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The Kook Family Backwards ISBI!

Chapter 4.1

Hello and welcome to the first chapter of Generation Four! Sabrina is now head of the family but she’s a teen. Let’s see how she’s handling her new responsibilities.

ScreenshotSabrina: I was sleeping…

Melody: Ugh. I was having a good dream too.

Screenshot-2Ah, I see you are the source of the issue, Sun Young.

Sun Young: I simply wish to relax here. Why are you bothering me?

The girls still react to some of the ghosts which is pretty annoying in an ISBI. :S

Screenshot-3Melody: I can’t put this dumb toy anywhere!

Dimitri: The toy box is a little to your left sweetie.

Random route fails FTW!

Screenshot-4Now that Sabrina is TH it’s time to switch the rooms around. Kim and Dimitri took over Logan and Colin’s room since those two don’t sleep anyway. I was getting sick of all the white/grey so I incorporated their favourite colours: spice berry and hot pink. And the rabbit head randomly appeared in the family inventory. Apparently it was stolen from somewhere, but I liked how it matched their room.

Screenshot-5Melody will stay in the old nursery. It’s been recoloured to her favourite: lime. Don’t mind the mess of toys, no one’s figured out how to use the toy box properly.

Screenshot-6Sabrina took over her parents old room. Since her favourite colour is grey I just gave her a new bed and that’s it. I figure once she finds a partner I can incorporate his favourite colour as well.

1 - Kim trait changeUnfortunately there’s nothing I can do to help Kim with her Unstable trait. When she was TH I helped her keep it in check and she could go to the hospital if I didn’t catch it in time. At least she was able to pass on the torch before losing the family trait.

Screenshot-7The teens are heading off to prom! Irene is Logan’s date, last chapter she called him up and asked him to go with her. Sabrina is on her way to the prom but Melody is taking her sweet time.

Screenshot-8Melody: …coffee…

*drums fingers waiting for her to finish… realizes prom has started without her*

Um, don’t you want to go to prom?

Melody: It’s not even MY prom. If Sabrina wants to crash it, fine, but count me out.

Alright. I can see she’s in a mood. Let’s see how the other teens are doing.

2 - logan promAwe! Irene kissed him! I guess that means she’s done with whats-his-face who she was dating when she met Logan.5 - logan promWow! She REALLY likes him! Of course he said yes. 😀8 - logan prom 11 - logan prom 15 - logan promIt looks like Logan had a perfectly romantic evening with Irene. I hope it lasts.

3 - colin promConsidering he’s an alien himself… I’m not sure. They only seem to abduct humans.6 - colin prom 9 - colin prom 12 - colin promOoooo! Who’s Mona? I’m glad Colin got a romantic interest at prom! This never happens to the Kooks!16 - colin promUh-oh, hopefully he didn’t cause too much trouble fighting. We don’t want him to leave a bad impression for Mona!

4 - sabrina prom 7 - sabrina prom 10 - sabrina promYay! Sabrina grabbed the crown for Prom Queen. That other student though saying the crown was an alien device… hmm…13 - sabrina promIt must be the crown calling the mothership!14 - sabrina prom 17 - sabrina promEither aliens got to Sabrina or someone slipped her something… hopefully she’ll have a better time at her own prom.

Screenshot-10Are you STILL drinking that coffee?

Kim: I told her she’ll be up all night but do you think she listens to me? No.

Screenshot-11Now you’re drinking coffee too, Kim!

Kim: Mmm, this is really good.

Melody: I have a magic touch.

At least Logan and Colin are doing something useful. Sabrina already went to bed.

Screenshot-12Logan: Tsk. Tsk. Mom told her she’d crash, but she doesn’t listen to anyone.

Really Melody!? She must be lashing out because she’s mad about not winning the heir vote. (-5 points)

Screenshot-14Careful, or you’ll hurt something.

Melody: Go away! I need a better outlet for my frustration!

I agree, but please don’t hurt yourself in the process.

Screenshot-15So how do you like painting?

Sabrina: Meh.

18 - sabrina wishSabrina: *rolls wish*

I see. Either she’s secretly ambitious or she hasn’t found her calling yet.

Screenshot-18You be careful too Dimitri! I like having you around.

Dimitri: I’m a professional athlete! I can handle this!

If you say so.

Screenshot-20Sabrina: Let’s see what’s on the job market today.

You know, you don’t have to get a job. You have lots of money so why not do teenager things?

20 - sabrina jobWe’ll see how long this lasts. At least being a receptionist at the spa wont be a tough job.

Sabrina: I’m already an honour student. I need something else to fill my time.

And being TH isn’t cutting it for you?

Sabrina: There’s not much to do right now.

I’ll remind you of this once the idiots get going…

19 - Xavier babyIn other news, Xavier now has a little girl! Yay!

21 - Xavier and Kara fightUh-oh, this can’t be good. What happened between you two! Ever since you got married it’s been nothing but fighting.

22 - Xavier and Kara splitI’m sad they couldn’t find happiness together. And they even have a newborn daughter. I hope Xavier can find love. Also, I changed their last names back to what they were before now they’re split up. Elaine’s last name is still Ansari-Kook though.

Screenshot-21I’m glad Kenneth’s old things get so much use. The machine on the wall is some aromatherapy meditation device so they’ll sit and meditate which actually builds the martial arts skill. Such smart little cookies.

Screenshot-22And just what are you up to young lady?

Sabrina: I don’t know what you mean. I’m obviously reading a book.

23 - sabrina rebelliousYa-huh, and this little notification this morning was just a fluke right? Like all those booby-traps around the house?

Sabrina: Innocent until proven guilty. 😉

Screenshot-25Sabrina: Yes, hello? I want to throw a party. Um, maybe just invite all the cute guys ok?

Logan: Is this not done yet? Man, I’m getting hungry.

It’s Spooky Day and Sabrina wanted to throw a Feast Party. What better opportunity to scout potential spouses?


Sabrina: You see nothing!

Screenshot-27The guests are here and it’s time to get the party started. I have no clue who’s wearing the red shirt talking to Sabrina but apparently they weren’t a spouse option since they mysteriously disappeared shortly after this. >_>

Screenshot-28First guy she talks to is Horace Ansari. Yup, you might have guessed this is Kara Ansari’s oldest child from a previous relationship.

Dimitri: Don’t I have a say in who my daughter dates?

Nope, but I do! Don’t worry, I’ll take care of her. 🙂

24 - sabrina likes horaceAnd Sabrina thinks he’s “blindingly stunning” which I’m sure Xavier is just thrilled about.

Xavier: Over my dead body.

Alright! Moving on!

Screenshot-29Next up, Sabrina meets Cale. Cale… Kale… mmm… leafy greens…

Sabrina: Shut up! I think he’s nice!

25 - sabrina and caleI can see we’re going to have an issue here. You find every guy attractive!

Screenshot-31The next sucker boy is Elvin. Really? His name is Elvin? 9_9

26 - sabrina and elvinWhy am I not surprised?

Sabrina: I’m trying to not be picky!

Why?? You have time to be picky! So be picky!

Screenshot-33The last guy she’s able to meet (and the only other teen male at the party) is Kristofer. Note, she heart-farted all the others but not him.

27 - sabrina and kristoferMaybe this is why. Apparently he’s only “smoking hot” and not “blindingly stunning”.

Sabrina: You said to be more picky so I am.

This is you being picky?

28 - sabrina wishOut of all the guys she met she only rolled a wish to chat with Kristofer. This is not the definition of being picky my dear!

Sabrina: Oh come on! I AM being picky. I want to talk to him and not the others. Jeez, how much more picky can I get?

Screenshot-35The party had already ended and he ran out the door like the house was on fire. So she called him up for a nice chat.

Sabrina: Huh? What do you mean by “trashy”? That must not smell good.

Guess that conversation went no where since she has no more wishes for him.

That’s where we’ll leave it for now! Hopefully Sabrina will be a little less boy crazy as she gets older. She has tons of time to be picky so let’s see if she decides on anyone for herself. 🙂



-15 Service Sim (3)
-35 Fire (7)
-90 Self urination (18)
-160 Passing out (32)
-20 Accidental Death (2)
+45 Birth (9)
+30 Twin Birth (3)
+35 Skill Challenge (7)
+55 Honour Roll (11)
+70 Max Skill (7)
+120 Completed LTW (3)

35 points


A Challenge for Logan Kook

Hello everyone! No, this isn’t the start of Generation Four. I’ve started playing the generation though so I should have an update soon!

Anyway, as the title suggests I have thought of a fun challenge to do with Logan Kook. Are you ready for it?

Rags2Riches Banner_colour

Presenting the Rags to Riches Challenge! I know there are some variations out there but the rules I’ll be using are found here. I will be adding a few of my own as well regarding specific goals Logan must reach. Basically, your homeless Sim (Logan) must work their way to the top and become a millionaire (in Logan’s case have a net worth of 10,000,000 Simoleons. I don’t want to make it too easy.) This would not be a legacy with generations so Logan only has until the end of his days to complete it.

Also, since I’m supposed to use a world I’m not familiar with I’ve chosen Roaring Heights!

Roaring Heights Town ImageI bought this a long time ago and play tested it for all of approximately 30 minutes so I believe this qualifies as a town I’m not familiar with.

I’m not great with plot driven stories so Logan’s challenge would probably be commentary like the Kooks. However, I will be aiming to fill as many of Logan’s wishes as possible so he would really be the one driving the story. I’m excited to see what mischief he gets up to. XD

So what do you all think? Let me know in the vote below and feel free to comment if you have any suggestions or questions!

Also, I was in CAS playing around with ‘homeless’ looks for Logan and thought I’d share these little gems: ‘human’ versions of Logan and Colin!


Fun Facts: Logan got Cindy’s golden eyes while Colin got the default hazel. Also, they are YA in these photos. 😀


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