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The Kook Family Backwards ISBI!

Chapter 3.19

This is it! We’re finally here! It’s the end of Generation Three! I feel like we’ve been on this generation for quite some time. Also, today is the second anniversary of the Kooks! Hooray! This is a great day to wrap up Gen. 3 and get a move on with Gen. 4, don’t cha’think?

Screenshot-23The guys are hard at work to keep those grades up. Being an honour student is tough. It also helps neither of them really developed that much of a relationship with their IFs.

Screenshot-24Hi Kenneth! I still can’t get over the fact your bread wont show up on your ghosty face. 😦 But look! Mr. Lizard matched the decor in the girls room almost perfectly. He’s a gift from Sam (author of The Dysfunkshinul Legacy) and will probably migrate around the house. 😀

Screenshot-25Awe. What’s the matter sweetie?

Sabrina: This is boring. It’s all homework, homework, homework.

Well maybe if someone did something interesting I’d show that.

Sabrina: I think some of the ancestors came to visit.

Screenshot-27She’s right, we have a bunch of visitors tonight! And they’re ALL fighting over the rocking chair…

Melody: Nu-uh Grandma! No way you’re getting this chair! I was using it first!

Kenneth: Technically I was using it.

Cindy: Since when are you such a cry-baby son? You embarrass me.

Screenshot-28Look at that skill bar! We’re so close yet so far! But I do like this picture, best one yet on the holographic easel.

Screenshot-33Dimitri, darling, I don’t think that’s really helping.

Dimitri: This puddle is a hazard though! I’m just trying to help out around here the only way I know how.

Yes but –

Dimitri: Why does it never end? 😦

I’ll just leave you to it then…

Screenshot-34Thank our lucky stars, Logan finally figured out how to alien properly. Dude’s been running around with almost no brain power for most of the day.

Screenshot-37Logan: Whoa! Did you see that move!?

Colin: Yah, I’ve done that before. It’s not that hard.

Logan: But it looks cool.

Colin: Meh. Can I play now?

14 - max paintingGuess who’s been chained to the easel long enough! (+10 points!) The pretty surfer picture got her a sliver away from level 10 so she had to start one more to fill her bar completely. I don’t think she’ll ever finish that painting though…

15 - Kim LTW doneBecause her LTW is complete! (+40 points!!) Way to go Kim! Get us into positive points!

Screenshot-38Kim: Colin, I thought I asked you to help me clean up.

Colin: But moooom, the house is already sparkling clean!

Kim: Cleaning the living room doesn’t count as the whole house.

Logan: Hehe… sucker!

Screenshot-39Now that Kim is no longer chained to the easel it’s time to upgrade everything in the house. No more dirty bathrooms!

Screenshot-40As much as Logan pretends to despise his step-father I think he actually looks up to him a little.

Logan: Don’t spread lies. I’m only doing this to prove I’m better at it than him!

Sure you are.

Screenshot-41What’s this? You’re not playing video games or watching TV? WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?!

Colin: Calm down! I felt like doing something else, that’s all.

Cherish this moment. It will likely never happen again.

16 - Xavier marriedXavier finally married Kara! I thought about changing their last name to just Ansari or Kook but I couldn’t decide. So Ansari-Kook it is!

17 - Xavier Kara fightingThen I got this notification shortly after. Now, now you two, no need for that. Make love, not war! XD

Screenshot-42Sabrina: Why am I the only one that does dishes?

Melody: I would do dishes but the dishwasher is broken. Who has time to wash them by hand?

This is partly why you’re my favourite Sabrina. But shh… it’s our little secret.

Screenshot-44Dimitri: *derp* I feel… tingly…

Screenshot-47It’s birthday time sparkle boy!

Colin: Heh, look at his face.

Kim: That wasn’t nice. Apologize.

Dimitri: Uhm, guys? Might want to stand back.

18 - Dimitri bdayScreenshot-48Dimitri: Ow! These sparkles are hard on the back!

Kim: Ungrateful son, doesn’t even wish his step-father a happy birthday. That boy needs some manners.

I didn’t hear you wish your husband a happy birthday, Kimmy.

Screenshot-50Kim: That’s because I’m busy having my own birthday!

Dimitri: *TOOOOOT*

Kim: Get that thing out of my face before I make you swallow it.

Cosmo: Hey lady, who needs birthdays. Just feed me already.

Cosmo, stop begging for food! You have a magical dish downstairs that NEVER EMPTIES!

Screenshot-51 19 - Kim bdayScreenshot-52Kim: You were right. These sparkles cause some minor discomfort.

Cosmo: That’s great and all, but if you’re done now I’ll take some food.


Cosmo: FOOD!

Screenshot-53Kim: Look at us now, dear! Just as awesome as ever!

I disagree until we fix your hair…

Colin: Do you give cats baths? Or is that dogs I’m thinking of?

Cosmo: I’ll be surveying my kingdom. You can serve me food there.

Logan: Who are these old people and where did they come from?

Seriously Logan? They’re your mom and step-dad who aged up right in front of you.

Screenshot-56Speaking of age, here’s our lovely Kim after her makeover! She’s cute as an elder. :3

Screenshot-57Awe, and here’s Dimitri! He looked out of place in anything but his IF suit.

Screenshot-58I see you’ve found the rocking chair.

Dimitri: I don’t know why I haven’t spent more time in this chair. It’s comfy!

Screenshot-59I wish Kim would get around to fixing this blasted sink!

Colin: It was fixed… but I… uh…

You broke it again, didn’t you?

Colin: I admit to nothing.

Screenshot-60Sabrina: Hey, I know I don’t ask often but I really want a bedtime story tonight. Pretty please?

Logan: How can I refuse?

Screenshot-63I see you lost your chair.

Dimitri: He tricked me. *Sniff* I don’t want to talk about it.

Poor baby, he looks so upset.

Kenneth: This is nice. *No hint of remorse*

Screenshot-65Well that put her to sleep fast.

Logan: It’s a really good book but even I had trouble staying awake to read it.

Good choice then.

Screenshot-66Oh come on!

Logan: Maybe someone should fix this sink.

Your mother hasn’t had a chance since Colin re-broke it. I swear, I’m going to lock you all out of this bathroom.

Screenshot-67Sabrina: Hey Cosmo! What are you doing outside?

Screenshot-68Screenshot-69Screenshot-70Screenshot-71Cosmo: What I do is non of your concern small human.

Sabrina: Well that was mean. Stupid cat.

20 - Natalie babyNatalie had her second baby, a little boy named Noel! She and Petre should just get married now that they have two kids together.

21 - Logan dateI have no clue who she is but I clicked ‘yes’ anyway. The boys should have a shot a romance.

Screenshot-76Awe, they heart-farted all over the place. Cute.

Screenshot-77Logan: So, this is love…

Irene: Um, what are you talking about?

22 - Irene cheaterWhy you little… 😡

Screenshot-78Irene: How dare you try to hook up with me out in the open sunshine where anyone could see?! I have a boyfriend!

Logan: This chick for real?

You two have fun now! Logan, if she get’s too crazy just run.

Screenshot-79 Screenshot-80Melody: Ow! I just wanted to put you in a toy car! You’d be so cute!

Screenshot-81That was mean Salem. Are you taking a leaf out of Cosmo’s book?

Salem: That little girl wanted to dress me up and push me around in a toy car. I will not be seen in such an undignified manner.

Screenshot-84I see the date is going well. They stood around glaring at each other while half the town showed up.

Screenshot-86Meanwhile, Dimitri embraces his inner child and plays on the water slide like he’s 10.

Screenshot-87Where did Irene go?

Logan: I gave her the slip. She’s around somewhere.

I see.

Screenshot-90Kim: Why does this house have so many bathrooms? Just one should suffice!

No. Never. Nope. Not going to happen. You know how many FAILS you guys would put me through with ONE bathroom? You’re crazy.

23 - Kim skill challengeThe good news is all the bathroom upgrades got us more points! Yay! (+5 points!)

Screenshot-93Look at that pout! The only one who seems to enjoy the pool is Dimitri. Swimming is great summer fun! Be happy child!

Melody: I’m never happy. And I don’t like this, not one bit.

How did you become some a moody child?

Screenshot-95Really Kim?! You’re supposed to be upgrading the house, not breaking it!

Kim: If I have to fix one more sink I’ll… I’ll…


Screenshot-96Kim: I’ll lose my mind! *Has mental breakdown*

Colin: Don’t forget that dishwasher is broken again.

Quiet Colin! You’re not helping!

Screenshot-98Kim: *Fixes sink then rolls wish to take deep breaths*

Feel better now?

Kim: Don’t talk to me.

Screenshot-100Sabrina: Oops.

SABRINA! O.O And we were doing so well with points this chapter. (-5 points)

Sabrina: Please don’t hate me?

How could I hate you with a face like that?

Screenshot-102Melody: Why is this so hard? I hate homework.

Sabrina: It’s like taking medicine. You hate it but it makes you better.

25 - Sabrina honour rollSabrina has the right idea about school! You rock girl! (+5 points) And she even made up for her fail. 🙂

24 - Logan honour rollLogan also got on the honour roll a second time but I only count it once. But still, awesome job buddy!

Screenshot-120This picture perfectly sums up their entire existence.

Logan: The stereo broke. How much you want to bet it’ll be a week before mom fixes it?

Colin: Are you kidding? After her melt down over the sink I don’t think she’ll ever get around to it.

You know, you two could try to help your mother out. You never sleep. Get some stuff done around here!

Logan & Colin: … nah.

I tried.

Screenshot-121Sabrina: All hail the true Queen! I am the rightful heir to the throne!

Melody: Father, remove this false queen at once!

Dimitri: Those were some tasty waffles. You two girls play nice now!

27 - Kara stalking PetreI normally don’t share stuff about townies but this was too funny to pass up. Petre is quite the ladies man. Read that as he stalks every former lover (and yes, he’s still dating Natalie). I forgot Kara and Petre had a very short fling before they met Xavier and Natalie but apparently Kara still hangs around a bit.

28 - Kim max handinessI honestly never expected her to max this skill but the entire family insisted on breaking things over and over. Just means more points! (+10 points) We might even see a positive total this chapter. 😀

Screenshot-122Logan: Oh, hi Irene! I didn’t think I’d hear from you after our terrible date. Your words, not mine.

29 - Logan asked to promO.o really? Heuheu… sure, why not!

Logan: Why do you hate me?

Screenshot-123*Thunderous crash and burst of lightning* What the-?

Screenshot-124Whhhhy? I know we’ve gained a lot of points this chapter but seriously?! *Shakes fist at pixelated weather* (-5 points)

Screenshot-125At least the rain put the fire out. And look, there’s some scrap! We’ll save that for later.

30 - Xavier babyOh happy day! More babies! I feel like I’ve failed my sims if they don’t find happiness (eg. find love and have babies) once they leave the main household. I’m glad Natalie and Xavier are doing well.

31 - Colin honour roll 32 - Melody honour rollTwo more honour students! (+5 points x2!) I knew you could do it Colin! And way to go Melody; she’s just in time, too.

Screenshot-126‘Just in time for what?’ you ask. It’s the girls birthday today! Since they didn’t make any real friends at school we’re just going to invite all the kids in town for this Sweet Treats themed birthday party!

Screenshot-127Glad to see you could make it Xavier.

Xavier: Thanks for giving me an excuse to leave the house. Kara so moody.

Gee, I wonder why.

Screenshot-129Kim: Weeee!!

I’m sure that works better if you wear a bathing suit.

Screenshot-131The girls started to play on the swing set but it got dark quickly and none of the other kids joined them. Oh well. Time for cake!

Screenshot-134Kim: My little girl…

Blue Shirt: Boo! Your party stinks!

Screenshot-137Happy Birthday Sabrina! And she’s not sparkle derping. 🙂33 - Sabrina bday34 - Sabrina traitsSabrina rolled Computer Whiz. This is starting to become an interesting mix of traits.

Screenshot-138Sabrina is now a Teen! But her makeover will have to wait, we have one more birthday to celebrate!

Screenshot-142Melody: Maybe if I wish to be TH…

Blue Hair: I just saw an alien…

That happens around here.

Screenshot-143I think Kim’s stuck.

Melody: I’m not sure I like this feeling…

What else is new? You don’t like anything.

35 - Melody bdayShe got honour roll the day of her birthday. XD

36 - Melody traitsMelody rolled Savvy Sculptor! I’d say that’s her most interesting trait.

Screenshot-145Melody: Hey, this isn’t half bad!

Finally, maybe aging up will make her less moody.

Screenshot-146Here’s Sabrina after her makeover! I liked the original outfits I picked for each kid so I just had to go with the same.

Screenshot-147And here’s Melody! She has the same outfit but I changed the colour of her shirt to match her favourite colour. :3

Now I bet you’re all wondering who the new TH is! I wont keep you in suspense much longer!

Screenshot-149Wait, Sabrina who’s that?

Screenshot-151Sabrina: I don’t know but I like him! Meee-oow!

Ew! He’s old and he’s MARRIED!

Sabrina: So?

Oh good heavens, help me now.

Screenshot-153Kim: Sabrina, I have something very important to tell you. Now that you’ve had your birthday and you’re a teen it’s time for you to take over as head of the family!

Sabrina: Really? This is so exciting! And the party isn’t even over yet!

That right folks, Sabrina won the TH vote with 43%! She beat Logan at the last moment. Melody came in last for the vote with 4%. I’m happy she has at least one fan out there, poor girl.

Screenshot-154Sabrina: I’m so happy and honoured to be the TH! Thanks mom!

Kim: Don’t thank me, it’s reader choice. But I’ll take the hug. 🙂

Next time will be the start of Generation Four! And I have the feeling our little miss will need some help finding an eligible spouse.



-15 Service Sim (3)
-35 Fire (7)
-90 Self urination (18)
-155 Passing out (31)
-20 Accidental Death (2)
+45 Birth (9)
+30 Twin Birth (3)
+35 Skill Challenge (7)
+55 Honour Roll (11)
+70 Max Skill (7)
+120 Completed LTW (3)

40 points (we’re in the green!)


Chapter 3.18

I can’t believe how productive I’m being. Here’s another chapter from the Kooks! I’ve realized the anniversary of this blog is just around the corner and I feel like the third generation has taken a very long time. Also, I have some extra time on my hands and I know everyone is excited for generation four to get started!

Screenshot-104Why am I not surprised that this is Logan’s first action as a teen (after eating cake of course). He must have a personal goal to read every book in the house.

Screenshot-105Meanwhile, Colin gives into his Couch Potato trait and parks his rear on the sofa to watch TV. I don’t think he even cares that he’s watching the news channel.

Screenshot-106Melody: Ugh. This family is full of slobs. Mind cleaning up the dishes for me? I can’t stand the sight of them.

Natalie: What is with this kid? Since when did I become the maid?

Screenshot-109It’s a full moon out so naturally we got a bunch of zombie activity. This party guest stayed a little past her welcome and paid the price.

Screenshot-110Screenshot-113 Screenshot-114SHE’S ALIIIIVE! In a zombified way of course.

Screenshot-115And here’s another one! This is the most zombie activity the family has seen in a while.

Screenshot-116Logan: Wow! That’s some really good make-up! You look like the real deal!

Uh, check again, she IS the real deal!

Screenshot-117Zombie: BRAAIINS!

Logan: BRAAIINS! Hahahaha!

At least he’s having fun. Now get inside before you actually get attacked!

Screenshot-118Wait. What? WHY IS THERE A ZOMBIE IN THE HOUSE?!

Colin: I didn’t know it was Spooky Day! Your costume is awesome!

Screenshot-120Zombie Party Guest: BRAAAAAAAINS!

Colin: I can do that too! BLEGH! 😀

Screenshot-121Colin: Uhm, hi? I thought we were just pretending… HELP!

Sorry buddy. I wish I could save you! 😦

Screenshot-123Zombie Party Guest: *chomp*

I’ve never had one of my sims become a zombie before… *grabs popcorn*

Screenshot-124Colin: Ow ow ow ow. My arm! It burns!

Screenshot-125Colin: What cruel fate is this? My life… flashing…

Screenshot-126Colin: Goodbye… world…

Screenshot-127Zombie Party Guest: Well wasn’t he over dramatic. Any day now junior!

Screenshot-128Colin: *horrible zombie moaning*

Screenshot-129Colin: Braaaaaains…..

Oh Colin, you poor unfortunate soul. Hopefully this isn’t permanent.

Screenshot-131Meanwhile, Dimitri also has a run it with a zombie. I wish you would all just get inside so I can lock the doors already!

Screenshot-133Dimitri: *high-pitched girly scream*

Zombie: My ears! Ugh!

Kid: Dude, you are so lame.

Screenshot-134*Snort, giggle, snort* LOOK AT HIS FACE! Priceless. XD

Screenshot-135Zombie Colin: Nothing like a steamy hot tube to sooth the soul.

And the snow suit is for what exactly?

Zombie Colin: Extra warmth. I do love the heat you know.

Of course, it’s not like you’re insane or anything.

Screenshot-136Logan: Hey pops. How’s the afterlife?

Obgu: Now who would leave this delicious looking plate of spaghetti on the ground like this?

Logan: Nice chat, pops.

Sun Young: There’s cake over here too Obgu! I saved you a slice.

The afterlife of a starvation ghost and the perpetual hunger they must deal with as showcased by Sun Young and Obgu. I’m sorry guys! Quit making me feel bad!

Screenshot-138Zombie Colin: Hey Great-Grandpa, what’cha watching?

Ben: A very interesting documentary about bugs.

Obgu: Who is that zombie and why does he look like my other son?

It’s a long story, you should have been there.

Screenshot-139Colin: I must have fallen asleep on the couch. Man that was a weird dream.

Last I checked aliens don’t sleep. But if it makes you feel better, then yes, it was all a dream!

Ben: Till next time…

Screenshot-140Back to our regular programming, Kim is none the wiser about the mini zombie apocalypse and is so very close to completing her LTW! And this is where my laptop refused to to run the game properly so I switched everything over to my bf’s gaming laptop. Now it doesn’t take the family ages to do simple tasks!

ScreenshotDimitri need some relaxing zen time to ease the stress from last night’s zombie attack. At this rate he might max the Martial Arts skill.

11 - Xavier RIAnd Xavier met someone! Kara is recently out of a relationship and has a little boy. Hopefully Xavier has found love!

Screenshot-2Cosmo: You’ve got a little something right there…

Salem: Stop it, you’re embarrassing me!

Screenshot-3Cosmo: Got it!

Salem: The things I put up with…

Awe. You two are just too cute!

Screenshot-4Hey, you found the pool! What’s the matter, I thought you loved the water?

Dimitri: I do. I just wish this pool was bigger.

Oh is that all.

Dimitri: Then we could have a wave machine and it would be so much more fun!

Sorry, I don’t feel like renovating.

Screenshot-5Colin: I don’t like this. It’s like a big distorted mirror. I look weird!

Quit being such a baby! It just water, you’ll be fine.

Screenshot-6Honestly Logan, you need a more interesting pastime.

Logan: But books are awesome! I don’t have to deal with anyone. I can just lose myself in the story.

Melody: Who says we want to hang out with you anyway. You’re pretty much a ghost to us.

Why are you such a mean little girl? Speaking of little girls, Sabrina hasn’t been around much.

Screenshot-7So this is where you’ve been hiding out.

Sabrina: I’m not hiding! I’m in a high speed bike race!

Against who exactly?

Sabrina: Gosh, can’t a girl use her imagination in peace?

My apologies.

Screenshot-9And where might you be running off to?

Kim: I have to get changed! It’s a very special occasion!

I see. So when are you going to hit level 10 of the Painting skill?

Kim: I painted a masterpiece! See that picture? What more do you want from me?

But you’re so close to level 10! D:

Screenshot-12Come on Logan, or you’ll be late.

Logan: I’m not going!

Don’t be like that.

Logan: I have more important things to do! *GIRLY SLAP ATTACK!*

Screenshot-13The day is here! Kim and Dimitri are finally tying the knot and fulfilling some promised wishes! They decided to keep it small and just invited family to the ceremony.

Screenshot-14Logan: BOO! Dimitri will never be my father!

You’re just being a sore loser because you didn’t win the TH vote! Let your mother be happy!

Screenshot-17Colin: Weddings are too mushy for me. I’m outta here.

Way to ruin the shot. You and your brother can just stop the pity party already.

Screenshot-18Congratulations to the happy couple!

Screenshot-19And what’s a wedding without cake?

Kim: Are you trying to make me fat?

Hush you. Cake is mandatory for special occasions!

Dimitri: It’s okay sweetie. You’ll always be perfect in my eyes!

Screenshot-20Natalie: I don’t feel so great. Maybe I should head home soon.

I think I know the reason why!

12 - Natalie babyThis little notification popped up earlier. More babies! Yay!

Screenshot-21Kim: Love is in the air! Can you feel it darling?

Kim and Dimitri aren’t the only ones feeling the love tonight.

13 - Xavier engagedXavier decided to get engaged after witnessing his half-sister’s wedding! This family just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Screenshot-22Colin: You’re not that bad of a guy Dimitri. I just want my mom to be happy.

Dimitri: That’s my goal, kid. Think your brother will ever give me a chance?

Colin: *choke* He might come around eventually. I think.

Let’s end this chapter on that happy note! Kim and Dimitri are finally married, Natalie and Xavier are doing well, and this generation is almost done! Next chapter will officially be the LAST chapter of generation three. Be prepared for more kooky shenanigans and birthdays galore!



-15 Service Sim (3)
-30 Fire (6)
-85 Self urination (17)
-155 Passing out (31)
-20 Accidental Death (2)
+45 Birth (9)
+30 Twin Birth (3)
+30 Skill Challenge (6)
+40 Honour Roll (8)
+50 Max Skill (5)
+80 Completed LTW (2)

-30 points


Chapter 3.17

Welcome back to the Kooks! Thank you everyone for voting, we now have a TH for Generation Four! There are still a few things left to do in Generation Three though, so let’s get started!

Screenshot-205Colin starts us off by cornering Sun Young to ask for a bedtime story even though he really needs to eat something. She just finished making a batch of pancakes too. Silly boy.

Screenshot-206I knew this would happen. Way to start the chapter off Colin. (-5 points)

Screenshot-207Logan decided it was best to stay at school to do his homework. And yes, that building behind him is the “school”. Sometimes I miss the other towns. Lunar Lakes doesn’t have the best architecture around.

Screenshot-209After Colin woke up from passing out and got something to eat Kim offered to read him a bedtime story. It’s not super late out but hopefully he’ll get a good night sleep now.

Screenshot-210All the kids have been really good at doing their homework lately. Maybe we’ll get some honour students and get more points!

Screenshot-211Very studious kids indeed. How he can see what he’s writing in the dark is beyond me.

Screenshot-212Logan still didn’t want to come home even after finishing his homework. Kim had to call him home before the cops showed up since it was almost curfew.

Screenshot-213Sabrina: Ah-ha! I got question 5! Did you get it?

Melody: Nope. Not even close.

Screenshot-214Sabrina: I declare homework time to be officially over! Play time for everyone!

Bedtime for everyone, actually. And off Kim goes to read bedtime stories.

Screenshot-215But first, an alien abduction! Who’s the lucky winner tonight?

Screenshot-217Dimitri won! Just don’t get pregnant okay?

Dimitri: This isn’t how I get to bed! I just wanted my nice comfy bed!

Screenshot-218While Dimitri consorts with aliens, Kim gets the kids to bed. Surprisingly Logan went to sleep on his own once he finally made it home from school.

Screenshot-219Melody also went to bed without a story. One of the perks about having a bunk bed I guess. She hardly even asks for a story.

Screenshot-221Fast forward to the next day where not much is happening, but I’m happy to note Dimitri’s late night space adventure didn’t leave him with a glowing belly. Even though there is room in the household we’re done with kids for this generation.

Screenshot-222Xavier brought this girl home with him from school today. Apparently her name wasn’t important. Sabrina cornered her and asked for a bedtime story. Poor kid didn’t get a full night sleep.

Screenshot-223This is one of Logan’s favourite pastimes. I can pretty much always find him curled up with a book somewhere around the house. At least it keeps him out of trouble.

Screenshot-225Xavier: All I’m trying to say is your hair makes you look like a llama!

Girl: Why would you even say that?! I’m outta here!

Way to be a ladies man, Xavier. I think you need some practice.

Screenshot-226Melody: I, the Queen, have spoken! There will now be cake for dinner every night!

Nice try but not until someone has a birthday. And even then Birthday Cakes cause way too much havoc lately.

Screenshot-227Another one? Really?? Of course! Why not?! This is an alien invasion legacy after all. 😦

Screenshot-228Kim: That space ship looks familiar. Could it be Obgu’s family coming to take me away?!

Possibly. Who knows how all the aliens are related, enough of them share the same last names they could all be brothers and sisters.

Screenshot-43Look who finally found the playground on the roof! It’s a nice change from playing Queen of the Dinning Table all day, every day.

Screenshot-44I see you made it back. How was the family reunion?

Kim: It was pleasant enough. Obgu’s family just wanted to chat and see how his children where doing.

Well, maybe they should actually come visit sometime instead of just abducting you.

Kim: You know that’s not really their thing. ‘Why visit when you can just abduct?’ as his sister likes to say. Now let me concentrate on my art.

Screenshot-48Colin: Don’t worry Peaches! I’ve got this heir thing in the bag! Once we age up I’ll turn you real and we’ll be together like mommy and her doll!

Uhm… how do you know about that? And no, just no, sorry sweetie the votes are in and you didn’t win.

Screenshot-51Colin: I will be the greatest ruler this land has ever known! All shall bow before me!

Logan: Should I tell him he’s delusional or just let him think he won.

So YOU told him he had a shot at being TH didn’t you!?

Logan: Maybe.

Screenshot-52Melody: Hey sis, did you know that Colin didn’t even get one vote?

Sabrina: That’s a lie and you know it.

Melody: That’s what Logan said. He also said the readers like me best.

Sabrina: Did he now…

How do you two even know about the vote?

1 - Natalie babyRemember last chapter Natalie got pregnant? She had a little girl named Lakisha! Natalie and Petre aren’t married but they are dating and happy together.

2 - Xavier honour rollAlso, Xavier was on the honour roll! I closed the notification by mistake so this will have to do instead. Yay Xavier! (+5 points)

Screenshot-53While it’s not an ideal spot to sleep while it’s raining out at least Colin didn’t fail again.

Screenshot-54I can’t say the same for Sabrina though. I expected better from you! (-5 points)

Screenshot-55Salem: How improper of a lady and future queen.

Not you too! Is everyone aware of everything now?

Salem: What did you expect? Half the kids are part alien and the other half are part IF. They’re more in tune to this sort of thing than ‘normal’ sims.

I see. And when did you become Mr. Wise?

Salem: Me? Oh I’m just a cat so naturally I see everything.

You don’t even know how true that is.

Screenshot-56I really hate it when you put your life in danger. I’m sure no one actually cares about a broken dishwasher.

Kim: I’m perfectly fine. I had another repair potion so I’ll be done in no time. See? Finished.

Screenshot-57How’s your painting skill coming along?

Kim: Slowly, very slowly.

Not that slowly! You’re already almost at level 9!

Kim: It would go faster if someone let me paint constantly instead of fixing dishwashers.

Hey now, you wanted to do that.

Screenshot-58Kim: And this is something else I want to do…

Dimitri: What’s going on? Why am I always out of the loop guys?

Screenshot-59Kim: Now dear, don’t be like that. I have something very special for you…

Dimitri: For me?

Screenshot-60Kim: I think it’s time we got married!

Dimitri: It’s so SHINY!

Screenshot-63D’awe! They make such a cute couple. Never mind the fact they’ve both had wished to get married to each other since they moved here.

Screenshot-64Xavier: WOO! LOOK AT ME! WOO!

It’s time for a bathroom birthday!

Screenshot-65Screenshot-66Yay! Xavier is now a Young Adult and can strike out on his own!3 - Xavier bdayI love how he managed to get an ‘A’ in school the day of his birthday. At least he got us some points before moving out!

4 - Xavier traitsAnd he rolled Hopeless Romantic to round out his traits. Hopefully he’ll do alright in SP’s clutches.

5 - Xavier LTWHe even gets a LTW he can do by himself. He may not ever complete it but at least he might get a good paying job in the medicine field.

Screenshot-69That’s more like the Xavier we know! You’ll see his necklace in a second, it’s a cute little heart since he’s a Hopeless Romantic now.

Screenshot-70Xavier: I’m moving up in the world and moving out! You have a house for me? Perfect!

Screenshot-71And with that he leaves the family home. Good luck Xavier!

6 - Xavier jobThis caught my eye not long after he drove off to start his own life. Hopefully he make a good name for himself in medicine!

7 - Xavier puppyAlso, he decided he wanted some company in his new home and adopted this cute little puppy.

Screenshot-72The next day is also a special one for the family. Kim starts it off by making pancakes for everyone.

Screenshot-73Melody: Don’t mind me, I’m just being the best daughter ever and cleaning up the house.

If you’re trying to earn favour or something it’s not going to work, the vote is over.

Melody: *drops trash on the floor and walks away to get pancakes*

Screenshot-75 Screenshot-76Everyone was eating together for once but then Kim and Melody ruined it by inhaling their food before anyone else sat down. Also, all the kids eat with chopsticks!

Screenshot-80Hey, look! It’s Natalie and some random kids and parents standing around the house! I wonder what they’re doing here? XD

Screenshot-81It’s another birthday party! But this time it’s an actually party.. a pirate themed pool party to be exact.

Screenshot-83Kim: Nice moves Xavier! Let’s have a dance-off!

You’re not even looking at each other…

Kim: So? I know my moves are the best!

Screenshot-84Melody: I wanted green icing.

It’s not your party sweetie.

Melody: Why not?

Because it’s not. Kim! Where are you going? Tell your daughter not everything is about her.

Kim: Nope. I’m staying out of this one.

Screenshot-85 Screenshot-86I had hoped starting a water-balloon fight would get some of the other kids involved but they didn’t got for it. On the other hand Logan and Colin look super cute in their pirate outfits for their party!

Screenshot-87Melody: Who cares about this stupid party anyway? I have better things to do.

Don’t be a little brat because it’s not your party.

Screenshot-89It’s time to blow out the candles and pray there are no fires! Logan is up first.

Screenshot-90Screenshot-91Screenshot-92Logan is now a teenager, the first of the four heirs to reach this stage! He came in second place for the TH vote with 35%!

Logan: Pretty handsome, am I right? *wink*

8 - Logan bdayHe’s also been an honour student since last chapter so he gets to roll his trait.

9 - Logan traitsAnd he rolls Bot Fan! I have to say, Logan was tied for first place for most of the vote and I’m a little sad he didn’t win. But that’s why it’s not up to me since he is a favourite!

Screenshot-93We’re not done with the party yet! This is the beauty of having twins, get the birthdays over at the same time (and pray your luck with cakes doesn’t run out).

Screenshot-94Screenshot-96Screenshot-97Our second heir to reach the teenager stage! Colin came in third place for the vote with 17%! Sorry buddy, you didn’t win.

Colin: Awe come on! Logan said I did!

10 - Colin bdayColin finished school with a ‘B’ so he aged up with Night Owl locked in to go with Couch Potato, Insane, and Loves the Heat.

Screenshot-98It’s getting pretty late but everyone has some cake before heading home.

Screenshot-99Although not many of the kids ate their cake before announcing they had a great time and ran home.

Sabrina: I am NOT sitting in that chair.

Then sit in the other one. Silly girl.

Screenshot-100Logan: Sorry to interrupt but didn’t you forget something?

Oh yes! It’s make over time!

Screenshot-102Here’s our handsome, normal-nosed alien teenager! He’s by far my favourite alien of them all and I really want to do something with him since he didn’t win the heir vote. I’ll get back to you on that one. 😀

Screenshot-103And here’s Colin! Somehow I have the feeling if he had a more normal nose like his brother he would been another favourite among the Kook alien kids.

And that’s it for this chapter! Since neither Logan or Colin won the vote this generation has a couple more chapters in it while Sabrina and Melody enjoy their childhood. See you next time!



-15 Service Sim (3)
-30 Fire (6)
-85 Self urination (17)
-155 Passing out (31)
-20 Accidental Death (2)
+45 Birth (9)
+30 Twin Birth (3)
+30 Skill Challenge (6)
+40 Honour Roll (8)
+50 Max Skill (5)
+80 Completed LTW (2)

-30 points


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