Insanity Family

The Kook Family Backwards ISBI!

Chapter 1.14

I’ll give you three guesses as to what this chapter is about, and the first two don’t count…

formal danceYou guessed it! It’s prom time! But while we’re waiting for prom…

1 master farmer skill challengeLet’s congratulate Ben for completing another Skill Challenge! (+5 points!) Now what is the family up to?

ScreenshotHomework! Cindy is cooking and Ben is upgrading the stove to be fire proof. ๐Ÿ˜€

2 letter for anakinAnakin and Katherine sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Does anyone else remember that annoying sing-song from grade school?

Screenshot-2And more homework!

Dusty: Seriously guys, ew. If you had my nose you wouldn’t leave rotten waffle crumbs laying around.

Frankie: Moooommm… how am I supposed to write a story about cutlery? I hate creative writing…

Cindy: I am not your mother. Do not speak to me and we will be fine. Okay? Okay. *Fake grin*

Screenshot-33 fankie caught prankingOops… looks like Frankie got caught trying to booby-trap the couch. He was probably trying to get back at Cindy. Don’t be too hard on him Ben!

Screenshot-4Kenneth… why are you outside, in the snow, in your bathing suit?

Screenshot-5You do realize there are Zombies out here tonight, right? One is looking for a frying pan, and the other is swinging her cane in a menacing manner. Fried Kenneth brains anyone?

Screenshot-6Kenneth: Z-zombies! Yikes! I think I just wet myself…

Run Kenneth! Run for you life!

Screenshot-7I don’t know what is so fascinating about these Gnomes. Anakin stood here almost all day until he was ready to pass out just looking at one. Like, seriously?

Screenshot-8Okay, annoying zombie. I don’t care how many times you wave at me to tell me the gate is closed, it will remain closed so you don’t eat my precious plants. Now GO HOME!

Screenshot-9Um… hello! Anakin! Don’t walk away from the stove when you are cooking! I don’t care if Dusty is cute playing with Kenneth!! Ben! BEN! Come rescue your idiot son from burning the house down!

Anakin: I’m hungry…

*face palm* The keep cooking!!

Screenshot-10And just as I interrupt Ben in his bath…

Anakin: Oh! Mac n’ Cheese! It’s almost done…

*face palm* Never mind Ben, go back to your bath…

Screenshot-11 Screenshot-13 Screenshot-14Alright… everyone is just chillin’ on the beds. How boring… and it’s not even their own beds!

4 formal danceTime for prom! Yay! Now, both Anakin and Kenneth have very nice formal wear but given their history…

Screenshot-15 Screenshot-16Oh yes, you boys look smashing in your snowsuits! Gah!

Screenshot-17Usually my Sims change right before going into the school… maybe they still will?

5 dance6 danceAwe. Poor Kenneth. And he’s a HE not a HER… good job EA.

7 dance8 danceYes, especially if he is in his snowsuit…

9 danceYay! Way to go Anakin! I wonder who was Prom Queen…

10 danceOh dear, the first fight. Why do they always get into fights?

11 dance12 dance13 danceWhy are you being a little trouble maker Mr. Kenneth?! Behave yourself!

14 dance15 danceOh! I get it! Kenneth was trying to act cool for a girl! Awe!

16 danceMaybe Hillary will come by the house and we can check her out for spouse material! ๐Ÿ˜€

17 danceNot you too Anakin! You should be setting a good example for your little brother, not fighting!

18 danceCareful Kenneth…

19 danceSee, this is why you don’t check everyone out. Someone will notice and want to beat you up.

20 danceWell that’s it for prom! Let’s see what Ben, Cindy and Frankie got up to while the teens were away.

Screenshot-18 Screenshot-19Okay, not much happened. But I thought these two shots were cute and I’ve never seen it happen before! Ben walked up to the “Royal Court” and bowed to King Frankie.

Screenshot-20 Screenshot-21And of course, both boys were in their snowsuits for their prom pictures. At least they had a good time!

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-10 Dog sitter (2)
-10 Fire (2)
-5 Self urination (1)
+15 Birth (3)
+15 Skill Challenge (3)
+10 Honour Roll (2)
+10 Max Skill (1)
+25 Total Points


Some Fun with Ages

I decided to copy my game file and pull Ben into CAS to check out what he looked like at the various stages of life. I was curious to see how similar his children are to him. So of course, now I must share this with you!

Toddler Ben

Ben - ToddlerChild Ben

Ben - ChildTeen Ben

Ben - TeenYoung Adult Ben

Ben - Young AdultAdult Ben

Ben - Adult

Elder Ben

Ben - Elder


Chapter 1.13

So you may or may not have noticed the VERY FIRST torch holder vote is up for the Kook family. I will link to it at the bottom of this chapter! Now on with the Kooks!

ben promotion Ben Max Gardening Skill master planter skill challengeCongratulations Ben for gaining us a total of +15 points! (+5 Skill Challenge, +10 Max Skill) Yay!

Ben: See, I told you I could do it. You never believe me.

Excuse me? You’re the one who has been complaining this whole time how much you don’t like to garden!

Ben: I have not! I’ve just had better things to do…

Yah… right…

Screenshot-60Why do you insist on bathing in your clothes?!

Ben: It saves on laundry soap.

o_O *blink, blink* afghahtufug!!!! I give up on you Ben…

Screenshot-61So I have a little story to share with you about poor, sweet Kenneth. Every night this little boy checks for monsters under his bed. And guess what? Every night he finds them! He runs away and refuses to go to sleep and spends the entire day unhappy and tired. And he’s supposed to be Brave… ha… haha.

anakin love interestSuddenly I get a whack load of pop-ups and amongst them is this little gem. Apparently Anakin met a girl at school that’s into him!

friend from school katherineThen I get this one! She’s coming over! I can scope her out for spouse material! Yes! *Fist pump!*

Screenshot-62Meet Katherine Grantham! The possible future spouse of Anakin. ๐Ÿ˜€ She has some genes we can work with…

Screenshot-63Look! They’re studying together! How cute!

Screenshot-67First attempt at Mac n’ Cheese is a success! Might we have a gourmet cook in the making?

Screenshot-68So remember how I got rid of all the IF dolls? Yah… somehow Kenneth’s came to life anyway and JUST showed up. I clued in when Kenneth had a pillow fight with the air… needless to say the IF suddenly vanished in a mysterious way. ๐Ÿ˜‰

letter from katherineLove letter! I think if she ages well she will be Anakin’s spouse. ๐Ÿ˜€

Screenshot-72First day of winter there was a huge snow storm and the kids got the day off school. Lucky buggers. However, the school bus came and got them anyway but when I panned over to the school they were making snowmen. The only cool one was the alien snowman!

Screenshot-73It’s also Kenneth’s birthday! There seems to be a birthday every chapter…

Screenshot-74Go sparkles! Work your magic!

Kenneth teen birthdaykenneth teen traitOf course, since my self imposed rule states that heirs are only eligible if they are insane, I got to choose Kenneth’s trait and gave him Insane. ๐Ÿ˜€ Now he’s an eligible heir!

Screenshot-75Not bad Kenneth! I barely need to do a make over.

Screenshot-76I kept the hair since it seemed to suit him and nothing else did. I also pretty much kept all the clothes the same.

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-10 Dog sitter (2)
-10 Fire (2)
-5 Self urination (1)
+15 Birth (3)
+10 Skill Challenge (2)
+10 Honour Roll (2)
+10 Max Skill (1)
+20 Total Points


Generation One Torch Holder Vote

Welcome to the very first Kook Family Torch Holder vote! This vote will run until the first born heir reaches the Adult stage, then voting will close one week after that event. Check out our contestants!

Anakin Kook

Anakin - ToddlerAnakin - ChildAnakin - TeenAnakin - YATRAITS: Insane, Loves the Outdoors, Neat, Genius, Clumsy

LTW: Become a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder

FAVOURITES: Music ~ Rockabilly | Colour ~ Blue | Food ~ Pumpkin Pie

ZODIAC: Capricorn

Kenneth Kook

Kenneth - ToddlerKenneth - ChildKenneth - TeenKenneth - YATRAITS: Insane, Brave, Disciplined, Bookworm, Computer Whiz

LTW: Physical Perfection

FAVOURITES: Music ~ Dark Wave | Colour ~ Irish Green | Food ~ Pumpkin Pie

ZODIAC: Taurus

Frankie Kook

Frankie - ToddlerFrankie - ChildFrankie - TeenFrankie - YATRAITS: Insane, Clumsy, Animal Lover, Daredevil, Supernatural Skeptic

LTW: The Ark Builder

FAVOURITES: Music ~ Hip Hop | Colour ~ Spice Berry | Food ~ Vegetarian Chili

ZODIAC: Cancer


Chapter 1.12

To jump right into things, remember how I said I disliked my Sims becoming Celebrities in game? Well here’s why:

spreading rumoursI know for a fact that Ben has done no such thing!

Ben: My honour! It’s ruined!

No it’s not, don’t be a drama queen, it doesn’t suit you.

Screenshot-43So off Ben went to City Hall to sue them for slander. ๐Ÿ˜€

Ben: I don’t think this will work…

Have faith! You could win a nice settlement!

Screenshot-44Meanwhile, back at the house, I caught Anakin kicking poor Mr. Freezer-Bunny Gnome! What is with these kids?!

Screenshot-45Anakin: That will teach you for trying to take my throne!

No one is trying to take your “throne” sweetie. Don’t be mean to the Gnomes or they’ll get you.ย  >:)

Screenshot-46But he really is a good boy, I mean, he is cleaning up Dusty’s pee accident from the night before… seems that no one else would and everyone just kept walking through it!!

Screenshot-47By the way, does anyone else think this toy is extremely creepy? I mean, look at the teeth! It looks like it would bite your child’s finger off!

Screenshot-48 won settlementAnyway, Ben won the settlement! It wasn’t much… but at least his name was cleared!

Ben: Rotten piece of work that liar!

Is that the guy who spread the rumour?

Ben: Yes *grumble, grumble*

Screenshot-49It looks like our “Kings” were holding a meeting of peace. Will they rule the kingdom together?

Frankie: I knew that Gnome was a spy of his! Time to decommission it.

Um… maybe not.

Screenshot-51DUSTY! No! Bad dog! Cindy do something! Don’t just stand there!

Frankie: Mom, can I have ice cream?

Cindy: I will get you one day child…

Dusty: Maybe if I look cute she wont get mad at me…

Gah! This family… I tell ya!

Screenshot-52How about a random Zombie shot? I have no clue what he’s wearing… nope, not a clue.

Screenshot-54Birthday time! We might get the entire family to witness this one! Who left pancakes on the floor?!


anakin teen birthday anakin teen traitSince he was such a good student I got to roll Anakin’s next trait: Neat! Besides the insane part his traits aren’t too bad!

Screenshot-56Whoa! I think someone needs a wardrobe change…

Screenshot-57Eeeekk! And a new hair cut! That hair might suit Kenneth but not you sunshine… *giggles* birthday cross-eyes… haha.

Screenshot-58And after a quick maker-over he’s looking rather dashing! I think he’s suit facial hair when he’s older… I’ll have to try it.

Screenshot-59Return of the Llama Mascot! Don’t let Ben outside, he’ll follow the Llama all the way back to University…



-10 Dog sitter (2)
-10 Fire (2)
-5 Self urination (1)
+15 Birth (3)
+5 Skill Challenge (1)
+10 Honour Roll (2)
+5 Total Points


Chapter 1.11

The Kooks are back again with another update! And to start off we are greeted by these little tidbits:

Kenneth Honour RollFrankie Potty TrainedYay Kenneth! +5 points! We are in the positive points as of RIGHT NOW! And Frankie has learned two of three toddler skills. I blame his horrible parents…

Screenshot-19So I go looking for our little honour roll student and I find him at school… like this… does he remind you of anyone?

Screenshot-20So I tell Ben to call everyone home and what does Kenneth do? He decides to go on the swings! I might have a little trouble maker on my hands!

Screenshot-21Birthday time sparkles!

Frankie Age to ChildAnd again, Ben failed to teach Frankie how to walk so a trait was chosen for him: Animal Lover.

Screenshot-22Not too shabby for an alien baby! And I just realized he doesn’t have eyebrows… oops.

Screenshot-23Ben was offered a gardening oportunity some time ago and he has finally just completed it (no thanks to the garden glitch). So he met with Werewolf Man, exchanged produce and…

Ben opportunityGained celebrity points?! I don’t like my Sims becoming Celebrities randomly and I thought this was turned off… maybe I’ll leave it for now…

Fame Leecher Ben Celebrity BenLet’s see what kind of trouble Ben the Fame Leecher will get into!

Screenshot-24And now this chapter is going to get very random. Last chapter I complained the Kooks were boring… well… lots of stuff started to happen… Dusty found the magical and elusive Freezer-bunny Gnome.

Cindy's BoyfriendCindy the stepmother from hell got a letter in the mail from a love interest. I thought it was strange (of course I didn’t happen to get a snapshot of the letter notification) so I took a peek at her relationships. Apparently she has a BOYFRIEND!! I have no idea who he is but I’m guessing he’s from University, he is a professor after all. Naughty girl, dating her professors. No wonder she had to leave university suddenly all those Sims Days ago! XD

Screenshot-25The family has 3 of these little guys running around now. Ben trips over them in the garage. Tee-hee!

Screenshot-26Frankie: I am the TRUE King! Servants, clean up this dump!

Someone has been taking lessons from his oldest brother…

Screenshot-27I gave the Kooks a TV a little while back, and the only who uses it is Dusty! A Gnome pops up and turns the TV on and Dusty will go sit on the couch and watch TV. I have yet to see anyone else use it.

Screenshot-28Anakin: Attention, attention peasants! I have an announcement to make!

Kenneth: I really do see the appeal of being lord over an imaginary court…

Frankie: He is a false king and I will have his head!

Ah, brotherly love.

Screenshot-29For some reason, Kenneth now doesn’t go home until his homework is finished. He was on the bus, got off, sat on the corner of his street down the road from his house and did his homework… and he doesn’t even have the insane trait…

Screenshot-30Frankie, on the other hand, doesn’t even do homework and asks for a bedtime story in his snowsuit… and it’s not even his bed.

Screenshot-31Haveย  good day at school Frankie! I guess he has gym today…

Frankie doing poorly in schoolWhy is he starting to fail?! This is not good, Ben you must intervene! Tell your youngest to do his homework!

Ben: If he doesn’t want to do boring homework he shouldn’t have too.

Yah… that’s the rule I go by… and I’m behind in my classwork… not a good place to be.

Screenshot-33Here’s a snapshot of Ben’s new garden that is actually able to be harvested! The garage is almost full of planter bowls now. Get to work Ben! You have to fill those!

Ben: This garden will be the death of me!

Don’t say that! You have life fruit now!

Screenshot-34So I’m wondering if Frankie has a hidden mean trait. He came home from school, changed, then went outside and kicked Mr. Freezer-bunny Gnome!

Gnome-Puppy: But master, why? Why?!

Screenshot-36Study time!

Frankie: I hate school…

Kenneth: I’d rather be playing computer games…

I’m just happy they’re all doing their homework. They’re good kids, really.

Screenshot-38Suddenly I’m zoomed onto Dusty howling like mad. Not only does he interrupt the kids study time, but…

Screenshot-39 Screenshot-40He ages up to an Elder! I think the grey in his fur makes him look distinguished. ๐Ÿ™‚

Screenshot-41Kenneth plays with him for the rest of the night as a birthday present. I have no clue if he got his homework done…

Screenshot-42And apparently Dusty has become senile in his old age! This is the FIRST time he has messed inside the house! Bad doggie!



-10 Dog sitter (2)
-10 Fire (2)
-5 Self urination (1)
+15 Birth (3)
+5 Skill Challenge (1)
+10 Honour Roll (2)
+5 Total Points!! (We’re in the positive!)


Chapter 1.10

Welcome back! Last chapter we had lots of birthdays and the kids are all cuties! Let’s see what the Kooks are getting up to this time.

ScreenshotKenneth is hard at work on his homework… we might have another honour roll student!

Screenshot-2Ben: House… say house…

Frankie: Owse!

Finally, you are teaching your children good words! I’m proud of you Ben.

Frankie TalkOne skill down, two to go!

Screenshot-3Kenneth: This block has boogers on it!

Well, it is in Frankie’s room. Toddlers like to pick their nose…

Screenshot-4Ben and his famous naps. Man this family is boring today!

Screenshot-5Anakin: Bow to me servents! I am KING of the YARD!

Gnome-Puppy: Yes, master!

Cindy: *ignores child like usual*

At least Anakin is having fun…

Screenshot-6For some reason these toys always look creepy to me…

Screenshot-7Well, except this one. I’d be worried if a rocket could look creepy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Screenshot-8Poor Dusty having a nightmare about fire! His paws were even moving like he was running. I need to do something to spice up this family a little or this will be a really boring chapter…

Screenshot-9BEN! Grab your family and call a taxi! You’re going on a family outing!

Ben: Do we have too?

Yes! Uhm… where are Anakin and Dusty?

Ben: In the trunk.

WHAT?! I have more proof! Worlds worst parents right here!

Screenshot-10Anyway… the Kooks went to the local swimming pool(s) for some good family fun!

Screenshot-11Ben: Ahhh! Nothing better than a dip in the pool!

Why are you in your formal clothes?!

Ben: I call it “fancy swimming”.

I call it “you’re going to drown under the water weight of your clothes”!

Ben: You worry too much…

I worry just enough thank you!

Screenshot-12Kenneth: Come on Anakin! The water is great!

Anakin: Noooo!! Don’t splash me!

Kenneth: Um… I wasn’t going to…

Screenshot-13Kenneth: Come on you big baby!

Anakin: Ewwww… it’s cold and wet!

Again, like father, like son. Look at the effect you are having on your children Ben!!

Screenshot-14Cindy: Filthy child… maybe he’ll fall in if I leave him by the side of the pool…

CINDY! You are a horrible, horrible sim! He is Ben’s child and you will not get rid of him! She doesn’t look all that happy about being on toddler duty… but that’s no reason to drown the boy!!!!

Screenshot-16On a happier note, even Dusty went swimming! ๐Ÿ˜€

Screenshot-15And while the Kooks were away, I did play… with their house! This is a much better layout. The big room with the plants will be Ben’s new garden. I got the glitch where plants can no longer be harvested after winter. Also, the small empty room will be a laundry room once they make more money. ๐Ÿ™‚

Screenshot-17Okay gang! Time to head home! Ben, gather everyone up!

Cindy: I will finally be rid of that alien child!

Cindy… where’s Frankie? *Searches the lot frantically*

Screenshot-18So Cindy, being the evil stepmother to poor Frankie, decided to place him in the WOMAN’S restroom and LEAVE HIM THERE! And since the door has a Female Sign on it Ben can’t even go get his child. Damn you Cindy! *shakes fist at screen and uses ‘resetsim’* I swear she has it in for this child… I’m not making it up!



-10 Dog sitter (2)
-10 Fire (2)
-5 Self urination (1)
+15 Birth (3)
+5 Skill Challenge (1)
+5 Honour Roll (1)
0 Total Points


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