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The Kook Family Backwards ISBI!

Chapter 1.20

on March 19, 2014

Screenshot-68Zombie: Braaaaaaaains….

Kenneth: This dude looks funny. 😀

Um… that’s a Zombie, Kenneth…RUN!

Screenshot-69Kenneth: W-what’s your problem dude?

Screenshot-70Zombie: Argh!

Screenshot-72Kenneth: *screams like a girl* AHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Screenshot-73Zombie: Ahhhh!!!

Apparently Kenneth’s high pitched scream scrambled the zombies brain and he managed to run away.

21 - ben skill challenge 22 - ben skill challengeBen completed two more Skill Challenges! (+10 points! 5 for each skill challenge!)

Screenshot-74Zombie: Braaains!

Frankie: RAWR!

Screenshot-75Zombie: Huh?

Screenshot-76Frankie: Hahahahahaha!

Frankie has a different way of dealing with zombies. Neither of the boys ended up being attacked. 🙂

Screenshot-77WHAT. THE. HECK? Kenneth!!!! (-5 points)

Kenneth: Um… huh… I guess cooking on high isn’t good.

Screenshot-78At least he was able to put it out and the fire department didn’t get involved. -.-‘

Screenshot-79Ben is so close!

23 - ben master cooking skillAnd he did it! Yay Ben! (+10 points!)

Screenshot-82An while Ben reads special cook books… cute Hannah and Dusty shot! (Yes, Dusty is still around!)

Screenshot-84 Screenshot-85 Screenshot-86 24 - baked angel food cakeSuccess! Baked Angle Food Cake down! Now for the other recipe…

Screenshot-88 Screenshot-89 Screenshot-90 25 - ambrosiaHooray! Ben has successfully made perfect quality Ambrosia! And with only a couple days to spare, too!

Screenshot-91Yum, it looks kind of good!Screenshot-92It worked! Ben’s life has been set back to the beginning of the Elder lifestage! He wont be leaving us anytime soon! 😀

Screenshot-94Let’s end this chapter with Hannah’s birthday!

26 - hannah child bdaySince no one bothered to train her on anything (horrible Sims!) she didn’t get to choose a trait. But Never Nude isn’t horrible.

Screenshot-96Hannah is a child now!

Screenshot-97And still a cutie! 😀

Generation 1 is beginning to come to an end! Vote for the next Torch Holder here! Also, the Kooks need to move to a new town so vote for the town here!



-10 Dog sitter (2)
-15 Fire (3)
-5 Self urination (1)
-5 Passing out (1)
+20 Birth (4)
+25 Skill Challenge (5)
+15 Honour Roll (3)
+20 Max Skill (2)
+45 Total Points

7 responses to “Chapter 1.20

  1. zefiewings says:

    Aw your family is so cute!
    I was wondering why you bothered with Ambrosia at this point, so close to the end. Then I remember the youngest is likely to take over so it’s a good plan.

    Ah no! Dusty! *sob!
    If you put a plate of Ambrosia on the floor and tell her to eat it..will it heal her of old age?

    By the way…thanks so much for helping me on the forum. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • I cut it soooo close with the Ambrosia. Ben had 4 days left to live by the time he finally mastered cooking. And Anakin wasn’t due to age up to full Adult for another 6 days. But I did it!
      I could totally have Ben make another plate of Ambrosia and see if it would work on Dusty! Or I could get a Clone Voucher LTR since Dusty has enough points and have Dusty the Second… is there a Young Again Potion LTR for pets? I can’t remember… I don’t want to lose Dusty or Ben! They have such a special place in my heart.
      And no problem with the forum! You’ve seemed a little busy lately so I thought I’d help out. 😀


  2. cribbet1 says:

    Good job Ben! My sims always die before they can learn all of the recipies, but Ben was able to! Hannah is so cute, maybe even cuter than she was as a toddler.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ben is the very first sim I have ever made Ambrosia with! I was so excited it turned out! Hannah got the good side of the gene pool I think. I’m so excited to start her story. I just want to start it now! Lol! 😀


  3. Yay, Ambrosia! I’ve only made it with one sim, also – it’s a full on experience!
    I quite like this challenge – what with the age changes, we get to spend a lot more time focused on each generation.

    Liked by 1 person

    • So far it seems that way! My only worry is the 3rd generation might be shorter than all the rest since the following heir takes over at the teen stage. I guess it would depend on when the kids are born though.


  4. DarkwingLady says:

    Congratulations Ben, Frankie and Hannah!

    Was too upset in the previous chapter to congratulate Frankie on graduating.

    Argh I could JUST see him as a mad scientist, capturing zombies for experiments…. o.0

    Scared that zombie silly too like the BAWSE he is. Still brokenhearted that he’s not the Heir, but whatever.

    LOLed when I saw Ani’s face as he screamed like a girl, wakakkakaaaaa….


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