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Chapter 2.2

on April 20, 2014

What? Another chapter so soon? Considering it is Easter weekend I’m taking a day off from studying… to bring you more Kook antics! Let’s get started!

5 - midlife crisis wish 1I see you have your first Midlife Crisis Wish Kenneth. “Get a Makeover”… you do realize there is no salon in Lucky Palms?

Kenneth: Hey, I can’t control how I feel. I just really, really, really need a new outfit.

*sigh* Poof! There is now a salon in Lucky Palms!

Screenshot-97Kenneth: Hello gorgeous!

Stylist Girl: Is there something I can help you with or….?

Screenshot-98Kenneth: Can you make me look like a rock star? No! A movie star? Just make me look cool and hip!

Stylist Girl: Um… I’ll see what I can do…

Poor Kenneth… maybe I should have spent more time on his wardrobe when he became an Adult.

Screenshot-99Meanwhile, back at the house, Ben is having his (hopefully last) baby!

Ben: This hurts more than I remember…

Well it’s your own fault for going with those aliens in the first place!

6 - alien birth*I click ‘Raise’ of course…* 😀

Screenshot-100 Screenshot-101IT’S A BOY! (+5 points!)

7 - lee 8 - lee birth traitsPoor little Lee, Easily Impressed and Absent-Minded aren’t the best traits but he might be entertaining as he grows up. Welcome to the family, little guy! Since he is Kenneth’s brother he will be moved out when he reaches Adult like the rest of the Gen One babies. 🙂

Screenshot-102Ben: He’s… he’s not green!

O.O whaaaaaaat? I think Axane has faulty alien genes or something…

Screenshot-103WAIT! Now he’s green?! Okay…

Ben: The most peculiar thing just happened.

Thanks Tips! And so continues the Curse of the Colour Changing Babies…

Screenshot-104There Kenneth, did you get the look you were going for? What happened to the Stylist Girl? Who’s this long haired DUDE?

Kenneth: Thanks man, this is way more rockin’ than what that chick tried to dress me in.

Stylist Dude: It was my pleasure… dude.

Anyway… one midlife crisis wish down!

Screenshot-105Lee is another cutie just like his… um… I guess they would technically be nieces! Since Kenneth is Lee’s brother, and Mckenna is Kenneth’s daughter, that would make Lee Mckenna’s Uncle! It looks like the Kook family tree is as Kooky as the family itself. Success! 😉

9 - hannah kissingThis was an interesting pop-up! Hannah is getting her smooch on! However, I don’t approve of her taste in men. Shortly after this notification, Sahan Diwan popped up again in a relationship with another girl.  I hope Hannah finds love that isn’t some old geezer someday.

10 - midlife crisis wish 2Seriously Kenneth? Now you want an expensive car?!

Kenneth: I need a slick ride to pick up the ladies! Come on!

You don’t even have $10,000 for an expensive car!

Kenneth: My old man makes tons of money off his garden still.

*Grumble, grumble, grumble* I hate this midlife crisis wish. 😡

ScreenshotIt’s birthday time for Mckenna!

Screenshot-2I was really curious to see if she would have a different hair colour too…

11 - mckenne toddler bdayScreenshot-4Nope! Still green! It’s pretty cute with her skin tone too. 🙂

Screenshot-6 Screenshot-8I cry a little each time this happens. This trick is getting really old aliens!! Gah!

Screenshot-10Kenneth: Bad touch! BAD TOUCH!

Honestly, I stopped writing down the names of all the random aliens that abduct this family. But I don’t think that was Axane.

Screenshot-11Why are you trying to live even longer?

Ben: I am the Immortal Ben!

No, you are not. Your wife may be older than you now but you are not immortal.

Ben: But I want to be!

What happened to hating your existence and trying to kill yourself before the next generation could take over?

Ben: That was when I had to deal with you all the time. Now I’m free to do my own thing! Life is grand!

I’m not talking to you anymore… 😡

Screenshot-13Isn’t Mckenna cute?! She is so unique it’s hard to not take pictures of her. 🙂

12 - anakin breakupFINALLY! Maybe now Anakin can find a younger woman and have some more kids. Maybe.13 - kenneth skill challengeHooray for completing a Skill Challenge Kenneth! (+5 points!) Since Ben has lost all interest in gardening Kenneth has been looking after it. But I think once all these plants die we wont garden anymore. It’s so time consuming!

Screenshot-14Second Midlife Crisis Wish completed! Does this car have a sufficient coolness factor for picking up the ladies?

Kenneth: You are AWESOME!

At least someone in this family likes me.

Ben: You can not buy your way into my heart! Although, that is a pretty sweet ride. Why didn’t I get a sweet ride?!

You never asked for one.

Ben: This is how you ruined my life!

Moving on…

Screenshot-15Random Cute Toddler Picture! Just because. Notice the creepy IF doll in the corner? It shall mysteriously disappear soon.

Screenshot-16 Screenshot-18AHHHHHHHH!!! What is your problem?! Why do you have such a smug look on your face? Hmm?!

Screenshot-19I blame you Frankie! You probably call your alien buddies and summon them to abduct this family! 😡

Frankie: Whoa! Really negative vibes around here. Okay Axane, you got him? Excellent. >:D


Screenshot-20Kenneth: Why meeeeeeee?

I don’t know sweetie. I really don’t know.

Screenshot-21Kenneth: I don’t want a green glowing stomach again! *cries silently for a moment*

It looks like Cindy’s talk with Axane the other day didn’t deter the aliens from abducting the Kook men. Will Kenneth be pregnant again?



-10 Dog sitter

-15 Fire

-10 Self urination

-10 Passing out

+30 Birth

+30 Skill Challenge

+15 Honour Roll

+20 Max Skill

+40 Completed LTW


+90 Total Points


6 responses to “Chapter 2.2

  1. zefiewings says:

    Man oh man!
    Any chance its a story progression setting? I noticed you must have it since you get pop-ups about people

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t know if it has to do with Story Progression. I’ve been through all the settings and nothing jumps out at me. :S

      I don’t really want to get rid of Story Progression either since I like knowing what’s going on with Anakin and Hannah.

      I guess having all these alien babies isn’t soooo bad. Haha! It certainly makes my story different. 😛


  2. Should Lee’s birth really count for points, since Kenneth has now taken over as heir? If Mckenna didn’t count because Kenneth wasn’t heir, should Lee?

    Anyway, Mckenna is a cutie! I like it when they don’t have green alien skin, especially when I’m not using berries. Normal-coloured aliens would be able to blend into the population much better 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • As long as the child is born to a Sim livong in the household they count for points. They just may not always be eligible to be an heir. I thought I added points for Mckenna, I’ll go and check. 🙂


  3. DarkwingLady says:

    Whoa McKenna is a MAJOR CUTIE~!

    Hmm if anything, Cindy’s harangue actually SPURRED the aliens to DOUBLE, if not TREBLE, their efforts to have their way with Kook men!!

    I’m quite CONVINCED that the alien, whoever she is, reported to her son/niece Frankie and Frankie blew his top, asked her to do MORE alien kidnapping just to p!ss Ole Cindy off!

    Knowing how Cindy treats the aliens in the house, don’t you think she’d AGREE to do that? xD

    #just my theory

    Liked by 1 person

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