Insanity Family

The Kook Family Backwards ISBI!

Chapter 3.3

Yippie! Another chapter for the Kooks! Let’s see what madness we endure this time.


I knew it!

Ben: What?!

You ARE trying to live longer!

Ben: You see nothing…


Hey Kim, I have some, uh, bad news.

Kim: *sleepy voice* hmm? What?

Well, you see, you’re not allowed to have a man-servant. (Please don’t kill me)


Kim: *hyperventilating*



Kim: *deep, slow breaths* Okay, I’m fine, I’m okay.

I’m sorry… *backs away slowly*


You know I can still see you Cindy.

Cindy: Not for long! *Vanishes through the wall*



Chris: Heck ya! When did we get a new dog?

Dusty: It’s me numbskull!


Ben: I drew an invisible picture of you! 😀


Sun Young: You are a horrible artist! That doesn’t look like me AT ALL!


Sun Young: Why don’t you try again? I can try a different pose. *wink wink*

Ben: I have to pee.

*facepalm* What is WITH you two?!


Ben: LEAVE ME ALONE! I said I have to pee!

Sun Young: What’s wrong darling? I though you wanted to sketch me?!

Take a hint Sun! It’s time to leave you father-in-law alone!


Are you sure you want to wait a bit to have kids?

Kim: Even if I did want kids right now, which I don’t, who would I have them with? Myself?

*thinks for a moment* That could be arranged via cloning… but I don’t think they would be an eligible heir…

Kim: Now who’s the crazy one! I am NOT cloning myself!

There goes that idea.


Sun Young: Darling, I don’t understand. What do you mean you don’t want to see me anymore?

Ben: Why are you still talking to me? Begone!

Yay! Good for you for rejecting her advances!

Ben: I’m too old for this.

No kidding! And not to mention she is your SON’S WIFE!


Here we go again. I swear Sun Young follows Ben around all day.

Kim: Yup, totally minding my own business. Nothing to see, my mother isn’t a home-wrecker at all!

My heart goes out to you Kim, it really does.

Kim: It’s okay, there’s a hidden camera over there. Perfect blackmail material.


Kim: Did I say blackmail? I meant evidence for the divorce preceding. She wont get a cent!

Uhm… there is no divorce…

Kim: Oh…



Hi Kenneth! Long time no see!

Kenneth: A little busy here spending some quality time with my wife!

(Poor Kenneth doesn’t have a clue what’s going on.)


3 - ben story

You totally stole that from Pirates of the Caribbean!

Ben: I did not! They stole it from me! It’s a Ben Kook classic.

Sure it is.


Sun Young: That’s the worst story I’ve ever heard! Are you sure your brain isn’t shriveled from old age?

Ben: Keep the compliments coming! Than- what? Worst story ever?


Ben: Humph. Well I bet if we dissected your brain we’d find nothing but – but… nothing! Ha!

Good one.

Ben: I thought so.


And so she goes back to flirting with Kenneth. She started off so well as a legacy spouse! I guess the kookiness really does rub off.


Uhm, Kim? I Don’t think you need to use quite that much powder.

Kim: What do you know about changing diapers? This is just enough!

Poor Natalie, please don’t choke and die.


Ben: AARGH! Why does she have to sleep in MY room?!

Because you are her dad and we don’t have a nursery right now.

1 - mckenna pedro breakup

I interrupt our programming for some important announcements! Mckenna and Pedro have broken up.

2 - tasha networking

Tasha is “networking” with the locals, starting with my simself’s husband’s brother.

5 - stalker mckenna

And Mckenna turned into a stalker! I wonder what she sees in Pedro.

7 - lee babies

Lee is having babies! Or maybe just one baby. It would be sweet if townies had multiples, but so far that hasn’t happened yet.


Chris: Ah! No fair! How’d you do that?

Kenneth: Years of practice boy! Hahaha!

And now back to our show.


I don’t like the look on your face. It’s a little scary.

Kim: Well that was rude. I just have a brilliant plan, that’s all.


4 - woohoo wish


Kim: But it’s perfect! The aliens visit all the time!

Yah, GIRL aliens! I thought you liked boys.

Kim: I do, you know that. But there are male aliens, we’ve seen a couple around.

So you want to purposefully attract aliens so one can be your baby daddy?

Kim: Basically!

Save me now.

Screenshot-34 6 - space rock

Are you sure about this?

Kim: Absolutely! I read somewhere that space rocks in your yard will attract them. Hopefully one will actually come visit instead of just trying to abduct us.

*Sigh* Hopefully.


Kim: Here’s a beauty! I’m going to have the best space rock garden ever!

Space rock… garden? I knew you were insane but come on! You’re nuts!


What’cha doing?

Kenneth: Contemplating the meaning of life.

In the snow?

Kenneth: Yep.

Maybe you should go inside.

Kenneth: Nope.



Kim, explain to me again why we need space rocks when the aliens ALREADY VISIT EVERY FRICKIN’ NIGHT!

Kim: It’s makes me feel better.

Oh is that all.


Kenneth! NO! Just stay here and you’ll be fine.


I SAID STAY HERE! GAWD! Why don’t they listen to me?!


Kenneth: But the lights… I can’t help it…

See what you’ve done Kim?! I blame this one on you!

Kim: They would have come anyway.


Maybe the Kooks are taken to a really nice place and have a great time! Maybe they just want us to THINK the aliens do terrible things to them.


Kenneth: Welp, until next time. I mean… AHH! Get away from me you horrible creature!

I knew it! You take the men to a tropical paradise on the other side of the world and lay on a beach sipping mimosas!

Ghoel (aka the alien): It’s hard to perform surgery on a sand beach, but you’re not far off. 😉


Poor Ben has resorted to sleeping on the floor since his bedroom is the temporary nursery right now. I’m sorry buddy.


Kim: I want to throw a party.

Okay, then throw a party.

Kim: Well maybe I will!

Then maybe you should!


GOOD! Wait, how did this turn into a fight? It’s Snowflake Day! Throw a gift giving party!


Kim: *on phone* Hey! I’m throwing a HUGE party! Only family and simselves are welcome. Bye!

Who do you talk to on the phone when you throw a party?

Kim: Um, a party throwing service. Duh!

Like I should have known!


Yay! Let the party begin! Wait, who’s the ghost and the blonde chick? I dislike party crashers.


Michelle: *Yawn* This is a great party! (Not)

Give it a chance… me! Gosh!

Blonde Chick: Boo! Ben sucks!

Tasha: Boo! Mckenna sucks! She stole my boyfriend!

Okay, Tasha has a reason to boo Mckenna, but the blonde chick a) you weren’t invited so go home, and b) YOU WEREN’T INVITED SO GO HOME! And take your ghost lover boy with you!


Hi Mckenna, hi Sean!

Ben: What about me?

I see you all the time!

Ben: 😦


Tasha: This is such a nice house!

Ryan: You’re nice yourself! (Person Person Plus)

Sun Young: I wanted to sit there!

Kenneth: Find another seat dear.


Kenneth: I wanted to sit here!

There are tons of places to sit! They were there first!

Ghost Boy: Where’s that Michelle girl… I want to sit beside her.

Ew. No. And don’t float through my walls!


Now that everyone’s seated we can begin! With heart farting each other apparently.

8 - michelle simself likes ben 9 - tasha simself likes ben 10 - sean simself likes ben 11 - lee likes sun12 - ami likes ben

See what I mean? By the way, Lee and Ami showed up super late, basically after everyone else had already left. Good job guys.

Screenshot-59 Screenshot-60 Screenshot-62

Kim: Ugh! Who let a ghost in here?!

Great. Now Kim can’t open gifts because her reaction to ghost boy, or rather old man, cancelled her action queue.

Ghost Boy: You’re welcome!

Also, that’s not Emil, it’s his roommate/best friend that I forget the name of. But I’m sure he’s here keeping tabs on Tasha for Emil. Creepers.


Kim: That was fun. Thanks for the gifts! Now everyone go home.

Screenshot-67 Screenshot-70 Screenshot-71 Screenshot-77

Honestly it was a pretty uneventful party. Which was nice in a way.

Kim: Doesn’t Natalie get a present? I even brought her down to join the fun!

She’ll probably have more fun when she’s older.


Eventually we got down to just the main family. And they were still opening gifts!


Oh yah, that’s when Lee showed up.

Lee: Hey guys! Sorry I’m late. The missus wanted me to run to the store, don’t even ask about the food she wanted me to buy! Haha!

Yah, uh, we don’t care.


I interrupt our Snowflake Day party for a birthday announcement! Natalie is becoming a child toddler! (See that EA? That’s the next logical step after infant. Fix Sims 4 and get it right!) Now who said that? 😉

Screenshot-90 13 - Natalie bday

Now let’s see how Kim handles teaching life skills. 🙂

Screenshot-93 Screenshot-94

Let’s have two more birthdays while we’re at it! Also, this is when Ami decided the party was still going and showed up. She missed the presents though. Side note: It is so HARD to take pictures of twin birthdays when they age up on their own.

Screenshot-95 Screenshot-96 14 - ryan bday 15 - ryan ya trait

Yay! Ryan did well in school, just not for long enough to get on the honour roll. So he rolled Cat Person. I have a feeling Mckenna wont be the only one building a cat army, however, Ryan will probably just take pictures of all his cats and make calendars or something.

Screenshot-97 Screenshot-98 16 - chris bday 17 - chris ya trait

Chris also just squeaked a good grade! I think they resorted to doing homework since the laptop has been broken for a bit. And actually going to school every day helps too. Good job boys! And Chris rolled Party Animal. That’s a new one. But I’m not really sure where he’ll find parties in such a small town.


Here’s Natalie! She has slightly lighter skin than Mckenna but she is just adorable. Also, I need to find some different toddler hair, I’m running out of options.


Here’s Ryan! He’s quite the looker even with a slightly large nose. He did grow into his looks a bit though so I’m happy for him.


And last but not least is Chris! Another handsome boy, and I think he suits the larger nose more than Ryan.

18 - ryan ltw

So as I was trying to get everyone through the mirrors and dressers for makeovers Ryan’s LTW choices popped up! I just selected it at random to be honest. But Chris’ never showed up.

19 - chris ltw

I guess he chose his own LTW because I never locked this in. But whatever floats his boat I guess. Now that the twins are young adults we can send them out into the world! Good bye boys!


I said… Good Bye Boys!


Would you move out already!?

Kim: I don’t think they want to leave. I can’t even talk to them.

Well they’re not going to get stuck here. *reset sim* Poof! Like magic they vanished and showed up on a lovely lot in town. That’s all for now!



-10 Dog sitter (2)
-20 Fire (4)
-70 Self urination (14)
-120 Passing out (24)
+40 Birth (8)
+10 Twin Birth (1)
+30 Skill Challenge (6)
+20 Honour Roll (4)
+40 Max Skill (4)
+80 Completed LTW (2)
0 Total Points


Having a Little Issue

I just posted the next chapter but I noticed that, for my view at least, there is no quick link at the top of Chapter 3.1 to get to Chapter 3.2! Usually it just shows up so I don’t know why it isn’t.

If you have any suggestions on how to fix it, please let me know. Or if this issue isn’t happening for you and I’m just weird, please also let me know! If you do experience this issue on my blog and it bothers you, also let me know. 🙂




Chapter 3.2

Welcome to the next chapter! Last chapter Kim took over as Torch Holder and, well, she has her own views on how this family should be run.


I see you have decided to get a start on your lifetime wish!

Kim: Well, I have to start sometime. You know, I was thinking I should join the painter career.

That’s no a bad idea. Once you gain a point we’ll do that.


Sparkling lights can only mean one thing… who is getting abducted this time?!


Sun Young is our winner this evening folks!


Have a safe trip and play nice with the aliens!


IT’S DUSTY!! He’s come to visit us from beyond the grave. 🙂

Dusty: You can’t get rid of me that easily. 😉

I love it when pets come back as ghosts.


Salem: *hisssss* begone Clifford! H-how did you get in here?! I’ll – I’ll fight you!

Dusty: Salem! It’s me! Dusty!


Salem: Dusty? Is that really you? Why are you red?

Dusty: I dunno. I sparkle too! Isn’t that cool?

Awe. Pet moments.


Ben: Oh Dusty, I miss you so much.

It’s okay! Dusty’s ghost is here! Don’t be sad! You can see your old buddy again!

Ben: Really? Why hasn’t he come to see me yet!

I don’t know!

96 - alien baby

Well, isn’t this great timing. As always, we’ll raise the child!

Ben: We will?!

Of course!

Kim: What child?

You’ll see soon enough.


Ben: I really don’t like this feeling…

Then stop being abducted and experimented on!

Screenshot-194 Screenshot-195

It’s a girl! (+5 points)

97 - well little natalie

Welcome to the world Natalie! Side note, I didn’t realize ‘Nerd’ was a trait. o.O

98 - natalie traits

Nope, it’s not. So she rolled Neurotic instead!


Awe. She’s so cute!


Wait, what?! O.O The Curse of the Colour Changing Babies continues!


Ben, please promise me this is the LAST child you will have!

Ben: I will make no such promise!

Kenneth: Dad had another kid?

Yes! Where are you Kenneth? Have you not been paying attention the past few days?

Kenneth: I’m hiding, so no, I haven’t been paying attention.

Kim: Uh, hello?! This is MY generation now. Don’t I get a say in when there are babies in the house?

For yourself, yes. As for the children of others, no. Consider this as practice for having your own kids!


Kim: So… about that man-servant…

I don’t want to talk about that right now.

Kim: But I really need the help!

Then cultivate relationships with your family so you can boss them around easier!

Kim: But that’s so hard! They’re all crazy!

That’s like the pot calling the kettle black. You’re just as crazy as they are!


Where did you find that lamp?

Kim: Oh you know, in with some of grandpa’s stuff.

Do you know what that lamp does?

Kim: I’m going to find out!

Screenshot-202 Screenshot-203

Kim: Oh no! It released a poisonous gas!

It’s just smoke.

Kim: We’re all gonna die!!


Kim: Do you HAVE to make so much smoke? This is a smoke free building, any smoking on the premise is strictly prohibited!

Genie: Hello to you too, master. By the way, my name is Paula.


Kim: Do you like crepes? I LOVE them! I would totally go to France just to get some.

Oh sure, this is what a genie is for. You do realize you get three wishes right?

Kim: I’m working on it! Gosh, just trying to be friendly.

Sorry, carry on!


Paula: I prefer frog legs when it comes to French cuisine.

Kim: Ew. That’s actually a thing?

Screenshot-208 Screenshot-209

Paula: As much as I love chatting about food, theater, and music is there a point to you summoning me?

Kim: Well, I was hoping I could wish for love!

Paula: You can! If you know some young adult or older sims! What’s your preference?

Kim: I like guys.

Paula: Then I suggest you get out in the world and meet some men. As far as I can tell you only know male teens and relatives. 😉

Kim: I thought the whole point of a wish is you didn’t have to work for something…

Paula: Well I need some point of reference for a love interest!


Paula: Give me a shout when you’ve met someone or think of another wish. Bye! *Clap, clap*


Kim: Hey! Where’d she go?!

Back into her lamp dummy!

Kim: Well that was less than helpful of her. I want a new genie!

Sorry, can’t do that.


Is your biological clock ticking yet?

Kim: Nope. But she’s cute!

So rushing to find a guy is just… what?


Kim: Insurance that I have someone to help me continue the legacy. Honestly, I’m not even looking for love. I can do this parenting thing on my own.

You don’t want a spouse?

Kim: What use are they! So far grandma and mom haven’t done much to help out around here. Would my husband really be any different?

It would depend on his traits I guess.


Kim: Now that I have a painting I should join the painter career!

So off to City Hall with you! While she’s signing the paperwork how about some updates.

1 - Lee losing friends

Poor Lee, still spending too much time working.

2 - Lee and Felicia marry

But now he’s engaged! That’s exciting. And she’s not an old lady, even more exciting!

3 - simself ami adult

Ami is starting to get older. I’ve decided if simselves will be reintroduced in the world if they don’t have kids (or if the Kooks move towns) I like seeing what they get up to. 🙂

4 - simself tasha adult

Tasha is also aging up!

5 - kim unstable

So I noticed this moodlet for Kim. Since she’s an unstable sim she is prone to this moodlet apparently.

6 - unstable trait

I peaked at the information about being Unstable and apparently if left alone her traits could change. I believe this may have happened to Lee since he had the unstable trait at one point but I don’t remember him having it when he aged up to YA.

7 - mckenna and pedro

Mckenna has the hots for Pedro, Tasha’s old flame. Did she steal him from her partner in crime?

8 - painting career

Wish fulfilled! Now Kim can have a career while she pursues her LTW. After she’s mastered painting we’ll move onto writing.


Kim: Well that was more paperwork than I believe was necessary!

What did they have you sign?

Kim: A bunch of stuff, I can’t remember now. But if I start getting telemarketing calls I’m gonna have my revenge on that intern that made me sign my life away!! She will be sorry…

Yah… and Kim’s scare factor just went through the roof…

11 - kim unstable

And this might have something to do with it! Are you feeling okay Kim?

Kim: Hear me, everyone! If any of you EVER prank call me I will hunt you DOWN!

Oooookay. *Admits to hospital for instability*


Back at home…

Ben: You know Sun, you are such a lovely creature. You remind me of my late wife.

Sun Young: Our hearts beat as one! We’re soul mates!


Sun Young: I just loved the beautiful bouquet of roses you gave me the other day. *swoons*

Ben: You really are such a lovely girl.

*Barf* Quit it you two!


Sun Young: Ha ha! You’re so dumb! Are you sure you have a brain in that thick head of yours?

Kenneth: Why you…! Take that back!

12 - ryan honour roll

Yay! Ryan got on the honour roll! (+5 points!)

13 - kim got help

Oh good. We wouldn’t want her losing any important traits. 🙂


How are you feeling Kim?

Kim: Decent. The doctors are all nut jobs though.

At least you’re feeling better, that’s the main thing. 🙂


And so the house returns to something similar to normal. As normal as it can be for this family anyway!



-10 Dog sitter (2)
-20 Fire (4)
-70 Self urination (14)
-120 Passing out (24)
+40 Birth (8)
+10 Twin Birth (1)
+30 Skill Challenge (6)
+20 Honour Roll (4)
+40 Max Skill (4)
+80 Completed LTW (2)
0 Total Points


Chapter 3.1

Welcome to the start of Generation Three! I can’t wait to see what generation three gets up to so lets get started!


Dear Watcher! What in the world are you wearing Kim?

Kim: Hey Voice! This is my new grown-up outfit. You like it?

Uhm, well honestly no, I don’t.

Kim: Well whatever, I’m keeping it.

So… you’re not freaked out about a disembodied voice only you, your dad, and your grandpa can hear?

Kim: Uh, no. Why would I be? Dad and Gramps talk about you ALL the time. Anyway, I’m really upset about Dusty and all so I’m going to go over here…


Kim: Hey Pierre! How about we get this show on the road!

I gave Pierre a makeover since the overalls and long hair just wasn’t doing it for me.


Pierre: Whoa! What are you – ?

Kim: Kiss me, my love!


Pierre: Hold on! I JUST aged up and I so did you and I think we should just mingle a bit, ya know?

Kim: Mingle?

Pierre: Ya! Mingle, get to know other people! It’s not like we’re dating!

Kim: Mingle… hmmm…

Uh oh, Pierre poked the beast…

Pierre: Yes, and besides, what are you wearing anyway?

I can see this is going well.


So Kimmy, how should we tackle this one? Pierre seems to like you but wants to explore his options.

Kim: First of all, it’s not “Kimmy”, I’m Kim.

Ok then, I’m sorry.

Kim: Secondly, I am going to eat my hamburger, pretend my heart isn’t broken, and take my revenge!

Sweetie, I think revenge is going a little far…


Kenneth: …and so I hit the computer with the mouse, it’s fixed it in the past, but this time the whole thing just blew up!

Pierre: Interesting… (is everyone in this family crazy?!)

At least you’re keeping him around, but do me a favour Kenneth, tone down the crazy…


Kim: Ugh! Gosh! Why are you over there! I can’t get to him!

What? How is this my fault?!

Kim: Because I need someone to blame! Why can’t I talk to him?! Pierre? PIERRE?! OVER HERE DARLING!

Pierre: Maybe if I ignore her long enough she’ll leave me alone…

Oh boy.


Kim: Hey Pierre, how are you? I’m sorry about before. Birthday excitement, you know?

Kenneth: Poor Dusty, he was such a good dog!

Pierre: No worries, I’m sorry too. I said some harsh things. (Maybe if I play along she’ll let me leave!)

80 - kim not attracted to crush pierre

WHAT?! You don’t even find him attractive? What are his traits? Is it his personality you love?

Kim: I don’t know his traits any more than you do.


Kim: Gosh, there’s no need to yell! It was prom, dim lighting, romantic setting, he danced with me all night.

So what you’re saying is now that it’s the ‘morning after’ he’s not your type?

Kim: Yup! Basically!

*sigh* Well, you may as well cut him loose.

Kim: I plan to…


Kim: So Pierre, honey, I WAS going to make you my legacy spouse, but considering you want to ‘mingle’ I don’t think it’s going to work for me. So, you know, GET OUT OF MY HOUSE AND NEVER RETURN!

Wow Kim, you’re scary.


Pierre: Well… I… you know what?! Maybe I don’t want to BE a legacy spouse! Ya! There!

What, are we in 5th grade?

Kim: Why are you yelling at me?! If you don’t want to be a legacy spouse then you should be HAPPY you MORON!


Pierre: Ugh. I have to go before I’m infected with kookiness.

Kim: That’s probably a good idea.


Pierre: Ok, well this isn’t awkward at all. Bye.

Kim: Thank you for visiting Chateau de Kook, I hope you enjoyed your stay!

Pierre: Right… I’m leaving, like, now!

Poor Pierre, and he had such good gene potential too.


So, I was tempted to keep the bad-ass black leather and belts look… BUT no. Just no. So Kim and I agreed on this outfit instead!

Kim: I’ll admit, I do suit pink! And I LOVE the necklace.


Kim: Ew. Like really? Does no one clean around here?!

Well, the short answer would be: no.

Kim: And the long answer?

*Sigh* Kenneth was too involved in completing his lifetime wish before you took over as torch holder so he didn’t have time to upgrade the appliances to be self-cleaning. And everyone else in the house apparently doesn’t care about using disgustingly gross bathrooms.

Kim: Well then, it’s a good thing I’m Wonder Woman!

… I don’t know what that means…

Kim: That’s ok, it’s for me to know and you to find out. 🙂

I would like it known that Kim scares me a little… just because I don’t know what she’s going to do next…

81 - Jennika strings chris along

Meanwhile, Jennika strings Chris along. She’s dating another guy but does that stop her from called Chris all the time? Nope.

82 - Erin strings ryan along

Erin, the girl Ryan is head-over-heels for from prom, asked Ryan to go on a date! He said yes, of course.

83 - Erin dates another guy

Then this little tidbit came my way. It popped up moments after Ryan accepted the date and was on his way to meet her. Thanks Story Progression.

Screenshot-151 Screenshot-152 Screenshot-153

At least he seems to be having fun on his date. He even dressed up all nice for her and everything. I hope she’s worth it Ryan.


What’cha doing Ben?

Ben: Don’t you have a new TH to go bother?

Well, actually, there’s not much for me to do since SOMEONE already tells all the family about the magical Voice.

Ben: I never said you were ‘magical’.

AH-HA! So you DO talk about me!


Ben: See this dummy, I’m pretending it’s you. HIGH KICK TO THE FACE!

O.O After everything I have done for you…

Ben: OW! I think I pulled my back!

Go sit down before you actually do hurt yourself!


Um, Ryan, where are you right now? KIM! Call your brother home!

Ryan: Maybe I should head home. But it’s so cold out there and Erin stole my clothes…

Poor Ryan.


I’m a little worried about Chris… he seems to enjoy being creepy…

Kim: What’s wrong with being creepy? I can be creepy.

No, that’s ok, you don’t have to be creepy.


Ben: Dusty! My only true companion and friend! I will join you soon!

Don’t say that!! What happened to the Immortal Ben who was immune to electricity and couldn’t die to save his life?!

Ben: That was before my best friend in the entire world was taken from me! I will get my revenge on you Grimm!

Ben, dear, it’s not Grimm’s fault. Don’t shoot the messenger.

84 - Ben alien preggers again

So… remember how last chapter Ben was the last one to be abducted? Yah… we have another alien baby on the way…

Ben: I’ve decided that each new generation I will give birth to an alien and SOMEDAY this legacy will again be MINE!!! Mwahahahaha!

Right… I think you’ve have enough kids Ben. THIS IS YOUR LAST ONE!

85 - kim cant make up her mind

So, I guess you feel a bit bad about being so mean to Pierre?

Kim: I was a little mean, but he deserved it! I just, you know, he seemed like a nice guy.

Ah, your feelings for him are real!

Kim: No! I just don’t know many guys and I know I have to have at least two kids so…

So what? Don’t settle! You’re young still! Give it time!

86 - kim friend wish with pierre gone

Uhm, where did your wish go?

Kim: What wish?

The wish to be friends again with Pierre!

Kim: Who’s Pierre?

o.O What? *Looks through relationship panel, no Pierre. Searches town frantically, no Pierre. Comes to the conclusion the game deleted Pierre for being ‘homeless’.* Hmmm… I guess that solves that problem…


Kim: Ok, this is really disgusting.

Like I said, no one cares about living in a messy environment. You shall all suffer death by fly. XD No wait… that’s a bad thing.

Kim: I’m going to hire a maid… no, a live-in butler!

I don’t know if that’s allowed.

Kim: What do you mean ‘not allowed’? Why wouldn’t it be allowed?! I demand to speak to the person in charge!!

Whoa! Calm down! I will see if you can have a live-in butler.

Kim: He will be my man-servant. And he will be beautiful. And his name will be Dimitri. It has been decided.

Oh it has, has it?

Kim: *gives me a death glare*

And so it has been decided… apparently. *Shivers*


First you’re in your winter coat, now you’re in your bathing suit. I believe you do more wardrobe changes in a day than Ben!

Kim: What is this gross green mist? Ew. I think something died in our fridge.

Sun Young: Would you move already! I’m trying to get some breakfast here!

Kenneth: Dear, can you decide what to eat a little quicker? Your mother is having a fit.


Kim: Ha! Like I was decided what to eat. I was deciding what to wear! I have to clean in style!

At least she has pretty clothes, you can’t deny she looks good.


Kim: Now that I’m the head of the household I’ve decided we are going to get a man-servant. However! Until a suitable sim is found that meets my requirements I am putting you in charge of cleaning up all the trash in this house Mother.

Sun Young: Who are you and what did you do with my daughter?

Kim: I want this place cleaned top to bottom! Father, gather the boys, there is plumbing that needs to be fixed.

Kenneth: Good luck with that sweetie, my plumber days are over.

Kim: But – I’m in charge now!

Yah, it doesn’t work like that hun. Either you clean the mess yourself or let it sit until someone else gets around to doing it eventually. But I will see if you can have a butler, or at the very least a maid.


It’s time to graduate! Confetti everywhere!

Kim: I am not amused. Someone better clean this up.

Don’t worry about it, confetti is the one thing that cleans itself up. Now hurry! Off to graduation!


And so the family heads to Kim’s graduation with heavy hearts since the passing of dear old Dusty is still fresh in their minds. Also, Chris is about to starve and Ryan is about to pass out. Fun times.

88 - Lee likes Felicia

Since graduation takes forever how about some updates! Lee has found a love interest. At least she is relatively young.

89 - my simself still in love

My simself is still going strong with lover-boy. No more kids yet but they seem happy.

90 - Lee dates Felicia

Yay! Frankie and Felicia are now dating! Will there be babies soon?

91 - kim graduation

“Most Likely to Offend Others”… ha, haha, hahahahahaaha. Maybe not intentionally, but she does have more screws loose than the rest of the family.

Kim: I heard that!

It’s not like it’s a secret!


Kim: Oh Dusty! How I wish you could have celebrated this day with me!

If I got you another puppy would that make you happy?

Kim: How could you say such a thing?! There will never be a replacement for Dusty!

Sorry! I was just asking!


Kim: Welp, that was fun, time to go home!

I don’t think the rest of the family is following you…

Kim: Whatever. I’m going home, they can find their own way back.

Nice girl!


Ryan…. no… Ryan!!! Don’t you dare!

Screenshot-172 Screenshot-173 Screenshot-174 Screenshot-175

And we were starting to do so well. (-5 points)


Hey Sam! Hey Ami! You missed all the fun.

Kenneth: Dusty… *cries*

Ryan: Where did everyone go? And which way is home? Mom? Dad?

I’m sure they’ll make it home eventually. Until next time everyone!



-10 Dog sitter (2)
-20 Fire (4)
-70 Self urination (14)
-120 Passing out (24)
+35 Birth (7)
+10 Twin Birth (1)
+30 Skill Challenge (6)
+15 Honour Roll (3)
+40 Max Skill (4)
+80 Completed LTW (2)
-10 Total Points


Chapter 2.20

Happy New Year everyone! I figured I would start 2015 off with the LAST CHAPTER of Generation Two! We are slowly making progress in this legacy. Huzzah! Let the kookiness commence.


Kenneth is still hard at work trying to fulfill his LTW. You can do it! I believe in you!


Fun factoid, when the family moved here most of them wished for a telescope so I bought one. Kim is the first, and only, one to actually use it.


Chris: Grandpa? Are you sleeping?

Ben: No, I’m jogging.

Chris: Then… are you dead?

Ben: … yes

Chris: O.O

Ben is NOT DEAD! Chris, quit being so creepy!


Ryan: Moooooommmm! Move! I need to use this disgusting toilet!

Sun Young: Hmmm… I wonder if Ben will be around long enough so I can marry him when my dear husband passes…


Ryan: Say what now?

My thoughts exactly Ryan, you poor child. Stop being unfaithful to your husband Sun!


Kim: Well, this is unfortunate. Now how am I supposed to eat my salad?

Are you guys sure you want her as heir? I mean, she’s not the brightest bulb in the box. 😉


Sun decided to stand in the corner as punishment for ruining Ryan’s childhood. Or she was admiring the paint job, who knows.


Kenneth still needs just a couple more points to complete his LTW. One for athletic, and one for martial arts. Why does this take so long!!


Sun happened to be going stir crazy so she went along. Good thing there is a computer at the gym since Sun never works out after she had kids.


Look who it is! HI LEE!!


REALLY SUN! Seducing Ben isn’t enough, now you’re moving onto Kenneth’s half-brother?! KENNETH! Look at what your wife is doing!!!

Kenneth: Ummm… what’s your issue? They’re just dancing, it’s harmless.

*faceplam* You are too innocent Kenneth.


NOOOOOO!!! I knew that alien was on a reconnaissance mission! There must be a tracking device in Cindy’s urn!


Kenneth: Those lights! No! I can’t be!

I’m sorry Kenneth. I can’t stop this!


Yep, just beam him up, like always. Is it really necessary to terrify your victims like this?


Look at her gloating: ‘I found the Kooks! The Kook men are mine! *insert evil laugh*’ Wait, what’s that yellow thing behind her head?


O.O I don’t know what that is but I want one! It kind of looks like a cat…


Kenneth: Ryan, do you have to make you food right there? I can’t get to the fridge!

Ryan: Hold on pops, I’m almost done!

Maybe the kitchen should be redesigned. Also, side note, Kenneth’s stint with the alien did not result in a pregnancy.


Oh, hey Cindy. You’ll never guess who dropped by the other night. It seems your old alien buddies are in town! And they came to visit!

Cindy: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Of course you don’t! I’m watching you though…

26 - Lee gets a job

Let’s see what the world is up to! Lee got a job so now he can work on fulfilling his own LTW.

27 - my simself daughter

My simself had her baby! Why the name Roberta, I have no clue. It’s not my first choice of name.

28 - simself sam chess

Sam is working on becoming a chess master. No wonder we don’t hear much from her, she spends all her time playing chess.

30 - simself ami chess

Ami, on the other hand, is not doing so well at becoming a chess master. Maybe she and Sam should hang out.

31 - simself tasha and Emil breakup

This makes me sad, I was hoping for ghost babies! But Tasha deserves someone who is a little younger and more ‘alive’.

32 - simself ami workout

I guess Ami decided she must train her body along with her mind to become a true chess master.

33 - simself tasha workout

Tasha also has an obsession with fitness. I guess that’s what happens in a small town.

34 - emil stalking simself tasha

I knew he was a total creep! Tasha was right to kick you to the curb!

35 - simself sam chess

You win one, you lose one. Although it sounds like Sam put in a good effort.

36 - simself ami chess

Ami’s theory on training the body as well as the mind seems to be working!

37 - emil still stalking simself tasha

Go away Emil! Don’t you have a new love interest already?

38 - stalker emil at it again

Wow Emil, this is a new low. I hope Tasha is taking appropriate safety precautions.

39 - Lee needs a life

No! Lee is losing popularity with the ladies! Spend less time working Lee and have some babies!!


Kenneth is SO close to maxing his athletic skill!


Look at that dedication, the concentration, the sweat pouring off his brow!

40 - kenneth max athletic skill

Success! Kenneth is halfway done his LTW! (+10 points!)


Why does Chris always look like he’s concentrating VERY hard on something? Also, yay for autonomous laundry cleanup!

Screenshot-35 Screenshot-36 Screenshot-37

Hm. How many alien abductions can we fit into one chapter of Insanity Family? We’re going for a record here folks.


Isn’t that just lovely. We barely see you in action and when we do, you do this. No wonder you don’t get screen time Salem.

Salem: Who, me? I didn’t do that. Nope. It was, uh, that other black cat.

This family only has one cat. Nice try.


Sun: Don’t forget to take the trash out on your way to school or it will get all smelly.

Ryan: You do realize you have two other kids who are doing nothing right now that could take the trash out.

O.O Ryan eats with chopsticks! Who cares about trash, Ryan has the hidden Chinese culture trait!


I just love this kid! He makes the best faces ever. I guess he’s not very happy to take the trash out.


Kim: Hey Salem, how’s it going?

Dusty: Oh sure, say hi to the cat! It’s not like I’m standing right here or anything.


Hooray or autonomous homework! Again, what’s with the face Ryan? XD


More autonomous homework!

Chris: I just had a brilliant idea! Let’s do our homework OUTSIDE! I mean, we’re already in our winter coats, we’ll be warm enough.

Kim: Let’s not and say we did, ‘kay?


I guess intentionally sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag is better than passing out.

Ben: Don’t make fun of the old man, you put my room upstairs at the very back of the house! Do you know how hard it is to climb stairs when you’re this ancient?

I dunno, you still seem to be very active for how old you are. I saw you using the training dummy the other day.

Ben: I did nothing of the sort!


Despite what he says, Dusty gets all the love and play time. Salem ignores everyone and is ignored by everyone. But you didn’t hear that from me.


Why are spouses so utterly useless? Sun stood out here FOREVER doing NOTHING. I think she got some tips from Cindy.


Kenneth had a wish to meditate and it also raises his martial arts skill! It’s a win/win situation.


Is there a reason you’re sitting out here all alone in the rain? No? Ok, well carry on.


It’s Spooky Day! I wish there was a way to send the kids out trick-or-treating without controlling them.


Kenneth: Aren’t you a little old for this?

Cheerleader: Just give some candy old man, I haven’t eaten all day.


Chris: Here’s your candy. Don’t get sick!

Tiger-Kid: My mommy made my costume!

Good for you kid, now go home so Chris can go inside and dry off.


I swear, I only take his picture because I love how expressive he is!


We’re almost there! Kenneth just has a sliver to go on his skill bar!

42 - Kenneth max martial arts skill 43 - kenneth LTW complete

Kenneth made it! He completed his LTW! (+10 points for maxing a skill, and +40 points for fulfilling his LTW!)

Screenshot-64 Screenshot-65 Screenshot-66

Like, seriously?! No sooner did he complete his LTW did the aliens come for him YET AGAIN. Have a safe trip!

44 - my simself still with lover boy

While Kenneth is off gallivanting with aliens I have a couple updates. My simself is still with lover-boy.

46 - simself tasha dating pedro

And Tasha is now dating Pedro! That is all.


Kenneth: Ok, this is really getting old. I don’t like you.

Alien: But it’s so much fun! See ya!


Since this is the last chapter we have to get everything in! So let’s get started on Prom Night!


At least the Kook kids will fit in at the dance, no one else seems to have gotten the memo that this was a formal dance. Let the prom popup spam begin!

47 - Ryan has a crush 48 - kim prom 49 - chris prom 50 - ryan prom 51 - kim prom 52 - chris prom crush Jennika 53 - ryan prom 54 - kim prom 55 - chris prom 56 - ryan prom crush Erin 57 - kim prom 58 - chris prom 59 - ryan prom 60 - kim prom 61 - chris prom 62 - ryan prom 63 - ryan another crush while at prom 64 - kim prom crush pierre 65 - chris prom 66 - ryan prom 67 - kim prom 68 - chris prom

Prom highlights: All three kids fell in love at prom! None of the kids became prom King or Queen.

Screenshot-71 Screenshot-72 Screenshot-73

And as usual the prom pictures are horrible. 🙂


What are you doing up so late Ben?

Ben: Oh nothing, just watching some TV.

Ah HA! I caught you in the act! You are not some crippled old man!

Ben: N-no! You have it all wrong, I’m not working out, I’m not!

Don’t try to fool me! Hey, where are you going?


Ben: Pretty… lights…

Oh, not this again.


Ben: I can’t stop looking at them!


Ben: HELP ME! Aren’t you going to stop them?!



Ben: I don’t feel so good…

It’s your own fault for starring at the pretty lights.

70 - kim bday

It’s birthday time! Let’s throw a huge party and fall into chaos!


Kenneth: I want a HUGE turnout! It’s not every day your daughter becomes a young adult! Invite the whole town!

Um, what about McKenna? She’s your daughter too you know. Where was her big party?

Kenneth: … she didn’t want one.

Sure she didn’t.

69 - simself sam needs a life

While we wait for party guests, let’s have the last few updates of Generation Two. Sam needs to spend less time with a chess board and more time with other sims.

71 - stalker emil wont give up

Emil is STILL stalking Tasha. And since he’s a ghost that’s extra, extra creepy.

72 - chris crush seeing other guy

Jennika is the girl that Chris fell head over heels for at prom. And get this, she calls Chris ALL THE TIME.

73 - simself tasha and pedro breakup

And last but not least, Tasha and Pedro broke up. 😦 I’m sure Tasha has her reasons.


The first few party guests have arrived! See the kid with the blonde hair? That’s Pierre, Kim’s love from prom. And Sam showed up! Hi Sam!


Oh! And there’s Sean, and Tasha, and Lee! Hi guys! Also, see the girl in the purple shirt? That would be the girl Ryan fell in love with at prom.


Oh look! I’m here! What the heck did I bring for food? Oh, and girl in the blue sweater is Jennika. She also brought her new boyfriend. Good job.


Pierre finds Kenneth extremely funny for some reason.

McKenna: That is my father you’re laughing at. Please stop or you will feel the wrath of my ninja cat army!

Which currently consists of one cat. Such a fearsome force!


Sean: Boo! Kenneth’s party sucks!

It’s not even started yet! Give the man a chance!


Sam: I like cats.

Jennika: That’s nice. Have you seen Chris around?


Tasha: Is this twerp going to go inside or should I just push past him?

Yay for random teens showing up and causing road blocks.


Let’s get this party started! I took the liberty of buying two cakes in case the first one caught on fire. 🙂


Huzzah! Birthday cheers all around! Yay!


Uhm, Grimm? Buddy, what are you doing here? There’s no fire…

Ben: Oh no… is it time already?

Grimm: I’m not here for you Ben.


Grimm: BEHOLD! I have come for –


Salem:  I knew it! I’m ready! Take me to a wonderful place!

Grimm: No! What? Why would I be here for you? I should have just gone into science like my parents wanted me to, no one ever lets me just do my job.


Meanwhile, back on the party front, Kim successfully blew out the candles with no fire!

Kim: H-hey guys! Guys! I’m sparkling! Is anyone watching?!


Grimm: Hello Dusty. It is time.

Dusty: Can I have some cake first?


Grimm: Where you’re going, you can have anything you ever wanted.

Dusty: Really?! *Wags tail happily*


Kim: Just as pretty as ever! AmIright? 😀

You’re dog is dying! At least look a little heartbroken!

Screenshot-108 Screenshot-109 Screenshot-110

I love how the only ones who realize what’s happening with Dusty are the SimSelves. Way to go us for actually caring!


Grimm: Ok Dusty, I have a special treat for you!

Dusty: For me?


Grimm: Are you a good boy?

Dusty: Oh yah!

Grimm: Do you want the stick?

Dusty: A stick? A stick! I want the stick!


Grimm: Up here Dusty, catch the stick!


Dusty: I got it!


Grimm: My job here is done. My apologies for interrupting the party.


Salem: SAY WHAAAAAT?! *Mind blown*


And then the realization slowly sets in.

Kenneth: Did… that actually just… happen?

I’m afraid it did Kenneth.

Screenshot-120 Screenshot-121 Screenshot-122 Screenshot-123

Cue the crying.

Screenshot-124 Screenshot-125 Screenshot-126

WAY TO GO CHRIS! (-5 points)

Chris: My grief, it’s so great, I can’t hold my bladder!



PS – I aged up Pierre, Kim’s love interest. I didn’t know how old he was compared to Kim so I figured why not.

Screenshot-129 Screenshot-130 Screenshot-131

He’s pretty handsome!

76 - kim bday ya

Kim earned an A in school but she didn’t have it long enough to be considered on the honour roll. Good job anyway!

77 - kim rolled trait

She rolled Unstable. Great, this should be fun.

78 - kim ltw

I like LTW that require skills to be maxed. This way Kim can stay at home, but these two skills will also be money makers.


Kenneth: Happy Birthday Kim! Now that you are a young adult it is time to pass the torch.

Kim: Pass the what?

Kenneth: All will be explained. But from this moment forward you are the head of the family!


Kim: Really! Thank you dad! I love you! I just wish Dusty was still here. *Cries into dad’s shoulder*

Kenneth: I know sweetie, me too.


And so, Generation Two comes to a close, marked by the passing of a loyal friend. Dusty was a great pet and an even greater friend to Ben. He was by his side always and lived to a ripe old age of 161 days. Dusty will always have a place in our hearts.



-10 Dog sitter (2)
-20 Fire (4)
-70 Self urination (14)
-115 Passing out (23)
+35 Birth (7)
+10 Twin Birth (1)
+30 Skill Challenge (6)
+15 Honour Roll (3)
+40 Max Skill (4)
+80 Completed LTW (2)
-5 Total Points


Goodbye 2014! What kind of Kookiness did we get up to this past year?

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,200 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

From the Author:

I would like to thank each and every one of you who has checked out my blog over the past year! I have lots of fun playing this crazy family, and even more fun writing about it and reading your comments! I’m so happy this blog has done this well so far and I hope to keep improving. And maybe give you some slightly regular updates! I would like to wish everyone a very happy new year and all the best for 2015! I can’t wait to see what kind of Kooky this family can come up with next! 😀


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