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Generation Three Torch Holder Vote

Generation Three is wrapping up and it’s time to pick the next Torch Holder! Since all the heirs are in the Child stage and not much as been seen of them I went into an alternate save and played around with pose player. XD

Enjoy the pictures!

Screenshot-45Logan (right) and Colin (left) are the first set of twins of Generation Three. These two little alien guys lost their father, Obgu, in a tragic Cow Plant attack.

Screenshot-47Sabrina (right) and Melody (left) are the second set of twins born in Generation Three. Their father, Dimitri, is Kim’s Imaginary Friend turned real!

Screenshot-48 Screenshot-46

It was hard to determine how much the kids took after their respective parents so I aged them up to take a look. 🙂

Screenshot-54Logan very much takes after the other men in the Kook family, although he got Kim’s hair. Aside from his alien skin tone, he has a nice mix for his jaw while all his other features are from Ben.

Colin takes after his father and shows more of his alien heritage. He got his hair and mouth from Kenneth and has the same skin tone as Kim. His eye shape seems to be a little random, he shares the same jaw as Logan, and his nose is definitely alien.

Screenshot-50Sabrina takes mostly after her mother, Kim. She has the same hair, eye shape, nose and jaw. Her mouth is a mix of Kim and Dimitri’s while her eye colour is from Sun Young! She also has the same skin tone as Kim.

Melody is a perfect face clone of Kim. She has the same golden eyes that originated with Cindy, she got Kenneth’s hair colour, and she has Dimitri’s skin tone.

Screenshot-56Even though their features are more Kook than anything they’re still a good looking bunch of kids in my opinion!

NOW IT’S TIME TO VOTE! I’ve kept the kids in their teen versions for the vote. Keep in mind they’re all still in the Child stage so they only have three traits. Also, hair styles and clothing may change once they age up for real.

Logan - TH Vote

Colin - TH Vote

Sabrina - TH Vote

Melody - TH Vote


Chapter 3.16

Well folks, generation three is on the slippery slope of wrapping up! Last chapter we discovered Paula disappeared and we met Dwayne and Shayne, the family moved into a pretty futuristic house, and the girls aged up to toddlers.

Screenshot-135These two are so very much in love. I kind of want them to have another kid but at this point that kid wouldn’t be in the running for heir. Plus the household is full so that would mean point deductions. Oh well, one can always dream.

Screenshot-136Both Natalie and Xavier do this way to often. And they interrupt actions constantly! Kim does her best but she’s busy with her own kids.

Screenshot-138Play time for the girls! I love this playpen and the walker. They’re pretty good at learning their skills on their own, you just have to leave them in there long enough and eventually they get around to it!

Screenshot-140The boys were both doing homework but Colin decided to go play with Cosmo before I could take a picture. These kids are pretty good about doing their homework though. Speaking of which…

1 - natalie honour rollNatalie made it on the honour roll at school earlier! (+5 points!)

Screenshot-143Even though she’s a good student she’s not such a good Sim. Dimitri was practicing with the board breaker but she interrupted him. Poor guy gets most of the scares from her and Xavier.

Screenshot-144Woo! Look at that skill bar go! She might be pretty similar to Kim in looks but she’s still adorable. Then again, I love all the Kook kids. I’m so glad the decision for heir isn’t up to me! XD

Screenshot-146Colin: I’ll catch those bad guys on the super cycle! VROOM!

Sweetie, I know you’re having fun but you’re tired and cold. Go inside!

Screenshot-147The usual ‘every-other-night’ abduction takes place. I need to update the Alien Invasion Tally, I think it left off somewhere in generation two.

Screenshot-149Dimitri gets abducted this time! But I wont keep you in suspense, he didn’t get pregnant. I don’t know if I would keep the alien baby if he did to be honest since it wouldn’t technically be of the Kook bloodline. That’s the only reason we’ve raised the other alien kids so far!

Screenshot-152Melody: I no pway wit chew!

Sabrina: Rwde!

They were playing peek-a-boo! But Melody decided that was enough and didn’t want to be in a cute picture with her sister.

Screenshot-153Kim: I’m going to go blind painting on this easel.

I’M going to go blind playing in this house! Everything is too white/silver/grey, it’s the only thing I don’t like about the ITF houses.

Screenshot-155Dimitri: Don’t look at me!

For shame man! You were RIGHT BESIDE a toilet! There go the points Natalie earned. (-5 points)

Screenshot-157Look at that POUT! Melody was screaming bloody murder but all her needs are high. She just wanted some attention from mommy it seems.

Kim: I’m not impressed. I was so close to finishing that painting!

Well, your duty as mother calls so painting can wait.

Screenshot-158We’re back to multiple abductions in a chapter! These aliens are aggressive. They have to be trying to secure their spot for heir.

Screenshot-160Dimitri: Where do I live again? That alien scrambled my brain. WHO AM I?!

Calm down, you’re right outside your home. Spoiler: No pregnancy. 😛

Screenshot-163Dimitri and Melody share some father-daughter bonding time!

Dimitri: I can’t hold it back! It’s… THE. CLAW. RAWRRR!

Screenshot-164Logan is a pretty chill kid. He does his homework and reads books. Too bad it’s not a skill book!

Screenshot-165Xavier! Stop scaring everyone! By the time he grows up and leaves no one in the family will like him. 😦

Screenshot-166Colin: You’re just a little baby right now Mel, but when you’re older I MIGHT let you play with the big kid toys.

Melody: If It wasn’t for these bars I’d have that toy now!

Screenshot-167It’s a faceless Sun Young ghost! HALP!! O.O

Screenshot-168Xavier: Come on man! Why do I always have to take out the trash? You need to pull your weight around here too!

Dimitri: Excuse me? Who’s the only one who goes to work and pays the bills for this enormous house?

He’s got a point there Xavier.

2 - melody walks4 - melody talks7 - melody pottySince I played ahead and all these pictures are from a little while ago I forget exactly when all this stuff happened so I’ll just show it all now. Melody learned to walk, talk, and use the potty!3 - sabrina walks 5 - sabrina talks 6 - sabrina potty And Sabrina learned all of her toddler skills as well! Thanks to the playpen and walker all Kim really had to do was make sure the girls got to the potty when they needed it.

8 - kim max writingAlso, Kim listened to enough tabcasts to max the writing skill! Hooray! (+10 points!) That’s one half of her LTW down, now hopefully she can focus on her painting skill and finish that up. She’s level 8 right now. So close!

Screenshot-170It’s Prom time for the teens of the house! I like how they’re actually going in their formal wear since they’re not insane like the rest of the family.

Screenshot-171I have to admit, I really like their formal wear. Now it’s off to the dance! I’ll do Natalie’s pop-ups first, then Xavier’s just to keep it simple.

11 - natalie prom queen 13 - natalie prom 15 - natalie prom 17 - natalie prom 19 - natalie promScreenshot-181Quick recap: After being named Prom Queen, Natalie got into 3 fights and was rejected for a dance by the most popular guy in school. Other than being Prom Queen it doesn’t seem like she had a good night. The movie Carrie comes to mind, maybe her being named queen was a cruel joke. 😦

10 - xavier prom 12 - xavier prom 14 - xavier prom 16 - xavier prom 18 - xavier promScreenshot-180Quick recap: Xavier seemed to be confused the entire night. First he can’t dance and falls on his face, then he wins a dance off and gets in a fight. He thinks aliens are coming for him (maybe he want them to take him to his home planet). He did charm April enough to have her as a romantic interest! But then he was rejected by the most popular GUY in school for a dance. You need to make up your mind boy!

Screenshot-172Nothing really interesting happened while the teens where at prom. Colin was the first one to find the gaming system and holographic TV though. I’m getting tired of the holo-pet things that are around the house. No one plays with them and all I hear is whimpering. Maybe they’ll find their way into someone’s pockets.

Screenshot-176Natalie decided one the way home from prom was the perfect time to age up alone in the rain.

20 - natalie bday21 - natalie traitThose are some interesting traits! Too bad she was never eligible for heir but now that she’s a Young Adult it’s time for her to strike out on her own.

22 - natalie ltwShe only had one career based LTW so I gave her that. Hopefully story progression is kind to her.

Screenshot-183Here’s our Natalie all grown up! I mainly played off her Childish and Irresistible traits to give her a fun, girly, flirty look. Gotta show some personality when all the aliens looks the same.

Screenshot-184Good luck out in the world Natalie! May you find happiness and success with story progression! XD

Screenshot-185Hi Kenneth! I see you’ve found the pool table that sadly never gets used.

Screenshot-189Obgu decided to grace us with his ghostly presence. I’m glad he doesn’t float around in his space suit.

Screenshot-191Dusty came to visit too! I can’t even begin to imagine how many ghosts will visit at once in future generations.

Screenshot-192We’re getting the whole family out tonight! I miss you Ben! 😥

Screenshot-193Even Cindy joined the fun and went around haunting everything.

23 - natalie RI 24 - natalie bfThese two pop-ups showed up the day after Natalie moved out. She didn’t even know this Petre guy before now! Maybe it was love at first sight, I’m just glad SP is being somewhat nice for a change.

Screenshot-195After school Colin decided to test out the pool. Poor baby, it doesn’t look like he’s having fun.

Colin: This feels funny… D:

Well no wonder! You’re in your outerwear! He must take after Ben.

25 - xavier honour roll 26 - logan honour rollThis also happened! Way to go boys! (+5 points x2!) Now if only Colin would spend more time doing homework we’ll get even more points!

Screenshot-196 Let’s end this chapter with a couple birthdays! First up is Melody.

Screenshot-197 Screenshot-19827 - melody bday 28 - melody traitsAwe, she rolled Loner to go with Athletic and Insane. Not the best trait but then again some Sims like their solitude.

Screenshot-204Melody kept the same hairstyle she grew up with. For once it actually worked! I based her outfits on her Athletic trait.

Screenshot-199Next up is Sabrina!

Screenshot-201 Screenshot-20229 - sabrina bday 30 - sabrina traitsSabrina rolled Perceptive which really doesn’t do much for her until she’s older.

Screenshot-203I based her outfits on her Loves the Heat trait and went with a beachy, breezy look. 🙂

31 - natalie preggersAnd here’s the cherry on top of a happy chapter! Natalie is going to have a baby! Hopefully these two get married at some point. It’s always nice to see SP let someone be happy for once!

Now that all the heirs are children it’s time to hold the next heir vote! It will be up by this weekend and run for one week. I’m debating the idea of aging them up to teens in an alternate save so everyone can see their looks better since we might have some face clones. Melody and Sabrina definitely take after Kim but there is a little bit of Dimitri in them. Logan and Colin might have very strong Kook genes as well, but with them I think it’s harder to tell with their alien eyes and skin tone. Let me know what you think in the comments!



-15 Service Sim (3)
-30 Fire (6)
-85 Self urination (17)
-145 Passing out (29)
-20 Accidental Death (2)
+45 Birth (9)
+30 Twin Birth (3)
+30 Skill Challenge (6)
+35 Honour Roll (7)
+50 Max Skill (5)
+80 Completed LTW (2)

-25 points


Chapter 3.15

Hooray for a timely Kook chapter! Now that we have four heirs I’m excited to get this ball rolling and start the next generation. Let’s see what the family gets up to in the meantime.

Screenshot-49Logan gets to know Obgu in the bathroom, great place for a little family reunion.

Ghost Obgu: Logan, I am your father.

Logan: I figured. Can you leave now so I can use the shower?

Such a heartfelt reunion!

Screenshot-50Colin has a more enthusiastic reaction, even if it’s negative.

Colin: Ugh! Ghost cooties!

Screenshot-52Natalie: I’m not doing any more dishes! It’s your turn Xavier, you never do anything around here!

Dimitri: Could you take this somewhere else? The house is small enough as it is and I want to play on the computer!

The inconspicuous puddle on the floor is from the broken kitchen sink. Just as Kim got done fixing everything appliances started breaking all over again. -.-

Screenshot-53Xavier: Yo, Blondie. At least I had my dad around when he was alive.

Logan: Not cool dude.

Xavier is such a meanie! I swear Obgu was a bad influence on him and I’m glad his sons aren’t getting the same exposure.

Screenshot-54Xavier: Do you hear that noise? It sounds like an animal dying!

Colin: Logan thinks he can sing. What a loser! He sucks!

That is not something to bond over you two! I take it back, Xavier will be a bad role model for the kids in Obgu’s place.

Screenshot-55Natalie: RAWR!


I swear, at this rate everyone will hate each other! Quit being mean Natalie!

Screenshot-56Xavier: Wait, isn’t this my save file? WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY GAME?!

Natalie: I’m kicking butt, that’s what! DIE CITIZENS, DIE!

Xavier: No… I worked so hard to make the townspeople love me…

Screenshot-58Xavier: DIMITRI!

Dimitri: Geez kid! Don’t sneak up on me like that.

Xavier: What’cha gonna do loser? Go all Sim-fu on me and hurt yourself?

Dimitri isn’t having much luck with the training dummy, it keeps hitting him in the face. XD

Screenshot-59Ben took a cue from Dimitri and decided to swim in the fountain. There is a large pool on the other side of the house! What is with you guys?!

Screenshot-63Kim decided to call Paula out of her lamp to wish for more money. This house is really getting on my nerves with how small it is.

Screenshot-65Kim: You’re not Paula. Where’s Paula handsome stranger?

Genie: Hi! I’m Dwayne. Your wish is my command beautiful.

Apparently we lost Paula during the move. And now that Kim is with Dimitri she’s finding all sorts of guys attractive. This NEVER happened before.

Screenshot-70It’s time for the girls to age up! First up is Sabrina!

10 - sabrina bdayScreenshot-76Sabrina got Kim’s blond hair and Sun Young’s brown eyes! She’s almost a face clone of Kim but I think she got Dimitri’s mouth so that’s a plus.

Screenshot-73The girls aged up so close together and it was hard to get pictures in the tiny nursery. I really hate this house. Let’s see what Melody looks like!

11 - melody bdayScreenshot-77Melody got Kenneth’s hair and Cindy’s eyes! Those golden eyes are a very strong gene in this family. Same with Kim and Kenneth’s hair colours. I’m sad Dimitri didn’t show up more in the girls. Melody IS a face clone of Kim but she has Dimitri’s skin tone.

Screenshot-78Even in death Sun Young flirts with other men. GET A ROOM! At least they match.

Screenshot-80Kenneth came to visit! AND he found the actual pool on the other side of the house! Although he seems to have lost his beard in the process.

Ghost Kenneth: I got tired of it. I was never big on facial hair anyway.

But it made you look so distinguished!

Screenshot-82First fail of the chapter… way to go Colin. (-5 points)

Screenshot-83Logan: I’M SO HUNGRY!

Seriously, there is tons of food in the fridge because Sun Young and Obgu make food every time they appear. Just go eat something!

Screenshot-84But no, he decides asking the ghost of his great-grandma Cindy for a bedtime story is a better idea.

Screenshot-86Who’s THIS guy?

Kim: We had another lamp so I though maybe Paula was in that one but it’s just this guy. I’m tired of this.

Genie: HI! I’m Shayne! Pleased to meet you!

Why are you talking to me? And why do the Genie’s names rhyme?! (Seriously, I did NOT make their names up.)

Also, we now have enough money for a bigger house! Since none of these lazy butts work we have to resort to magical money.

Screenshot-90Shayne must be embracing his inner child. He stuck around just to do this.

Screenshot-91Kim calls a taxi to take the family to their bigger and better home! I see you being a creeper in the background Dwayne. Why do you guys always hang around the house? They must be related to Paula.

Screenshot-92Since the family moved in the middle of the night we’ll do the tour in the morning. Dimitri successfully found his and Kim’s bedroom. Good for you!

Screenshot-93 Screenshot-94Logan and Colin actually managed to get bedtime stories because no one route failed along the way. I feel like we’re making progress!

***Fast forward to morning***

Screenshot-96Such a pretty shot! Lunar Lakes has some cool sky colours. And yes, it totally makes sense for it to snow on a desert planet in outer space! Don’t judge me… >.>

Screenshot-97This is one of the EA made Into the Future EP houses. It cost a shiny penny so the family better love it. This is the entrance of the house.

Screenshot-99Kitchen and dining area is to the left of the entrance. It did have food synthesizers and that advance drink maker but I don’t really like them all that much.Screenshot-100The living room, complete with holographic TV. Further to the right is a work-out area with the martial arts stuff and a hot tub. This is actually a really spacious house. I like it.Screenshot-102And they still have a pool! No fountains this time, sorry Ben and Dimitri!Screenshot-105This house has so many rooms with nook and crannies. I’m not even going to show half of them. But yay pool table!Screenshot-107Bot machine! It came with the house. I haven’t decided if a Plumbot will join the family or not. Kim has no time to create one so maybe later.Screenshot-112This is Logan and Colin’s room. There’s not a lot of space for toys so those are elsewhere in the house.Screenshot-114 Screenshot-115These two pictures are of Kim and Dimitri’s room. Kim’s holographic easel made the trip, I really want her to complete her LTW!Screenshot-116 Screenshot-117And this is the nursery for the girls! I can already foresee issues with that rocking chair.

Screenshot-118Screenshot-121Kim gets straight to work teaching the girls their toddler skills. Plus, cuteness!

Screenshot-122Dimitri found the martial arts equipment again. And proceeded to repeatedly get hit in the face. He may not be a natural but he doesn’t let that stop him.

Screenshot-123Somehow he gained a new belt.

Dimitri: Maybe now Kim will marry me! I’ll be a better Sim-fu master than her father!

You go Dimitri! Just be careful with your neck, it looks like you’re about to break it.

Screenshot-124 Screenshot-125Toddler skills and more cuteness! These items are so handy, and it allows Kim to finally work on her LTW.

Screenshot-129I think I’ll be sad if the aliens ever start leaving the Kooks alone. I don’t know what it is about this family…

Screenshot-131Have a nice trip Kim! Fun fact: she was listening to her writing tabcast the entire time she was abducted. XD

Screenshot-134Kim: Why am I always the one to be abducted now? I did my duty and had TWO alien kids, what more do you want?!

Alien: We simply wish to study this family further. You’re genetics prove to be… interesting to say the least.

Of course it’s only after having kids with Obgu that male aliens abduct Kim all the time. Well that’s it for this chapter! Start thinking about the next TH everyone! Generation three is starting to wrap up now that the kiddos are getting older!



-15 Service Sim (3)
-30 Fire (6)
-80 Self urination (16)
-145 Passing out (29)
-20 Accidental Death (2)
+45 Birth (9)
+30 Twin Birth (3)
+30 Skill Challenge (6)
+20 Honour Roll (4)
+40 Max Skill (4)
+80 Completed LTW (2)
-45 Total Points


Chapter 3.14

I’m on a roll today and I’ve played ahead a bit. So it’s time for ANOTHER Kook chapter!

Screenshot-104What a lovely picture to start off with. However, it serves a purpose! It means more babies!

Screenshot-105Not that these two aren’t the sweetest little guys in the world. But when have any of the Kooks ever stopped at just two kids? Ha! HAHA!

Screenshot-106It’s confirmed! Nooboo is on its way! Also, who wears heels like THAT during pregnancy. I would very much like to know.

Screenshot-107HI BEN! As usual, our founder is the first to make an appearance.

Ghost Ben: I sensed a disturbance in the force.

Nah, it’s just a new family member on the way!

Screenshot-108Ghost Obgu: I’m so hungry! And something smells delicious!

Um, are you sure about that? ‘Cause no one’s cooking.

Screenshot-110 Screenshot-111Obgu’s urn is in Kim’s room (due to lack of space anywhere else) so these two hopped out of bed when Obgu’s ghost appeared. Neither of them are happy to see him.

Screenshot-112DUSTY! I’ve missed you puppy! Next pet will be a dog. It has been decided!

Screenshot-113Wow, even Cindy showed up tonight. Now we just need Sun Young to appear and we’ll have the whole famn damily here!

Screenshot-114Colin: PEEKA-BOO!

Logan: Who said that?

D’awe 😀

Screenshot-116How in the – ? What? Why? WHO DID THIS?! (-5 points)

Screenshot-117Luckily it was raining when the fire started so the rain put it out and the family had no knowledge a fire even happened. Mark my words BB-Q, if you lose us more points you’re going to be sold!


Screenshot-119I really shouldn’t be surprised at this point when the aliens find the Kooks. But when this happened I was still like “OMG! WHY DO YOU KEEP DOING THIS TO US!?” Maybe they’re unhappy the twins will have some competition soon. 😛

Screenshot-121Of course, Kim decided to waddle her pregnant butt outside to look at the pretty lights. Have a nice trip!

Kim: WHAAA!!! The light swallowed my foot! GIVE ME MY FOOT BACK!

You’re other leg is gone too. Hehe.


ScreenshotUh-oh, Dimitri broke the shower. And Kim just finished fixing everything the other day.

Dimitri: What’s wrong with this hunk of junk? It makes me so mad!

Screenshot-2 Screenshot-4Colin & Logan: FEED MEEE!!

I just noticed they have the same IF dolls. That never happens.

Screenshot-5 Screenshot-6There’s totally no favouritism going on here! Nope! None, nada, zip, zilch, and other negatory words of that sort. XD

Screenshot-7Dimitri: Mr. Kook! Look! HI-YAH!

Kenneth: Very good, young padawan.

(I think it’s time to have a Star Wars marathon, I seem to have it on the brain today.) 😉

Screenshot-11Kenneth: I didn’t know I could float. I don’t like it.

*GASP* NO! It can’t be time yet!

Screenshot-12Kenneth: Eh, maybe this isn’t so bad. I feel… light.

Kenneth reached the end of his life bar a few days ago but I figured he’d last a bit longer since his athletic skill is maxed.

Screenshot-15Xavier: FATHER! NOOOOOOOO! Why does everyone I love leave me?!

I’m sorry sweetie. I’m sure he’ll come visit you often!

Screenshot-16Elsewhere in the house…

Kim: I know this feeling! And what the heck is going on downstairs?!

Don’t worry about that know! You have a baby to deliver!

Screenshot-17Kim: Man, this labour thing is tiring!

I swear, you have the most nonchalant attitude towards giving birth.

Kim: Meh, it’s a blessing and a curse.

Just be happy you didn’t end up in a 100 Baby Challenge or something similar.

Screenshot-19It’s a girl!

1 - Sabrina birthI wouldn’t really call her dad passing away downstairs a smooth pregnancy… but I’ll take it! Welcome to the family Sabrina!

2 - sabrina traitsSince I had to roll her traits I kept the first one and changed the second to Insane. But wait… there’s more…

Screenshot-23ANOTHER one?! Also a girl!

So this was rather lucky on my part. I went into the settings of the mods I have and made it so that there can’t be more than 8 sims in a household. I found it bugs up my game in other saves so I didn’t want to risk it with the Kooks. However, I changed the settings when I found out Kim was preggers. BUT, I guess since Kenneth was past the end of his life bar and Kim was already set to have twins the game dealt with the issue. For once. Let’s just hope no one is glitched.

3 - Melody birthSay hello to Melody! And since it was a twin birth that means +10 points! And the household is now capped at 8 Sims so take that aliens! Ahem, anyway.

4 - melody traitsMelody rolled Athletic and I changed her second trait to Insane. I can’t WAIT to see them age up. 😀

Screenshot-24Poor Ben, he has just appeared for the night when Kenneth passed away so now he’s moping around the house wailing about his son. 😦

Screenshot-25All the excitement proved to be too much for Xavier. (-5 points)

Screenshot-26Now that things have calmed down a bit here are Kenneth and Sun Young. I had used Sun’s elder action to get them a picture at City Hall. I like this tradition for the ancestors.

Screenshot-31Xavier went to a friend’s house after school and decided he’d rather have his birthday there then at home with his own family.

5 - xavier bdayHe’s now a Night Owl which is perfect for an alien since they don’t sleep anyway! Hopefully Natalie won’t mind sharing the house at night, so far she’s had the run of the place besides the odd ghost or two.

Screenshot-32 Screenshot-33The family in the background look less that impressed with Xavier. Needless to say he high-tailed it out of there after he aged up.

Screenshot-35Here he is post makeover! At the rate I’m using up hair and clothes I might have to delve into the world of CC. Scary thought, especially with my luck. :S

Screenshot-37Xavier really misses his dad. Every room he walks into he stops for a moment to cry a little. I feel bad for the poor guy.

Screenshot-38Kim’s testing out the new holographic easel. I’m not really sure how I feel about it, the screen is so bright. She also has to master writing for her LTW but she can never seem to get near the computer. Since Kenneth left behind the tablet she listens to tabcasts now while she paints.

Screenshot-39Natalie is also really broken up about Kenneth. The rest of the family seems a little ‘meh’ about the whole situation. Oh, and that’s Dusty’s urn. I had to move it to make room for Kenneth next to Sun Young. Salem might be old but he’ll be around for a while yet!

Screenshot-40Guess what time it is? Let’s end this chapter with two more birthdays! It’s time for the twin boys to age up!

6 - logan bdayLogan did gain all of his toddler skills thanks to the playpen and the walker. With all the excitement and commotion I seem to have forgotten to get screenshots of his progress.

7 - logan traitHe now has the Insane trait making him eligible for heir as per my self-imposed rule! Now to fix his hair…

Screenshot-48Much better! And not only does he have a normal nose, but he also has a normal eye shape! AND, if I’m not mistaken, it looks like his ears are more rounded as well. Normal pregnancies with aliens have some interesting genetic mixes!

Screenshot-43Don’t worry Colin, we didn’t forget about you!

8- Colin bdayColin also gained all of his toddler skills. I could have sworn I took some screenshots but they elude me if I did. Oops, my bad.

9 - colin traitI also gave him the Insane trait so he’ll be eligible for heir as well. And again… the hair…

Screenshot-46Much better! I can’t comment on the ears, but his eye shape is also looks more normal. The Kook genes are strong with these kids!

This is where we’ll end for today. Now we have 4 eligible heirs and two of them are children! I was hoping they would be closer in age for the heir vote since one of them will take over when they age up to teen. So here is what I propose: I’ve played ahead until the day before the boys’ teen birthdays. Over the next few chapters you’ll see more of Sabrina and Melody. They become children before Logan and Colin have their next birthday so that’s when I’ll hold the heir vote and pause the story for about a week or so. Hopefully that works for everyone!



-15 Service Sim (3)
-30 Fire (6)
-80 Self urination (16)
-140 Passing out (28)
-20 Accidental Death (2)
+45 Birth (9)
+30 Twin Birth (3)
+30 Skill Challenge (6)
+20 Honour Roll (4)
+40 Max Skill (4)
+80 Completed LTW (2)
-40 Total Points (no change in points) :S


Chapter 3.13

Do your eyes deceive you? Is this really another chapter from the Kooks… FINALLY?! Yes it is! The krazy Kooks are back! Someone decided taking courses through the summer would be a GREAT idea… apparently I like to torture myself. Since it’s been so long lets do a quick recap of main events:

1) Sun Young (by her own idiocy) and Obgu (via cowplant) passed away

2) The twins aged up and Logan seems to have a normal looking nose (yay!)

3) Dimitri became real!

Screenshot-228I’m in love with his eyes! His hair is pretty cool too. But he doesn’t look all that impressed with being turned real.

Dimitri: So… what do I do?

Kim: Um, whatever you want.

Fly! Be free!

ScreenshotHe discovered the joy of gaming! Also, since someone broke the laptop moments after Kim fixed it I just bought a new one this time. They have money so why not?

Screenshot-1Awe. 😦 Don’t worry Kim! Be happy! Everything will be ok.

Kim: I’m just… ugh… what am I doing with my life?!

Being an AWESOME TH, that’s what!

Poor sweetie gets anxious due to her unstable trait sometimes.

Screenshot-2Xavier: Who are you and why are you in my house?!

Dimitri: Whoa! I, um, that is, uh…

Screenshot-3Dimitri: I’m the Weather Man! And, uh, I’m here to tell you to make sure you have your umbrella ready, you never know when there might be a storm.

Dimitri don’t lie to the kid!

Screenshot-4Xavier: Since you’re the weather man can’t you just make it rain whenever you want?

Dimitri: It doesn’t really work like that…

Screenshot-7Birthday time! Yes I’m risking it with another cake. Fingers crossed!

Screenshot-9No fire! Yay!18 - natalie bdayScreenshot-10Way to age up in your underwear darling. Now let’s give you some hair again.

Screenshot-17Here’s the birthday girl! She looks a little ticked off. I still think she’s a cutie though with that hair!

Screenshot-15Xavier: Why?! Why did you do it?!

Kim: What are you talking about?

Xavier took too many cues from Obgu and now spends his time yelling at everyone. Greeeat.

Moving along though, how about some townie updates!

6 - sam and emilDidn’t see this pairing in my crystal ball. You’re really making the rounds Emil!7 - ryan and tashaI really like these two together!8 - ryan and tashaBut alas, it was not to be. 😦 I blame Ryan, he must have been a jerk to Tasha.9 - sam and emilLet’s see how long this lasts…10 - sam and emilSpoiler: It didn’t. 😛11 - mckenna and gilbertMckenna has a new love interest!12 - mckenna and gilbertLooks like it’s going somewhere!13 - mckenna and gilbertOkay, that was fast. Maybe he’s a keeper.16 - sam and pedroWait, wasn’t Sam just with Emil? Not that I mind she ditched the old guy but Pedro is a bit of a town heartbreaker.

That’s it for updates for a bit. Want to know why? It’s that special time when the family gets to move towns! And due to game lag just the main family is moving.

Screenshot-21Kim: Hiya! Can you send a taxi over so we can get a ride to the edge of town? It’s moving day! No, one taxi will be fine, we’ll just stuff someone in the trunk. 😀

O.O Gotta love Sim Logic.

Screenshot-23Good bye Aurora Skies! And thank you to everyone who voted for the next town! And the winner is…. *drum roll*

20 - lunar lakesTA-DA! The Kooks have taken to the stars and landed in Lunar Lakes! What better setting than a futuristic planet for our two young, half-alien heirs?

21 - challenge acceptedLeaky pipes? Flooded rooms? Challenge accepted.

Screenshot-25One thing I noticed in this town is all the houses are SMALL! Small but also EXPENSIVE! The family is pretty well off considering they’re all lazy butts this generation (the only steady income is Kenneth’s pitiful pension), but this was the “biggest” house they could afford. I’m not going to do a tour since I hate the house and they’ll move soon anyway.

Screenshot-39These guys made the move! Duplicates served other financial purposes. 😉

Screenshot-40Natalie: *sniiiiiiif* Mhm, baby smell.

More like intrusive brain surgery! Get your nose out of his skull!

Screenshot-42Wow, someone’s REALLY excited about the new, futuristic chess table. And Kenneth claimed the tablet!

Screenshot-43This little guy is so cute! I try not to have favourites but when you get a normal nosed half-alien it’s hard to not have a favourite. XD

Screenshot-45How are those leaky faucets coming along?


Nope, that’s your job.

Screenshot-46Why am I not surprised the first thing Dimitri does is check out the new computer? Maybe he’ll become a super nerd like Sun Young and get another trait. Speaking of traits… I don’t think I ever really looked at Dimitri’s. I should really write this stuff down…

Screenshot-47 22 - service sim failNO! GO AWAY! I totally forgot that by accepting the challenge a service sim will come around to offer help. *facepalm* (-5 points)

Screenshot-49I can’t lie, Colin is cute too. I like how the twins got different hair and skin colours, although I do wish one of them got Obgu’s green hair. I wonder if their children might inherit it?

Screenshot-52The ancestors also made the trip! I wonder who’s going to come visit first? And let’s not forget about Salem! He’s still enjoying his peaceful life spending his days napping or sharpening his claws.

Screenshot-53Dimitri: I thought this place came with a pool.

It does, on the other side of the house. You happen to be swimming in the fountain.

Screenshot-54Kim is still hard at work fixing all the leaky pipes. I’m hoping she’ll get enough skill points to upgrade things soon. Self-cleaning appliances rock!

Screenshot-55Kenneth found the workout area! Also, is anyone else reminded of Dr. Seuss when looking at those trees in the background?

Screenshot-56 23 - kim likes dimitriFINALLY! Kimitri ship is about to take its maiden voyage! XD

Screenshot-58Cute toddlers! I spend way too much time just watching the boys.

Screenshot-61Dimitri: Have you ever seen such a beautiful night?

Kim: I could almost kiss the stars for shining so bright!

I watch way to many musicals… moving on.

Screenshot-71Eventually everyone found a bed, except Kenneth who decided sleeping outside on the enclosed porch was a better idea. See his breath? It’s a chilly night. Hopefully he doesn’t become a Popsicle.

Screenshot-74Dimitri has discovered exercise! I can’t really claim it to be a fun activity, personally hating it myself, but he seems happy enough. So much in fact he rolled a wish to join the athletic career. I used his Adult action to indulge him, someone needs to make a proper income around here.

Screenshot-75He’s also discovered cooking! He’s a keeper!

Screenshot-76I have an important announcement! We have a new pet addition to the family, Cosmo Kook! This little guy is a tribute to my real cat, Cosmo, who is just as nuts as this entire family…

20150513_213831He may look calm… but don’t let that fool you!

Side note: As soon as I added this picture Cosmo came in from the other room and jumped up on the couch with a “what’cha doin’?” look. I swear this cat is psychic or something!

Screenshot-83Bonding time! I think Salem likes having a buddy to play with.

Screenshot-85These two are just adorable! Let’s see if we can make it official.

Screenshot-86First kiss is a success!

Natalie: Ugh, get a room.

Like you care! You’re glued to that computer screen.

Screenshot-87Kim: I’ve known you my whole life and you’ve always been here for me. Will you be my boyfriend?

Dimitri: Who are you looking at?

Kim: It’s called ‘dramatic effect’!

Screenshot-88Yay! Eventually they’ll get married. Maybe. Probably. Ok, definitely, just not right now. There are more important activities to do.

Screenshot-91Like shower woohoo! Will there be Kimitri babies?

I would like to interrupt our main broadcast for a little side skit starring Cosmo and Xavier!

Screenshot-95 Screenshot-96 Screenshot-97 Screenshot-98 Screenshot-99You little devil you.

Cosmo: Who? Me? Never. I’m as sweet as an angel.

Yah, sure, whatever. You really do take after your namesake.

Screenshot-101Xavier decided ice cream will help him get over the traumatizing cat attack. I agree, ice cream fixes many things.

And that concludes our chapter for today! I can’t promise a regular update schedule since my classes are all over the place this summer but I’m feeling productive today. Should I channel this energy into doing dishes or another post? What am I saying, there’s no contest there! Stay tuned for more!



-15 Service Sim (3)
-25 Fire (5)
-80 Self urination (16)
-135 Passing out (27)
-20 Accidental Death (2)
+45 Birth (9)
+20 Twin Birth (2)
+30 Skill Challenge (6)
+20 Honour Roll (4)
+40 Max Skill (4)
+80 Completed LTW (2)
-40 Total Points


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