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Chapter 2.5

on May 19, 2014

I’m back with another update for these crazy Kooks! Last chapter Kenneth went to Shang Simla, China and learned the secrets of Sim-Fu while meeting his true love!

Kenneth: She’s not my true love. I barely even know her!

Hush you! Sun Young is your true love because I say so.

Screenshot-72Kenneth: HA! HI-YA!

“The Master” spends time improving his skills…


Kenneth: Leave me alone while I train! Gah!

Screenshot-74Did you just….?

Kenneth: My face! OW ow owowowowow!!!

*snort, giggle, snort* Bwahahahahaha! So how’s training going? Hahahahaha!

Screenshot-75Kenneth: I have mastered Sim-Fu!

No, no you have not.

Screenshot-76You’re are a yellow belt now my dear.

Kenneth: Why do I have to show off my belts?

Because it let’s me keep track of your progress!

4 - Sun and ShingWhat is this?! Who are you Shing Hong, and why are you brainwashing our Sun Young to like you?! Hurry Kenneth! You must woo Sun Young before it’s too late!

Kenneth: They’re not actually dating, so relax.

5 - Sim-Fu OportunityKenneth got an opportunity! Apparently he must spar with Sima Zhi 2 times to learn more about Sim-Fu from a true master. Of course, we accept. 🙂

Screenshot-77Kenneth: Pitiful foam board, you do not stand a chance against The Master!

Screenshot-78Kenneth: FISTS OF FURY SMASH! HA!

Are you going to name all your moves?

Screenshot-79Kenneth: Oh yah, who’s The Master of the Foam Board!

Let’s see you try and break a space rock. I’ll watch and laugh when you break your hand, ‘kay? 😀

Screenshot-826 - Sun and Kenneth HangoutKenneth: *on phone* Hello? *pause* Hi Sun! Sure, I’ll come over right away! *click* Did you hear? Sun Young wants to hang out with me!

That’s great! But, uh, you stink. So go take a shower before you visit her.

Screenshot-83Kenneth: The Master will triumph in love and battle!

You do know Sim-Fu is more about finding inner peace, dedication, and training, and less about kicking others butts right?

Screenshot-84Kenneth: Ya, ya, whatever. Can I go see Sun now? And I still need to take that shower.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Kenneth has achieved his orange belt! 😀

Screenshot-85Kenneth: Hey Sun, I can call you Sun right? Sorry I’m here so late, I had to shower after training. So yah, uhm. I’m here now!

Sun Young: It’s so late, I’m a little tired…

Smooth Kenneth, very smooth.

Screenshot-86Sun Young: But sure! It’s only midnight, but come on in!

Oh Sim logic.

Screenshot-87And she promptly goes to bed anyway and Kenneth automatically gets kicked out. We’ll try again tomorrow. 🙂

*The next day*

7 - Sun and Shing RelationshipWHAT?!?!?!?! NO! This is not okay!

Screenshot-88Kenneth: *on phone* Hey Sun! It’s Ken! Do you want to hang out today?

8 - No HangoutDAMMIT! Why? Why are none of my plans working?

Kenneth: Maybe I should look for someone else?

No! Sun Young has been chosen by The Watcher to be your legacy wife! *plots madly to get them together*

*Almost 5 sim hours later*

Screenshot-89Sun Young: Hey Ken, I can only hang out for a bit. My boyfriend, Shing, is taking me out for a romantic dinner tonight.

Kenneth: That’s fine, it’s just great to see you and hang out finally!

Screenshot-91Kenneth: By the way, I got these for you, as a token of our friendship.

Screenshot-92Sun Young: They’re lovely! *Inhales deeply* Shing never gives me flowers!

Kenneth: Maybe Shing isn’t the right guy for you then?

9 - Sun and Shing BreakupScore! Now we can get this legacy moving again!

*After a day of spamming romantic iterations*

Screenshot-94Kenneth: I have something to confess.

Sun Young: What is it Ken?

Kenneth: I really, really like you so here goes nothing…

Screenshot-95First kiss is a success!

Screenshot-98Kenneth: So, does this mean we’re dating now, or…?

Screenshot-99Sun Young: You’re lucky you’re so cute!

You’re on a roll Kenneth! Don’t stop there!

Screenshot-100Kenneth: For you my love, I’ll be cute, sexy, strong, handsome, or anything you need.

Screenshot-101Kenneth seems to have a hidden Romantic trait, but they are just so cute together! 😀

Screenshot-102Kenneth: We seem to be destined to be together and this might sound a little crazy…

Screenshot-103Kenneth: But I have been given a task by The Watcher to continue my father’s legacy in all of it’s Kooky glory and…

Screenshot-104Kenneth: The Watcher chose you to be the one to stand by my side on this journey! Will you marry me?

Screenshot-105Sun Young: Oh, of course Kenneth! I am honored The Watcher chose me!

Screenshot-107Kenneth is now engaged to beautiful Sun Young! It will be good to get some culture into this family. 🙂



-10 Dog sitter

-15 Fire

-10 Self urination

-10 Passing out

+30 Birth

+30 Skill Challenge

+15 Honour Roll

+20 Max Skill

+40 Completed LTW


+90 Total Points



6 responses to “Chapter 2.5

  1. Argh, don’t you just hate that? You pick a beautiful spouse, then before you can actually get over to make her the spouse, story progression hooks her up with someone else. So many times.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. […] latest opponent is Sun Young Kim, gen 2 spouse in the Kook BISBI! Cosette autonomously took a photo with her, apparently she knows the significance of this […]

    Liked by 1 person

  3. DarkwingLady says:

    ❤ ❤ ❤

    ❤ ❤ ❤

    ❤ ❤ ❤

    Nuff said.


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