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Hello and thank you everyone for voting on the poll! Here are our results!

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I am very happy with this. 😀 I wanted Kim to have a diverse family but I wasn’t sure if my readers wanted the same. But it looks like they do! Now that we have our result I’ll have another chapter out soon!

Thanks everyone!

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Opinions Please

Hello everyone! As you might have guessed I would like to hear your opinions.

Kim doesn’t seem to actually like any guy she has ever met, but she looked after Natalie and Xavier pretty much on her own. I’m not so much worried about finding a spouse, I just want to know what babies you want to see for this generation since we have a couple of options!

Kim has a wish to woohoo with an alien. It’s only a matter of time before she meets one given how the aliens LOVE this family. She can also make a potion (not yet but we’re working on it) to make her IF real! So, that being said, we have the options of alien babies or IF babies. Or Kim can have both and we’ll have an interesting heir vote!

Also, since this is the third generation Kim has to have the fertility treatment LTR. So either way we’re going to have a big family this generation! 😀

Please let me know what you think using the poll below!

Thanks! 😀


Chapter 3.6

Who’s excited for another chapter of the Kooks? I know I am so let’s jump right in!


Oh sure, here’s a great action shot to get the chapter started! How about we fast forward a bit.


Well what do we have here?

Kim: A little birdie told me there’s a potion that can turn IFs real! I’ve made it my mission to find it!

Good luck with that, just don’t get blown up in the process.



Kim: *cough, splutter, cough* Minor mishap! *cough* Won’t happen again!

Dimitri: O.O


After a quick shower and a few hours with the lab set…

Kim: I DID IT!

Well, actually you just created a basic potion. I think it’s a level 1 potion.

Kim: I am well on my way to success!


Salem: Hello?! Can I get a little screen time here!

What’s up Salem?


Salem: Oh nothing. I’m just going to do a sparkling back-flip is all.



You look so old now!

Salem: But still cute! 😀

58 - xavier bday

And we have another birthday to celebrate!

Screenshot-206 Screenshot-207 Screenshot-211

I love the alien kids. They’re so cute. I really don’t mind the black, soulless eyes. XD


Dimitri: Woo! Ya! You go girl! Kim rocks!

Um, what?

Kim: I needed an ego boost so I told Dimitri to cheer for me.


Kenneth: The only thing I don’t like about snow is how cold it feels!

Why are you talking about snow. There’s no snow outside!


Sun Young: Who cares about snow! This house needs an arcade machine! That would be awesome!

Kenneth: You really like your video games.


Considering this is all she does, I’d say she’s obsessed with video games.


Dimitri: I can’t wait to be real! I’m going to have huge muscles! What do you think of muscles? You like muscles right?

Kim: Maybe I should send you to school when you’re real. I prefer smart men over buff men.

Screenshot-1111 - Xavier walks

I love the walker. It’s so useful!


Dimitri: Oh! Kimmy! I have an idea! It might help!

Kim: What is it?

Dimitri: Let’s order pizza tonight!

Kim: How does that help me make a potion?!


Dimitri: My brilliance is never recognized. Her loss.

Kim: Be quiet while I work or you’ll stay a doll forever!

Dimitri: Harsh.


Be prepared for cuteness! Not much else is going on right now so we’ll pass the time with cute toddler pictures. Aaaannndd GO!

Screenshot-22 Screenshot-23 Screenshot-24 Screenshot-25

Another great item for toddler skills! Kim is going to have it so easy with her kids.


It’s Ben! HI BEN!

Ghost Ben: There’s really no need to shout.

But I’m just so happy to see you!


And the first thing you do is go play a computer game. :/


It’s a spooky night at the Kook house!

Kim: Why do you all have to visit on the SAME night? Space it out a bit!


Ben makes a bee line for Sun Young. Luckily they only chat and make faces for a bit before he drifted away to do something else.

Ghost Ben: I don’t know why you dislike my relationship with Sun. She is a wonderful woman.



Dimitri: I feel a sudden pressure in my chest. Could it be love?

Kim: No. That would be my arm. Can you move back a bit? You’re impeding my ability to pour corrosive liquids.

Wow Kim, since when have you ever used big words?

Kim: Well that was rude! I’m actually quite smart you know!

I know, I’m just teasing you.


So Kenneth was playing outside in the chilly spring morning. Then he does this:



Screenshot-46 Screenshot-48 Screenshot-49

Me –>  O.O  Since when did you get so good at that?!

Kenneth: What do you think I do with all my spare time now?

I didn’t think it was this.

10 - beauty wish

Kim: I want to be beautiful! So beautiful that I am beauty itself!

And so she wished for beauty.

Screenshot-51 Screenshot-52

Kim: Really? I thought I told you to quit with all the smoke.


Kim: I want to be beautiful!

Paula: I always say ‘don’t fix what isn’t broken’ but I’ll see what I can do.

Screenshot-56 Screenshot-60

Kim: I. Feel. BEAUTIFUL!


Paula: Wow, I really hope I didn’t mess that up. She looks the same to me.

Kim: Watch out world! You’re beauty queen has arrived!

She’s totally lost it now.


Paula decided to hang around for a bit and play chess. After a while she disappeared so I’m assuming she went back to her lamp.

1 - simself sam losing more friends

Update time! Poor Sam keeps drifting apart from her friends.

2 - pedro brainwashed again

Say what?! I don’t think Mckenna will ever let him go.

3 - how long will it last

And now she has Pedro even more brainwashed, the poor guy.

4 - emil wont give up on simself tasha

Emil continues to stalk Tasha. Will he ever get a life?

5 - ryan likes the oldies

NO! I disapprove of your relationship with this old woman!

6 - Natalie potty trained

Oh, I missed this somehow. Hooray for potty training!

7 - sean losing friends

Sean and Felicia (Lee’s wife) seem to be drifting apart as well. That’s too bad.8 - ryan likes simself ami

Now this is a much more suitable match! Hang on to him Ami!

9 - ryan dates martina

NOOO!! That tramp! She ruined love for Ami and Ryan.

12 - Natalie peg box

Natalie is just learning things all day long! And all on her own too!

13 - forbidden love

Again, I disapprove.

14 - michelle simself another baby

Yay! More simself babies! Again, not my first choice for a name…


Sparkles! Let’s end this chapter with one more birthday.

15 - natalie bday Screenshot-67

They always get the weirdest hairstyles. And since Natalie learned all of her toddler skills:

16 - natalie traits

She rolled heavy sleeper. Wonderful.


What a little cutie! She certainly does have lighter skin than Mckenna. 🙂



-10 Dog sitter (2)
-20 Fire (4)
-70 Self urination (14)
-120 Passing out (24)
+45 Birth (9)
+10 Twin Birth (1)
+30 Skill Challenge (6)
+20 Honour Roll (4)
+40 Max Skill (4)
+80 Completed LTW (2)
5 Total Points


Bachelorette Challenge Submission!

Hey everyone! This isn’t a regular Kook post. No sir. This is a submission post for Jax, writer of Insanity Doesn’t Compare!

As the title suggests, Jax is doing a Bachelorette Challenge! So let’s meet my contestant: Spencer Goodwin!


Spencer: WHOA! Talk about a close up!

Well I was trying to let everyone see your cute face but ya ruined it.


Spencer: Eh. Sorry. Haha… ha ha. Um, hi?

You are not going to make this easy for me, are you? Quit acting like an awkward teenager!


How about a body shot. All you have to do is stand still and strike a sexy pose or something.

Spencer: Ya know, it’s a really nice day out.

Pay attention! We’re supposed to be showcasing you for the Bachelorette Challenge. Show them all how you’re the guy to beat in this competition!


Spencer: Whoops! Ow! That was my ankle.

*Facepalm* I really hope you’re even accepted at this point. Help me salvage your image and tell me what you like to do with your free time.


Spencer: Well, I’ve always been good with my hands!

Where did you…?

Spencer: Oh these things? They’re the tools of my trade! Never know when the mood will strike to create a masterpiece!

Ok, put those away before you hurt yourself.


Spencer: But, I’ve never hurt myself, well not badly anyway…

Don’t look so put out! How about you tell me about your greatest skill?


Spencer: That would be my guns bro! Look at these beauties!

Ok, don’t strain yourself. You’ll have lots of time later to show off your “guns” to the lucky lady.


Spencer: *sigh*

…You’re going to make me ask, aren’t you?

Spencer: *sigh*

Fiiiine! What’s the picture you’re holding?

Spencer: Oh, nothing special. It’s just my parents. I’m an only child so personally I want a huge family!

Well large families are a lot of fun!


Spencer: So, how’d I do?

I think you did fine. Even if we started off a bit rocky, but hey! At least you showed your true colours! Haha! Get it?!

Spencer: Very funny. Ha. Ha. *eye roll*

Hopefully you’ll see more of Spencer in Insanity Doesn’t Compare!

Mediafire Download Link: Spencer Goodwin


Chapter 3.5

Last chapter was very sad and marked the passing of dear old Ben, founder of this kooky legacy. The family is yet again stricken with grief.


Kenneth: *sob* Dad…*cries uncontrollably*

Hopefully this time the family can keep it together somewhat and we don’t have another fail marathon.


Sun Young: How will the world go on with the most handsome old man ever?! *loud wailing*

The world will live on, just the women around town wont have Ben as eye candy anymore. Honestly, that guy always had notifications from all these women who liked him!


Natalie is too young and didn’t realize what happened. Sweet innocent bliss. But it’s sad that she wont know her father. Natalie truly was Ben’s last child.

31 - natalie learned to walk

But hooray for toddler skills! Kim just left her alone in that walker and she taught herself. 😀


Kim: Grandpa’s gone! I thought he was going to be around forever! The house feels so empty now… *sobs*

Unfortunately it is part of life and Ben will live on in his ancestors!

Kim: True. And we’ll see his ghost around.

Hopefully! 😀


Dimitri: I don’t know how she does it. Stinky dippers, screaming babies, and it’s not even her kid!

Um… are you talking to me?

Dimitri: I’m an IF, who else can I talk to besides Kim? She’s told me all about you and if I listen really hard I can hear you.

Well then. Good to know.


Time for talking skills! Too bad there isn’t a way for toddlers to learn how to use the potty on their own!

35 - new alien baby

Um, WHAT?! This was a surprise, I didn’t think Kenneth’s last stint with the aliens resulted in pregnancy but I GUESS IT DID!

Kenneth: MUAHAHA! Someone has to keep having alien children in this legacy!

You all hate me don’t you? 😦 Of course, we have to raise the child, we’ve raised all the others so why stop now?!


Kenneth: Poor dad! He would have more kids if Grimm didn’t steal him from us! But no fear, for I shall see to it that this legacy is overrun with aliens!

And Kenneth falls deeper into insanity. I swear, between you always being abducted and Kim wanting to woohoo with aliens we’ll be lucky to see a normal Sim baby this generation.

Screenshot-154 36 - welcome xavier

A boy! Yay! I let my boyfriend choose a name and this is what we got. I kind of like it. Genius and Slob traits, that’s an interesting combo. 🙂 (+5 points)


What a little cutie!


Who is also affected by the Curse of the Colour Changing Babies! Not that I’m complaining or anything. 🙂


Sun Young: Darling, if you wanted more kids all you had to do was tell me! I can have more kids. Maybe they wont cry as much either.

Kenneth: I think I’m done having kids for now. I’m sure Kim doesn’t want tons of children to look after. *horrible kissing sounds*

Kim: Why do I have to take care of all the kids?

Well, your parents are lazy and feel like they’ve done their kid raising duties. Consider this practice!


I take it back! Sun Yong is being motherly again! Who wants to make bets on how long this lasts? XD


More skills underway!

38 - Natalie learned to talk

Oh! And this happened! Yay for autonomous skill objects for toddlers.


Time to spin the WHEEL OF ABDUCTION!! Who it tonight’s lucky winner?


CONGRATULATIONS KIM! You have won tonight’s contest! Play nice with the aliens and don’t forget to check out their new gift shop on you way back!

Kim: This is NOT how I wanted this to happen!!

Too bad, so sad.


Kim: I demand you put me down RIGHT NOW! PUT ME DOWN! AHHHHHRRRRGGGG!!


Dimitri: Oh sure! Leave the IF behind like always! It’s not like my feelings are… *gasp!* REAL!

Aw, it’s ok buddy. I get left behind too.


Kim: Why did it have to be you? Don’t you have a brother or male friend who could abduct me instead? Hook a probably distant relative up girlfriend!


Poor Kim just wanted to go to bed but she was starving and on the verge of a mental breakdown. I guess your abduction didn’t go as planned?

Kim: Can’t. Talk. Must. Breathe!


It’s nice to have little ones in the house again!


You are going to make such a good mother!

Kim: Since I’m the one raising these kids, can’t one of them be heir?

Sorry, no. It doesn’t work that way.

Kim: What if I “adopted” them? There HAS to be a loophole somewhere!!

Nope! No can do! You have to have two of your OWN children.


Dimitri: AHH!! Now there’s TWO of them?! Do babies multiply or something?!

Um, sure, yah, something like that… I guess Kim didn’t have the “talk” with you yet.

Kim: Of course not. He’s still a doll.

I guess we’ll just have to fix that!


I think the kids are always so cute in this stage. Then they become little terrors who want bedtimes stories.

Cue synchronized crying in 3… 2… 1…

Screenshot-172 Screenshot-173

These two are spending way more time together in their grief.


Kenneth: Ok! Do an awesome pose! Put your hands up like you’re cheering or something!


Kenneth: Well, that not exactly what I said but whatever! An artist can work with anything!

Are you going to draw another invisible picture like Ben?


That doesn’t really look like Sun Young…

Kenneth: Hush! This will be a masterpiece!


Kenneth: TA-DA!

No wonder these two don’t really have a relationship anymore. Kenneth sees Sun Young as a man! GASP! I mean, sure she’s muscular and all. Maybe Kenneth’s eyes aren’t what they use to be.


Sun Young: Hmmm…

Ok, don’t think too hard, you might hurt yourself.


Sun Young: What a work of art! The muscular detail and definition is flawless! You have such talent!

O.O Well then. I guess she likes it!

32 - ami loses chess

Time for some updates! Ami is still spending her days playing chess.

33 - chris and miriam engaged

CHRIS IS ENGAGED! And the best part is she’s relatively close to his age. 😀

34 - super mega brainwashed

Mckenna has brainwashed Pedro.

37 - pedro overcame brainwashing

But he broke free! Will she leave him alone?

39 - Lee child Davon

YAY! BABIES! Hello little Davon, we’ll have to get screenshots of you at some point!

40 - mckenna wont give up

Mckenna will forever be a stalker. She just can’t let go.

41 - ryan caught by a cougar

Ryan is not so lucky in love. Jackie is old enough to be his mother.

42 - chris and miriam married

WOW! Married already?! That was fast.

43 - simelf sam losing friends

Poor Sam is losing friends again. Gotta cultivate those friendships girl!

44 - trouble in paradise

Uh-oh, trouble in paradise for Lee and Felicia.

45 - tasha simself chess champ

Tasha is also spending her days playing chess. I guess there’s not much else to do in a small town.

46 - mckenna doesnt know when to give up

Just drop it Mckenna! He doesn’t love you!

47 - let the brainwashing begin

Say WHAT?! Now you’re just sending her mixed signals Pedro.

48 - simself michelle having another kid

My simself is having another baby! Finally!

49 - chris working out

Chris isn’t letting married life ruin his figure! Miriam must be happy about that.


Sun Young: It’s my birthday! YAY!

Kenneth: Nice! No more kids!

Well, not from Sun Young anyway. Just don’t get abducted Kenneth!

Kenneth: I’m not planning on it.


Kim: Yay mom! TOOOOOOOOT!

Dimitri: What’s all the excitement about? OH hey Kim! I was looking for you!

50 - sun young bday


Say hello to old lady Sun Young! Are you wearing a top hat? *facepalm* What is with the horrible wardrobes?


A quick run to the dresser and mirror fixed that top hat nonsense! And holy freakin’ nose! Now I see where Ryan and Chris were so fortunate with their noses. XD



-10 Dog sitter (2)
-20 Fire (4)
-70 Self urination (14)
-120 Passing out (24)
+45 Birth (9)
+10 Twin Birth (1)
+30 Skill Challenge (6)
+20 Honour Roll (4)
+40 Max Skill (4)
+80 Completed LTW (2)
5 Total Points (we are in the positive again!!)


Chapter 3.4

A/N: I have put off writing this chapter for far too long for reasons that you will see shortly. Going forward I plan to release a chapter every other week while I’m in school. Enjoy!


Welcome back to Insanity Family! I had an awesome idea for a spouse for Kim, let’s see if she agrees. 🙂


Kim: And where have YOU been?!

Who? Me? O.O

Ben: Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Don’t be too mean to the Voice, Kim!

Kim: YES, YOU! I am finally in the spotlight and you disappear on me! I thought you were never coming back!

Don’t be such a drama queen, it doesn’t suit you. Anyway, I have this idea and –


Kim: Blah, blah, blah, I have an idea, blah! Just face it! I’m going to be alone forever! And this legacy is over!

O.O Shut your face! I’ll have you know that we have a perfect solution right in your pocket!


Kim: Shut my… what?! How rude is that! Maybe I’ll just stand here and make silly faces all day and get my face stuck like this on purpose!

*facepalm* You totally missed my point…

Kim: Wait, did you say something about my pocket? What do I have in my pocket? If you’re talking about that Genie we already tried that and I’m not into females, sorry.

No! Here, let me show you.



Kim: Um… it’s a doll.

Wait for it…


Poof! Say hello to your imaginary friend, Peanut!

Kim: *stares in disbelief*

Peanut: Hey ol’ buddy, ol’ pal, ol’ friend! Betcha never saw that coming! 😀

21 - Peanut likes kim

Awe! Peanut really likes you!

23 - no one is as beautiful as kim

Kim: Meh. I could care less. Oh! Wait! Can we name him Dimitri and he can be my man-servant?!

Um, sure? I think you can ask him to clean up and stuff.


Kim: Excellent…

Yup, she’s totally insane.


Kim: Hey Dimitri! *Sing-song voice* Do you want to build a snowman?

Dimitri (aka Peanut): B-but my name’s Peanut!

Kim: It’s Dimitri. A much more handsome name than ‘Peanut’. I think it suits you.

Dimitri: Really! You think I’m handsome? Ok!


Kim: Here’s a bright idea, how about you start on the next snowball.

Dimitri: I… I touched her hand! *swoons*


Kim: So how does this ‘imaginary friend’ thing work? Am I the only one in the house that can see you?

Dimitri: Basically.

So now you get to look even more insane because everyone will think you talk to thin air all the time!

Kim: Ya, I do that anyway when I talk to you.



Kim: There, a traditional snowman. My winter duties are complete.

Dimitri: That’s was fun! Let’s build another!

Kim: Nah, I’m bored.


Jeez Sun Young! Quit breaking things!


I love this thing. Now Natalie can teach herself to walk! Let’s see how long it takes her to do this on her own.


Are you okay Kim?

Kim: No! The dishwasher just broke, the bathtub is broken, and I’m having a hard time believing my doll came to life!

😦 I’m sorry. Was it too much for you?

Kim: I’ll be fine, just give me a moment.


Dimitri: That’s a lovely painting!

Kim: Don’t you have something better to do that follow me around all day.

Dimitri: Nope.

22 - stalker mckenna strikes again

Let’s see what going on around town! Mckenna is being a stalker again.

24 - mckenna brainwashed pedro

Then she brainwashed him with her alien powers!

25 - more brainwashing

I can’t believe it! They’re back together!

26 - ryan starts his own cat army

I called that. Ryan is going to build his own ninja cat army.

27 - pedro mega brainwashed

So now Pedro isn’t even keeping in touch with friends! What did you do to that poor guy Mckenna?!

28 - sam trying to get into legacy

So I guess Sam is trying to get in on the legacy spouse action. Sorry hun, you’re a little late. XD

29 - chris found love

Awe! Chris has found love! And she’s not some old cougar! Win win!

30 - more love

Yay! They’re dating!


Ben: What a lovely nap! I feel so light!

NOOOO!!! It’s happening!


Ben: I feel so strange…

I’m so sad… YOU CAN”T LEAVE ME!


Grimm: Ben, my dear old friend, it is time.


Ben: Grimm! How have you been buddy? Hey, no hard feelings about stealing my best friend.

Grimm: Thanks Ben.


Grimm: Welcome to the Afterlife!

Ben: I think I’ll like it there.

This is just too sad for me…*Cries*


And so our dear old kooky founder leaves this world for the Afterlife. Hopefully rejoined with his loving wife. He had a long and full life, had five beautiful children, and seven wonderful grandchildren. You will be missed, dear friend!


I moved Dusty’s urn over to the little memorial table too. This is the saddest part about legacies, when the founder and heirs pass away.




-10 Dog sitter (2)
-20 Fire (4)
-70 Self urination (14)
-120 Passing out (24)
+40 Birth (8)
+10 Twin Birth (1)
+30 Skill Challenge (6)
+20 Honour Roll (4)
+40 Max Skill (4)
+80 Completed LTW (2)
0 Total Points


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