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Chapter 2.3

Last chapter Kenneth completed two Midlife Crisis wishes and was abducted by aliens… again. However, the abduction failed to produce a pregnancy. Now let’s get this chapter started!

14 - midlife crisis wish 3Really Kenneth? Did I do THAT bad of a job on your wardrobe?

Kenneth: You’re kidding right? You didn’t even change anything about my adult wardrobe!

True… time for a makeover!! Drum roll please…

Screenshot-22TA-DA! Cut and dyed! A complete new look for Kenneth!

Kenneth: It will do.

Another Midlife Crisis wish completed!

Screenshot-23Dude, you butt is ringing.

Kenneth: I know.

Are you going to answer it?

Kenneth: Nope.

And I wonder why he has no love interests, he doesn’t talk to anyone!

Screenshot-24Ben: Listen Cindy, you have to back off. If you truly love me you will give me the space I need.

Cindy: But my love, I just wanted a hug. 😦

I know she’s mean to the alien children Ben but give the poor woman a break. Either act like her husband or get a wish to divorce her!

Ben: I enjoy her company, just not the touchy-feely! That’s for the young-uns!

Screenshot-25Frankie: I’m going to be moving out soon Mckenna, but just remember you can always come live with me if your grandmother makes your life miserable.

Mckenna: Gramma bad!

Frankie: Yes, grandma is bad!

Stop reinforcing the negative! How will Sims and Aliens ever exist in peace with attitudes like this?

Kenneth: Maybe if they stopped abducting us every other night we would be nicer to them and they wouldn’t think we are nothing but play things!

He has a point…

Screenshot-26Birthday time!

Screenshot-2715 - lee toddler bdayScreenshot-28AWE!!! Little Lee as a toddler is so cute! The aliens did pick a family with good genes, I’ll give them that.

16 - midlife crisis wish 4Another Midlife Crisis wish? Actually, this one isn’t so bad…

17 - job changeKenneth: Can I? Can I? Can I?

Sure! Why not! The athletic skill is still needed for this job. 🙂

Kenneth: Yay! 😀

Screenshot-29Um, what are you doing?

Ben: Who, me?

No! Your son!

Kenneth: Well, the computer broke when I was using it so now I’m fixing it. What does it look like I’m doing?

It looks like a potential death hazard!

Kenneth: You know, even if I do die at this stage, you technically have Frankie as a spare since he’s not an Adult yet and hasn’t moved out.

That’s not the point! Stop endangering yourself!

Frankie: Where you talking to me bro?

Screenshot-31It seems like Frankie is the only one who looks after the children. He even plays with them! No one is teaching skills though… and Kenneth is focused on his LTW… more bad parenting styles brought to you by the Kooks!

Screenshot-32Frankie: Finally! I can age up and get out of this stinking dump!

Hey now! You’re the one who’s always breaking the sink!

Screenshot-3418 - frankie adult bdayScreenshot-35Frankie: Awe yeah, clothes still rock! Time to blow this joint!

Screenshot-36And so, Frankie drives off into the night without so much as a goodbye to even the children.

Screenshot-38And no sooner did he leave, the aliens attacked! They got Ben this time.

19 - frankie relationship 20 - midlife crisis over 21 - frankie relationshipAnd in the span of time that Ben was abducted for, all this happened! Frankie sure moves fast! And the girl is actually pretty cute.

Kenneth: And I feel great about my lot in life!

That’s good, because it’s all going to change soon…. muahahahaha.

Kenneth: What?

Screenshot-40Ben: Why do you keep doing this to me?! Why?!

I need a break from aliens. *Has a brilliant idea* I know just the thing!! 😀

Screenshot-41KENNETH! WAKE UP!

Kenneth: Wha-what?! What’s wrong? Is it Dusty?!

No! You’re going on a trip!

Kenneth: In the middle of the night?

Yup! Get up!

Screenshot-43Kenneth: *on phone* Hi, I’d like to book a trip…

Screenshot-44And so Kenneth heads out at the crack of dawn off on an epic adventure!

Kenneth: This trip better be worth it.

Oh it will. 😉



-10 Dog sitter

-15 Fire

-10 Self urination

-10 Passing out

+30 Birth

+30 Skill Challenge

+15 Honour Roll

+20 Max Skill

+40 Completed LTW


+90 Total Points


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