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The Kook Family Backwards ISBI!

Chapter 2.18

So, who’s asking the question: who are the Kooks again? Remember that kooky family, founded by that crazy old man, that just moved to Aurora Skies? Well, they’re finally back! Let’s jump right into the chaos!

ScreenshotAs usual, Ben is being weird, sitting alone in a bathroom contemplating the meaning of life… or something.

Ben: Actually, I forgot what I was doing. I thought sitting down might help.

Poor Ben, he’s finally loosing it in his ancientness.

Screenshot-3Sun Young is breaking things like usual. Poor Kenneth spends his days fixing everything now.

Screenshot-4Sun Young: Well hello handsome! You. Me. Together. How does that sound?

Ben: Oh yah, I can still catch the ladies. πŸ˜€

Lee: Tots uncool, sista. (person minus minus)

I agree with Lee! What the hell are you doing Sun?!

Screenshot-5Sun Young: I totally wanna hold your hand.

Ok! Just stop! I am SO glad Kenneth wandered off somewhere and isn’t around right now. Shame on you two!

Lee: All my morals are being tested right now.

Walk away Lee! Save yourself from this madness!

Screenshot-6Kim: I love this new house! I have so many plans for it when I’m head of the family!

Lee: Too bad your mother is a home-wreaker.

Kim: What was that? I too busy daydreaming of paint colours.

(Side note: If you didn’t already guess Kim is heir! But shhh! You didn’t hear it from me. πŸ˜‰ )

Screenshot-7 Screenshot-8 Screenshot-9I thought this was so cute how Ben tucked him in and gave him a goodnight kiss! Also, doesn’t it bother anyone that Ben walks around half-naked all the time? For some reason he just LOVES his swimwear…

Screenshot-10Hiya Kenneth! GladΒ  I finally found you!

Kenneth: I swear, once I find out who’s breaking the toilets all the time I’m kicking them out of the house!

Riiiight… no you’re not.

Screenshot-11Dear Watcher, child! Take a bath once in a while!

Ben: So you see, Chris. That’s how you get the shower to make hot water to bath in, but not so hot to burn you!

Chris: Gee Gramps! That’s mighty helpful!

Yah, I have no clue either. Moving on.

Screenshot-13Lee: *gasp* A girl actually messaged me back! Think Lee, think! Say something cool! <Yo, do you like spaceships? We could totally take a ride on mine!>

Wow, Lee. Just wow.

Lee: Awe, she blocked me. 😦

I wonder why! :/

Screenshot-14Dusty is being creepy again and sleeping with his eyes open. Also, the only other purpose of this picture is to confirm Dusty is still alive. I wonder who will go first, Ben or Dusty. Is that wrong of me to wonder?!

Screenshot-15THE ALIENS HAVE FOUND US! We’re doooooooooomed! Actually, funny fact, there have been no alien abductions since Cindy passed away. Interesting.

Screenshot-16I see you peeping in our windows! Keep moving creeper!

Screenshot-18She made her way to the back of the house to scan a bush and the Gnome-puppy, then she promptly left. Alrighty then.

Screenshot-20Ryan: So, are you ever going to shower again?

Chris: Nope.

Ryan: We’re no longer twins.

I love how Ryan looks like a neat freak and Chris looks like a slob! Bahahaha.

Screenshot-23Kim: Gosh mother, put some clothes on. You’re supposed to be the sane one around here.

Sun Young: I fear the insanity has rubbed off on me.

Dusty: Hey, does someone want to make me some food? No? D:

Screenshot-24Poor Kenneth, the forever maid of the household. Until Kim takes over at least!

Kenneth: That day can’t come soon enough!

It can wait until you’re done your lifetime wish! Get working out! The laundry can clean itself up! (I wish)

Screenshot-25Dusty: I get all the ladies, just like Master Ben!

Yes, everyone loves you Dusty! Man, he’s looking so old!

Screenshot-26So I got some sort of pop-up about Ryan, don’t ask me what it said, all I read was ‘Ryan Kook’. Anyway, I went looking for him and guess what. He’s at school, but he decided that chilling on a bench on the school property was a way better use of his time than attending class. *facepalm*

Screenshot-27So what were you saying about kicking out the one who breaks toilets?

Kenneth: Gah! I HATE MY LIFE!

Calm down! It’s just a toilet! Go workout or something.

Screenshot-28After school Lee wandered off to a random park and started chatting with someone on a non-rendering cell phone. Is anyone else creeped out by the billboard behind him?

Screenshot-29Chris went over to a ‘friends’ house but when he arrived there were no children to be found! Just these two creepy guys who I swear had bad intentions! Stop looking at Chris like that you creep! What is wrong with my game?!

2 - Chris is inappropriateOh! Chris is behaving inappropriately?! I believe YOU sir are the inappropriate one, leering at a child. Seriously, my game is full of creeps. -.-

Screenshot-30Honestly, how do you all keep breaking the toilets?! First upgrade of the new generation: better plumbing.

Screenshot-31Since Kim will probably wear something dumb to prom here’s her formal wear. Personally I love the colour on her!

Screenshot-32Kenneth went to the local gym since he was getting stir crazy. They also don’t have exercise machines at the house anymore since there were no rooms left over for a home gym.

Screenshot-33And look who we saw at the gym! Hi Tasha!

Time for a SimSelf update!

1 - simself tasha dating emilTasha decided to go steady with ghost-boy Emil! (Silently prays for ghost babies.)

3 - simself michelle new flirtMy SimSelf is second to get a love interest! And he even looks kinda cute.

5 - simself sam gets a catSam decides to get a cat named Nova. Apparently Nova doesn’t like to render properly. I’ve been having a problem with that lately.

7 - simself michelle really likes stefanAnd my SimSelf REALLY sees something in this Stefan guy! For some reason I’m not getting very many updates about the SimSelves. Hopefully as I play more they’ll get up to more mischief. πŸ™‚

Screenshot-34Ryan & Chris: Can we have a bedtime story?

Kim: Wait, which one of you spoke first? I can only read one at a time! Ryan, go get a book. Chris, don’t pout so much, your face will freeze like that.

Gee, nice sister. πŸ˜›

Screenshot-35Mckenna: I’m so excited! *evil laughing and cheering*

Kenneth: Can a man read in peace for once?!

Screenshot-36 Screenshot-37It’s Mckenna’s YA birthday! Go birthday sparkles!

8 - Mckenna age upOh great, she’s a cat person now. I bet she’ll have a cat by next chapter. πŸ˜›

Screenshot-38Oh honey, we need to fix your wardrobe. I’ll see to that in a minute.

9 - Mckenna LTWThis is PERFECT! Who better to be the Emperor of Evil than an Evil Cat Person?! Mckenna will have a ninja cat army in no time! XD

Screenshot-46Here she is in all her evil, cat loving glory! I really like her skin tone and hair colour combo. Oh well, we’ll creep on her sometimes and see what she gets up to. But first…

TWIN BIRTHDAY SPAM!! …aaaaand go!

Screenshot-39 Screenshot-40 Screenshot-41 Screenshot-42 Screenshot-43 Screenshot-4410 - Chris age upChris gets Equestrian to go with Insane, Brave, and Disciplined. At least it’s a little different than Kenneth’s traits now.

11 - Ryan age upRyan gets Disciplined to go with Insane, Easily Impressed, and Photographer’s Eye. Those are some oddly paired traits.

Screenshot-48HOLY FREAKING NOSE, BATMAN!! I have no clue where that honker came from. Thank you readers for not choosing Chris as heir! Whew! That would take generations to breed out. XD

Screenshot-49Again with the huge nose! But Ryan also got some unfortunate eyebrow genes. I spent 10 minutes testing out eyebrows and this was the best I could do. They’re kind of at a weird angle so nothing really looks right. Again, thank you readers for not choosing Ryan as heir either! Maybe Chris and Ryan are just in an awkward teenage stage and will grow into their looks a bit more as adults.

Screenshot-50Mckenna: Hey! I’m getting kick out now that I’m a Young Adult! Wanna give me a ride?

Screenshot-51And so Mckenna flees from the family home, never to return!

Thanks for reading! See you next time for more kookiness!


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