Insanity Family

The Kook Family Backwards ISBI!

Chapter 1.22

Welcome back to what is officially the last chapter of Generation One! *Applause! Applause!* Please be aware that a lot happens in this chapter as it’s a bit longer ok a lot longer than all the others. I didn’t want to drag out the ending of Generation One over multiple small chapters. So let’s jump right in!

ScreenshotHey Ben. What are you up to?

Ben: Gah! How is one supposed to type on these small screens??

Um… maybe if you took your gloves off you’d be able to type… just saying.

Ben: Hush! It’s ringing…

Screenshot-2Ben: I’d like to get a taxi to the Kook residence! We’re moving! πŸ˜€

Yup! That’s right! The Kooks are moving to a brand new town because Kenneth has relationship glitches for a fresh start!

Screenshot-9Say goodbye to Sunlit Tides everyone!

Kenneth: I’m hungry, can we get food?

Cindy: Now who’s bright idea was this, leaving at 11pm…

Listen lady, the family needs to move before Anakin can start his own life so quit giving me lip!

Ben: You know she can’t hear you…

Well then you tell her for me.

Ben: But she yells at me!

Oh Cindy the tyrant….

****allow for sufficient moving time to pass****

Screenshot-10Welcome to Lucky Palms! πŸ˜€ How do you like your new house?

Ben: Well… we haven’t been inside yet…

Then let’s have a tour!

Screenshot-11Entering the front door into a beautiful entryway that opens up into the main kitchen and dining area is a key feature of this lovely home. To the right (left in the above picture) is the hallway leading to two bedrooms and a bathroom. To the left (right in the above picture but not shown) is a roomy garage and workout room!

Screenshot-12Moving further into the house is an open concept kitchen and dinning area. The glass double doors lead to the side yard which is currently empty but has lots of room for a patio and pool area!

Screenshot-13At the back of the house is a raised living room. Perfect for entertaining!

Screenshot-14To the left of the living room is a study and quiet place to read, go on the laptop, or paint.

Screenshot-15Ben and Cindy’s bedroom is accessed through the study and has an attached bathroom.

Screenshot-16Down the hallway by the entrance, the first bedroom is going to be the nursery, but for now it’s Frankie’s room.

Screenshot-17The very last room, at the front of the house, is Kenneth’s room! A second bathroom is between the two green bedrooms. And I bet you can guess who won the TH Vote! πŸ˜‰

Ben: So how did we afford all these nice things when in our old house we had to deal with crappy appliances!

With the money you saved of course! You made quite a name for yourself as a gardener in Sunlit Tides.

Screenshot-18With that being said, Anakin (who placed 3rd in the TH Vote with 13%) and his daughter Hannah moved out of the family home. I have no clue where Anakin got the car from since the family never owned a car before… o.O

Screenshot-19And this is the house they ended up in! It’s pretty small and only had one bed, so I bought another bed for them. Hopefully Anakin will meet someone and end up getting married and moving into a bigger home! πŸ˜€

Screenshot-21Of course, the first thing Cindy does in her new home is read a book.

Screenshot-22Dusty ran around checking everything out like he was a young pup! I can’t believe how old he is now! But still full of energy! πŸ˜€

Screenshot-23Ben got right to work starting a new garden.

Ben: I don’t know why I started this…

You are a top notch gardener and grow perfect plants! Your children and their children can enjoy them for years to come! πŸ˜€

Ben: Just you watch, this garden will whither and die without my constant care.

Well you best take care of it then while you’re still around then! 😦

Screenshot-24Frankie is over joyed the Gnomes made the move. Duplicates were sold for a better cause, but we kept one of each. πŸ˜‰

Screenshot-27Kenneth: Not a bad place! There are a few changes I’m going to make but…

Hold your horses Kenneth, you’re not the torch holder yet (and therefore you can’t hear me yet but soon… soon you suffer from The Voice and do my bidding…. muahahahahaah)

Screenshot-28I’m glad Anakin found something useful to do with his time… even if it is protesting about handcuffs. -.-‘

Screenshot-29Hannah decided to go for a long walk. They live on the very outskirts of the main town so I don’t know why she isn’t riding a bike. Maybe it’s a lovely day. Btw, this was taken at 11am Sim time, and by 5pm Sim time she was still wandering around… great parenting Anakin.

1 - Anakin love interestThen I got this little pop-up! Really Anakin? I had such high hopes for you. She’s old enough to be your mother for Watcher’s sake! I somehow doubt we will see any more children from Anakin. 😦

Screenshot-30Kenneth, sweetie, stop dancing and go eat something!

Kenneth: This is such an awesome tune! I hunger for amazing music!

You hunger for food! Ben! Ben come make your son food! You have to make him eat!

Ben: zzzzzZZZZZ…

Typical. He would rather sleep than save his son from starvation.

Screenshot-31NO! They found us! How did they find us!?!? Who is that down there?


Screenshot-33Damndamndamndamndamndamndamndamndamndamndamndamndamndamndamn…. *sigh* Anyone know of a fix for this? I beginning to think Frankie is behind it all… he NEVER gets abducted!

Screenshot-35 Kenneth: I feel violated… 😦

Axane (the Alien): My elder sisters, Eshehic and Zolada, told many tales of the Kook men, I just had to see for myself. *Winks*

Begone Alien! Off with you now and don’t come back! (Note: Eshehic is Frankie’s mom and Zolada is Hannah’s mom in case I a) never mentioned their names or b) it was so long ago readers forgot. I know I’m not great with names πŸ˜‰ )

Screenshot-36****The Next Day****

Ben: Now son, I know you are destined to be the head of the family in a few days. But that doesn’t mean I want any more grand-kids any time soon.

Kenneth: Yah, whatever Dad.

Dusty: I smells food, yes I do, there are crumbs to be found!

2 - kenneth preggersYah… I think you’ll have more grand-kids sooner than you think Ben…

Ben: Why do you say that?

Oh, no particular reason…

Screenshot-37Why are you poking electrical stuff with metal?!

Ben: I’m upgrading the stereo! I know what I’m doing, besides, I’m immune to electricity.

Let’s not test that theory. Please just stay alive for TWO MORE DAYS until Kenneth is an Adult. Please!

Screenshot-38****Later That Night****

Nooooooooooooooooooooo….. *sob* why does this keep happening….?

Screenshot-39Ben: Eshehic has come for me! I knew she would be my end!

I don’t think it’s Eshehic…

Screenshot-40I’m powerless. I can do nothing to save my precious Sims from this Alien Invasion.

Screenshot-41Ben: Well you’re not Eshehic. Where is my Eshehic?!

Axane! I told you to not come back!

Axane: I just had to see the specimen that created such a fine man. *Wink* Toodles!

Don’t you “toodles” me! Aliens these days, no respect for anyone! Oh gosh… now I sound like Cindy…

Screenshot-42****Fast Forward a Couple Days****

Frankie, even though he is now a young adult, managed to put a prank on the computer.

Screenshot-43Kenneth was scared out of his wits…

Screenshot-46And promptly went into labour!

3 - alien birthOf course we’ll raise her! πŸ˜€

4 - Welcome MckennaAnd so Mckenna joined the Kook family! (+5 points!)

5 - Mckenna traitsShe’s not off to a bad start with traits either!

Screenshot-48Screenshot-49Wait… what?! She’s not GREEN?!

Screenshot-50Kenneth: Why is my child changing colour?

Ok… now she is a dark brown. What did you do to us Axane?!

Screenshot-51Aside from changing colours and not being green, she is 100% alien (mixed with a bit of human of course). I checked, and double checked, then checked again. I don’t know where this skin colour came from but I have a sneaking suspicion I might find out soon. I will keep you all informed. On the upside she’s a cutie just like her cousin Hannah!

Screenshot-52Remember the art easel in the study? The only one to use it has been Frankie, who I STILL BLAME FOR THE ALIEN ABDUCTIONS! Although, I’m actually a little sad he came in second place with 40% for the TH Vote. It was a very close vote. πŸ™‚

Frankie: *shudders* I just got this really negative vibe… weird.

That’s right, you may not hear me, but feel my negativity!! RAWR! D:<

Screenshot-53Ok… this is a first. Cindy is actually being motherly!

Cindy: Look at this little angel! I don’t know how my son gave birth but it’s a miracle!

She’s still an alien Cindy… you know… you’re sworn enemy? I think she just likes Mckenna because she doesn’t have green skin… you’re a horrible Sim Cindy!!

Screenshot-54Kenneth doesn’t look happy his mother is fawning over Mckenna.

Kenneth: She only loves my little girl because she isn’t green. That is so unfair to Frankie and Hannah. 😦

You said it Kenneth!

6 - Ben preggersAnd if one alien baby wasn’t enough… let’s have TWO, just for kicks! Gah! Ben!

Ben: I thought I’d end Generation One with a bang!

*Face palm* Why? Why me? It’s official, this is an Alien Invasion Legacy on top of everything else.

Screenshot-56Speaking of the end of Generation One… it’s birthday time!

Screenshot-577 - Kenneth Adult BdayScreenshot-58Kenneth: Oh yah… it’s my time to shine!

Since Kenneth aged up to Adult the very same day Mckenna was born I will let Zefiewings determine if she is an eligible heir and respect her decision. He did become pregnant with Mckenna BEFORE he became TH which brings her eligibility into question. (I’m sorry this keeps happening Zefie! The Aliens have it out for this family, I swear!)

Kenneth: Who’s talking?

All will be explained… in the next chapter! πŸ˜‰



-10 Dog sitter

-15 Fire

-10 Self urination

-10 Passing out

+25 Birth

+25 Skill Challenge

+15 Honour Roll

+20 Max Skill

+40 Completed LTW


+80 Total Points


Quick Update!

Thank you everyone for reading so far and voting! πŸ˜€

Both votes are now closed! The Kooks have moved to a new town and I am in the process of building them a home. Also, the next Torch Holder has been decided! From now on non-torch holders will be moved out once they reach the Adult lifestage. But no worries, we’ll creep them occasionally and see what they get up to (Nraas Story Progression FTW! πŸ˜€ ).Β  We will be stuck with Ben and Cindy however. Ben I’m sure you all don’t mind! Cindy on the other hand…

I will be back with an update soon along with shots of their (hopefully gorgeous) new home!

Happy Simming!

~Michelle Lynn


Chapter 1.21

Welcome to one of the last chapters of Generation One! Let’s get started!

Screenshot-98I think you might advance your career by exercising Kenneth, not just playing sports video games…

Screenshot-99Now that Hannah is a Child she doesn’t have to rely on this horrible family for her basic necessities. She built a pretty cool tower, but knocked it down before I could zoom in for a picture.

Screenshot-100She also asked everyone and anyone for bedtime stories CONSTANTLY! She might be in the red due to hunger… but no, she doesn’t want food, she wants stories!

Screenshot-101Hannah: Uncle Ken, can I use your computer? I have a school assignment to do.

Kenneth: Um… I’m actually about to use it so… not right now.

Screenshot-102So Hannah went outside to build snowmen instead!

Screenshot-103The Kooks don’t normally go to the festivals, but I figured since Generation One is wrapping up they should have a Family Adventure!

After a while Anakin and Ben left, and Cindy whooped Frankie at the snowball fight. She’s a tough old lady.

Screenshot-104Kenneth gave the ice rink a try, and after a few falls finally got the hang of it.

Screenshot-105Hannah decided she liked a more thrilling sport and spent the rest of the afternoon/evening on the snowboard ramp!

Screenshot-106Cindy, who has had years lots of time to learn to skate, showed all her children up in her usual smug way of doing things.

Screenshot-107Ben: My army shall take over and I will be TH for all eternity!

Ben, honey, you have to pass the torch on eventually.

Ben: I am immortal! I will rule forever!

I don’t think Ben is taking well to having to pass the torch soon.

Screenshot-108Kenneth then decided to go take a shower (yes, this park has showers for some reason) then continue to skate in his bathing suit…

Screenshot-109He also decided to spin with Frankie and the two promptly fell.

Frankie: Dude, you okay?

Kenneth: I’m sthuck…. my mawouth ith sthuck to duh ithe!

That’s what you get for skating in winter freshly out of the shower in your bathing suit. πŸ˜›

Screenshot-110Anakin and Hannah spent some father daughter time on the ice as well.

Hannah: Look dad! This is how you do it!

Anakin: Ahh! I can’t balance on these things!

Screenshot-111Hannah: I’m tired! Can we go home yet?!

Kenneth: Take my hands, I’ll help you balance.

Anakin: I don’t know if taking skating lessons from you is a good idea… you’ve fallen more times today than I can count…

I just want to note, they fell down soon after this picture. πŸ˜‰

Screenshot-112Dusty has taken to sleeping in Hannah’s room most nights. I love that they both dream of food.

Screenshot-113Anakin: You’re growing up so fast Hannah! Every time I see you I think of the little baby I first held in my arms and I get all teary-eyed…

Hannah: Um. Okay. If you’re done being cheesy I’d like to go get some food now…

Screenshot-114I swear this girl can’t take care of herself… not only does she let her hunger go to the last possible moment, she also asks for so many bedtime stories but doesn’t actually go to sleep that she passes out on the floor. Thanks Hannah! (-5 points)

Kenneth: Jeez Hannah! Way to pass out on my floor! What are you even doing in my room?! Gah! Children sometimes…

I hear ya Kenneth.

Screenshot-115So she decided to sleep in the igloo before the snow melts instead of her own warm bed.

Screenshot-116The next day at breakfast she lost us another -5 points! Way to pee on the floor Hannah! She must get that from Cindy…

27 - ben completed LTWAt least Ben completed his Lifetime Wish giving us +40 points!! Happy days!

28 - ben LTWThis LTW was more challenging then I thought! Ben needed to have 8 different perfect plants to the harvestable stage in perfect quality all at the same time. I didn’t realize this at first so technically he should have been done much earlier. But he did it!

ScreenshotAnd this is the event that marks the beginning of the end of Generation One. Anakin’s Adult Birthday!

29 - Anakin Adult BdaySo far Anakin has been promoted to the 3rd level of the Science Career but he has not done any gardening. And he has Hannah, but no current love interest.

Screenshot-2Anakin: *Gasp* Am I ready to grow up?

Cindy: That child needs to learn some decent manners. Who spends all day in their sleepwear?

Um, you do Cindy. So shush!

Dusty: Can someone brush me? I want a nice shinny coat. Please brush me?Screenshot-3I present to you Adult Anakin! Now it’s time to finish up the voting!

Follow this link to vote for the next Torch Holder! The two children of Generation One who do not win will be moved out of the house. But don’t worry! They will be invited over for visits and family time. So that brings me to the other vote, where should the Kook family move? Since I want to keep the family together they will move to a new town before any family members are moved out. Follow this link to vote for their new town! Both votes will close SUNDAY MARCH 23 at MIDNIGHT E.S.T.! Get your votes in now! πŸ˜€



-10 Dog sitter

-15 Fire

-10 Self urination

-10 Passing out

+20 Birth

+25 Skill Challenge

+15 Honour Roll

+20 Max Skill

+40 Completed LTW


+75 Total Points


Chapter 1.20

Screenshot-68Zombie: Braaaaaaaains….

Kenneth: This dude looks funny. πŸ˜€

Um… that’s a Zombie, Kenneth…RUN!

Screenshot-69Kenneth: W-what’s your problem dude?

Screenshot-70Zombie: Argh!

Screenshot-72Kenneth: *screams like a girl* AHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Screenshot-73Zombie: Ahhhh!!!

Apparently Kenneth’s high pitched scream scrambled the zombies brain and he managed to run away.

21 - ben skill challenge 22 - ben skill challengeBen completed two more Skill Challenges! (+10 points! 5 for each skill challenge!)

Screenshot-74Zombie: Braaains!

Frankie: RAWR!

Screenshot-75Zombie: Huh?

Screenshot-76Frankie: Hahahahahaha!

Frankie has a different way of dealing with zombies. Neither of the boys ended up being attacked. πŸ™‚

Screenshot-77WHAT. THE. HECK? Kenneth!!!! (-5 points)

Kenneth: Um… huh… I guess cooking on high isn’t good.

Screenshot-78At least he was able to put it out and the fire department didn’t get involved. -.-‘

Screenshot-79Ben is so close!

23 - ben master cooking skillAnd he did it! Yay Ben! (+10 points!)

Screenshot-82An while Ben reads special cook books… cute Hannah and Dusty shot! (Yes, Dusty is still around!)

Screenshot-84 Screenshot-85 Screenshot-86 24 - baked angel food cakeSuccess! Baked Angle Food Cake down! Now for the other recipe…

Screenshot-88 Screenshot-89 Screenshot-90 25 - ambrosiaHooray! Ben has successfully made perfect quality Ambrosia! And with only a couple days to spare, too!

Screenshot-91Yum, it looks kind of good!Screenshot-92It worked! Ben’s life has been set back to the beginning of the Elder lifestage! He wont be leaving us anytime soon! πŸ˜€

Screenshot-94Let’s end this chapter with Hannah’s birthday!

26 - hannah child bdaySince no one bothered to train her on anything (horrible Sims!) she didn’t get to choose a trait. But Never Nude isn’t horrible.

Screenshot-96Hannah is a child now!

Screenshot-97And still a cutie! πŸ˜€

Generation 1 is beginning to come to an end! Vote for the next Torch Holder here! Also, the Kooks need to move to a new town so vote for the town here!



-10 Dog sitter (2)
-15 Fire (3)
-5 Self urination (1)
-5 Passing out (1)
+20 Birth (4)
+25 Skill Challenge (5)
+15 Honour Roll (3)
+20 Max Skill (2)
+45 Total Points


Chapter 1.19

Hello and welcome back to the Kooks! I just want to say a great big THANK YOU to everyone who has visited so far as I am now at just over 1,000 views! Yay!

Anyway, I’m sure you’re here to get the latest scoop on the Kooks…

Screenshot-32This time Cindy is up for the “Worst Grandparent of the Year” award. It’s actually raining out, way to go Cindy.

Cindy: Take this bottle child and be grateful I even feed you.

Hannah: Gamma, why I has to be out wif da twees?

Cindy: Because the trees care about you, I do not.

Harsh Cindy, she’s Anakin’s child! Not Frankie’s! She is your FLESH AND BLOOD! With a dash of alien… but still!

Screenshot-33Hannah: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cindy: Will this child never shut up? Why can’t one just stand out here peacefully in the rain. Needy child…

Um… Cindy? A) go dig yourself and hole and die in it. B) you’re umbrella is le sh!t (pardon my french) and you are getting wet anyway, not to mention you just look dumb. And C) will someone PLEASE come take care of poor Hannah?! BEN?! I need you so I don’t murder your wife!

Ben: Busy! Need to read this cook book!

I hate you all.  😑

Screenshot-39Kenneth: *CLAP!* Gotcha!Screenshot-40Kenneth: Ugh, damn flies…Screenshot-41Kenneth: *licks hand clean and continues on his way like nothing happened…*

Me —> o.O um… ew? Unfortunately Ben and the boys do this waaaaay to often. Maybe if you guys did dishes once in a while, ya know, just saying…

Screenshot-42Ben?! What are you doing?! I thought you took a cooking class!

Ben: I did. Now I’m drawing.

Oh is that so. Well you need to read cook books! You are so close to level 10 cooking and you only have a short time left to live!

Ben: So?


Screenshot-43Finally, after sitting outside ALL DAY, Anakin rescues poor, neglected Hannah from the garden and takes her into the house so she is not eaten by wolves. Much to Cindy’s disappointment I expect.

Warning: Cute toddler spam…

Screenshot-45Sweetie, I don’t think he’s edible…

Screenshot-47Um…. that’s not exactly how you play the xylophone…

Screenshot-50I doubt that tastes good either… WILL SOMEONE GET HER A BOTTLE?!

Ben: Busy!

Then tell one of your sons to do it! You’d think no one feeds the poor girl…

Screenshot-53Special announcement! It’s birthday time!

17 - frankie ya bdayAt some point before Frankie aged up to Young Adult I got this notification:

16 - frankie teen honour rollApparently he’s the smartest of the bunch and got onto the honour roll a second time! Way to go Frankie, but I’m pretty sure it only counts once…18 - frankie ya traitThat’s a tad funny considering he’s an Alien… if Alien’s are real then Supernaturals can be real, right? Not according to Frankie apparently. πŸ˜›19 - frankie LTWI usually don’t do much with the Pets EP so I thought this would be fun to do if Frankie becomes the next TH.

Screenshot-54Sparkles!Screenshot-55Frankie: Damn, I look good…Screenshot-56Kenneth is a little overexcited his baby brother is all grown up… Careful Kenneth or your face might get stuck that way… wouldn’t that be hilarious? On second thought, keep doing it! πŸ˜‰Screenshot-61And after a quick makeover, Frankie is one cool dude! I decided the hairstyle suited him so I kept it.

Screenshot-62Maybe Hannah just likes to chew on things…Screenshot-57Cindy: This insufferable child must go outside!

Hannah: Why Gamma hate me? *pouts*Screenshot-59Anakin: I swear my mother will pay if she hurts my offspring!

Just murder her and get it over with Anakin! Do it…. DO IT!

Screenshot-63Graduation time! This time the family actually made it to the graduation ceremony! And it looks like I forgot to change part of Kenneth’s wardrobe…. and look who’s on baby duty! I’m watching you Cindy…

Screenshot-64Frankie: Boo-yah! No more school!

Unless I decide to send you to University… muahahahahaha…20 - frankie graduationAnd if you read carefully, apparently Frankie is an arsonist in the making…. and they say his future is bright… with the flames of his victim’s houses! (Jokes everyone, just jokes, I don’t recommend playing with fire.)

Screenshot-65And guess who left the baby behind… again… in the rain? If you’re answer was Cindy you are correct!

Screenshot-66Since Kenneth was too busy taking a nap on public property…

Screenshot-67Ben came to the rescue after going halfway home. πŸ™‚

That’s it for this chapter! Take a moment to vote for the next Torch Holder here! Also, the Kooks are planning a big move to a new town, vote for the town here!



-10 Dog sitter (2)
-10 Fire (2)
-5 Self urination (1)
-5 Passing out (1)
+20 Birth (4)
+15 Skill Challenge (3)
+15 Honour Roll (3)
+10 Max Skill (1)
+30 Total Points


The Kooks Need to Move!

Hey everyone!

The Kook family needs to move to a new town! So I thought to myself, why not let my readers choose which town?

The poll below lists every world I own/have access to for The Sims 3. Please choose a town! Any town, whether it’s your favourite, least favourite, sounds cool or even just at random!

This poll will remain open until the Torch Holder vote for Gen. 1 closes. I will post a date soon. So please don’t hesitate, vote now!


Chapter 1.18

Screenshot-8It’s seems someone in the household is not all that impressed about being a grandmother. And keeping with her parenting abilities, all Cindy does is put Hannah in her crib, or set her on the floor without attending to any of her needs.

Cindy: And they call this a miracle… You know what would actually be a miracle? If someone fixed the broken TV…

The TV has been broken since Anakin was a Teen… Ben has more important things to do right now lady!

Screenshot-10Others seem delighted by the new addition to the family!

Frankie: Someone like me! I thought I was the only one! We’re going to have so much fun together! I’ll be your favourite uncle… yes I will! *says this all in baby talk then starts cooing to the infant*

Ahem… ok, so one person is extremely excited Hannah was born.

Screenshot-11Frankie: Watch this Hannah! When you’re older I’ll teach you how to do this to restore your brain power!

I have never once seen him do this before… but this means he can do this instead of sleep… interesting…

2 - kenneth graduationSo the reason why everyone is in their formal clothing is Kenneth had a graduation to go to. However, everyone missed it due to the excitement/confusion of Anakin giving birth. And it’s kind of funny that Kenneth got to graduate but there is no such record for Anakin graduating… weird.

Screenshot-12I decided to build Ben a pond in the backyard so he didn’t have to travel so far to fish. It’s mainly stocked with minnows… but every little bit helps!

Ben: Why do you insist on bothering an old man, peacefully fishing, during a beautiful sun set?

Well… I was wondering if you were going to go, you know, see your granddaughter?

Ben: I have a – what? WHAT?!

Ben hasn’t been around the house much lately…

Screenshot-17Ben: Isn’t she precious? Goochie-goo! Goochie-goochie-goo!

Did you miss babies Ben?

Ben: No, they cry, they stink, and they up take all your time. But I’m not the one who has to deal with her all the time so… ok, yes I miss babies…

Ben, always a loving father at heart. πŸ™‚

5 - frankie promDid I mention Frankie had his own prom to go to? I guess technically Kenneth crashed Anakin’s prom, then Frankie crashed Kenneth’s prom. Let’s see what happens this time, it already started with a fight so I don’t have high hopes.6 -frankie promAt least he’s popular!7 - frankie promAwe, poor guy…8 - frankie promWait, who’s Marci? *goes into his relationship panel to find the mystery woman*9 - marciWow, almost full relationship bar! I’m not sure about her hair though…10 - frankie promWhat about Marci you player?!11 - frankie promHow many crushes does this kid have?12 - frankie prom 13 - frankie promBahahahaha! His dance moves aren’t all the slick after all.

Screenshot-18And again he is in his snowsuit! Oh well, at least in the picture you can see his face.

Screenshot-19After a couple days of constant fishing… Why are you in a creepy graveyard?

Ben: I’m picking out my plot of land for when I die… I will be leaving this world soon…

NO! You are not! You are fishing for the elusive death fish!

Ben: Am I? *gives me a creepy glare*

I think you’re going insane in your very old age Ben…

Ben: I’m already insane *give me another creepy stare*

I’m, um… going to check on the rest of your family…

Screenshot-20It’s birthday time!

14 - hannah toddler bdayScreenshot-21Cute toddler alert for the next two pictures! You have been warned!

Screenshot-22Isn’t she adorable?! I’m a little sad she’s not an eligible heir. Maybe she’ll have her own story one day. πŸ™‚

Screenshot-23And then there’s this hat!! I kept the pigtails because personally I’m not a fan of hats, but she’s so cute in this one! And it matches her outfit *squeals* it’s decided, she will have her own story. *gets distracted thinking about what kind of story to do with Hannah*

Screenshot-26Hey Ben, what did you catch? πŸ˜€

Screenshot-27Ben: I am a master fisher! I have caught the fabled death fish!

Technically you’re at level 8…

Ben: I am the master! Do not ruin my moment of triumph!


Screenshot-28Me freaking out while this is happening –> No, no nononononononononononooooooo!!!!!! Please don’t die, please don’t die, YOU CAN’T DIE NOW! (As soon at he caught the death fish lightning struck him. 😦 Are these fish cursed?)

Screenshot-29You’re… alive? You’re ALIVE!!!

Ben: …. *slightly dazed*

Screenshot-30Ben: Oh the sorrow! How close was I to Death to be spared so freely in that moment of pain!

O.O Ben, I dub thee immortal. YOU SHALL NEVER DIE!

Ben: But… I want to…

NO! You are the immortal Ben Kook! Now go home before something else bad happens.

15 - ben singedScreenshot-31Ben: I really have to fix that TV…

NO! Go shower and get a good night sleep! DO NOT touch anything to do with flames or electricity! We’ve had enough excitement for one day… -.-“

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-10 Dog sitter (2)
-10 Fire (2)
-5 Self urination (1)
-5 Passing out (1)
+20 Birth (4)
+15 Skill Challenge (3)
+15 Honour Roll (3)
+10 Max Skill (1)
+30 Total Points


Chapter 1.17

Screenshot-45Let’s get right back into the swing of things with yet ANOTHER alien abduction. o.O

Screenshot-46This time they capture poor Kenneth. Have I mentioned how much I hate these aliens?

Screenshot-47Anakin and Cindy spend some quality time outside! She whooped his butt too!

Screenshot-48Not again! Do these aliens NEVER give up?!

Screenshot-49Why did you go outside if you were so tired Anakin?! What is up with these aliens… seriously!

Screenshot-50Ben: This is the life…

You always complain about fish though!

Ben: It’s so peaceful out here… now if only that annoying voice would go away…

Fine. I’ll leave you to level up. You better catch some good fish though!

13 - anakin alien preggersI checked in on Anakin after his latest rendezvous with the aliens and was greeted by this little tidbit. I guess they finally succeeded. We might have an alien invasion legacy on our hands…

Screenshot-51Lets go through the stages of Anakin’s alien pregnancy! Exhibit A shows the Subject with normal body weight.

Screenshot-52Exhibit B: A greenish glow periodically emits from the abdominal region, much to the surprise of the Subject. It is unknown what purpose this glow serves.

Screenshot-54 Screenshot-55Exhibit C: Weight gain occurs in all areas of the Subjects’ body as the pregnancy progresses.

Screenshot-60I interrupt our scientific observations for an important announcement! It’s Birthday Time!

Screenshot-61 14 - kenneth birthday yaIt’s funny that both Anakin and Kenneth finished school with B grades but only Anakin got to “pick” his new trait. Computer Whiz isn’t bad though.

Screenshot-62Kenneth: Oh ya… who’s the man? I’m the MAN!

I love their “look at me! I’m all grown up!” poses. πŸ™‚

15 - kenneth ltwI kind of want an excuse to travel… so I chose this LTW for Kenneth He decided he wanted to get into perfect physical condition! His Bookworm trait will be great for reading the Martial Arts book(s). I can’t remember if there is more than one…

Screenshot-63I just remembered that I didn’t actually send him to the dresser for a wardrobe update. I liked his everyday clothes and forgot about the rest of them. So this shot is pre-wardrobe update. He’s got a handsome boyish-charm thing going on. πŸ˜€

1 - Kenneth glitchedThis is right around when I noticed Kenneth was glitched. It was a Nraas.PortraitPanel Script Error according to the game. I tried everything to get rid of it, and it went away at one point then came back… so I’ve been playing with it like this and it doesn’t seem to be affecting my game. I did get rid of all my mods as well. Whether or not Kenneth wins, I think I’m going to move the entire family to a new City around the time the next TH takes over. It resets all relationships so I’m thinking it would take care of this. I’ll probably hold a vote for which town to move to! πŸ˜€

Screenshot-64Cindy: My little baby… *sob* he’s… *sob* all grown up… *cries hysterically*

You know Cindy, it’s a little creepy that you’ve been standing there for 3 sim hours watching him sleep… just a little…

Screenshot-65So the next day while Ben was fishing….

ScreenshotOur Subject is pictured in Exhibit D having gained a lot of weight and is an hour away from delivery. It appears the Subject has kept muscle tone while also gaining weight, very impressive.

3 - alien babyExhibit E: A moment before the Subject is due to give birth, he is given a choice to raise the alien child or to send it back with it’s mother.

Screenshot-5Exhibit F: It is time for the alien to be born! First, a final greenish glow emits from the abdomen.

Screenshot-6Exhibit G: The subject then gives birth normally with sparkles and a spin.

4 - welcome hannahWelcome to the world, Little Hannah! As you can see Anakin didn’t have the greatest pregnancy but she got some pretty decent traits anyway.

Screenshot-7And that concludes out scientific observations! I think she’s so cute… look at that little wink! (+5 points!)

Screenshot-9And this concludes our chapter! Hannah, in all her cuteness, is officially the first baby of Generation 3 (since Anakin is her father and he is the second generation of Kooks. Ah, technicalities). However, she may not be eligible for Heiress since he had her BEFORE we know who the next TH will be. I will consult Zefiewings about her potential eligibility.

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-10 Dog sitter (2)
-10 Fire (2)
-5 Self urination (1)
-5 Passing out (1)
+20 Birth (4)
+15 Skill Challenge (3)
+15 Honour Roll (3)
+10 Max Skill (1)
+30 Total Points


Chapter 1.16

Wow! Were to begin?! So much happened to the poor Kooks. We almost lost them. 😦 But let me back up a moment. So I installed a few mods, and I was having a grand ol’time happily playing the Kook family and enjoy the mods. Then I got a glitch! I took screenshots as it happened so I will explain more next chapter. So yes, the Kooks were almost lost forever, but I found the culprit of the glitch and managed to eventually un-glitch the game. However, I again have no mods (for now). 😦

But lets see what the Kooks got up to. Warning: this chapter and the next may be a bit long. πŸ™‚

ScreenshotLast chapter Frankie aged up into a handsome teenager! He then proceeded to wander aimlessly around the house, finally coming to rest on the edge of the bathtub to contemplate the meaning of life…or something. Personally, I have never seen a Sim do this. Also, who sits in the bathroom all alone for an hour?! In the dead of night?!

Screenshot-2Frankie also attempted waffles for the first time. No fires, but it was a horrible failure none the less. Good for you for trying buddy!

Screenshot-3Frankie: So guys, what happened to the great idea of studying outside?

Kenneth: The novelty wore off…

Anakin: …I never said it was a good idea…

Ah, brotherly bonding. πŸ™‚

Screenshot-5Meanwhile, the old guys spend some quality time together. And yes, Ben got fleas from Dusty WHILE giving him a flea bath… -.-

Screenshot-7Ben! Did you break the dishwasher again?!

Ben: Me? No! It, um, there’s always been smoke coming out of it!

What about that big puddle of water?

Ben: Dusty doesn’t have the best bladder anymore….

Don’t you lie to me! Now fix it!

Screenshot-8While Ben is thinking about fixing the dishwasher I would like to inform you that Anakin’s stint with the aliens did not result in pregnancy. No weight gain! I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about that.

Screenshot-9Ben: Do this… do that… fix this… garden that… fish here… cook that…

What are you going on about?

Ben: How miserable life is and how much I want to leave this pitiful existence.

:O Ben! But we love you Ben! You can never leave us!

Ben: I will depart one day into Death’s sweet embrace!

😑 Not if I have anything to say about it…

Screenshot-10Wait… WHAT?! No! GO AWAY! There be no Sims here!

Screenshot-11No! Kenneth step away from the lights! Run! Run away!

Screenshot-13Why don’t they ever listen to me? 😦

Screenshot-14Kenneth: Ewwwww! Alien cooties!

Get back here alien! I demand to speak to your leader! No more abductions!

Screenshot-19Let’s take a moment to admire how utterly useless Cindy is. She was dead tired, went to bed, then got up a minute later to promptly pass out on the floor. You were already in BED woman! But no! The floor was a much better place to fall down onto and take a dirt nap! (-5 points)

Screenshot-20And I guess she didn’t get enough sleep last night since she took a nap on this bench as soon as she got off work. At least it was a genuine nap and not a falling-down-on-your-face-pass-out-fail moment.

Screenshot-21Guess what time it is?

Screenshot-22 1 - birthday anakin ya 2 - birthday anakin trait yaAwe… Anakin is now an insane genius who loves the outdoors, clean spaces, and has clumsy tendencies. I guess that’s why he’s so neat, there is less mess for him to be clumsy over. Haha!3 - anakin ltwThe only one that didn’t seem like a great deal of work was the Creature-Robot Cross Breeder. He should do fairly well in that career.Screenshot-23 Screenshot-24Anakin: How’s my smoulder? Boo-yah! Time to call up the ladies!

What ladies? The only “lady” you liked ran off with some old bloke, married him and is now pregnant! (Hooray StoryProgression notifications! I can be a major snoop! Now to get that mod back with no troubles…)

Screenshot-25And after a quick make over I present to you Young Adult Anakin! My my, isn’t he a lady killer!

4 - anakin jobI also used my free action to get him started on his career. πŸ™‚ Maybe he can help his mother progress in that job as well… but I doubt it.

Screenshot-26And moving right along… the aliens have descended upon us again! What is with them and this family?!

Screenshot-27Anakin: Oh no… not again…

I’m sorry Anakin, you were dumb enough to go outside and admire the shinny lights…

Screenshot-28Now you listen here aliens! You treat him with respect, ya hear?!

Screenshot-30Anakin: Why, why me?

I don’t know buddy. I don’t know why the aliens like this family so much… it’s a little creepy actually…

Screenshot-31On a happier note: Kenneth and Frankie go to prom! Let’s take a look at some highlights of the evening.

5 - frankie prom 6 - kenneth prom 7 - kenneth prom 8 - frankie prom 9 - kenneth prom 10 - frankie promThe boys had a great time at prom! Minus the fighting, but then again, maybe they enjoyed that too. They certainly liked to pick fights.

Screenshot-38 Screenshot-39Poor Kenneth was passed up for Prom King again. And this was his last prom too! Bonus for being the middle child: two proms!

Screenshot-33Guess what happened at home while the boys were at prom? No, unfortunately she didn’t die… and I just realized what a huge mouth she has…

Screenshot-34Abracadabra…11 - Cindy birthday elder Screenshot-36Poof! Old lady time!

Cindy: What the heck and I wearing…

I don’t know. I was going to leave her like that but then decided I didn’t want my screen to break… so…Screenshot-37I did a wardrobe update for her. Doesn’t she look thrilled?12 - cindy retireI also retired her seeing as how she was failing her job hardcore and I’d rather get a small pension then $0 out of her.

Screenshot-40AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! GO AWAY!!!!!

Screenshot-41Oh, you’re taking Cindy? Well go right ahead then! You can even keep her!! πŸ˜€

Screenshot-43I said you could have her! Please take her with you! No? Fiiiiiine. -.-

Screenshot-44Of course, now she just wanders aimlessly around the house doing less than she did before! And in her nighty no less… for shame!

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-10 Dog sitter (2)
-10 Fire (2)
-5 Self urination (1)
-5 Passing out (1)
+15 Birth (3)
+15 Skill Challenge (3)
+15 Honour Roll (3)
+10 Max Skill (1)
+25 Total Points


Chapter 1.15

Hello and welcome back to the Kooks!

ScreenshotCindy: Doesn’t anyone make any food around here?! I’m starving!

She is so utterly useless. I’m serious! She starves herself half to death, reads books all day (and reads them again), is failing at her job… just die already and be out of my way! Is that too much to ask?

Screenshot-2Dusty on the other hand is looking older each day. I don’t want him to leave. πŸ˜₯

Screenshot-3Anakin and Kenneth are such good students they insist on doing their homework right at the school… in the snow… at least it gets done though.

Screenshot-4Frankie: You guys are weird… I’m going home.

Kenneth: The cold keeps us motivated.

Anakin: You should try it sometime.

Frankie: My brothers are losers… -.-

Screenshot-5And like a good little boy, Frankie does his homework at the kitchen table… in his swim trunks… I love insane Sims. πŸ˜€

Screenshot-6The only thing I don’t like about them staying at school to do their homework is sometimes they don’t go home. I watched Anakin walk over to a bench, sit down, stand right back up and go to this bench he is now sitting on. I guess the other bench had too much snow. *face palm* Go home Anakin!

Screenshot-7Anakin: I’m soooo tired! I want my bed. Where’s my bed?!

Go HOME Anakin! You will find your bed there, I promise!

Screenshot-8Frankie: 105, 106, 107…

Dusty: Can we go to the park… pleeeeeeease?

Frankie has developed a new habit of constantly brushing Dusty. I swear he’s trying to get to 200 brush strokes.

Screenshot-9I gawked when I saw Kenneth go to the garden and help out his father! No one else has touched this garden except Ben, I’m so proud of you Kenneth!

Screenshot-10This little guy is actually kind of cute… I just hate that I have 5 of them now…

Screenshot-11Kenneth likes to do this daily… sometimes several times a day. I’m sure if there was a Vain trait he would have it.

Screenshot-12Mark the day! Someone other than Dusty is using the TV! They both left shortly after this shot and left the TV on, but hey, now Dusty can watch it again.

I recently installed some Mods, one of them being Story Progression, so I thought I would share with you the going-ons of the townies of Sunlit Tides. Also, the Kooks are particularly boring at the moment (eat, school/work, eat, sleep, repeat type thing) so this is what happened to pass the time:

1 - breakup 2 - marriage 3 - new coupleI’d just like to point out here that apparently the elder females Sims in my town are cougars….4 - new couple 5 - new coupleNOOOOO!!!! You were supposed to be spousal material for Anakin! Damn you Katherine! Maybe it wont last…6 - breakup 7 - new coupleAlso, creepy old men like to pray on the young…8 - Hillary likes KennethHillary (the girl Kenneth met at prom) is starting to go into stalker mode. She has called him every day. And she’s pretty cute, I’ll get a screen shot of her later. πŸ˜‰9 - new couple 10 - new coupleAnother old man preying on the young. Sophie would be Katherine’s sister btw. I guess it’s common in this town since Ben did the same thing…. hahahahaha.11 - fame leecher anakinAnakin was minding his own business, making waffles, when this little tidbit popped up! I guess he is famous for his waffles? I didn’t realize they were that good…

12 - hot and heavyI wonder what this “new level” refers to. They’re already dating…13 - fame leecher frankieIt must be a trend… Frankie was playing with the block table when he became famous. Gotta love Celebrities! They pop up everywhere.14 - pregnancyTownie pregnancy! Yay! I will have to creep their child for potential spouse material…

Screenshot-13Uh-oh… I know what these lights mean…

Screenshot-15No Anakin! Step away from the spaceship!

Screenshot-16Screenshot-17Anakin: AHHHHH!!! Watcher help me!

Sorry buddy, you looked into the light and now you must go. Have a fun trip! I really must talk to that alien agent, I said no more abductions!

15 - abductedScreenshot-18Alien: Thank you for choosing Starship Airline, hope you enjoyed your flight! Gotta run!

Anakin: Wh-what just happened? I don’t know who you are mister but I don’t like you…

Screenshot-19Then this happened the next day… I really hope he just ate some bad food…

Back to some townie updates!

16 - pregnancyAnother townie pregnancy. The already have four children but hey, what’s one more…17 - breakupNo surprise there. You’re an old lady and a cougar!18 - frankie honour rollYay Frankie! All generation one children made it onto the honour roll! I’m so proud! (+5 points)19 - new couple 20 - hot and heavyAnother cougar!21 - marriageWhat?! Now they’re getting married?! NO!22 - new couple 23 - hot and heavy 24 - breakupWell that relationship didn’t last long… hehe

Screenshot-20Guess what time it is?

Screenshot-21Birthday time!

25 - frankie teen birthday 26 - frankie teen traitFrankie has rolled the Daredevil trait. An insane, clumsy daredevil who loves animals. Not bad.

Screenshot-22Welcome to being a teenager Frankie! And after a quick makeover…

Screenshot-23TA-DA! Quite the handsome devil.

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-10 Dog sitter (2)
-10 Fire (2)
-5 Self urination (1)
+15 Birth (3)
+15 Skill Challenge (3)
+15 Honour Roll (3)
+10 Max Skill (1)
+30 Total Points


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