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Chapter 2.19

Hello everyone and welcome to the next chapter! It has been quite a while since my last post, but worry not, the end of Generation Two is almost here! Let’s see what the family gets up to this chapter.


Nothing like a nice family breakfast to start the day. I’m actually impressed they’re all eating at the same time.


:O Whaaaat? Sun Young eats with chopsticks!! Has anyone else seen this before?


Since it’s the last day of summer the family headed over to the summer festival for some fun.


Oh yah, lots of fun happening right here.

Kenneth: Now kids remember, stay in the shade so you don’t get sun burns, apply lots of sun screen, and don’t talk to strangers! Now have fun!


Water balloon fights are a great way to cool off in the summer heat.


BEN! How many times do I have to tell you to NOT wear your snow suit in the middle of summer!?

Ben: At least once more, like always. 🙂

If you catch fire and die I no longer care.

Ben: Why don’t you love me anymore? D:


Lee: Oh yah! Hotdog eating contest! I am SO going to rock this!

Sun Young: You’re going down!

Let the contest begin!


The contestants are off to a great start! Both are shoving down hotdogs like pros!


Sun Young chokes first and Lee takes the lead!


Oh no! Lee choked losing the lead. Can Sun beat him?


This contest is almost over folks, but both of the contestants are choking! Who will pull ahead?


It looks like Lee is our winner today! Better luck next time Sun!


This family is getting pretty good at this. Hardly anyone falls. Let’s check out what’s happening with the rest of the family and our simselves!

12 - Mckenna gets a cat

I CALLED THAT!! McKenna has started her ninja cat army!

13 - Mckenna gets a job

McKenna is also now employed in the criminal career. She may yet become the Empress of Evil!

14 - simself michelle with stefan

My simself seems to be very taken with this Stefan guy…

15 - simself sean skilling

Hi Sean! Another simself hits the gym.

16 - simself michelle preggers

Huh, well, that was fast. First simself pregnancy!

17 - simself michelle being lovey-dovey

More lovey-dove pop-ups. What is so special about this guy?

18 - simself michelle gets married

At least he’s made an honest woman out of my simself. I took a moment to go check out this guy that my simself is infatuated with.


To my surprise Stefan is strikingly similar in looks to my bf IRL, just cut the hair and add glasses. And yes my bf sometimes wears ripped clothes, he works in construction so sometimes rips happen. 😛


Let’s get back to the Kooks. We have another hotdog eating contest underway! This time Plumber-Lady joins Chris and Kim to win this contest.


And they’re off! Who will choke first?


Plumber-Lady is first to choke! Can she recover or will one of the Kook kids take the lead?


Kim chokes next! Will this cost her the lead?


Oh no! Chris chokes too! This is a close competition now!


Chris manages to take the lead again and finishes first! Sorry ladies, Chris is our winner this time!


Ben: Son, I’m tired, take me home.

Kenneth: I’m pretty sure that you can make it home on your own if you really tried.

Sorry Kenneth, Ben is right, it’s time to take the family home since everyone is getting into the yellow.


NOOO! And we were doing so well. (-5 points)


Awe, Lee can be so awesome sometimes! And I’m sure Dusty loves the attention.

Screenshot-79 Screenshot-82

Kenneth! Why are you going around yelling at everyone!?

Kenneth: …

Fine then, be all weird. See if I care if you have bad relationships with the rest of your family.


So Kim brought home a guy from school. Don’t ask about his name, it apparently wasn’t important enough to make note of. As good looking as his is I have a feeling he wont be a potential spouse.


Dusty: Too much homework! I can’t go down the hall!

There is tons of room for you to walk! Stupid route fails.


Hi Cindy! How’s the afterlife treating you?



No, you still have a few levels to go yet. Nice outfit though. 😉


Sun Young: You know what Kim? I am SICK of your attitude! I doubt you even have a brain!


Kim: Oh really mom? Are you sure I’m the one without a brain?


Kim: Maybe I’m sick of YOUR attitude! Yah! How’s that for not having a brain?!

Sun Young: Whoa! Chill out!

Why are most of the members of the family fighting? Stop fighting guys! How about some updates while the family cools their heads.

19 - simself michelle moves in with stefan

My simself is now living with her new husband! D’awe, aren’t they cute.

20 - simself tasha more skilling

Tasha is still working hard at the gym! I don’t know where that hair came from, it looks wrong to me…

21 - simself tasha still skilling

I swear, this is all she does all day besides work.

22 - simself sean promotion

Sean got a promotion! I wonder how she likes working with McKenna?

23 - simself tasha promotion

Tasha is also promoted! Another co-worker of McKenna, I hope they all get along.


Time to celebrate a birthday!


Poor Lee, I don’t think anyone noticed…

24 - Lee age up

Frugal isn’t the worst trait he could get. It may actually be useful.

25 - Lee LTW

Considering his other choices I think this will be best. It’s one he can achieve on his own at least.


And here he is post-makeover! Honestly I really didn’t do much.


Good bye Lee! Good luck out there!

Screenshot-109 (4)

So Ben, all of your children, except for the heir to this legacy, are finally gone from this house. How does it feel?

Ben: Can’t talk! Must. Defeat. BOSS!

Great chat Ben. See you next time!



-10 Dog sitter (2)
-20 Fire (4)
-65 Self urination (13)
-115 Passing out (23)
+35 Birth (7)
+10 Twin Birth (1)
+30 Skill Challenge (6)
+15 Honour Roll (3)
+20 Max Skill (2)
+40 Completed LTW (1)
-60 Total Points


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