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Chapter 1.22

on March 31, 2014

Welcome back to what is officially the last chapter of Generation One! *Applause! Applause!* Please be aware that a lot happens in this chapter as it’s a bit longer ok a lot longer than all the others. I didn’t want to drag out the ending of Generation One over multiple small chapters. So let’s jump right in!

ScreenshotHey Ben. What are you up to?

Ben: Gah! How is one supposed to type on these small screens??

Um… maybe if you took your gloves off you’d be able to type… just saying.

Ben: Hush! It’s ringing…

Screenshot-2Ben: I’d like to get a taxi to the Kook residence! We’re moving! 😀

Yup! That’s right! The Kooks are moving to a brand new town because Kenneth has relationship glitches for a fresh start!

Screenshot-9Say goodbye to Sunlit Tides everyone!

Kenneth: I’m hungry, can we get food?

Cindy: Now who’s bright idea was this, leaving at 11pm…

Listen lady, the family needs to move before Anakin can start his own life so quit giving me lip!

Ben: You know she can’t hear you…

Well then you tell her for me.

Ben: But she yells at me!

Oh Cindy the tyrant….

****allow for sufficient moving time to pass****

Screenshot-10Welcome to Lucky Palms! 😀 How do you like your new house?

Ben: Well… we haven’t been inside yet…

Then let’s have a tour!

Screenshot-11Entering the front door into a beautiful entryway that opens up into the main kitchen and dining area is a key feature of this lovely home. To the right (left in the above picture) is the hallway leading to two bedrooms and a bathroom. To the left (right in the above picture but not shown) is a roomy garage and workout room!

Screenshot-12Moving further into the house is an open concept kitchen and dinning area. The glass double doors lead to the side yard which is currently empty but has lots of room for a patio and pool area!

Screenshot-13At the back of the house is a raised living room. Perfect for entertaining!

Screenshot-14To the left of the living room is a study and quiet place to read, go on the laptop, or paint.

Screenshot-15Ben and Cindy’s bedroom is accessed through the study and has an attached bathroom.

Screenshot-16Down the hallway by the entrance, the first bedroom is going to be the nursery, but for now it’s Frankie’s room.

Screenshot-17The very last room, at the front of the house, is Kenneth’s room! A second bathroom is between the two green bedrooms. And I bet you can guess who won the TH Vote! 😉

Ben: So how did we afford all these nice things when in our old house we had to deal with crappy appliances!

With the money you saved of course! You made quite a name for yourself as a gardener in Sunlit Tides.

Screenshot-18With that being said, Anakin (who placed 3rd in the TH Vote with 13%) and his daughter Hannah moved out of the family home. I have no clue where Anakin got the car from since the family never owned a car before… o.O

Screenshot-19And this is the house they ended up in! It’s pretty small and only had one bed, so I bought another bed for them. Hopefully Anakin will meet someone and end up getting married and moving into a bigger home! 😀

Screenshot-21Of course, the first thing Cindy does in her new home is read a book.

Screenshot-22Dusty ran around checking everything out like he was a young pup! I can’t believe how old he is now! But still full of energy! 😀

Screenshot-23Ben got right to work starting a new garden.

Ben: I don’t know why I started this…

You are a top notch gardener and grow perfect plants! Your children and their children can enjoy them for years to come! 😀

Ben: Just you watch, this garden will whither and die without my constant care.

Well you best take care of it then while you’re still around then! 😦

Screenshot-24Frankie is over joyed the Gnomes made the move. Duplicates were sold for a better cause, but we kept one of each. 😉

Screenshot-27Kenneth: Not a bad place! There are a few changes I’m going to make but…

Hold your horses Kenneth, you’re not the torch holder yet (and therefore you can’t hear me yet but soon… soon you suffer from The Voice and do my bidding…. muahahahahaah)

Screenshot-28I’m glad Anakin found something useful to do with his time… even if it is protesting about handcuffs. -.-‘

Screenshot-29Hannah decided to go for a long walk. They live on the very outskirts of the main town so I don’t know why she isn’t riding a bike. Maybe it’s a lovely day. Btw, this was taken at 11am Sim time, and by 5pm Sim time she was still wandering around… great parenting Anakin.

1 - Anakin love interestThen I got this little pop-up! Really Anakin? I had such high hopes for you. She’s old enough to be your mother for Watcher’s sake! I somehow doubt we will see any more children from Anakin. 😦

Screenshot-30Kenneth, sweetie, stop dancing and go eat something!

Kenneth: This is such an awesome tune! I hunger for amazing music!

You hunger for food! Ben! Ben come make your son food! You have to make him eat!

Ben: zzzzzZZZZZ…

Typical. He would rather sleep than save his son from starvation.

Screenshot-31NO! They found us! How did they find us!?!? Who is that down there?


Screenshot-33Damndamndamndamndamndamndamndamndamndamndamndamndamndamndamn…. *sigh* Anyone know of a fix for this? I beginning to think Frankie is behind it all… he NEVER gets abducted!

Screenshot-35 Kenneth: I feel violated… 😦

Axane (the Alien): My elder sisters, Eshehic and Zolada, told many tales of the Kook men, I just had to see for myself. *Winks*

Begone Alien! Off with you now and don’t come back! (Note: Eshehic is Frankie’s mom and Zolada is Hannah’s mom in case I a) never mentioned their names or b) it was so long ago readers forgot. I know I’m not great with names 😉 )

Screenshot-36****The Next Day****

Ben: Now son, I know you are destined to be the head of the family in a few days. But that doesn’t mean I want any more grand-kids any time soon.

Kenneth: Yah, whatever Dad.

Dusty: I smells food, yes I do, there are crumbs to be found!

2 - kenneth preggersYah… I think you’ll have more grand-kids sooner than you think Ben…

Ben: Why do you say that?

Oh, no particular reason…

Screenshot-37Why are you poking electrical stuff with metal?!

Ben: I’m upgrading the stereo! I know what I’m doing, besides, I’m immune to electricity.

Let’s not test that theory. Please just stay alive for TWO MORE DAYS until Kenneth is an Adult. Please!

Screenshot-38****Later That Night****

Nooooooooooooooooooooo….. *sob* why does this keep happening….?

Screenshot-39Ben: Eshehic has come for me! I knew she would be my end!

I don’t think it’s Eshehic…

Screenshot-40I’m powerless. I can do nothing to save my precious Sims from this Alien Invasion.

Screenshot-41Ben: Well you’re not Eshehic. Where is my Eshehic?!

Axane! I told you to not come back!

Axane: I just had to see the specimen that created such a fine man. *Wink* Toodles!

Don’t you “toodles” me! Aliens these days, no respect for anyone! Oh gosh… now I sound like Cindy…

Screenshot-42****Fast Forward a Couple Days****

Frankie, even though he is now a young adult, managed to put a prank on the computer.

Screenshot-43Kenneth was scared out of his wits…

Screenshot-46And promptly went into labour!

3 - alien birthOf course we’ll raise her! 😀

4 - Welcome MckennaAnd so Mckenna joined the Kook family! (+5 points!)

5 - Mckenna traitsShe’s not off to a bad start with traits either!

Screenshot-48Screenshot-49Wait… what?! She’s not GREEN?!

Screenshot-50Kenneth: Why is my child changing colour?

Ok… now she is a dark brown. What did you do to us Axane?!

Screenshot-51Aside from changing colours and not being green, she is 100% alien (mixed with a bit of human of course). I checked, and double checked, then checked again. I don’t know where this skin colour came from but I have a sneaking suspicion I might find out soon. I will keep you all informed. On the upside she’s a cutie just like her cousin Hannah!

Screenshot-52Remember the art easel in the study? The only one to use it has been Frankie, who I STILL BLAME FOR THE ALIEN ABDUCTIONS! Although, I’m actually a little sad he came in second place with 40% for the TH Vote. It was a very close vote. 🙂

Frankie: *shudders* I just got this really negative vibe… weird.

That’s right, you may not hear me, but feel my negativity!! RAWR! D:<

Screenshot-53Ok… this is a first. Cindy is actually being motherly!

Cindy: Look at this little angel! I don’t know how my son gave birth but it’s a miracle!

She’s still an alien Cindy… you know… you’re sworn enemy? I think she just likes Mckenna because she doesn’t have green skin… you’re a horrible Sim Cindy!!

Screenshot-54Kenneth doesn’t look happy his mother is fawning over Mckenna.

Kenneth: She only loves my little girl because she isn’t green. That is so unfair to Frankie and Hannah. 😦

You said it Kenneth!

6 - Ben preggersAnd if one alien baby wasn’t enough… let’s have TWO, just for kicks! Gah! Ben!

Ben: I thought I’d end Generation One with a bang!

*Face palm* Why? Why me? It’s official, this is an Alien Invasion Legacy on top of everything else.

Screenshot-56Speaking of the end of Generation One… it’s birthday time!

Screenshot-577 - Kenneth Adult BdayScreenshot-58Kenneth: Oh yah… it’s my time to shine!

Since Kenneth aged up to Adult the very same day Mckenna was born I will let Zefiewings determine if she is an eligible heir and respect her decision. He did become pregnant with Mckenna BEFORE he became TH which brings her eligibility into question. (I’m sorry this keeps happening Zefie! The Aliens have it out for this family, I swear!)

Kenneth: Who’s talking?

All will be explained… in the next chapter! 😉



-10 Dog sitter

-15 Fire

-10 Self urination

-10 Passing out

+25 Birth

+25 Skill Challenge

+15 Honour Roll

+20 Max Skill

+40 Completed LTW


+80 Total Points

13 responses to “Chapter 1.22

  1. zefiewings says:

    Oh wow…this really is an alien abduction legacy!
    I…don’t want to make this call. 😦 I want to say yes so badly because I really want an Alien TH and knowing our luck I’d say no and then he’d never get pregnant again. But that fact is..she was born before he was TH.
    Sorry. 😦
    ahhhh and she is so special; Alien with dark skin!
    no…no I have to do my best to rule evenly and fairly…it is a contest after all.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m sure one day we will get an alien TH! They abduct enough of my Sims already I’m sure it’s bound to happen. Maybe Mckenna will guest star in Hannah’s story. 😉
      Besides, I have plans for Kenneth in the romance department. Hehe.
      I can’t believe I made it to generation two!! 😀


  2. cribbet1 says:

    Alien Amazing Reverse Legacy
    multiplied by four i think
    I love the Kooks and their aliens.
    I bet McKenna is going to be soooooo cute.
    I love her already.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I take it back. I definitely do not have worse luck with abductions than you do XD I did end up trying locking my Sims inside in one of my other save files, and that seems to work pretty well. It’s just kind of a pain if you don’t remember to unlock the doors afterwards.

    I’m really glad Kennith is the heir, he’s always been my favorite. He’ll make an excellent TH. Keep up the great work! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • I couldn’t believe it when I saw the lights in Lucky Palms. And now Ben is having another alien baby too! Gah! I will have to try locking the doors. It does make for a very interesting family tree though. 😉

      I like Kenneth as heir. I played until 1am last night so I will update soon with the first official chapter of generation two!


  4. Wow, so many abductions! Not surprised Mckenna isn’t green – my very first actual alien baby had normal skin colour (the first three abduction babies were green humans, which is worse!) But we’ll still be able to see her grow up, right, even though she can’t be heir?
    I like the new house, it’s nice and compact – I always end up building huge houses, and then I lose people!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Cindy, you’ve just confirmed how racist you are. Judging a sim by their skin color! Boo! Booooooo! *heckles Cindy*

    Liked by 1 person

  6. DarkwingLady says:

    Cindy’s a b!tch but her kids are nice.


    Congratulations to Ben and Ken!

    And to Anakin and Hannah for their new home! PLEASE survive out there guys…. You guys SUCK at taking care of yourselves…. T_T

    And with that note, shall we go on to the next generation? Yes we shall! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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