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Family Fun – Episode 1

Hello everyone!

I recently updated the family tree with pictures of the extended family. I thought it would be fun to post some larger pictures here because let’s face it, Ben provided some great genes for this family! Also, I wanted to use this post as a shout out to anyone looking for characters for their own stories. All spares and their children will be shown in “Family Fun” episodes. If you see a Sim you like I’ll post the download link for you! Just let me know in the comments and I’ll create a downloads page. 🙂


Generation One

It all began with this handsome guy right here:

Ben - ElderWhen I first met Ben Kook his scruffy beard and long hair obscured his amazing good looks. But I soon found out that all the ladies loved him. This man has had more heart farts than any other Sim I have ever played.

Of course, the lucky lady to catch him was this girl:

Cindy - YAThe thing that stood out most about Cindy were her eyes. I love the gold colouring, just as much as Ben’s purple eyes (which I’m still sad that they never got passed on).

Their first born son was this fella:

Anakin - YAAt first the black hair surprised me, but when I pulled a copy of Ben into CAS and aged him down the mystery was solved! Anakin’s black hair, large nose, and square jaw very much resemble his father.

Anakin had a fun night with an alien:

Zolada Xi'CokemeqWell, I think Zolada Xi’Cokemeq had more fun that him. I find it funny how in TS2 only male aliens could impregnate male Sims, while in my game in TS3 they’re all female aliens. Just an observation.

Anyway, they had a daughter:

Hannah - YAThe lovely Hannah, the very first alien child I have ever had in any of my games to successfully grow up (and by that I mean the game didn’t crash or glitch so bad I had to scrap it). I never did get the time to write the story I was planning for her. Maybe someday.

When Anakin was thrown into the clutches of Story Progression it didn’t seem like he would ever have more kids. He was a ladies man just like his dad. But eventually he met this lady:

Lina LancasterLina Lancaster from Lucky Palms. I don’t like her mouth. That’s all I’m going to say. Even though they never actually married, Anakin and Lina were together forever and had two kids:

Kristen LancasterTheir first born is Kristen, who has a striking resemblance to Kim! I see it in the lips and jaw line. You can tell they’re related!

Cruz LancasterThis is Cruz, their second child. I don’t know where that orange hair came from, maybe a grandparent on Lina’s side, but I like it! Again, there is a strong resemblance to Ben with that square jaw and that big nose! Definitely a family feature among the Kook men!

Going back to Ben and his wife Cindy, their second child was Kenneth:

Kenneth - AdultSince he became the Second Generation TH all of his children an their children will be shown in Episode 2. I just want to take a moment to point out that nose again. That is one hard nose to breed out, thanks Ben!

Just like Anakin, Ben also had some run-ins with aliens. First he met Eshehic Vajjevoo:

Eshehic VajjevooI know, I know, she looks exactly like Zolada. But I swear they’re not the same alien. I kind of wish they didn’t ALL look the same.

Ben and Eshehic had a son together:

Frankie - YAFrankie grew up with Anakin and Kenneth, but none of them ever became really close. When Frankie left the family home story progression was kinder to him. After a few failed relationships he finally met his wife:

Pansy KookSay hello to Pansy Northrop (now Kook) from Lucky Palms. I love her blue eyes. Frankie and Pansy had two kids together.

Their first son:

Pablo KookPablo Kook. He looks very much like his father. However, he rocks that orange hair!

And their second son:

Curt KookCurt Kook. And what’s this?! A NORMAL nose? And normal eyes, aside from being totally black! It looks like Ben black hair has been passed down as well. I thought it would take ages to breed out that skinny nose, but I guess not! Just luck of the gene I guess.

Ben’s fourth child was, again, with an alien. This time he was abducted by Axane Qomiphash:

Axane QomiphashYou’ll see her later on. Apparently abducting one Kook male wasn’t enough, she just HAD to get her hands on another one. That made the family tree as kooky as the family themselves, but more on that in another episode.

Ben and Axane had a son:

Lee - YALee was born close to the time Kenneth took over as TH. Ben pretty much did his own thing at that point but he was still there for his fourth son. It was always funny to think of Lee and Kenneth as half-brothers when Kenneth had to scold him for skipping school or playing a prank.

Eventually Lee was sent out into the world where Story Progression caught him. SP never seems to let the family members settle down quickly, but Lee found love with this woman:

Felicia KookFelicia Lin from Aurora Skies. She looks a little on the thin side with those hollow cheeks. Felicia and Lee only had one child before Felicia became an elder:

Davon KookMeet Davon, another descendant to get Ben’s black hair! I kind of wonder now if the green hair ever gets passed along. So far it hasn’t shown up, maybe further down the bloodline it will.

Ben’s last child is a daughter with Shuyel Exipeth:

Shuyel ExipethAgain, another elder. With the SAME face. Ugh. Anyway, as I mentioned they had a daughter:

Natalie - ChildIt’s sad that Natalie will never know her mother or father. Ben passed away when she was still an infant, and her mother shows up as a ghost in the portrait for the family tree. Natalie is being raised by Ben’s granddaughter, Kim. Kenneth is around, but he’s never paid much attention to his only sister. Still, I have high hopes for Natalie when she grows up. When she has kids of her own I will add a Part 2 for this episode. Just because she’s the youngest doesn’t mean she has to be left out!


Thank you everyone for reading! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the many kids and grandkids of Ben! Also, if you would like any of these Sims (the spares or their children) just let me know. I’d be happy to post a Mediafire download link for you!


The Kooks are moving!

It’s that time again! Kim has not only rolled a wish to move but the game is also becoming a bit laggy and a move always helps! As usual the readers get to choose. 😀 I’ve taken out towns where the family has previously lived and all towns on the list I have. Where should the family make a fresh start? Vote now!


Special Update!

Hello everyone!

I have a special update for you! I’ve played ahead a bit and LOTS will be happening in the next few chapters. HOWEVER! I know many of you are dying in anticipation of seeing Dimitri turned real! Since IF dolls have a tendancy to be face ones/pudding faces when they become real and I’m terrible at recognizing face ones/pudding faces I’m going to give you a sneak peak!

Drum roll please!






Screenshot-225TA-DA! Say hello to Dimitri Kook! What do you all think? Personally I think he’s a cutie but I’m biased because I love his hair and eyes! Let’s have a poll: Keep Dimitri just the way his is or make some changes so he’s not a “face one” (if he is a face one, I honestly can’t tell.)



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