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Chapter 2.6

on May 22, 2014

Welcome back to the Kooks, and guess what? We have a wedding to attend! How are you feeling Kenneth?

Kenneth: Okay, I guess. Wish my parents were here…

Yah, sorry about that buddy. The only downfall of a “Destination Wedding” in China. πŸ˜‰

Screenshot-108At least Sun Young’s family is here! This is her brother’s back. I don’t think I captured his face.

Kenneth: So I was looking at this feather pen for the guests to sign the guest book with but then I couldn’t find a guest book I liked the look of. Wedding planning is so hard.

Sun Young’s Brother who I forget the name of: Right… I thought women mainly did the wedding planning? *Gives Ken a shifty eyed look*

Screenshot-109And this is Sun Young’s brother’s wife, again, I forget her name.

Kenneth: Wow, good looks sure do run in this family!

Brother’s wife: Um, I’m married into the family, but thanks! You’re not bad looking yourself!

They honestly heart farted each other moments before the wedding. Sims! *Face palm*

Screenshot-110And here is the beautiful wedding venue I set up in the base camp! Yes I used a cheat to edit the lot, but no, I did not use money cheats. The Kooks happen to be a bit rich right now so I splurged. πŸ˜€

Let the wedding begin!

Screenshot-111Kenneth: My darling Sun Young, will you take me to be your lawfully wedded husband?

Sun Young: Don’t we say vows first?

Kenneth: Did you prepare any?

Sun Young: No, did you?

Kenneth: Nope.

Oh boy, we’re off to a great start! How about you just each say “I promise to love you, and cherish you, and be with you through better or for worse, till death do us part”. I think that’s how it goes…

Screenshot-112Sun Young: Kenneth, I love you and promise to be by your side on your journey to continue your father’s legacy… oh, I think the ring is stuck.

Kenneth: You’re putting it on the wrong finger, it’s goes on the ring finger, not the middle.

Look closely at the picture, she’s totally putting it on the wrong finger. πŸ˜›

Screenshot-113Kenneth: One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkens bind them – no wait, that’s from a movie.

Sun Young: You’re so funny!

Good going Kenneth. I hope Sun Young knows she’s marrying into an insane family. She seems pretty happy though.

Screenshot-114The kiss to seal the deal! With only two guests in attendance to witness this happy couple tie the knot. Apparently it’s still an awesome party to Sun Young’s brother though.

Screenshot-115Okay you love birds, you have one day left of your vacation! Are you going to go on romantic moonlit walks and have picnics in the Scholar’s Garden?

Screenshot-118Really? You can treat this as your honeymoon you know! Why are you acting like an old couple? Like, come on! Kenneth, show your blushing bride a good time!

Screenshot-119Kenneth: So, what do you say we head upstairs and get started on our wedding night?

Sun Young: You must have read my mind baby, that book had some ideas I want to try.

Whoa! T.M.I.! T.M.I.!

Screenshot-122Awe, they both get the “Good Clean Fun” moodlet! Too bad pregnancies can’t occur on “vacation”.

Screenshot-126The next day, Kenneth makes a few purchases from the local shops to remember his trip to China since it is unlikely he will ever return.

Screenshot-127Remember that opportunity Kenneth got about learning from a Sim Fu master? Say hello to Sima Zhi, Sim Fu Master.

Screenshot-128Let the sparing match begin!

Screenshot-129Screenshot-131Screenshot-133Screenshot-134Screenshot-135Unfortunately, Kenneth lost since he got kicked in the face. The opportunity said to spar twice, I think he may have won the second time.

Screenshot-136Kenneth: I am now the true Master!

Sima Zhi: Um, actually, I’m still a master of Sim Fu… so yah…

Screenshot-138Gosh Kenneth, show us your belt!

Kenneth: But it’s boring. It should have flames on it because I’m a Master.

You are not a master yet! However, flames would be cool… I’ll see what I can do… later… if I remember. πŸ˜€

Screenshot-139Kenneth: Hey, so, I sparred with Master Sima.

Opportunity Lady: Great! I have another task for you…

11 - Sim-Fu OportunityWe have the time so may as well! OFF TO THE SCHOLAR’S GARDEN!

Screenshot-141Screenshot-142Hey, you don’t look half bad. I’m inclined to think you actually know what you’re doing! πŸ™‚

Kenneth: I must focus on my training and calm the stirring emotions within me.

Screenshot-143While Kenneth levels his Martial Arts Skill to level 5, Sun Young decides to work on her logic skill. She already has a couple of points. πŸ™‚

Screenshot-144After reaching level 5, Kenneth meditates on the bridge until the sun goes down and he stinks like rotten fish.

Kenneth: Hey! I do not!

Have you smelled yourself? Your new wife was making faces. Go take a shower man!

Screenshot-145Kenneth: I did it! I reached enlightenment! Well, actually I meditated for a few hours like you asked. Not much happened.

Opportunity Lady: That’s good! You are on your way to becomingΒ  master! I have one more task for you…

12 - Sim-Fu Oportunity Did you really have a vision Kenneth?

Kenneth: No, I um, sorta made it up. He he.

Oh well. Take a quick beauty nap then it’s off to find the writings of Qin Shan Hu!

Screenshot-146No, no, no, no, no! You are with us for less than a day and you are already costing us points Sun Young! (-5 points)

Screenshot-147After a quick beauty rest, Kenneth goes hunting for the writings of Qin Shan Hu. A regular chip off the ol’ block! Anyone remember Ben’s adventuring days? πŸ˜€

Screenshot-149And he found them! Go hand them in, we’re almost out of time!

Screenshot-150What are you doing?!?!

Kenneth: I am Fire Lord Kenneth! Bow before me, the greatest Fire Bender of all time! I will defeat you Avatar!

Get out of the flames! What is with you Kooks and your need to put your life in danger when I look away!

Screenshot-151Kenneth: I found the writings. Sorry they got a bit burnt.

Opportunity Lady: I must study these right away! Oh the teachings they are sure to hold!

13 - Sim-Fu Oportunity CompleteAnd that concludes our adventure in China! Oh yah, and for some reason when Kenneth and Sun Young married their last names hyphenated. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’ll probably change it back.



-10 Dog sitter

-15 Fire

-10 Self urination

-15 Passing out

+30 Birth

+30 Skill Challenge

+15 Honour Roll

+20 Max Skill

+40 Completed LTW


+85 Total Points

4 responses to “Chapter 2.6

  1. LOL, Kim-Kook! That’s hilarious. Though I agree, I’m not much a fan of hyphenated names. Stick with Kook.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. DarkwingLady says:

    What…?! But hyphenated surnames only happen when old-family Orientals marry…!

    IF there is a hyphenated name, that’s just for the wife!

    Argh let me check again with Miss Manners and Emily Post…. Will let you know soon~

    Liked by 1 person

    • My game will randomly select between husband, wife, or hyphenated surnames when sims marry. I decided to keep their last name just “Kook” though. πŸ™‚


    • DarkwingLady says:

      Emily Post says:
      “A married woman’s name usually consists of her given name, her maiden name, and her husband’s (sur)name. …Betsy Hancock-Smith, who married Bob Morgan, becomes Betsy Morgan, or if she chooses to merge her name with her husband’s, Betsy Smith-Morgan….”

      Miss Manners says:
      “Miss Manners would not even PRESUME to call any of the combinations of maiden, married, or hyphenated names one now sees as “incorrect”. However, if you ask what staid, fastidious, super-proper ladies have traditionally preferred, it is to “change” the surname. In other words, one retains one’s first and middle names, and changes the surname of the father for that of the husband.”

      Liked by 1 person

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