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The Kook Family Backwards ISBI!

Chapter 3.8

I want to make up for some lost time so here’s a new Kook chapter! This is a very special chapter and I’ve been so excited to write it! It all began on a quiet night…


Seriously. Everyone is asleep at the SAME time! It’s a rare sight to behold.

34 - kimberly must marry

Both Kenneth and Sun Young rolled this wish. It looks like Kim’s going to get married after all! Even if it’s only the please her parents. But WHO will she marry?


Oh the fates are kind today! I knew it was going to be a special night! Meet Obgu Qi’Zozivun, who has no clue what he just got himself into the moment he set foot on this property. KIM GET YOUR LAZY BUTT OUTTA BED!!


I’m amazed this has actually happened. Kim took SO long to get up and get downstairs I had to trap Obgu to keep him from escaping. Luckily he didn’t just teleport away!

41 - fate

He likes her! It’s destiny!

Kim: Do I get a say in this?



They chatted well into the morning.


And flirted a little too!


Kenneth: Isn’t it a beautiful day? There’s magic in the air!

Sun Young: You know what would be magical? If your son would use the potty by himself like he learned how!


Natalie: Soon… soon this legacy will be ours! And all thanks to Kim! 😀

Kim: I see you watching me, little twerp.

Natalie: EEP! *runs onto school bus*

42 - thow caution to the wind

I’ve been wondering how the Unstable trait works besides using the paper bag method to calm down. So when Kim rolled this wish we locked it in! Today is going to be a day FULL of surprises!

35 - love wish

Kim: Can I wish for love now? Or are you going to make me stand here getting to know him all day?

Fine, let’s take the easy way out.


Kim: Come on Paula! I know you’re in there!

Paula: Nope! Nobody home!

Obgu: Who said that? Did that voice come from the lamp?


Paula: Make it quick.

Kim: I’ve FINALLY met an alien! Make him love me?

Obgu: I wonder if I run fast I could maybe get away from these strange sims? *stares off into the distance*


Paula: Oh! This is exciting! *starts chanting*

Obgu: However, this could be interesting and be beneficial to my kind in our study of this planet. I will stay a little longer. *shrugs*

Dimitri: Hey! What are you all doing out here?

Poor Dimitri, he’ll have to wait a bit longer.


Kim: Look guys! I’m floating! I can feel the magic!

Paula: Your house is missing it’s roof.

Dimitri: What are you doing up there Kimmy?

Obgu: *off in his own little world*


Obgu: What is this strange feeling?

Kim: Who? What? Nope, that wasn’t me. *Stretch* Nothing to see here.

Dimitri: I don’t understand what’s going on!

Paula: So when’s the wedding?


Dimitri: So what about me?

Don’t worry Dimitri. Kim hasn’t forgotten about you. She just needs to wrap up this one little detail in her life!


Obgu: …then they threw something called “snowballs” at my head. It was the worst experience I have had on this planet.

Paula: That’s nice.


Kim: How about a kiss to seal the deal!

Obgu: Wha-!?


Obgu: Please! Wait a moment! I admit I have strong feelings for you but this is all so sudden I am unsure how to proceed!

It’s Pierre all over again!


Kim: I’m sorry! I didn’t even think about the customs on your planet!

Obgu: Oh! Do not worry about it. You just ‘caught me off guard’ as the saying goes.


Kim: So, what’s outer space like handsome?

Dimitri: I’m going to stand here and make this awkward for Kimmy.

Doesn’t even bother her! Lol.


The kiss is a success!

Dimitri: Well that didn’t go as planned.

Stop trying to ruin this for her! Kim has a long standing wish to fulfill and she wants to make her parents happy!


Kim: Since things are going so well how do you feel about dating?

Obgu: It would be my pleasure!

Dimitri: Oh please!

Shhh! Dimitri!

43 - kim trait change

So this is what happens when you let the Unstable trait do what it likes. Although I don’t mind the Brave trait, due to my self imposed Family Trait rule Kim can’t loose Insane. But she has 24 hours to visit a hospital to go back to normal so we’ll leave it for now. XD


Kim: Wait! Wait. I know it’s sudden but I’m feeling brave…


Kim: And I’m tried because I was up most of the night so I want to get this over with so I can take a nap…


Kim: So marry me!

Obgu: *Gasp* Finally! This legacy is ours!

Dimitri: I knew it!

Kim: What?

Obgu: Ahem, I mean, YES! A thousand times yes!


Dimitri: This isn’t going to end well.

You are such a downer! Just be happy for Kim will you?

Dimitri: All this guy wants is a chance at this legacy!

Well it’s what the readers want! So hush you!


Kim: Yup! That’s right! I’m getting married! It’s happening today so you better show up!

That’s right! This is happening TODAY!

44 - wedding

We’re going to have a sunset wedding, or as close to is as possible. The two love birds wasted the day chatting and getting the proposal to work. And Kim needed to sleep a bit before she passed out.

19 - pedro and mckenna breakup

Let’s snoop on the family and simselves while we wait for the wedding to start! I knew Pedro wouldn’t put up with Mckenna much longer.

27 - sam in love

Awe, Sam has found love! Hopefully it lasts.

29 - stalkers unite


33 - chris and miriam

Chris and Miriam are so cute!

37 - mckenna married

Wow, I never thought I’d see the day! Hopefully they go through with it. I think two stalkers getting married is kinda funny. XD


The guests are here! Time to start this wedding!

45 - cheater already

Obgu had left and then came back for the wedding. I was so glad the game didn’t eat him. But he’s a CHEATER already! There is a pattern here that I don’t like. Why are the spouses always falling for a parent of the TH?!


We didn’t quite get the sunset I was hoping for because everyone took so long to get organized. But I still like it.


Everyone is here! Time to get this started.

Tasha: Kenneth took my chair.

There are tons of chairs! Just find a new one, like the one you’re standing in front of right now.


Obgu: Are you alright? Is it customary to cry during this ceremony?

Kim: These are tears of JOY you moron!

Awe. Kim is a romantic at heart it seems.


Kim: I’m not good with speeches so just take this ring.

Obgu: Your customs on this planet are strange. What is the ring for?

I don’t know if Obgu understands the entire situation. XD


Obgu: Oh! More kissing.

Kim: Just shut up and kiss me back. Make it look good! This is for my parents!

46 - married life

Hooray for marriage! But “Kook-Qi’Zozivun” is quite a mouthful. We’ll just stick with “Kook”. 😀


I was hoping they would cut the cake together or something but Obgu just stood there. He’s pretty good at that statue thing. >.<

Obgu: Your traditions are strange to me.

Kim: It’s alright, I can cut my own damn cake! I don’t need a man!

Yes I can see that.


I just want to take a moment to admire Kim’s dress. It’s so pretty! *drool*


Kim: This back patio is kinda bland. It needs some pretty flowers or something!

The lady half in the picture is Miriam, Chris’ wife. Eventually I have to update all the spares spouses and kids on the family tree.


Kim: AAAAARRRGGHHH!!! I have so much pent up anger!

Obgu: That was quite the outburst dear. Again I must ask are you alright?

47 - delusional

Uh-oh, Kim is starting to feel greater effects from being Delusional. She’ll go to the hospital soon.


Kim: I’m just getting use to married life. I’m fine.

Obgu: I believe this is a gesture of tenderness and love, yes?

D’awe! He’s so sweet! Auto-flirt for the win!


Their first dance! Everyone was starting to leave though. It was getting pretty late.


Kim: Ow! My foot!

Obgu: My apologies, I am not the best at this social interaction you call “slow dancing”.


Kim: Hey, um, the wedding is over. Everyone’s gone home now so you can stop throwing rice.

Dimitri: I don’t know how! D:

*reset sim*


Now that he’s part of the family Obgu decided to try his hand at parenting.

Obgu: Hello young one. I see you are of my kind yet your skin is the colour of the beings who live here. What a strange mutation.



Wow, someone’s cranky.

Obgu: I see. I only wished to study you but I can see I have interrupted something important. My apologies.


At least he put him back where he found him. XD

48 - alien ghost baby

I just HAD to include this! Yay ghost-alien baby!


Kim: I think I’ve had enough fun for one night. Time to wake up from this dream.

Kim’s on her way to the hospital so her personality change doesn’t become permanent!


I really don’t mind the Unstable trait all that much. Maybe we’ll let it happen again and see what other traits we can switch out! It’s at random so it makes it kind of fun!

Kim: Meh, we’ll see.


What are you doing sleeping on Kim’s bedroom floor?

Kenneth: I don’t trust that guy. This wedding was too spontaneous for my liking!

Don’t forget, you married Sun Young a day after you met her!

Kenneth: But that was different!

Not really.

Kenneth: Humph. I still don’t like him.


49 - kim got help

How are you feeling?

Kim: Like my old self again!

Good. FYI – your dad is asleep on your bedroom floor. So no fun times with your new husband tonight!

Kim: You mean, my wedding wasn’t a dream? It actually happened?

Um, yes! Of course it did!

Kim: Well I guess when I have a kid or two I can divorce him.

Oh the future is bright for this young couple! Will there be babies soon? We’ll just have to wait and find out! Thanks for reading!



-10 Dog sitter (2)
-20 Fire (4)
-75 Self urination (15)
-120 Passing out (24)
+45 Birth (9)
+10 Twin Birth (1)
+30 Skill Challenge (6)
+20 Honour Roll (4)
+40 Max Skill (4)
+80 Completed LTW (2)
0 Total Points


Chapter 3.7

The Kooks are back! I had some computer issues but I managed to get my pictures back. Hooray for auto-backup that I didn’t know I had turned on! Anyway, let’s see what this family is up to.


You’re not the current heir… where’s Kim?

Kenneth: Why are you asking me? Don’t break my concentration.

I really hope you don’t break your hand.


Kenneth: HI-YAH!


O.O You’re my hero Kenneth. Take that space rock!

Kenneth: I’ll be performing amazing feats of sim-fu Tuesdays and Fridays! Please, no autographs.


Natalie: Can you read me a bedtime story? One about exercise machines, I want to be strong like you!


Kenneth never got around to reading her to sleep, but she went to bed anyway. I like Natalie!


You know, maybe instead of cleaning up smelly dishes you should clean up your smelly self.

Kenneth: Hush Voice! You can’t tell me what to do anymore so I’ll be smelly if I want.

He’ll forget in two seconds and go take a bath anyway.

Screenshot-7920 - xavier talks

Yay! Two skills down, one to go! These objects make parenting a breeze!


No! Why can’t you aliens just come visit them instead of abducting them all the time!?


Sun Young: I don’t want to die! I swear I’ll never flirt with another man again!

Settle down! They’re not going to hurt you.



Sun Young: I don’t care much for you mister but my daughter is really wanting to meet an alien such as yourself.

Where is Kim when I need her?! Sadly he ran away before they could meet. 😦


Sun never does much around the house but she’s pretty good at being motherly still. At least she doesn’t have a personal vendetta against the alien children like Cindy.


There you are!

Kim: It’s okay! I’m okay! He’ll come back, right? RIGHT?! *Heavy breathing*

She’s taking it pretty hard that she missed her chance with that handsome alien guy.

Dimitri: He just disappeared into the night, like a ghost!



Geez Kim! It’s nothing to blow yourself up over!

Kim: *Coughing fit* I wasn’t intentionally trying to blow myself up! Then you’d have no TH!

Dimitri: I could be TH. 😀

Um, no. That’s not how this works.


Maybe you should take a bath.

Kim: I’ll take a bath when I’m good and ready!

Yah, you’re ready now. *Forces Kim to bathe*

Kim: NO! WATER! *Hiss*

Wow! You’re something else today!


Meanwhile, Natalie was invited over to a friend’s house after school.


When she got there nobody was home. Except this friendly dog who she played with for a few hours before going home.


Sun Young: You idiot! Even a man without a brain could understand why I’m upset with you!

Kenneth: Yikes! Scary lady!

I have no clue what’s going on here. All they do is fight!


Kenneth: You said I only needed half a brain! Why did you lie to me?

Sun Young: Who are you talking to?

I’m going to leave them alone before I get dragged into this.


Natalie is just so cute! She’s still at that “friend’s” house and there is still no one home. I had thought she’d left already.


So how’s that potion coming along?

Kim: You know, between you chattering away in my head and Dimitri munching on donuts it’s no wonder I haven’t found the right potion yet! I CAN’T CONCENTRATE!!

Screenshot-101 30 - xavier has all skills

At least she gives Xavier the time of day so he grows up well. I’m loving the dark skin with green hair for these kids! I really hope Kim can fulfill her wish to Woohoo with an alien. I can’t WAIT to see her kids!


Wait! What are you doing with that?

Kim: Oh this? Don’t worry, it’s perfectly harmless.

Suuuure it is.


Kim: Whelp, here goes! Bottoms up! *glug, glug, glug*


Kim: UGH! Tastes like… well actually it wasn’t that bad. Dish water maybe?

How is that not bad?!

Kim: You’re right, it was pretty bad!

Make up your mind!


She had wanted to try one of her potions so since the dishwasher was broken she drank the Radical Reparum potion. She has no handiness skill and fixed it like a pro! Same with a bathtub and the laptop. I think she’s going to stock up on these ones.


Since Kim is being boring and working on finding the potion to turn Dimitri real let’s just creep on the rest of the family. I’m glad Xavier has his toys to play with since no one else spends any time with him. Horrible parenting Kook style.


Natalie also just does her own thing. She only really interacts with the rest of the family to ask for bedtime stories.


At least she does her own homework and actually goes to bed without stories sometimes!


I don’t know who put Xavier in his crib but he’s starving!


Oh, I was going to call Kim over but if you’re here then I wont interrupt her. 🙂


No! He needs food!

Kenneth: But I’m so tired!

He put Xavier in there and took him back out a few times. I was about to go grab Kim.


But he eventually figured it out. 🙂


Oh look! Kim’s working on her LTW for a change!

Kim: Well yah, I need to do a few paintings every now and then for some money.

Oh that’s right, you have the only job in this household.


REALLY?! And we were doing so well. (-5 points)


Kim: So, I don’t know if you know, but I know there are some big plans for my generation!

Dimitri: I only know what you know that you want me to know ’cause I’m from your imagination you know.

Wow you two. All I know is that I’m done with this chapter before you all get too crazy on me.



-10 Dog sitter (2)
-20 Fire (4)
-75 Self urination (15)
-120 Passing out (24)
+45 Birth (9)
+10 Twin Birth (1)
+30 Skill Challenge (6)
+20 Honour Roll (4)
+40 Max Skill (4)
+80 Completed LTW (2)
0 Total Points


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