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Chapter 3.15

on June 12, 2015

Hooray for a timely Kook chapter! Now that we have four heirs I’m excited to get this ball rolling and start the next generation. Let’s see what the family gets up to in the meantime.

Screenshot-49Logan gets to know Obgu in the bathroom, great place for a little family reunion.

Ghost Obgu: Logan, I am your father.

Logan: I figured. Can you leave now so I can use the shower?

Such a heartfelt reunion!

Screenshot-50Colin has a more enthusiastic reaction, even if it’s negative.

Colin: Ugh! Ghost cooties!

Screenshot-52Natalie: I’m not doing any more dishes! It’s your turn Xavier, you never do anything around here!

Dimitri: Could you take this somewhere else? The house is small enough as it is and I want to play on the computer!

The inconspicuous puddle on the floor is from the broken kitchen sink. Just as Kim got done fixing everything appliances started breaking all over again. -.-

Screenshot-53Xavier: Yo, Blondie. At least I had my dad around when he was alive.

Logan: Not cool dude.

Xavier is such a meanie! I swear Obgu was a bad influence on him and I’m glad his sons aren’t getting the same exposure.

Screenshot-54Xavier: Do you hear that noise? It sounds like an animal dying!

Colin: Logan thinks he can sing. What a loser! He sucks!

That is not something to bond over you two! I take it back, Xavier will be a bad role model for the kids in Obgu’s place.

Screenshot-55Natalie: RAWR!


I swear, at this rate everyone will hate each other! Quit being mean Natalie!

Screenshot-56Xavier: Wait, isn’t this my save file? WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY GAME?!

Natalie: I’m kicking butt, that’s what! DIE CITIZENS, DIE!

Xavier: No… I worked so hard to make the townspeople love me…

Screenshot-58Xavier: DIMITRI!

Dimitri: Geez kid! Don’t sneak up on me like that.

Xavier: What’cha gonna do loser? Go all Sim-fu on me and hurt yourself?

Dimitri isn’t having much luck with the training dummy, it keeps hitting him in the face. XD

Screenshot-59Ben took a cue from Dimitri and decided to swim in the fountain. There is a large pool on the other side of the house! What is with you guys?!

Screenshot-63Kim decided to call Paula out of her lamp to wish for more money. This house is really getting on my nerves with how small it is.

Screenshot-65Kim: You’re not Paula. Where’s Paula handsome stranger?

Genie: Hi! I’m Dwayne. Your wish is my command beautiful.

Apparently we lost Paula during the move. And now that Kim is with Dimitri she’s finding all sorts of guys attractive. This NEVER happened before.

Screenshot-70It’s time for the girls to age up! First up is Sabrina!

10 - sabrina bdayScreenshot-76Sabrina got Kim’s blond hair and Sun Young’s brown eyes! She’s almost a face clone of Kim but I think she got Dimitri’s mouth so that’s a plus.

Screenshot-73The girls aged up so close together and it was hard to get pictures in the tiny nursery. I really hate this house. Let’s see what Melody looks like!

11 - melody bdayScreenshot-77Melody got Kenneth’s hair and Cindy’s eyes! Those golden eyes are a very strong gene in this family. Same with Kim and Kenneth’s hair colours. I’m sad Dimitri didn’t show up more in the girls. Melody IS a face clone of Kim but she has Dimitri’s skin tone.

Screenshot-78Even in death Sun Young flirts with other men. GET A ROOM! At least they match.

Screenshot-80Kenneth came to visit! AND he found the actual pool on the other side of the house! Although he seems to have lost his beard in the process.

Ghost Kenneth: I got tired of it. I was never big on facial hair anyway.

But it made you look so distinguished!

Screenshot-82First fail of the chapter… way to go Colin. (-5 points)

Screenshot-83Logan: I’M SO HUNGRY!

Seriously, there is tons of food in the fridge because Sun Young and Obgu make food every time they appear. Just go eat something!

Screenshot-84But no, he decides asking the ghost of his great-grandma Cindy for a bedtime story is a better idea.

Screenshot-86Who’s THIS guy?

Kim: We had another lamp so I though maybe Paula was in that one but it’s just this guy. I’m tired of this.

Genie: HI! I’m Shayne! Pleased to meet you!

Why are you talking to me? And why do the Genie’s names rhyme?! (Seriously, I did NOT make their names up.)

Also, we now have enough money for a bigger house! Since none of these lazy butts work we have to resort to magical money.

Screenshot-90Shayne must be embracing his inner child. He stuck around just to do this.

Screenshot-91Kim calls a taxi to take the family to their bigger and better home! I see you being a creeper in the background Dwayne. Why do you guys always hang around the house? They must be related to Paula.

Screenshot-92Since the family moved in the middle of the night we’ll do the tour in the morning. Dimitri successfully found his and Kim’s bedroom. Good for you!

Screenshot-93 Screenshot-94Logan and Colin actually managed to get bedtime stories because no one route failed along the way. I feel like we’re making progress!

***Fast forward to morning***

Screenshot-96Such a pretty shot! Lunar Lakes has some cool sky colours. And yes, it totally makes sense for it to snow on a desert planet in outer space! Don’t judge me… >.>

Screenshot-97This is one of the EA made Into the Future EP houses. It cost a shiny penny so the family better love it. This is the entrance of the house.

Screenshot-99Kitchen and dining area is to the left of the entrance. It did have food synthesizers and that advance drink maker but I don’t really like them all that much.Screenshot-100The living room, complete with holographic TV. Further to the right is a work-out area with the martial arts stuff and a hot tub. This is actually a really spacious house. I like it.Screenshot-102And they still have a pool! No fountains this time, sorry Ben and Dimitri!Screenshot-105This house has so many rooms with nook and crannies. I’m not even going to show half of them. But yay pool table!Screenshot-107Bot machine! It came with the house. I haven’t decided if a Plumbot will join the family or not. Kim has no time to create one so maybe later.Screenshot-112This is Logan and Colin’s room. There’s not a lot of space for toys so those are elsewhere in the house.Screenshot-114 Screenshot-115These two pictures are of Kim and Dimitri’s room. Kim’s holographic easel made the trip, I really want her to complete her LTW!Screenshot-116 Screenshot-117And this is the nursery for the girls! I can already foresee issues with that rocking chair.

Screenshot-118Screenshot-121Kim gets straight to work teaching the girls their toddler skills. Plus, cuteness!

Screenshot-122Dimitri found the martial arts equipment again. And proceeded to repeatedly get hit in the face. He may not be a natural but he doesn’t let that stop him.

Screenshot-123Somehow he gained a new belt.

Dimitri: Maybe now Kim will marry me! I’ll be a better Sim-fu master than her father!

You go Dimitri! Just be careful with your neck, it looks like you’re about to break it.

Screenshot-124 Screenshot-125Toddler skills and more cuteness! These items are so handy, and it allows Kim to finally work on her LTW.

Screenshot-129I think I’ll be sad if the aliens ever start leaving the Kooks alone. I don’t know what it is about this family…

Screenshot-131Have a nice trip Kim! Fun fact: she was listening to her writing tabcast the entire time she was abducted. XD

Screenshot-134Kim: Why am I always the one to be abducted now? I did my duty and had TWO alien kids, what more do you want?!

Alien: We simply wish to study this family further. You’re genetics prove to be… interesting to say the least.

Of course it’s only after having kids with Obgu that male aliens abduct Kim all the time. Well that’s it for this chapter! Start thinking about the next TH everyone! Generation three is starting to wrap up now that the kiddos are getting older!



-15 Service Sim (3)
-30 Fire (6)
-80 Self urination (16)
-145 Passing out (29)
-20 Accidental Death (2)
+45 Birth (9)
+30 Twin Birth (3)
+30 Skill Challenge (6)
+20 Honour Roll (4)
+40 Max Skill (4)
+80 Completed LTW (2)
-45 Total Points

3 responses to “Chapter 3.15

  1. LOL, listening to tabcasts while being probed by aliens. You go, Kim Kook!

    The girls are cuties, too bad they’re almost clones. We might need to make one of the boys heir, then.

    Liked by 1 person

    • At least she was being productive while she was abducted! And yes, I’m sad the girls didn’t get more looks from Dimitri. These Kook genes are strong! Now I’m wondering how similar Logan looks like the rest of the Kook men with his bigger nose. And how much like all the other alien clones Colin looks like. Hmm…


  2. DarkwingLady says:

    Why do I have the bad feeling that Obgu’s been bragging to his alien brethren that he frickin’ SCORED with Kim, with all the gory details…. T_T

    Imma CRY. Oops, already did.


    Ah Xavier, NO. Seriously…NO.


    Good luck and keep it up with the Sim Fu, Dimitri! I’m seriously hoping Kimmy’ll make an honest man outta you~ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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