Insanity Family

The Kook Family Backwards ISBI!

Chapter 2.17

Welcome back to Insanity Family! It’s been a little while, so to recap the family moved to Aurora Skies and now have a wonderfully big house to live in! Let’s see how they like their new home.

Screenshot-79So, what do you think of the new place guys?

Kenneth: I see some old family photos made it up on the wall. How could you let me look so dorky back then?

You didn’t look dorky! Ok well in that picture you do since it’s fall and you were in a snow suit, but that’s your own fault!

Ben: For what it’s worth son, I think you still look dorky.

Kenneth: Wow, thanks dad!

Screenshot-81Ben: It’s a masterpiece! I am a legend in the art community!

My personal favourite is the dog getting coffee behind you. XD

Ben: That one is alright. But this one! My self portrait is magnificent!

That’s you?! o.O

Ben: Yes, why do you sound so shocked?

Oh, no reason…

Screenshot-82Who- what- how- ??? HUH?!? I got rid of those things!!! Grrrrrr…

Screenshot-83Since everything is brand new Kenneth gets the pleasure of upgrading everything again!

Kenneth: Can’t someone help me? There are 3 full bathrooms and a kitchen to upgrade. Not to mention the TV and fireplace if you want to get all fancy. PLUS I’m not even close to finishing my LTW!

If you can find a way to get Ben off his lazy but and do some upgrading then by all means do so. As for me, I can’t make him do anything.

Screenshot-84Oh look. Someone is setting booby traps. I wonder who it could be…

22 - kim in trouble 23 - mischief makerKim! I expected better from you young lady! I guess teens will be teens though.

Screenshot-86Mckenna: Ha! Take that!

Lee: Stop it! My controller isn’t working!

Mckenna: No, you just suck.

Awe, sibling bonding.

Screenshot-89We’ve got visitors! The sim with the long blonde hair is a dude FYI. And I think Chris is asking for a bedtime story…

Screenshot-90Ryan: Servant! Bring me my supper!

Da King is in da house! I’m glad they can entertain themselves since I didn’t give them any toys what-so-ever.

Screenshot-91Think ya got enough toothpaste there Kim? She’s so cute.

Screenshot-93You’d think a wrench would be better suited to upgrading a toilet.

Kenneth: Well excuse me. Would YOU like to do this then?

…Uh, no.

Kenneth: Well then let me work!

Screenshot-95Ben: Now how does this work… I just press here and… I’M A NERD!

Great, Ben has found the joy that is video games.

Screenshot-98Chess on the computer is cool and all…

Screenshot-99So remind me again why I bought an actual chess table for you guys? Sadly it sits unused.

Screenshot-100Sun Young: Oh, that looks like such a cute game! Can I try?

Ben: No! Mine!

Be nice Ben! Gosh, he sounds like me and my games. XD

Lee: I brush my teeth for a nice healthy smile. 😀

Sun Young: That’s nice dear… (person person plus)

Screenshot-102The Kooks have a barbeque! Prepare for delicious gourmet grilled meats!

Screenshot-104So Kenneth, you’ve got a nice big house full of life and family, a new town to explore, and your kids are almost all grown up! Time flies, eh?

Kenneth: It really does. It’s peaceful here, a great place to spend my final days.

O.O No! You still have a lot of days left so don’t even talk about that! Gawd, you don’t even have an eligible heir until the kids are Young Adults so don’t you go thinking about passing away yet!

Screenshot-105 Screenshot-107The nightly routine of bedtime stories continues. I’ll be so happy once the twins age up.

Screenshot-112Now what are you up to?

Screenshot-113Lee: I should take up boxing. Yah, then I’ll be super cool!

Screenshot-114Mckenna: RAWR!

Lee: I’d be so buff and strong… boxing is sweet.

Screenshot-115Mckenna: Hey Lee! I heard you had a girlfriend!

Lee: EEP! Wha-! Where did you hear that?!


Screenshot-117Lee: You’re mean Mckenna, I though maybe you actually knew someone who liked me. (person person minus)

Mckenna: You are such a dork. Here’s a bright idea, don’t be such a dork and you might find a girl someday. (person person minus)

Screenshot-118In the dead of the night a wild Cindy appears! Go, Pikachu!

Screenshot-120Mckenna: Maybe grandpa wont be using the TV. Why do ghosts even need the internet anyway?

Cindy: Let’s see… who else is buried in this town… Oh! He seems like an interesting fella!

Screenshot-121Awe! Dusty is being cute and creepy at the same time! For some reason he sleeps with his eyes open ALL THE TIME. He must be keeping an eye on the fireplace and making sure the family doesn’t burn in their sleep.

Screenshot-122First day of school in the new town! At least they aren’t wearing snow suits.

Now should be a good time to introduce the Simselves I have running around Aurora Skies.

ScreenshotThis is Michelle Lynne, my Simself! I’m Friendly and Family-Oriented, but I can be a little Shy at times. I’m also a Natural Cook and a bit of a Couch Potato. I enjoy Country music, I love Tri-Tip Steak, and my favourite colour is Irish Green. I’m also an Aquarius.

Screenshot-4This is Ami Simself, the Simself of Earthqueenami (writer of the Kanto Legacy). Ami is a Genius but a bit of a Loner. She’s a Hopeless Romantic and a Cat Person at heart but can also be a little Clumsy. She enjoys Dark Wave music, she loves Mac and Cheese, and her favourite colour is Purple. She’s also a Scorpio.

Screenshot-3This is Tasha Sim, the Simself of Frozenorangejuic (writer of Love is a Riddle among other legacies). Tasha is a Night Owl who Hates the Outdoors and is a Heavy Sleeper. She can be Childish at times but she’s a total Bookworm. She also enjoys Dark Wave music, loves Spaghetti, and like me her favourite colour is Irish Green. Tasha’s zodiac sign is Pisces.

Screenshot-6This is Sean Parodi, the Simself of Cyazurai (writer of What Are You Even Doing?). Sean is Family-Oriented but a bit of a Loner. And even though she’s Clumsy and a Coward, at heart she’s a Hopeless Romantic. She listens to Country music, loves Key Lime Pie, and her favourite colour is Turquoise. Sean is also a Pisces.

Screenshot-8This is Sam  Winterwolf, the Simself of Gryffindork7 (writer of The Dysfunkshinul Legacy) and she hold the honour of being the only supernatural Simself in my game so far! Sam is Artistic and a Perfectionist but she can be a bit Neurotic. She’s a total Cat Person and can also be a little Socially Awkward. Sam enjoys Country music, loves Cookies, and her favourite colour is Purple. Like me, Sam is a fellow Aquarius.

Time to see what our Simselves get up to!

24 - simself michelle new jobMy Simself decided to get a job as a Professional Diver… not my first career choice but I can deal. I wonder how well the diving self employment is around Aurora Skies, or anywhere that isn’t Isla Paradiso for that matter.

25 - simself ami new jobNext up is Ami who decided on a career as a Private Investigator! At least she’s guaranteed to make some money every week, and apparently she got a spiffy new coat. 😀

26 - simself tasha new jobTasha decided to be on the other side of the law in this town. XD

27 - simself sean new jobAnd Sean became her partner in crime! I’m excited to see how this plays out.

28 - simself sam new jobAnd last but not least, Sam is now a Professional Photographer! Will she catch the crime duo on camera for P.I. Ami? Bwahahahaha!

29 - simself tasha datingAnd here’s one last update for the end of the chapter, Tasha is the first Simself to have a romantic interest! I’d be interested in hearing the story of how they met seeing as how he’s a ghost and all.

Well that’s it for this chapter! If you want to see your Simself in Insanity Family just leave me a comment below with a link! See you again soon for more kooky shenanigans!



-10 Dog sitter (2)
-20 Fire (4)
-65 Self urination (13)
-110 Passing out (22)
+35 Birth (7)
+10 Twin Birth (1)
+30 Skill Challenge (6)
+15 Honour Roll (3)
+20 Max Skill (2)
+40 Completed LTW (1)
-55 Total Points


Chapter 2.16

Hey look! It’s another chapter of the Kooks! And guess what’s finally happening?

21 - moving dayThat’s right, it’s time to move! Pack your bags, it’s off to Aurora Skies.

Screenshot-46Kenneth: *on phone* Hi, I’d like a taxi to the edge of town please. *pause* No, one should be fine. *pause* Great! Thanks!

You sure one taxi will do it?

Kenneth: Of course! We’re just going to the edge of town. Strap dad to the roof, put the twins in the trunk…

Horrible parent of the year award goes to…

Screenshot-49And so the family piles into one taxi and says goodbye to their old home.

*Allow for sufficient moving time to pass*

Screenshot-50Welcome to Aurora Skies gang! This is their new house. It’s a pre-made house in Aurora Skies because I was too lazy to build a new one but there is no furniture so I did have to decorate.

Screenshot-51Are you ready for the tour?

Kenneth: I’m ready!

Then let’s get to it!

Screenshot-52Upon entering the house via the front door you are welcomed into a spacious hall featuring a grand staircase leading to the second floor.

Screenshot-53To the left of the hall staircase are three doors. Let’s open door number one!

Screenshot-55Door number one reveals a cozy living room. In here the family can relax while watching TV or playing video games and chilling with the cat.

Screenshot-56Door number two is a bathroom/laundry room combination. I didn’t feel like changing walls to accommodate a separate laundry room.

Screenshot-57Behind door number three we see the main bedroom. This is where Kenneth and Sun Young will be sleeping. It’s a spacious room and can accommodate any type of furnishing so it might change once a new TH takes over. We’ll see.

Screenshot-58Moving around behind the central staircase there is a door leading out to the backyard. The family also set up a little memorial table for Cindy and her remains.

Screenshot-59It’s a nice little memorial table with some plants and a couple old family pictures. Eventually a little graveyard will be built on the family property once there are more graves. And yes Cindy will be in a puddle.

Screenshot-61To the right of the central staircase, from the front of the house, there are two more doors.

Screenshot-60The open archway leads to a spacious kitchen and dinning room. A great place for family meals and entertaining guests.

Screenshot-62Behind the closed door is another relaxing sitting room complete with a fireplace. Here the family can curl up with a good book on cold winter nights in front of the warm fire and hang out with the dog.

Screenshot-63Going upstairs, we have more hall space. To the left are *gasp* three more doors!

Screenshot-64Door number one leads to the twins’ bedroom. When the next TH takes over it will eventually become the nursery since it’s one of the bigger bedrooms of the house and will hold a few cribs nicely. (No spoilers here, nope! None whatsoever!)

Screenshot-65Another bathroom is behind door number two. You can never have too many bathrooms in an ISBI.

Screenshot-66A spacious study is behind the third door, complete with a chess table since everyone in the family wished for one. A living room, a sitting room, and a study. Think there are enough places for the family to relax?

Screenshot-68To the right of the staircase there are two more doors and then that’s it for doors, I promise!

Screenshot-69Another lovely bedroom, this one is Ben’s for now. Once the new TH takes over this will become the main bedroom for the TH and their spouse.

Screenshot-70And here’s the last bedroom! For now it belongs to Kim but eventually it will be Kenneth’s room along with Sun Young (and Ben depending on how long he’ll continue to live, he’s getting pretty ancient now.) Also, I lied, there’s one more door.

Screenshot-71This is the only bathroom connected to a bedroom. I figured it would be best for the old folks once the family does a bedroom swap when the next TH takes over. Mckenna and Lee don’t get bedrooms because they don’t need beds. Once they aged up to teen their energy bar was replaced with brain power which they can recharge anywhere. So it saves on space and money to just not have separate beds for them.

Screenshot-72The backyard is the last place we’ll explore! We have a nice barbeque and a little eating area for family gatherings in the summer.

Screenshot-73As Kenneth has yet to complete his LTW a little training area is outside as well. He will train day and night, rain or shine!

Kenneth: No I wont! I have a family to look after.

They can look after themselves. You need to complete your LTW! Don’t you want your dreams to come true?

Kenneth: Well that would involve not having your voice in my head ever again so…

:O Rude!

Screenshot-74Let’s finish up the tour and ignoring Kenneth’s rudeness. Again, almost the entire family wished for a telescope as well so I gave in to their demands. See how nice I am Kenneth!

Kenneth: Fiiiiine! I’m sorry, alright? I guess I’m am glad you set up my martial arts stuff.

See, I only have the family’s best interests at heart.

Screenshot-75And one last peaceful scene. A cozy fire-pit looking out over the mountain range. The backyard is pretty big so I’m tempted to include a pool later as well. However, at this point the family was pretty low on funds and since they’re all lazy bums and don’t work they had to keep some money aside for bills.

Screenshot-76 Screenshot-77 Screenshot-78Let’s end the tour with some Ben’s old drawings that I found while clearing out inventories! Ben drew these while attending Sims University all those sim days ago. They are hanging on display in the twins room for now.

Hope you enjoyed the new house! It was a bit of a short chapter but I wanted to get the house introduction out of the way. Now it’s time to start preparing for the next TH! Don’t forget to vote here!



-10 Dog sitter (2)
-20 Fire (4)
-65 Self urination (13)
-110 Passing out (22)
+35 Birth (7)
+10 Twin Birth (1)
+30 Skill Challenge (6)
+15 Honour Roll (3)
+20 Max Skill (2)
+40 Completed LTW (1)
-55 Total Points


Happy Anniversary!

It’s the anniversary of Insanity Family! (Technically it was yesterday but ya know, close enough. 😉 ) So here’s a little story/family history for some fun. Enjoy! 🙂

Ben and CindyIt all started on July 31, with a kooky old guy falling for his university sweetheart. Even though he didn’t think he would be around long, he found a way to live long enough to watch her age beautifully and have a full life.

Kenneth Anakin FrankieThe two of them had two handsome sons together and they were happy with life. Until one night, long ago, the kooky old man spun a tale of alien abduction. Only it wasn’t a tall tale and he got a third son, an alien.

Mckenna Hannah LeeAs his sons grew, the alien visits became more common. His first son gave birth to a lovely alien girl. After a while his second son gave birth to another alien girl and she was special because she had beautiful chocolate brown skin. Even the kooky old man himself had another alien son.

Kenneth Adult and Sun Young YASoon,his first three wonderful children grew up into fine men. It was time to choose an heir to his kooky legacy and his second son took up the torch. He met his beautiful wife during a trip to China and it was love at first sight.

Kenneth and KimKim and Sun YoungTogether they had a beautiful daughter with strange blonde hair, but they loved her for it.

Sun Young Kenneth Ryan ChrisNot long after, they were blessed with twin boys. At this point there were five children living in the main house and life was pretty hectic but they managed.

Screenshot-59Then the kooky old man’s loving wife passed away. The entire family took her passing very hard and they couldn’t function properly for days. But as time moved on, their grief eased into acceptance and life went on for this kooky family.

Kenneth Elder and Sun Young AdultNow the second son is a kooky old man himself, but he doesn’t mind. His beautiful wife and wonderful children are by his side and life is good.

Sun Young Ben KennethEven though his father is ancient, he’s still a very active member of the family and loves all his children and grandchildren. He even hopes to meet his great-grandchildren someday, if his old buddy, Grimm, will allow it.

Lee Mckenna Kim TeensThe kids are aging up and it will soon be time to choose a new heir and pass along the torch.

Ryan and Chris ChildrenWhere will this kooky family be in another year? Only time will tell!

Thank you to all my readers for all the support and encouragement over the past year! I think of you all as I write this kooky legacy, and without you it wouldn’t have come as far as it has! I hope you all continue to enjoy reading about the Kooks as much as I enjoy playing the family. Thank you everyone! 😀


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