTHING! Go home! You’re wife was abducted and I am NOT allowing a babysitter!

Ben: How do you expect me to feed my family?

With the food that is free from the fridge. Now move!

Ben: Slave driver…


Screenshot-195Cindy: That’s right alien! Run for your life! Hear me RAWR!

Alien: F*** this, she’s crazy!

You don’t have to tell me twice. I guess that brain alteration I scheduled didn’t work….

Screenshot-197Ben: Ani, say football. Foot. Ball.

Anakin: Dada no! Ani fweeze!

You tell him Ani! Poor boy will die before he reaches the child stage. Or he’ll become immune to cold…. I like the second option better.

Ben: There is method to my madness! The cold builds character!

No it doesn’t! Now take that child inside before I make you!

Screenshot-198Poor Kenneth has been neglected since his birth. So here’s a birthday shot! Again, in the snow. I apologize to the world for these horrible parents…

Screenshot-200He’s so cute! Another one with mommy’s eyes and hair this time! This might be a tough heir vote… just saying. 😉

Screenshot-202These boys are just the cutest things ever. For now.

Anakin: *mwah* The camwa wuvs me!

Kenneth: *nomnomnom*



-10 Dog sitter (2)
-10 Fire (2)
-5 Self urination (1)
+10 Birth (2)
-15 Total Points


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