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Chapter 1.14

on February 21, 2014

I’ll give you three guesses as to what this chapter is about, and the first two don’t count…

formal danceYou guessed it! It’s prom time! But while we’re waiting for prom…

1 master farmer skill challengeLet’s congratulate Ben for completing another Skill Challenge! (+5 points!) Now what is the family up to?

ScreenshotHomework! Cindy is cooking and Ben is upgrading the stove to be fire proof. 😀

2 letter for anakinAnakin and Katherine sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Does anyone else remember that annoying sing-song from grade school?

Screenshot-2And more homework!

Dusty: Seriously guys, ew. If you had my nose you wouldn’t leave rotten waffle crumbs laying around.

Frankie: Moooommm… how am I supposed to write a story about cutlery? I hate creative writing…

Cindy: I am not your mother. Do not speak to me and we will be fine. Okay? Okay. *Fake grin*

Screenshot-33 fankie caught prankingOops… looks like Frankie got caught trying to booby-trap the couch. He was probably trying to get back at Cindy. Don’t be too hard on him Ben!

Screenshot-4Kenneth… why are you outside, in the snow, in your bathing suit?

Screenshot-5You do realize there are Zombies out here tonight, right? One is looking for a frying pan, and the other is swinging her cane in a menacing manner. Fried Kenneth brains anyone?

Screenshot-6Kenneth: Z-zombies! Yikes! I think I just wet myself…

Run Kenneth! Run for you life!

Screenshot-7I don’t know what is so fascinating about these Gnomes. Anakin stood here almost all day until he was ready to pass out just looking at one. Like, seriously?

Screenshot-8Okay, annoying zombie. I don’t care how many times you wave at me to tell me the gate is closed, it will remain closed so you don’t eat my precious plants. Now GO HOME!

Screenshot-9Um… hello! Anakin! Don’t walk away from the stove when you are cooking! I don’t care if Dusty is cute playing with Kenneth!! Ben! BEN! Come rescue your idiot son from burning the house down!

Anakin: I’m hungry…

*face palm* The keep cooking!!

Screenshot-10And just as I interrupt Ben in his bath…

Anakin: Oh! Mac n’ Cheese! It’s almost done…

*face palm* Never mind Ben, go back to your bath…

Screenshot-11 Screenshot-13 Screenshot-14Alright… everyone is just chillin’ on the beds. How boring… and it’s not even their own beds!

4 formal danceTime for prom! Yay! Now, both Anakin and Kenneth have very nice formal wear but given their history…

Screenshot-15 Screenshot-16Oh yes, you boys look smashing in your snowsuits! Gah!

Screenshot-17Usually my Sims change right before going into the school… maybe they still will?

5 dance6 danceAwe. Poor Kenneth. And he’s a HE not a HER… good job EA.

7 dance8 danceYes, especially if he is in his snowsuit…

9 danceYay! Way to go Anakin! I wonder who was Prom Queen…

10 danceOh dear, the first fight. Why do they always get into fights?

11 dance12 dance13 danceWhy are you being a little trouble maker Mr. Kenneth?! Behave yourself!

14 dance15 danceOh! I get it! Kenneth was trying to act cool for a girl! Awe!

16 danceMaybe Hillary will come by the house and we can check her out for spouse material! 😀

17 danceNot you too Anakin! You should be setting a good example for your little brother, not fighting!

18 danceCareful Kenneth…

19 danceSee, this is why you don’t check everyone out. Someone will notice and want to beat you up.

20 danceWell that’s it for prom! Let’s see what Ben, Cindy and Frankie got up to while the teens were away.

Screenshot-18 Screenshot-19Okay, not much happened. But I thought these two shots were cute and I’ve never seen it happen before! Ben walked up to the “Royal Court” and bowed to King Frankie.

Screenshot-20 Screenshot-21And of course, both boys were in their snowsuits for their prom pictures. At least they had a good time!

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-10 Dog sitter (2)
-10 Fire (2)
-5 Self urination (1)
+15 Birth (3)
+15 Skill Challenge (3)
+10 Honour Roll (2)
+10 Max Skill (1)
+25 Total Points

4 responses to “Chapter 1.14

  1. zefiewings says:

    Oh sims proms.

    But yay! I am SO excited to see frankie all grown up! How much longer does he have?

    And boo! You are his mommy lady! Biological is not what matters! >:l

    Liked by 1 person

    • Frankie has about 4 or 5 days to go before Teen… I think? His birthday will most likely be next chapter. I guess in the about section I should post my age lengths.

      And I think Cindy might need to meet an “unfortunate” end at some point. I know I’ll lose points but honestly, the woman does nothing but get in the way. She even sucks at her job and is on the verge of getting fired!


  2. DarkwingLady says:

    PRECIOUS pic of Frankie getting a bow from his daddy. LURVE. ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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