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Chapter 1.15

on March 7, 2014

Hello and welcome back to the Kooks!

ScreenshotCindy: Doesn’t anyone make any food around here?! I’m starving!

She is so utterly useless. I’m serious! She starves herself half to death, reads books all day (and reads them again), is failing at her job… just die already and be out of my way! Is that too much to ask?

Screenshot-2Dusty on the other hand is looking older each day. I don’t want him to leave. 😥

Screenshot-3Anakin and Kenneth are such good students they insist on doing their homework right at the school… in the snow… at least it gets done though.

Screenshot-4Frankie: You guys are weird… I’m going home.

Kenneth: The cold keeps us motivated.

Anakin: You should try it sometime.

Frankie: My brothers are losers… -.-

Screenshot-5And like a good little boy, Frankie does his homework at the kitchen table… in his swim trunks… I love insane Sims. 😀

Screenshot-6The only thing I don’t like about them staying at school to do their homework is sometimes they don’t go home. I watched Anakin walk over to a bench, sit down, stand right back up and go to this bench he is now sitting on. I guess the other bench had too much snow. *face palm* Go home Anakin!

Screenshot-7Anakin: I’m soooo tired! I want my bed. Where’s my bed?!

Go HOME Anakin! You will find your bed there, I promise!

Screenshot-8Frankie: 105, 106, 107…

Dusty: Can we go to the park… pleeeeeeease?

Frankie has developed a new habit of constantly brushing Dusty. I swear he’s trying to get to 200 brush strokes.

Screenshot-9I gawked when I saw Kenneth go to the garden and help out his father! No one else has touched this garden except Ben, I’m so proud of you Kenneth!

Screenshot-10This little guy is actually kind of cute… I just hate that I have 5 of them now…

Screenshot-11Kenneth likes to do this daily… sometimes several times a day. I’m sure if there was a Vain trait he would have it.

Screenshot-12Mark the day! Someone other than Dusty is using the TV! They both left shortly after this shot and left the TV on, but hey, now Dusty can watch it again.

I recently installed some Mods, one of them being Story Progression, so I thought I would share with you the going-ons of the townies of Sunlit Tides. Also, the Kooks are particularly boring at the moment (eat, school/work, eat, sleep, repeat type thing) so this is what happened to pass the time:

1 - breakup 2 - marriage 3 - new coupleI’d just like to point out here that apparently the elder females Sims in my town are cougars….4 - new couple 5 - new coupleNOOOOO!!!! You were supposed to be spousal material for Anakin! Damn you Katherine! Maybe it wont last…6 - breakup 7 - new coupleAlso, creepy old men like to pray on the young…8 - Hillary likes KennethHillary (the girl Kenneth met at prom) is starting to go into stalker mode. She has called him every day. And she’s pretty cute, I’ll get a screen shot of her later. 😉9 - new couple 10 - new coupleAnother old man preying on the young. Sophie would be Katherine’s sister btw. I guess it’s common in this town since Ben did the same thing…. hahahahaha.11 - fame leecher anakinAnakin was minding his own business, making waffles, when this little tidbit popped up! I guess he is famous for his waffles? I didn’t realize they were that good…

12 - hot and heavyI wonder what this “new level” refers to. They’re already dating…13 - fame leecher frankieIt must be a trend… Frankie was playing with the block table when he became famous. Gotta love Celebrities! They pop up everywhere.14 - pregnancyTownie pregnancy! Yay! I will have to creep their child for potential spouse material…

Screenshot-13Uh-oh… I know what these lights mean…

Screenshot-15No Anakin! Step away from the spaceship!

Screenshot-16Screenshot-17Anakin: AHHHHH!!! Watcher help me!

Sorry buddy, you looked into the light and now you must go. Have a fun trip! I really must talk to that alien agent, I said no more abductions!

15 - abductedScreenshot-18Alien: Thank you for choosing Starship Airline, hope you enjoyed your flight! Gotta run!

Anakin: Wh-what just happened? I don’t know who you are mister but I don’t like you…

Screenshot-19Then this happened the next day… I really hope he just ate some bad food…

Back to some townie updates!

16 - pregnancyAnother townie pregnancy. The already have four children but hey, what’s one more…17 - breakupNo surprise there. You’re an old lady and a cougar!18 - frankie honour rollYay Frankie! All generation one children made it onto the honour roll! I’m so proud! (+5 points)19 - new couple 20 - hot and heavyAnother cougar!21 - marriageWhat?! Now they’re getting married?! NO!22 - new couple 23 - hot and heavy 24 - breakupWell that relationship didn’t last long… hehe

Screenshot-20Guess what time it is?

Screenshot-21Birthday time!

25 - frankie teen birthday 26 - frankie teen traitFrankie has rolled the Daredevil trait. An insane, clumsy daredevil who loves animals. Not bad.

Screenshot-22Welcome to being a teenager Frankie! And after a quick makeover…

Screenshot-23TA-DA! Quite the handsome devil.

Don’t forget to vote for the next Torch Holder! Click here!



-10 Dog sitter (2)
-10 Fire (2)
-5 Self urination (1)
+15 Birth (3)
+15 Skill Challenge (3)
+15 Honour Roll (3)
+10 Max Skill (1)
+30 Total Points

12 responses to “Chapter 1.15

  1. zefiewings says:

    Frankie! *dances around.

    Awww poor old puppy is old. :,(

    I can’t believe how close this is getting! Gen one is coming to a close! Not yet I know, but it is creeping up on us! 0.o

    Liked by 1 person

    • zefiewings says:

      I just realized…its not as close as I thought.

      I forgot for a min that they take over as Adult not Young Adult. *rolls eyes*

      I feel stupid considering it’s my own challenge. ^.^’

      Liked by 1 person

  2. zefiewings says:

    Also…Anie is still a teen…he can’t be pregnant…….right? 0.o

    If he is…I almost want him to win! Teen pregnancy >.>

    Or wait…I haven’t thought about it because I don’t have that mod…but would that be cheating as far as heirs go? Having a baby so young?

    … Well…my rules say “no mods that help with children living long enough to take over” and that tecnically qualifies….^.^’
    So if he IS preggo…he could still take over but his teen baby couldn’t be heir…I guess…

    I should make a not of this on the forum. Not that anyone else is still playing. ^.^’

    Liked by 1 person

    • Gen one is startig to wrap up! All my gen one babies are teens and soon Ani will be a young adult. *sigh* I predict another 5 to 8 chapters max. It depends how much stuff goes on per chapter.

      Also I don’t know if he’s pregnant!! I’m a little worried. He doesn’t have the “unexpected weight gain” moodlet yet but I’m not sure how soon it pops up after abduction. You’d think I’d remember from Ben’s pregnancy, but nope. I was going to ask you about if it would affect his heir title if he was preggers. I am fully comfortable saying his teen offspring would not be an eligible heir. Lol.


  3. Wow, Anakin puked so hard, it went through the toilet! Do they normally puke with alien pregnancies? I thought they just got the weight gain moodlet.
    I am getting so sick of the rabbit gnomes. Go away and let me garden! But you have now inspired me to try and get some of the other gnomes – I really want the witch one!
    Frankie is a cutie! I almost want him to be heir, to see how long it takes to breed out the alien. Heather’s Zales had 4/5 children also alien, but I haven’t had many.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t think puking is part of alien pregnancies. Ben never did that I can recall.
      I always seem to get the sMe Gnomes over and over. I’ve started to sell them and only keep the first of a type of Gnome.
      And that’s a lot of alien babies! I’ve been thinking of doing an experiment with aliens but it may not happen until after the Kooks. 🙂


  4. Heh, I got so tired of the “cougar” situation getting out of hand with SP that I actually have mine set so Elders can only have romances with other Elders in my game (and depending on the population, sometimes also Adults, but never with YAs). Seeing all your potential spouses sniped by the elders reminded me of a similar situation I ran into once with my own game, hahaha!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. DarkwingLady says:


    Poor Dusty, but age must happen….

    Anakin…poor child…. Pregnancy is tough on anyone, especially teen ones, but when it occurs because of alien intervention, that’s a triple-decker….

    Since Ani is male, that’s a quarter-decker T_T

    Liked by 1 person

    • These aliens, I swear they have it in for this family. They are determined to make it into the gene pool!
      Poor Anakin, a quarter-decker! Or possibly just rotten waffles. Who knows?! 😉


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