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Chapter 3.2

on January 3, 2015

Welcome to the next chapter! Last chapter Kim took over as Torch Holder and, well, she has her own views on how this family should be run.


I see you have decided to get a start on your lifetime wish!

Kim: Well, I have to start sometime. You know, I was thinking I should join the painter career.

That’s no a bad idea. Once you gain a point we’ll do that.


Sparkling lights can only mean one thing… who is getting abducted this time?!


Sun Young is our winner this evening folks!


Have a safe trip and play nice with the aliens!


IT’S DUSTY!! He’s come to visit us from beyond the grave. πŸ™‚

Dusty: You can’t get rid of me that easily. πŸ˜‰

I love it when pets come back as ghosts.


Salem: *hisssss* begone Clifford! H-how did you get in here?! I’ll – I’ll fight you!

Dusty: Salem! It’s me! Dusty!


Salem: Dusty? Is that really you? Why are you red?

Dusty: I dunno. I sparkle too! Isn’t that cool?

Awe. Pet moments.


Ben: Oh Dusty, I miss you so much.

It’s okay! Dusty’s ghost is here! Don’t be sad! You can see your old buddy again!

Ben: Really? Why hasn’t he come to see me yet!

I don’t know!

96 - alien baby

Well, isn’t this great timing. As always, we’ll raise the child!

Ben: We will?!

Of course!

Kim: What child?

You’ll see soon enough.


Ben: I really don’t like this feeling…

Then stop being abducted and experimented on!

Screenshot-194 Screenshot-195

It’s a girl! (+5 points)

97 - well little natalie

Welcome to the world Natalie! Side note, I didn’t realize ‘Nerd’ was a trait. o.O

98 - natalie traits

Nope, it’s not. So she rolled Neurotic instead!


Awe. She’s so cute!


Wait, what?! O.O The Curse of the Colour Changing Babies continues!


Ben, please promise me this is the LAST child you will have!

Ben: I will make no such promise!

Kenneth: Dad had another kid?

Yes! Where are you Kenneth? Have you not been paying attention the past few days?

Kenneth: I’m hiding, so no, I haven’t been paying attention.

Kim: Uh, hello?! This is MY generation now. Don’t I get a say in when there are babies in the house?

For yourself, yes. As for the children of others, no. Consider this as practice for having your own kids!


Kim: So… about that man-servant…

I don’t want to talk about that right now.

Kim: But I really need the help!

Then cultivate relationships with your family so you can boss them around easier!

Kim: But that’s so hard! They’re all crazy!

That’s like the pot calling the kettle black. You’re just as crazy as they are!


Where did you find that lamp?

Kim: Oh you know, in with some of grandpa’s stuff.

Do you know what that lamp does?

Kim: I’m going to find out!

Screenshot-202 Screenshot-203

Kim: Oh no! It released a poisonous gas!

It’s just smoke.

Kim: We’re all gonna die!!


Kim: Do you HAVE to make so much smoke? This is a smoke free building, any smoking on the premise is strictly prohibited!

Genie: Hello to you too, master. By the way, my name is Paula.


Kim: Do you like crepes? I LOVE them! I would totally go to France just to get some.

Oh sure, this is what a genie is for. You do realize you get three wishes right?

Kim: I’m working on it! Gosh, just trying to be friendly.

Sorry, carry on!


Paula: I prefer frog legs when it comes to French cuisine.

Kim: Ew. That’s actually a thing?

Screenshot-208 Screenshot-209

Paula: As much as I love chatting about food, theater, and music is there a point to you summoning me?

Kim: Well, I was hoping I could wish for love!

Paula: You can! If you know some young adult or older sims! What’s your preference?

Kim: I like guys.

Paula: Then I suggest you get out in the world and meet some men. As far as I can tell you only know male teens and relatives. πŸ˜‰

Kim: I thought the whole point of a wish is you didn’t have to work for something…

Paula: Well I need some point of reference for a love interest!


Paula: Give me a shout when you’ve met someone or think of another wish. Bye! *Clap, clap*


Kim: Hey! Where’d she go?!

Back into her lamp dummy!

Kim: Well that was less than helpful of her. I want a new genie!

Sorry, can’t do that.


Is your biological clock ticking yet?

Kim: Nope. But she’s cute!

So rushing to find a guy is just… what?


Kim: Insurance that I have someone to help me continue the legacy. Honestly, I’m not even looking for love. I can do this parenting thing on my own.

You don’t want a spouse?

Kim: What use are they! So far grandma and mom haven’t done much to help out around here. Would my husband really be any different?

It would depend on his traits I guess.


Kim: Now that I have a painting I should join the painter career!

So off to City Hall with you! While she’s signing the paperwork how about some updates.

1 - Lee losing friends

Poor Lee, still spending too much time working.

2 - Lee and Felicia marry

But now he’s engaged! That’s exciting. And she’s not an old lady, even more exciting!

3 - simself ami adult

Ami is starting to get older. I’ve decided if simselves will be reintroduced in the world if they don’t have kids (or if the Kooks move towns) I like seeing what they get up to. πŸ™‚

4 - simself tasha adult

Tasha is also aging up!

5 - kim unstable

So I noticed this moodlet for Kim. Since she’s an unstable sim she is prone to this moodlet apparently.

6 - unstable trait

I peaked at the information about being Unstable and apparently if left alone her traits could change. I believe this may have happened to Lee since he had the unstable trait at one point but I don’t remember him having it when he aged up to YA.

7 - mckenna and pedro

Mckenna has the hots for Pedro, Tasha’s old flame. Did she steal him from her partner in crime?

8 - painting career

Wish fulfilled! Now Kim can have a career while she pursues her LTW. After she’s mastered painting we’ll move onto writing.


Kim: Well that was more paperwork than I believe was necessary!

What did they have you sign?

Kim: A bunch of stuff, I can’t remember now. But if I start getting telemarketing calls I’m gonna have my revenge on that intern that made me sign my life away!! She will be sorry…

Yah… and Kim’s scare factor just went through the roof…

11 - kim unstable

And this might have something to do with it! Are you feeling okay Kim?

Kim: Hear me, everyone! If any of you EVER prank call me I will hunt you DOWN!

Oooookay. *Admits to hospital for instability*


Back at home…

Ben: You know Sun, you are such a lovely creature. You remind me of my late wife.

Sun Young: Our hearts beat as one! We’re soul mates!


Sun Young: I just loved the beautiful bouquet of roses you gave me the other day. *swoons*

Ben: You really are such a lovely girl.

*Barf* Quit it you two!


Sun Young: Ha ha! You’re so dumb! Are you sure you have a brain in that thick head of yours?

Kenneth: Why you…! Take that back!

12 - ryan honour roll

Yay! Ryan got on the honour roll! (+5 points!)

13 - kim got help

Oh good. We wouldn’t want her losing any important traits. πŸ™‚


How are you feeling Kim?

Kim: Decent. The doctors are all nut jobs though.

At least you’re feeling better, that’s the main thing. πŸ™‚


And so the house returns to something similar to normal. As normal as it can be for this family anyway!



-10 Dog sitter (2)
-20 Fire (4)
-70 Self urination (14)
-120 Passing out (24)
+40 Birth (8)
+10 Twin Birth (1)
+30 Skill Challenge (6)
+20 Honour Roll (4)
+40 Max Skill (4)
+80 Completed LTW (2)
0 Total Points

7 responses to “Chapter 3.2

  1. zefiewings says:

    Ah! The unstable trait looks scary! I want to try it but ah!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree with zefie, I can’t wait to try out the Unstable trait. Though I imagine it would be very difficult for an idiot in an ISBI to have it, since you can’t control them to fix it.

    Moar alien babies! Man, this legacy has the most alien babies I’ve ever seen. And yay for a non-green one! skintone aliens are awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lee had the Unstable trait but I think he lost it. Now that I can control Kim I can see what it does but I dont want her to lose any traits after and “episode”!

      And yes! More alien babies! I have never had this much alien activity in any other game. It’s just something about these Kooks!


  3. notjustabook says:

    Yay! I’m all caught up. Loving the insanity of this – makes me want to play an ISBI myself… but that’ll be when I don’t have two ongoing stories.
    Anyway – keep up the good work. I love this story πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

  4. DarkwingLady says:

    Congratulations Kim on the new career, Ben on the new baby, and Frankie on the marriage!

    And the Simselves for making it into adulthood!

    Aw HELL. I DO wish Ben & Sunny would just…QUIT IT!! T________T

    Liked by 1 person

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