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Chapter 2.1

I’M BAAAAAAACK! Welcome to the first official chapter of GENERATION TWO! I can’t believe I made it! I –

Screenshot-60Kenneth: Where have you been?!

Um… excuse me?

Kenneth: I know you’re there! I can hear you! Now where have you been?!

This is a first… Ben usually hated talking to me…

Screenshot-61Kenneth: Well I’m not him! And I have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting! This is MY generation now!

Whoa! Settle down! School got really hectic with tons of assignments and I have exams next week…

Screenshot-63Kenneth: Ugh… I’m such an ass. Sorry Voice, I’m just really excited for my story to be told…

And it shall be told! First, I do have to say your daughter Mckenna is not eligible to be heir.

Screenshot-64Kenneth: Why do you hate me? You mean I have to have MORE kids?

Well, technically YOU don’t have to have them… but you need to find a wife and she can have your kids. 🙂

Kenneth: I have to get married?

That’s the general idea… yes.

Kenneth: *sigh*

1 - kenneth midlife crisisOf course! Kenneth is suffering from a Midlife Crisis! No wonder he’s so touchy…

Kenneth: I heard that!

Screenshot-65Ben: What the – ? When did this happen?!

Um… last chapter…

Ben: I don’t recall…

It’s okay Ben, don’t think too hard… you might hurt yourself…

Ben: Why can I still hear you?!

I call it “Curse of the TH”. You get to hear me FOREVER!!! *echos into the distance*

Ben: Confounded Voice! Why must your torment me so?!


Frankie: Yeush! Me 1, sink 0!

What are you doing?!

Screenshot-67Awe, thanks Kenneth. 🙂

Kenneth: I’m only doing this so my old man doesn’t slip and fall and crack his head open.

It’s still sweet of you. 😉

Screenshot-68Frankie: Sorry bro… I was experimenting and the sink it –

Kenneth: Just keep your experiments small from now on, ‘kay?

D’awe… brotherly moments! ❤

2 - hannah teenSpeaking of moments… Hannah aged up to a teen!

Screenshot-5I sneaked her into CAS to edit her outfit… BUT ISN’T SHE PRETTY?! I actually can’t wait to start her story… just a little bit longer…

3 - anakin relationship 4 - anakin relationshipOh… and Anakin is still with the cougar. I am disappointed in you Anakin! Anyway… back to the current TH…

Screenshot-70Are you sure you can lift all that?

Kenneth: *panting heavily* I can… I will!

Please don’t hurt yourself…

Screenshot-72Is it just me… or do you look constipated? 😛

Kenneth: Shut… up!

You know… if you keep doing that your face will get stuck that way! Hehe!

Kenneth: Now I know why my old man hates you…


Screenshot-73Ben: You would still be dumb even if you read a whole stack of books!

Ummm… burn?

Cindy: I wonder what song that’s from?

Screenshot-74Cindy: My love… you have such a sweet voice, and such lovely eyes… *smooch*

Screenshot-75Ben: Stay back, foul beast!

Cindy: Whaaa?! O.O

I guess the relationship wasn’t built to last…

Screenshot-76Ben: Look, Cindy, I was thinking you could take the couch… You know, just with my bad back and all… I need the bed to myself.

Screenshot-77Cindy: Of course dear! Anything to make you happy!

Then this happened:

Screenshot-78 Screenshot-79I honestly don’t understand their relationship… moving on!

Screenshot-84Axane was hanging around the house so we invited her inside… I don’t know why… it just happened…

Frankie: This place is great! I’m learning how to cook now and there are all these yummy foods!

Axane: I do no understand how one of my kind can be so boring. *Yawn* I much prefer exotic males…

Screenshot-85Frankie: I was just talking about food… what did I do wrong?

Dusty: Don’t sweat it bud… I’m pretty much ignored these days too…

Dusty! No! We wuvs you!

Screenshot-88And while Axane and Ben heart fart each other in the kitchen…

Axane: Hello darling, how is the offspring progressing? *wink*

Ben: My green beauty! You have come back for me!

Cindy: Maybe if I seal her in a metal canister and throw her over a bridge…

Dusty: Master, please, can I has food?

Screenshot-89Frankie: So, uh, how do you like my place? Pretty sweet pad, eh?

Screenshot-90Axane: Why do you bore me so?

Frankie: *cries*

Screenshot-91 Screenshot-92 Screenshot-93DA FUQ?! But… Axane is INSIDE the house!

Ben: I don’t think my heart can take this anymore!

You’re telling me!

Screenshot-95Ben: What was the meaning of that?

Alien-I-forget-the-name-of: Axane asked me to check on the offspring while she assessed the family for future child-baring potential.


Screenshot-96Cindy: And then he yelled at me and called me dumber than books! You do not want this man to raise your children!

Axane: I see, female. I will take this into consideration for next time…

While Cindy tries to put an end to the alien abductions, I will end the chapter here! How many more alien abductions with the Kook men have to suffer?



-10 Dog sitter

-15 Fire

-10 Self urination

-10 Passing out

+25 Birth

+25 Skill Challenge

+15 Honour Roll

+20 Max Skill

+40 Completed LTW


+80 Total Points


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