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The Kook Family Backwards ISBI!

Chapter 3.12

Welcome to another Kook update! I meant to get this out way sooner but it’s been a hectic week. Last chapter we introduced the Deadly Items. Let’s see what kind of havoc they wreck!

Screenshot-75But first, let’s see Kenneth be all grandfatherly. D’awe. 🙂

Screenshot-76And Sun Young starts this chapter off with a fail. Good work. (-5 points)

Screenshot-83Instead of making proper food, Sun Young eats a minty jelly bean. She’s near starving and it does hardly anything for her hunger.

Screenshot-84Natalie teases Bessie. According to the Sims Wiki children can’t be eaten by the Cow Plant. Have fun Natalie!

Screenshot-85Kim totally has a favourite son. She’s constantly rolls wished for Logan but none for Colin.


No matter how many times I turned that thing off she kept turning it on. Eventually I stole it and hid the stereo in the family inventory.

Screenshot-88 Screenshot-89 Screenshot-90 Screenshot-91I thought for sure Obgu would get crushed, but nope. He did get a soda though! XD

Screenshot-93Kenneth no longer sleeps in beds. But he never passes out either. Maybe I should give everyone sleeping bags and there wont be so many passing out fails!

Screenshot-94This is the first time Obgu has ever interacted with his sons. And he only fed Colin then put him in the crib and walked away. Logan didn’t get any attention. 😦

Screenshot-95 Screenshot-96Obgu got a lemonade flavoured jelly bean. Apparently there’s only a 1% chance of dying from eating a jelly bean. This could take a while.

Screenshot-103Paula thought the best thing to do in the middle of the night was to play guitar. Obgu (who never sleeps) was watching until Xavier cornered him for a bed time story. Kenneth, who I’m guessing is selectively deaf, slept through the music.

Screenshot-105So here’s where things got interesting. Paula will not leave the guitar alone. She’ll set it down, then pick it right back up again. Usually not an issue. BUT! Whenever she plays everyone in the house decides to watch. Obgu is back from reading Xavier to sleep, Kenneth woke up from his nap, and Sun Young woke up from sleeping in her room.

Screenshot-106Instead of getting out of bed and getting food, Sun Young decided watching Paula play the guitar was a better idea.

Screenshot-107 Screenshot-108 Screenshot-109Unfortunately it meant starvation and death. Death by Guitar Watching… that’s a new one.

Screenshot-112Kenneth: My wife! She’s gone! I shall join her soon!

No you wont! Go eat something!

Paula: It’s not like I MADE her watch my beautiful guitar skills!

I still blame you. 😡

Screenshot-115And so occurred the first accidental death of this Kooky ISBI. You will be missed dearly Sun Young. (-10 points, ouch!)

Screenshot-117Paula apparently has no shame or remorse.

Paula: I’m writing a song in honour of Sun Young! It’s what she would have wanted!

Yah, sure it is.

Screenshot-118So this is freaky. I’ve never seen fog appear around urns before. Spooky! 😀

Screenshot-120Kenneth eventually got something to eat, but then he stood here for hours just crying! I felt so bad for the guy. 😦

Screenshot-121Kim keeps busy, she has two newborns after all. But every now and then she stops to mourn her mother.

Screenshot-122Even Obgu was touched with grief over her death. And I thought he was incapable of feelings other than anger.

Screenshot-123Uh-oh, Bessie has decided it’s time for dinner. I wonder who tries to steal the cake.

Screenshot-125There were quite a few broken objects around the house so Kim drank a potion and got to work. She only got the laptop and dishwasher fixed before her grief made her mood too low to continue.

Screenshot-127No Obgu! THE CAKE IS A LIE!

Screenshot-130 Screenshot-131I tried to warn him.

Screenshot-133 Screenshot-134There’s no coming back from this one. (-10 points, double ouch!)

Screenshot-137Dimitri: *Gasp!* What’s Grimm doing here again?!

Grimm: So you just HAD to get the cake Obgu. Too bad.

Screenshot-140Poor Kim, she lost her mother and her husband within a span of 12 sim hours. Obgu tried begging for his life…

Screenshot-141But Grimm was having none of that.

Screenshot-142Kim: My mom and my love gone in the same day…

I’m sorry Kim. She looks so sad.

Screenshot-143Kim: Well, life must go on!

O.O Ok then!

Screenshot-145Dimitri: Hey Kim! Do you think maybe I can become a real boy now?

Kim: You do realize my husband JUST died right?

Dimitri: So, that’s a no?

Screenshot-146Kim: That was NOT a nice thing to do, Bessie! Bad Cow Plant! Bad!

Screenshot-148Aw, Bessie feels bad about eating Obgu. And Grimm decided Salem needed some loving attention.

Salem: He’s my new friend! He gives me treats!

Screenshot-151Two accidental deaths in one chapter, and only one due to a Deadly Item. I didn’t think it would happen this fast, but I guess the Kooks like to keep things interesting around here!

Screenshot-155Watch out Kenneth! There’s a Zombie after you!

Kenneth: Let him come! I must leave this cruel world somehow!

Screenshot-156Kenneth: I’m so tired from the grief and sadness!

Zombie: Wow, and I thought I had issues with constant back pain. This guy’s a mess!

Caring zombies FTW. Kenneth lives another day!

Screenshot-157It’s Ben! Hi Ben!

Screenshot-158And Dusty! I’ve missed these two.

Screenshot-160Ghost Ben: Aw, why did you stop? It was such a lovely tune.

Paula: Sorry, I don’t play for ghosts.

Screenshot-161Wow, even Cindy came to visit. I guess the ancestors felt the family needed some comfort in this difficult time.

Screenshot-162Ghost Ben: It’s getting late, are you not tired?

Paula: Are you kidding me? I live for the night!

Screenshot-163Kim is feeling the pressure of being a single mom of twins. Don’t worry hun, your dad is still around! Kenneth is pretty good with the boys.

Screenshot-165 Screenshot-167Cindy decided the milk the Cow Plant produced from eating Obgu was for her. It did nothing.

Screenshot-171Natalie brought this girl home from school.

Girl: This is a nice house. Your parents must be rich!

Natalie: My parents are dead.

Girl: O.O

Screenshot-184Kenneth: No Yetis allowed!

Ok then.

Kenneth: I mean it!


Kenneth: I’ll be angry if I see one!


Screenshot-185This is just a fail chapter, isn’t it? (-5 points)

Screenshot-186At least Paula is good for something. The kids always corner her for bed time stories.

Screenshot-187Too bad Natalie didn’t ask for a story AFTER she used the toilet. (-5 points)

Screenshot-189Dimitri: This guy sleeps in the weirdest places.

You don’t even know the half of it!

Screenshot-191I guess Dimitri felt Kim needed some fun and cheer so he smacked her in the face with a pillow. The joy of pillow fights!

Screenshot-193Time for birthdays! Logan is up first!

Screenshot-194 Natalie and Xavier are asleep so it’s just Kim, Kenneth, and Paula to cheer him on.

14 - logan bdayScreenshot-205He has Kim’s hair! Yay! And it looks like his nose a little bigger than usual. We might have a normal nosed alien here folks!

Screenshot-195Colin is up next!Screenshot-197Paula seems to have disappeared, I don’t know where she went.

15 - colin bday Screenshot-206Colin got Kenneth’s hair! And his nose is notably smaller than his brother’s, interesting.

Screenshot-198We have one more birthday to celebrate! Kim is aging up to Adult!

Screenshot-200NO! I knew the luck with the birthday cakes would run out! Why Kim! Why?! (-5 points)

Screenshot-201Oh there’s Paula, LAUGHING HER FACE OFF AT THE DANGER KIM IS IN! But it’s Dimitri to the rescue! He’s a keeper!

Screenshot-204Luckily Dimitri was right there and acted fast. I would have cried if Kim perished.

Screenshot-208 Screenshot-209Cute toddler alert! These boys are so precious.

Screenshot-211Finally evening comes and Kim ages up on her own. We’re done with birthday cakes for a while. Why are you in your lab coat?

Kim: It’s my party! I’ll wear what I want!

Screenshot-212 Screenshot-213Kim: Ew, I’m old.

You’re not that old. Stop complaining.

17 - kim bdayNow that Kim’s an adult she has to work on her LTW! And more babies have been promised so she has to get a move on before she gets too old!

Screenshot-215Kim: I guess I don’t look that bad. I’m still a hawt momma!

Dimitri: *TOOT* Yay! Party!

It’s ok Dimitri, you can stop now.

Screenshot-216Really? WHAT IS WITH YOU RANDOMS IN MY HOUSE?! This is the same friend that Natalie brought home ages ago. She left shortly after.

Screenshot-218Kim: You’ve been so patient through everything and you’re my best friend! I made this for you.

Screenshot-219Dimitri: Bottoms up!

Screenshot-222Screenshot-223Kim: Man I’m tired! It’s been a long day!

Dimitri: I feel… different.

You’re a real boy now!

Screenshot-227I’ll end this chapter with this handsome face. Introducing the improved Dimitri Kook! I decided to change his nose and mouth shape a bit and leave everything else the same. Thank you everyone for your votes and your opinions on him! I like how he turned out. 😀



-10 Dog sitter (2)
-25 Fire (5)
-80 Self urination (16)
-135 Passing out (27)
-20 Accidental Death (2)
+45 Birth (9)
+20 Twin Birth (2)
+30 Skill Challenge (6)
+20 Honour Roll (4)
+40 Max Skill (4)
+80 Completed LTW (2)
-35 Total Points


Chapter 3.11

I’ve had some free time on my hands so I thought I’d post another chapter! Last time we found out Kim is pregnant and Obgu is really annoying everyone.

ScreenshotSee what I mean? He picks fights with EVERYONE! And frankly, I find it annoying. SO! I decided to let a little mayhem enter the Kook household.


Screenshot-3Introducing Laganaphyllis Simnovorii (aka The Cow Plant), deadly item #1!

Screenshot-4Next up is The Jelly Bean Bush, deadly item #2.

Screenshot-5Deadly item #3: The Murphy Bed.

Screenshot-6The Sugar Slide Vending Machine is deadly item #4.

Screenshot-7And last but not least the Megaphone, deadly item #5! Let’s see if these items cause any mayhem. 😀

Screenshot-9Of course, Obgu is the first to tease Bessie (yes, I’ve named the Cow Plant).

Screenshot-11Awe, I love autonomous actions! Kim was painting and Dimitri queued up an action to dance with her! So I let them. So cute!

Screenshot-12Oh! I also gave Kim the Malleable Mimic Voodoo Doll. I have no clue what it actually does but I bet she can cause a little mischief with it!

Screenshot-15Wow, for once Obgu isn’t picking a fight. Xavier started arguing with Obgu this time. But still, it was negative which I don’t like.

Screenshot-18Xavier is a good kid though. He usually does his homework and he doesn’t fail too often!

Screenshot-19I see your pregnancy is progressing nicely, Kim!

Kim: Why did I let you talk me into this?

Not my fault, blame our readers! They wanted you to be TH and you must have kids to continue the legacy!

Kim: Humph! *Grumble, grumble*

Screenshot-20Really Obgu!? The poor kid was on his way to the washroom and Obgu STOPPED him to argue with him! If this causes a fail I swear… 😡

Spoiler: Xavier made it just in time!

1 - date with leeSo I got this request. The extended family are always calling up the main family asking for dates. It’s also annoying and I usually don’t show them because it’s usually the same sims. However, I thought I clicked the “X”…

Screenshot-22But Sun Young went anyway! I figured what the heck, let her have some family time even if it is a ‘date’. She had been going stir crazy anyway so she needed some time out on the town.

Screenshot-23Better be careful, Obgu! Bessie will eat you if you’re not! 😀

Screenshot-25I honestly don’t know why Paula is still hanging around. She hasn’t been released from her lamp, she just refuses to go back into it on her own! But I do like her. Would it be creepy to consider her as future spouse material? XD

Screenshot-26Kim: I think I saw a GIANT SPIDER on the ceiling over there!

Screenshot-27I missed the shot of Obgu looking over his shoulder to where Kim pointed. But I think his face his funny here.

Obgu: What are you talking about? I do not see a spider.

Screenshot-28 Screenshot-29 Screenshot-30Kim failed in binding the doll to Obgu. I thought he was going to hit her! But he just told her off. I feel bad for Kim, she looks kind of scared.

Screenshot-31But that didn’t stop her from trying again! Obgu has been successfully bonded to the voodoo doll!

Screenshot-33HAHAHA! Look at her face! Is she crazy or what?! Never tick off Kim when she’s a pregnant crazy lady. 😀

Screenshot-35Sparkles! You know what that means!

2 - obgu birthdayObgu was super close to the Elder stage when he joined the family. I have never found an alien that is a Young Adult. They’re all Adults soon-to-be Elders or they’re already Elders. Maybe they’re dying out so that’s why they abduct Sims. Just a thought.

Screenshot-36Obgu doesn’t look happy being an Elder. I love Xavier’s reaction though!

Screenshot-39I really wanted to see what the voodoo doll can do so Kim wasted no time inflicting Curse on Obgu.

Screenshot-40It turned him into a Zombie! Watch out Paula! Zombie Obgu is after you!

Screenshot-42Paula: OH! It’s a Zombie!

Zombie Obgu: Braaaaains!

Screenshot-43Zombie Obgu: BRAAAAAAIIIIINNS!


I LOVE her face! XD

Screenshot-44Paula: Hahaha! You’re too funny Obgu!

Zombie Obgu: o.O <— his face

Screenshot-46Zombie Obgu: Huuuunngry!

Why not eat the plate of salad you JUST put on the floor?

Screenshot-47No? Ok. Apparently it’s a better idea to watch Paula play the guitar than to go eat something. Aaaand Kim broke the laptop. Great!

Kim: It wasn’t me. I’m too sleepy to computer right now.

Yah, that’s why it broke. Now go to bed!

Screenshot-48Zombie Obgu: WHY FOOD NOT HERE?!

Kenneth: I wonder what this delicious salad was doing just sitting on the floor?

You snooze, you lose Obgu!

Screenshot-49He did eventually eat though.

Screenshot-50So Sun Young is STILL hanging out with Lee. They haven’t left this spot the entire time! Sun Young is cold, tired, and almost to starvation point. And Kim is sound asleep and I don’t feel like waking her up to call her mother home. You’re on your own Sun Young!

Screenshot-52I wonder if Bessie will end up eating Paula instead? That would be sad. I like Paula. Oh! Hi Ben! He’s still trying to learn Sim-Fu.

Screenshot-53And he’s failing miserably! 😀

Ghost Ben: It’s not nice to laugh at a man in pain!

You’re a ghost, you don’t feel pain!

Screenshot-54I swear, Obgu can’t go a full day without picking fights.

Screenshot-56How are you doing Sun Young? She is so close to passing out. And now she is practically starving. I’ll be nice and have Kim call her home. It’s morning now.

Screenshot-58Lee: Lovely flowers for the lovely lady!

Sun Young: Good heavens! No! I am happily married and I helped RAISE you! I will not take that trash. Good bye!

Screenshot-59You look like you’re about to pop Kim! Hehe.

Kim: I feel weird.

Screenshot-61Kim: PAAAIIINNN!

It’s baby time!

Screenshot-62Ooooor not. What’s going on Kim?

Kim: I’m a puppy! Woof woof! *licks hand*

She’s detached herself from reality. This child will be in good hands.

Screenshot-64Dimitri: What’s the matter Kimmy? Tummy-ache?

Kim: Not. Helping. Dimitri.

Screenshot-65Kim’s parents are a lot of help right now. At least Sun Young made it home.

Screenshot-66Obgu is doing tons to help Kim out as well. Not. The father doesn’t even care!

Screenshot-67Um, where are you going?

Screenshot-68To stand in a field… while your daughter gives birth… Mother of the Year Award folks.

(Actually, when Kim called her home Lee had started telling a Ghost Story which was still in her action cue. So she was on her way back to Lee when it cancelled and she was dropped off here. I love it when the game does stuff like that.) :/

Screenshot-69Obgu’s favourite hobby.

Paula: Seriously dude? Your wife is having your child and you think NOW is a good time to argue with me?

Screenshot-71 Screenshot-723 - baby loganWelcome to the family Logan! I thought Kim had a pretty good pregnancy, but Disciplined and Genius are good traits so I can’t complain.

Screenshot-73 Screenshot-74 4 - baby colinKim had twins! Welcome to the family Colin! (+10 points!) I don’t think ‘Can Salute’ is a real trait… thanks game.

5 - colin traitsSince Colin needed one more trait I rolled it because he should have been born with two random ones anyway. Hopefully the boys will learn all their toddler skills so they can get the Insane trait and be eligible heirs!

Screenshot-77Here’s Logan. He got his daddy’s green skin tone.

Screenshot-78And here’s Colin. He got his mommy’s skin tone!

It wont be long before these little tykes are Teens. Will Kim ever get to be with Dimitri? Will Obgu terrorize the family forever? Lots to happen in the chapters to come! 😀



-10 Dog sitter (2)
-20 Fire (4)
-75 Self urination (15)
-125 Passing out (25)
+45 Birth (9)
+20 Twin Birth (2)
+30 Skill Challenge (6)
+20 Honour Roll (4)
+40 Max Skill (4)
+80 Completed LTW (2)
+5 Total Points


Chapter 3.10

Welcome back to Kooky fun! Last time we pretty much followed Obgu around and watched him not adjust to the family. I wonder if he’ll fare any better this chapter.

Screenshot-27Obgu: I cannot believe how rich this family is! My children will live like KINGS!

Paula: What children? Last I checked Miss. Kimmy wasn’t pregnant.

Obgu: Not yet…

Screenshot-29Paula: So… popping out any kids soon?

Kim: What?! Says who?!

Paula: I’ll take that as a no. Check.

Screenshot-31Kim: You should pay more attention to the game. And that’s Check Mate. 🙂

Paula: Wow, you’re good.

Why are you STILL here Paula? Why?

Screenshot-33Awe. Autonomous face sucking. And jingle butt!

Screenshot-36 9 - successShe did it! I had no idea she was this close! Dimitri, you should look happier!

Dimitri: Why? It’s not like I have a chance with Mr. Green-Stud-Muffin hanging around.


10 - Dimitri will become realBut it WILL happen eventually! Kim even wished for it!

Screenshot-38I have no clue where Natalie keeps wandering off to after school. This is now her new routine. Poor child.

Screenshot-41But at least she does better than Xavier! Not cool bro! (-5 points)

Screenshot-43Kenneth: Why must you bore me with your meaningless prattle?

Obgu: How DARE you!

Screenshot-44Obgu: You shall pay for your insolence! *Slap*

O.O Again?! Man, Obgu’s got some issues.

**Later that day**

Screenshot-49Obgu: Have you come to insult me again?

Kenneth: What’s your issue? I was simply going to ask you about the weather!

4 - stalker samLet’s take a moment to check out some updates! Sam just can’t get over old man Simon.6 - Mckenna and EmilMckenna and lover-boy Emil are still going strong.7 - stalker mckennaAlthough she wont leave poor Pedro alone!11 - creeper samAgain Sam? I mean really?12 - creeper emilAnd Emil! What is this? National Stalker Day?16 - ryan and tashaYES, YES, YES! This I approve of! Hold her tight Ryan!17 - mckenna has a babySay WHAT?! I forgot she was pregnant…18 - that didn't take longThen this popped up right after. Bahahaha! That didn’t last long! I wonder if they’ll stalk each other now?

Screenshot-50Paula: How did she beat me so easily?

I guess she’s here to stay. Go do something useful at least! Gah!

Screenshot-51Kim: Hey husband… *wink*

Obgu: Hello.

Screenshot-54Dimitri: Hey Kim! Oh… you’re busy.

Screenshot-55It’s baby making time!

Screenshot-57Oh sure Dimitri, just stand that and watch them. ‘Cause that’s not creepy at all. >.<

13 - insecure kimAwe. Kim got this moodlet right after! I haven’t seen this before. She’s so cute.

Screenshot-59Sun Young looks like she’s have a blast.

Paula: There’s no way she could have beat me like that! Kim must have cheated!

Wow Paula, let it go already.

Screenshot-60Actually, I think Sun Young has lost her marbles. She’s having fun playing nothing.

Screenshot-61 Screenshot-62 Screenshot-63Ok, this house is seriously disgusting. No one ever cleans!

Screenshot-64Dimitri: If I could smell this house would stink. How do you live like this?

Kim: It’s not me, it’s them. Why don’t you stop complaining and use those big strong muscles to help me out?

Screenshot-65Dimitri: Really? You think I’m strong? Hehe.

I love Dimitri, he’s so cute. ❤

Screenshot-67Really Obgu? Now you’re picking fights with kids? What is with this guy!?

Screenshot-71Kenneth: Oh! I’m starving! There’s no food!

There is food! In the fridge! But no! You just HAD to make a pumpkin pie and BURN IT!

Screenshot-72Kenneth: My poor empty stomach…

Natalie: Oh! Pumpkin pie! Don’t mind if I do!

Bless you child, she’ll eat anything.

Screenshot-76Salem: I wonder if I can jump down from here… It looks pretty high…

This is why you don’t get screen time Salem. YOU’RE BORING!

Screenshot-78Really? Do they starve you or something?

Xavier: FOOD! O.O

Screenshot-79That is one nasty toilet.

Kim: *BLEUGH* Try sticking your face in it!

Screenshot-80Well, now there’s at least one toilet that will be clean.

Kim: Shut up. This is something my man slave should be doing, not me!

Sweetie, you don’t have a man slave. And before you point a finger at Dimitri he does try, but his abilities are somewhat limited right now.

Honestly, she does the “Ask to clean” interaction and he walks away only to turn around and come right back to her side. He’s like a love sick puppy.

Screenshot-81Belly pop! The alien pregnancy has begun!

19 - wish for a boyAnd she rolled this wish as soon as she popped! Next chapter… BABY TIME! Will Kim get the little boy she wished for? Find out next time!

Also, thank you to everyone who voted on the two polls I had! They are now closed! The results will become known in the next few chapters! 😀



-10 Dog sitter (2)
-20 Fire (4)
-75 Self urination (15)
-125 Passing out (25)
+45 Birth (9)
+10 Twin Birth (1)
+30 Skill Challenge (6)
+20 Honour Roll (4)
+40 Max Skill (4)
+80 Completed LTW (2)
-5 Total Points


Family Fun – Episode 1

Hello everyone!

I recently updated the family tree with pictures of the extended family. I thought it would be fun to post some larger pictures here because let’s face it, Ben provided some great genes for this family! Also, I wanted to use this post as a shout out to anyone looking for characters for their own stories. All spares and their children will be shown in “Family Fun” episodes. If you see a Sim you like I’ll post the download link for you! Just let me know in the comments and I’ll create a downloads page. 🙂


Generation One

It all began with this handsome guy right here:

Ben - ElderWhen I first met Ben Kook his scruffy beard and long hair obscured his amazing good looks. But I soon found out that all the ladies loved him. This man has had more heart farts than any other Sim I have ever played.

Of course, the lucky lady to catch him was this girl:

Cindy - YAThe thing that stood out most about Cindy were her eyes. I love the gold colouring, just as much as Ben’s purple eyes (which I’m still sad that they never got passed on).

Their first born son was this fella:

Anakin - YAAt first the black hair surprised me, but when I pulled a copy of Ben into CAS and aged him down the mystery was solved! Anakin’s black hair, large nose, and square jaw very much resemble his father.

Anakin had a fun night with an alien:

Zolada Xi'CokemeqWell, I think Zolada Xi’Cokemeq had more fun that him. I find it funny how in TS2 only male aliens could impregnate male Sims, while in my game in TS3 they’re all female aliens. Just an observation.

Anyway, they had a daughter:

Hannah - YAThe lovely Hannah, the very first alien child I have ever had in any of my games to successfully grow up (and by that I mean the game didn’t crash or glitch so bad I had to scrap it). I never did get the time to write the story I was planning for her. Maybe someday.

When Anakin was thrown into the clutches of Story Progression it didn’t seem like he would ever have more kids. He was a ladies man just like his dad. But eventually he met this lady:

Lina LancasterLina Lancaster from Lucky Palms. I don’t like her mouth. That’s all I’m going to say. Even though they never actually married, Anakin and Lina were together forever and had two kids:

Kristen LancasterTheir first born is Kristen, who has a striking resemblance to Kim! I see it in the lips and jaw line. You can tell they’re related!

Cruz LancasterThis is Cruz, their second child. I don’t know where that orange hair came from, maybe a grandparent on Lina’s side, but I like it! Again, there is a strong resemblance to Ben with that square jaw and that big nose! Definitely a family feature among the Kook men!

Going back to Ben and his wife Cindy, their second child was Kenneth:

Kenneth - AdultSince he became the Second Generation TH all of his children an their children will be shown in Episode 2. I just want to take a moment to point out that nose again. That is one hard nose to breed out, thanks Ben!

Just like Anakin, Ben also had some run-ins with aliens. First he met Eshehic Vajjevoo:

Eshehic VajjevooI know, I know, she looks exactly like Zolada. But I swear they’re not the same alien. I kind of wish they didn’t ALL look the same.

Ben and Eshehic had a son together:

Frankie - YAFrankie grew up with Anakin and Kenneth, but none of them ever became really close. When Frankie left the family home story progression was kinder to him. After a few failed relationships he finally met his wife:

Pansy KookSay hello to Pansy Northrop (now Kook) from Lucky Palms. I love her blue eyes. Frankie and Pansy had two kids together.

Their first son:

Pablo KookPablo Kook. He looks very much like his father. However, he rocks that orange hair!

And their second son:

Curt KookCurt Kook. And what’s this?! A NORMAL nose? And normal eyes, aside from being totally black! It looks like Ben black hair has been passed down as well. I thought it would take ages to breed out that skinny nose, but I guess not! Just luck of the gene I guess.

Ben’s fourth child was, again, with an alien. This time he was abducted by Axane Qomiphash:

Axane QomiphashYou’ll see her later on. Apparently abducting one Kook male wasn’t enough, she just HAD to get her hands on another one. That made the family tree as kooky as the family themselves, but more on that in another episode.

Ben and Axane had a son:

Lee - YALee was born close to the time Kenneth took over as TH. Ben pretty much did his own thing at that point but he was still there for his fourth son. It was always funny to think of Lee and Kenneth as half-brothers when Kenneth had to scold him for skipping school or playing a prank.

Eventually Lee was sent out into the world where Story Progression caught him. SP never seems to let the family members settle down quickly, but Lee found love with this woman:

Felicia KookFelicia Lin from Aurora Skies. She looks a little on the thin side with those hollow cheeks. Felicia and Lee only had one child before Felicia became an elder:

Davon KookMeet Davon, another descendant to get Ben’s black hair! I kind of wonder now if the green hair ever gets passed along. So far it hasn’t shown up, maybe further down the bloodline it will.

Ben’s last child is a daughter with Shuyel Exipeth:

Shuyel ExipethAgain, another elder. With the SAME face. Ugh. Anyway, as I mentioned they had a daughter:

Natalie - ChildIt’s sad that Natalie will never know her mother or father. Ben passed away when she was still an infant, and her mother shows up as a ghost in the portrait for the family tree. Natalie is being raised by Ben’s granddaughter, Kim. Kenneth is around, but he’s never paid much attention to his only sister. Still, I have high hopes for Natalie when she grows up. When she has kids of her own I will add a Part 2 for this episode. Just because she’s the youngest doesn’t mean she has to be left out!


Thank you everyone for reading! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the many kids and grandkids of Ben! Also, if you would like any of these Sims (the spares or their children) just let me know. I’d be happy to post a Mediafire download link for you!


The Kooks are moving!

It’s that time again! Kim has not only rolled a wish to move but the game is also becoming a bit laggy and a move always helps! As usual the readers get to choose. 😀 I’ve taken out towns where the family has previously lived and all towns on the list I have. Where should the family make a fresh start? Vote now!


Special Update!

Hello everyone!

I have a special update for you! I’ve played ahead a bit and LOTS will be happening in the next few chapters. HOWEVER! I know many of you are dying in anticipation of seeing Dimitri turned real! Since IF dolls have a tendancy to be face ones/pudding faces when they become real and I’m terrible at recognizing face ones/pudding faces I’m going to give you a sneak peak!

Drum roll please!






Screenshot-225TA-DA! Say hello to Dimitri Kook! What do you all think? Personally I think he’s a cutie but I’m biased because I love his hair and eyes! Let’s have a poll: Keep Dimitri just the way his is or make some changes so he’s not a “face one” (if he is a face one, I honestly can’t tell.)



Chapter 3.9

Welcome back to another Kook chapter! Last chapter Kim married an alien! Finally her wish to woohoo with one can be fulfilled! Let’s see how Obgu fares living with this Kooky family. 😀


For whatever reason Paula is still hanging around the house. I don’t know why she wont go back to her lamp.

Paula: Want to watch TV with me?

Obgu: I hear the cry of a helpless child. He beckons me.

Paula: Suit yourself.


Truth be told, Obgu isn’t bad at this parenting thing. Xavier seems happy enough.


AND he keeps Salem company while the rest of the family seems to have forgotten they have a cat.

Salem: No one loves me. 😦

I DO! I’m sorry buddy. *resolves to include more screen time for Salem*


Then, for whatever reason, everyone started gathering in Kim’s room. Weirdos.

Sun Young: Something’s fishy with this one…

Obgu: I feel a murderous gaze upon my back…

The family doesn’t seem to be warming up to Obgu too well.


At least these two are a little more romantic now. They seem to have some ups and downs.


Paula: Hey! Want to go see a movie with me? It’d totally just be as friends.

Obgu: I don’t understand. We have a television set right here.

I see what you’re up to Paula! Already trying to steal Kim’s new man!

55 - sun young at it again

When Obgu joined the family I got this little notification. She’s obviously into him.


Obgu: I don’t understand why you are upset. I was only trying to express my thoughts on your beauty.

Sun Young: How DARE you shamelessly flirt with me. I am your WIFE’S mother!

Oh how the tables have turned. I bet she was looking for a way to argue with him!


Sun Young: You, sir, have no brain! You can’t just flirt with anyone! You are a married man now!


Sun Young: I mean, honestly. What was my daughter thinking marrying the likes of you!

Obgu: Now see here, madam!


Obgu: I am highly intelligent and my race is far superior to yours! I shall not tolerate your insolence. *Slaps her in the face*

O.O He actually slapped her! Obgu is not adjusting to his new life well.


Obgu: Ugh! I can not believe I chipped a nail on your face. Explain yourself!

Sun Young: I think it’s time my dear husband gave you a taste of his Sim-Fu!

Wow. PS. Obgu is a Diva. XD


Dimitri: I don’t think your family likes your husband. I saw him flirting with your mom, then when she told him off he slapped her!

Kim: Haha! Good one Dimitri! You always make up the wildest stories. Obgu wouldn’t hurt a fly!


Kim is blissfully ignorant of the hate brewing in the family while she tries to find the right potion to turn Dimitri real. She made him a promise after all.


I decided to give Obgu a wardrobe update because I was tired of seeing him in his space suit all the time. Aside from the skinny nose he’s not a bad looking guy.


Sun Young: Kenneth, darling, I don’t think our daughter has made a wise choice. How can someone so rude and cruel be a good father for her children?

Kenneth: I knew there was something I didn’t like about that man. How dare he slap your beautiful face!

Uh-oh, Kenneth and Sun Young are plotting something…


I swear, Obgu only likes the kids because they’re aliens. He has low relationships with his in-laws but keeps Kim happy. The plot thickens! He’s only in this for the legacy!

Paula: Gaming is so fun! I have to stick around here more often!



Obgu: I believe this is a blues cord. Am I making the right face?

Oh, the tortured soul of a misunderstood man. Just don’t slap anyone else ok?


Natalie wound up at another friends house after school. Luckily she found a couch to pass out on before failing. Again, no one was home while she was visiting. I swear this child just lets herself into strangers homes to escape her family.

50 - stalker emil

Let’s check out some updates! Emil is still stalking Tasha.

51 - sam and simon breakup

Oh no! Poor Sam, I was hoping she had found love.

52 - chris wife cheats

I got this little tidbit at some point. For shame Miriam!

53 - ryan dumps old lady

YAY! Finally some good news! XD

54 - lee losing friends

Poor Lee, he’ll have no friends at this rate.

56 - sun young uber geek

And this also happened. Sun Young reached Uber Geek status (I don’t know what it’s actually called but it’s the top of the Nerd social group).

57 - sun young new trait

She’s now a Computer Whiz. It popped up with that so I didn’t change it.


Guess what time it is!?

1 - Xavier bday

2 - Xavier traits

I knew it! Obgu has been a bad influence on Xavier!


Here he is post makeover. Since he’s a slob I thought his hair and clothes should reflect that!

3 - Kim unstable

Oh, and Kim had another episode. But she has to be Insane so off to the hospital with you!

Kim: AAARRRGGGGHH!!! I HATE the hospital!

GO! NOW! We don’t need any more fights in this house.

5 - cured


Kim: Why do you do this to me?

You do it to yourself, it’s YOUR trait that does this.


Meanwhile, back at the house…

Xavier: Hey, blue lady. Can you read me a story?

Paula: Blue lady? Really? Figure out my name, then wish for a story.


Xavier: Daddy, who’s the blue lady who wont leave our house?

Kenneth: I think her name is Pauline. Now don’t interrupt! This is where the real secret strategies of chess come into play!


Paula: Maybe if I write a song about my name they wont forget it so easily.

Nah, that’s just Kenneth. He’s at the point where he doesn’t even know his own name.

Kenneth: I heard and resent that comment!

Hush! I wasn’t talking to you!


Really? Another bedtime story?

Obgu: Are you finished looking at this page?

Xavier: Um, I guess. There were a lot of big words I didn’t know.

I don’t think Obgu is actually reading to him.


Paula: He met her gaze with eyes of passion, for too long they had been apart.

Whoa! Stop! That is not age appropriate!

Paula: Haha! Got ya! I love fake book covers.



Hiya Ben! Always great to see you!


But not when you break the TV. 😦

Ghost Ben: I didn’t do it.

Yah, sure you didn’t. Just like everything else you’ve never broke.



-10 Dog sitter (2)
-20 Fire (4)
-75 Self urination (15)
-120 Passing out (24)
+45 Birth (9)
+10 Twin Birth (1)
+30 Skill Challenge (6)
+20 Honour Roll (4)
+40 Max Skill (4)
+80 Completed LTW (2)
0 Total Points


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