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Chapter 3.11

I’ve had some free time on my hands so I thought I’d post another chapter! Last time we found out Kim is pregnant and Obgu is really annoying everyone.

ScreenshotSee what I mean? He picks fights with EVERYONE! And frankly, I find it annoying. SO! I decided to let a little mayhem enter the Kook household.


Screenshot-3Introducing Laganaphyllis Simnovorii (aka The Cow Plant), deadly item #1!

Screenshot-4Next up is The Jelly Bean Bush, deadly item #2.

Screenshot-5Deadly item #3: The Murphy Bed.

Screenshot-6The Sugar Slide Vending Machine is deadly item #4.

Screenshot-7And last but not least the Megaphone, deadly item #5! Let’s see if these items cause any mayhem. 😀

Screenshot-9Of course, Obgu is the first to tease Bessie (yes, I’ve named the Cow Plant).

Screenshot-11Awe, I love autonomous actions! Kim was painting and Dimitri queued up an action to dance with her! So I let them. So cute!

Screenshot-12Oh! I also gave Kim the Malleable Mimic Voodoo Doll. I have no clue what it actually does but I bet she can cause a little mischief with it!

Screenshot-15Wow, for once Obgu isn’t picking a fight. Xavier started arguing with Obgu this time. But still, it was negative which I don’t like.

Screenshot-18Xavier is a good kid though. He usually does his homework and he doesn’t fail too often!

Screenshot-19I see your pregnancy is progressing nicely, Kim!

Kim: Why did I let you talk me into this?

Not my fault, blame our readers! They wanted you to be TH and you must have kids to continue the legacy!

Kim: Humph! *Grumble, grumble*

Screenshot-20Really Obgu!? The poor kid was on his way to the washroom and Obgu STOPPED him to argue with him! If this causes a fail I swear… 😡

Spoiler: Xavier made it just in time!

1 - date with leeSo I got this request. The extended family are always calling up the main family asking for dates. It’s also annoying and I usually don’t show them because it’s usually the same sims. However, I thought I clicked the “X”…

Screenshot-22But Sun Young went anyway! I figured what the heck, let her have some family time even if it is a ‘date’. She had been going stir crazy anyway so she needed some time out on the town.

Screenshot-23Better be careful, Obgu! Bessie will eat you if you’re not! 😀

Screenshot-25I honestly don’t know why Paula is still hanging around. She hasn’t been released from her lamp, she just refuses to go back into it on her own! But I do like her. Would it be creepy to consider her as future spouse material? XD

Screenshot-26Kim: I think I saw a GIANT SPIDER on the ceiling over there!

Screenshot-27I missed the shot of Obgu looking over his shoulder to where Kim pointed. But I think his face his funny here.

Obgu: What are you talking about? I do not see a spider.

Screenshot-28 Screenshot-29 Screenshot-30Kim failed in binding the doll to Obgu. I thought he was going to hit her! But he just told her off. I feel bad for Kim, she looks kind of scared.

Screenshot-31But that didn’t stop her from trying again! Obgu has been successfully bonded to the voodoo doll!

Screenshot-33HAHAHA! Look at her face! Is she crazy or what?! Never tick off Kim when she’s a pregnant crazy lady. 😀

Screenshot-35Sparkles! You know what that means!

2 - obgu birthdayObgu was super close to the Elder stage when he joined the family. I have never found an alien that is a Young Adult. They’re all Adults soon-to-be Elders or they’re already Elders. Maybe they’re dying out so that’s why they abduct Sims. Just a thought.

Screenshot-36Obgu doesn’t look happy being an Elder. I love Xavier’s reaction though!

Screenshot-39I really wanted to see what the voodoo doll can do so Kim wasted no time inflicting Curse on Obgu.

Screenshot-40It turned him into a Zombie! Watch out Paula! Zombie Obgu is after you!

Screenshot-42Paula: OH! It’s a Zombie!

Zombie Obgu: Braaaaains!

Screenshot-43Zombie Obgu: BRAAAAAAIIIIINNS!


I LOVE her face! XD

Screenshot-44Paula: Hahaha! You’re too funny Obgu!

Zombie Obgu: o.O <— his face

Screenshot-46Zombie Obgu: Huuuunngry!

Why not eat the plate of salad you JUST put on the floor?

Screenshot-47No? Ok. Apparently it’s a better idea to watch Paula play the guitar than to go eat something. Aaaand Kim broke the laptop. Great!

Kim: It wasn’t me. I’m too sleepy to computer right now.

Yah, that’s why it broke. Now go to bed!

Screenshot-48Zombie Obgu: WHY FOOD NOT HERE?!

Kenneth: I wonder what this delicious salad was doing just sitting on the floor?

You snooze, you lose Obgu!

Screenshot-49He did eventually eat though.

Screenshot-50So Sun Young is STILL hanging out with Lee. They haven’t left this spot the entire time! Sun Young is cold, tired, and almost to starvation point. And Kim is sound asleep and I don’t feel like waking her up to call her mother home. You’re on your own Sun Young!

Screenshot-52I wonder if Bessie will end up eating Paula instead? That would be sad. I like Paula. Oh! Hi Ben! He’s still trying to learn Sim-Fu.

Screenshot-53And he’s failing miserably! 😀

Ghost Ben: It’s not nice to laugh at a man in pain!

You’re a ghost, you don’t feel pain!

Screenshot-54I swear, Obgu can’t go a full day without picking fights.

Screenshot-56How are you doing Sun Young? She is so close to passing out. And now she is practically starving. I’ll be nice and have Kim call her home. It’s morning now.

Screenshot-58Lee: Lovely flowers for the lovely lady!

Sun Young: Good heavens! No! I am happily married and I helped RAISE you! I will not take that trash. Good bye!

Screenshot-59You look like you’re about to pop Kim! Hehe.

Kim: I feel weird.

Screenshot-61Kim: PAAAIIINNN!

It’s baby time!

Screenshot-62Ooooor not. What’s going on Kim?

Kim: I’m a puppy! Woof woof! *licks hand*

She’s detached herself from reality. This child will be in good hands.

Screenshot-64Dimitri: What’s the matter Kimmy? Tummy-ache?

Kim: Not. Helping. Dimitri.

Screenshot-65Kim’s parents are a lot of help right now. At least Sun Young made it home.

Screenshot-66Obgu is doing tons to help Kim out as well. Not. The father doesn’t even care!

Screenshot-67Um, where are you going?

Screenshot-68To stand in a field… while your daughter gives birth… Mother of the Year Award folks.

(Actually, when Kim called her home Lee had started telling a Ghost Story which was still in her action cue. So she was on her way back to Lee when it cancelled and she was dropped off here. I love it when the game does stuff like that.) :/

Screenshot-69Obgu’s favourite hobby.

Paula: Seriously dude? Your wife is having your child and you think NOW is a good time to argue with me?

Screenshot-71 Screenshot-723 - baby loganWelcome to the family Logan! I thought Kim had a pretty good pregnancy, but Disciplined and Genius are good traits so I can’t complain.

Screenshot-73 Screenshot-74 4 - baby colinKim had twins! Welcome to the family Colin! (+10 points!) I don’t think ‘Can Salute’ is a real trait… thanks game.

5 - colin traitsSince Colin needed one more trait I rolled it because he should have been born with two random ones anyway. Hopefully the boys will learn all their toddler skills so they can get the Insane trait and be eligible heirs!

Screenshot-77Here’s Logan. He got his daddy’s green skin tone.

Screenshot-78And here’s Colin. He got his mommy’s skin tone!

It wont be long before these little tykes are Teens. Will Kim ever get to be with Dimitri? Will Obgu terrorize the family forever? Lots to happen in the chapters to come! 😀



-10 Dog sitter (2)
-20 Fire (4)
-75 Self urination (15)
-125 Passing out (25)
+45 Birth (9)
+20 Twin Birth (2)
+30 Skill Challenge (6)
+20 Honour Roll (4)
+40 Max Skill (4)
+80 Completed LTW (2)
+5 Total Points


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