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Chapter 4.2

on November 14, 2015

Could it be? Is it true? Yes it is! The Kooks are back with a new chapter! My deepest apologies for taking so long. You see… I was abducted by those pesky aliens and –

Screenshot-36Dimitri: Blah, blah. Save your excuses. I ain’t getting any younger listening to you.

And you sir are getting no less smelly just standing there. Go take a shower! 😡

Besides, what are you doing interrupting my opening? Where’s our TH?

Screenshot-37Nope, not over here.

Melody: Thanks Watcher. Just rub it in a little deeper.

Still upset about not winning?

Melody: Meh. I have more important things to do.

Like what, I wonder?

Screenshot-38Excuse me guys, I know you’re being cute and all but have either of you seen Sabrina?

Kimitri: *oblivious to everyone and everything around them*

Well fine then.

Screenshot-39There she is!

Colin: Um, Watcher? Can you get this guy to leave?

What is Elvin still doing here!? The party ended hours ago!

Screenshot-40Hey Sabrina! Glad I finally caught up to you. Listen, sorry about taking so long –

Sabrina: Do you REALLY think this is important right now?! I’m about to discover a new star! I can feel it!

Spoiler: She didn’t discover anything.

Screenshot-41Since the family is living in a futuristic world, in a futuristic house, Sabrina wanted a futuristic bed. How could I say no? Especially when she looks so precious dreaming about… showering. >.>

Screenshot-42Ok Elvin, you are now at the top of the Ultimate Creeper list. GO HOME!

Screenshot-43Following in your mother’s footsteps! So how do you like chemistry? Have you found your calling?

Sabrina: You sure do ask a lot of questions. I was just bored and found this stuff out in the garage.

Well I’d ask less questions if you were less indecisive.

Screenshot-44Logan has used this room quite a bit, but I’m glad Melody is now using it too! Kenneth would be proud of you two.

Logan: Mel just likes beating up the training dummy. I think she pretends it’s you.


Melody: Logan! Shh!

30 - kara remarryingLet’s check out some updates while I hide. Kara wasted no time in moving on. And I believe he aged up to YA not long ago…

31 - dimitri skill challengeDimitri has also been making good use of the martial arts equipment and completed a skill challenge! Yay points! (+5 points)

32 - kara mean to everyoneOk, this is proof Kara is a ***** and Xavier had nothing to do with their relationship going south. I just hope he can move on and find someone else.

33 - dimitri work opDimitri: Let’s do it!

Are you sure? You are pretty old, it might have negative side effects…

34 - dimitri sick from workTold ‘ya.

Dimitri: Why did you poison me!? I’m too young to die!

Calm down, you’re fine.

35 - kim trait changeKim on the other hand is having a rough time. Although, losing Over-Emotional isn’t so bad.

Screenshot-45Logan: WOO! GUYS! GUYS! Guess what?!

Everyone: What’s up with him?

Screenshot-46Logan: Don’t tell me you forgot.

Sabrina & Melody: Got’cha! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Screenshot-47Logan: Wait! I’m not ready!

Sabrina: Any day now, brother dear.

36 - logan birthdayYes! Logan is now a young adult and can begin his own adventures!

37 - logan traitsAnd he rolls Inappropriate to round out his traits. That is quite the interesting mix.

38 - logan LTWWhat better lifetime wish for an alien genius who’s insane and loves bots? 😀

Screenshot-49Logan: Hold on. Something’s not right… I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Sabrina: Try looking in a mirror, baldy. It’ll come to you.

Screenshot-50Colin: HEY GUYS! OVER HERE!

Why are you yelling?! It’s the middle of the night and everyone’s gone to bed.

Colin: But… my birthday…

Screenshot-51Logan: Haha! Look who glitched and gets to age up all alone!

Colin: Oh no! I wanted to wait until mom woke up. 😦

Technically he’s not alone Logan since you’re right there…

39 - colin bdayBut yay for Colin too! He just squeaked in an A grade, good job buddy.

40 - colin traitsColin rolls perceptive to round out his traits. Another interesting combination.

41 - colin LTWHonestly, he didn’t have much choice for a LTW. At least this one he can work on alone and maybe we’ll be lucky enough to catch some of the chess notifications for him!

Screenshot-53Logan: HAhahahah! You’re totally bald, dude!

Colin: Look who’s talking bro! At least I look good like this.

No. Nope. Never. Neither of you are staying bald.

Screenshot-54TA-DA! Post-makeover Logan! Quite the handsome devil. I can’t wait to see his babies.

Screenshot-55Second TA-DA! Post-makeover Colin! I pray your children don’t inherit that nose. Only time will tell. XD

Screenshot-56Sabrina: Now it’s just me and you, Mr. Guppy.

Um, only Logan and Colin moved out. Melody, Kim, and Dimitri are all still around…

Sabrina: Just me and Mr. Guppy. Two new friends off on a wonderful adventure!

… o.O I’m just going to walk away now…

42 - kim trait changeKim, what is going on with you? You already lost Over-emotional.

Kim: Yes, but now it’s gone forever! Isn’t that great!!

Oh boy.

43 - Xavier new RIBut here’s good news! Xavier has found love again! Hopefully. Keep your fingers crossed.

44 - logan new jobLogan got a job at the science facility, big surprise there. Let’s just hope he’s doing the testing, not the one being tested.

45 - colin new jobColin decided to join the military. Why? I have no clue considering he’s a couch potato.

46 - logan living with two girls47 - other girlLogan decided living with his brother would hurt his chances with the ladies and moved in with two girls instead. Who happen to be sisters. What a player.

48 - colin new kittenColin felt extremely lonely after his brother took off to womanize the town so he got a furbaby. D’awe. 🙂

Screenshot-57Sabrina: Success! Well that was fun. Wonder if I can make it again.

You really do take after your mother.

Sabrina: Shut up. Just because I like playing with corrosive liquids doesn’t make me just like her!

I didn’t say that.

Sabrina: You are SOO annoying!

Screenshot-58Kim: Maybe you should have a little chat with your daughter. I hear she’s giving the Watcher a rough time. She might listen to you.

Dimitri: She’s your daughter too you know. Who’s to say she wont listen to you?

Any help would be appreciated guys! Thanks!

Screenshot-59Kim: Or you and I could… *whisper whisper*

Dimitri: You must have read my mind, my beautiful bouquet of roses.

Good chat guys. Thanks for the help.

Screenshot-60Of course, it wouldn’t be a chapter of the Kooks without an alien abduction now would it? Just don’t get pregnant Dimitri! This is a baby-free household for once!

*** The Next Day ***

Screenshot-61What’s got you in such a good mood?

Sabrina: Who me? Oh… nothing… 😀

Screenshot-62What is that?

Sabrina: Test #1. Begin! I have 10 seconds to vacate the area!


Screenshot-63Oh sure. Just as we finally got all the smelly plates cleaned up. PERFECT! 😡

And I assume you’re the one who set a trap on the sink as well.

Sabrina: You can prove nothing!

I’m watching you Missy.

Screenshot-64Uh, Kim? I’m not so sure that’s a great place to sleep. Also, it’s mid-morning and no one is home to help you out of a bind should you find yourself in one.

Kim: ZzZzZzZ

You have been warned.

Screenshot-65Wait, what are you doing home? It’s a school day!

Melody: Meow a little louder Salem. I can’t quite hear you over this annoying voice ruining a perfectly good cookie moment.

Salem: I just want a bit! Just a tiny little bite for your old pal?

Cosmo: You know she wont give you any. Just go take a nap somewhere. If anyone needs me I’ll be doing just that.

Oh the simple life of cats. Now get your butt to school Mel!

49 - logan babyIt looks like Logan and Irene are moving along pretty quickly! And he’s still living with the Martel girls.

50 - Xavier and Ellen datingThis makes me very happy! Now go have babies! 😀

Screenshot-66Kim: AHHH! Someone painted my face while I was asleep!

51 - kim going to freezeI don’t think that’s paint…

Screenshot-67Kim: Brrr… it’s really chilly out. When did winter get here?

Oh, just the other night while you slept on the lawn.

Screenshot-68Kim: *muffled* …help

*facepalm* You are not doing well as an idiot.

Screenshot-69Say Melody, you’re not really doing anything important right? Why not help your dear old mom out.

Melody: Great! I give up! I was so close to figuring out this question but you just HAD to interrupt my train of thought.

Sorry, not sorry. YOUR MOTHER IS IN DANGER!

Screenshot-71Sabrina: Seriously mom? You couldn’t have waited until AFTER I was done my shift at work? Gah.

Hey, remember when you said you had loads of time on your hands…

Sabrina: Shut up.

Screenshot-73Kim: Well, it certainly took you long enough. Am I no longer important!?

Sabrina: Chill mom! I left work early to save you. Now get inside.

You know you were never in REAL danger. I kept an eye on the time.

Screenshot-75I will never understand this family and their desire to do homework in the snow.

53 - logan and irene fightingBut. She’s having your baby! It’s all just drama for the family out in Story Progression.

54 - xavier remarryingAt least Xavier is finding happiness! I hope she’s the one for him!

55 - logan and irene splitApparently Irene’s not the one for Logan though. Sad times. 😦

Screenshot-77And just what are you up to this time little miss?

Sabrina: You have the WORST timing ever.

56 - hacker sabrinaI can’t believe you’re turning to a life of crime! You’re so young and innocent still!

Sabrina: Please. A girl’s gotta have her hobbies you know.

That is not a hobby! That’s stealing! 😡

Screenshot-78Seriously you two, get a room. And get dressed! What is this, eternal pajama day?

Screenshot-79Stealing robot plans this time?

Sabrina: Actually, I’m creating them myself if you must know.

Sure you are. I’m on to you, little trouble maker.

Screenshot-81Sabrina: You know, this whole ‘following me around’ thing is getting old.

Well excuse me, Miss TH. It’s not like it’s your generation or anything.

58 - sabrina honour rollI was going to congratulate her for getting on the honour roll but little Miss Attitude needs to chill. And since she got it as a child I’m not counting this one.

Screenshot-84Melody: I’m sick of studying. And who’s calling at this hour? It better be for a good reason.

Sabrina: You’re hopeless. You’ll never be an honour student like me at this rate. Oh well.

Screenshot-85Melody: Oh, hey Elvin. What’s up?

59 - elvin likes melodyI knew he wasn’t just innocently doing homework in her room for no good reason. He has a crush on her! Sorry Sabrina.

Screenshot-87Elvin chose this reclusive and scenic spot for their date. An abandoned mine, late at night, in the middle of winter. Lovely.

60 - elvin cheaterThen, as Melody was heading to the date I saw this little notification. What a player!

Screenshot-88Melody: Hey! I thought maybe you weren’t going to show! I only stood around here for an hour waiting but it’s all good. My snow suit is pretty warm. And it’s my favourite colour!

Elvin: I don’t really like colour. I don’t like art.

Melody: Fascinating. *eye roll*

Screenshot-89Melody: Soooo… wanna build a snowman?

I can see this date is going REALLY well. Anyway! That’s a wrap for this chapter. Until next time folks! And no, you wont have to wait 3 months again. (Sorry!)



-15 Service Sim (3)
-35 Fire (7)
-90 Self urination (18)
-160 Passing out (32)
-20 Accidental Death (2)
+45 Birth (9)
+30 Twin Birth (3)
+40 Skill Challenge (8)
+55 Honour Roll (11)
+70 Max Skill (7)
+120 Completed LTW (3)

40 points

4 responses to “Chapter 4.2

  1. LOL at the boys aging up bald, so annoying when they do that. I like their makeovers, especially Logan’s, he’s a cutie.

    My elders stay in their PJs all day too – even the non idiots, if I don’t force them to change. So annoying! But then again, if they’re not leaving the house, it does kind of make sense.

    It’s interesting seeing the TH as a teen, with school she’s got limited time to babysit the idiots. And she doesn’t need to have children right away, since her child will take over from her as TH, she can work on her career first.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The baldness is the one thing I don’t like about aliens, aside from the horribly tiny noses. Logan got ALL the good Kook genetics it seems. In CAS I changed him into a ‘human’ for fun once and he even has Cindy’s golden yellow eyes from Gen 1.

      Honestly, if I don’t have to leave my house I’m in pjs. XD So I guess I can’t say much. Lol. I’ve found that my idiots (the kids anyway) are always wearing athletic, swim, or formal wear with the insane trait. At least if Kim or Dimitri go out they change first into everyday wear!

      Aside from Kim being dumb and getting frozen, Sabrina hasn’t had to do much. Sadly I only have Teen set to 14 days and they are just flying by. But yes, kids can wait for a bit. 😀 I really want to get her last trait rolled so she can start on a career/LTW. Maybe next chapter!


  2. silentwolfy101 says:

    Almost caught up!

    Liked by 1 person

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