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Chapter 4.4

on December 19, 2015

Welcome back to the Kooks! This will be the last chapter for Sabrina in the Teen life stage. Yippee! Then the real fun and a spouse hunt can begin! But I’m getting a head of myself…


Who’s that cutie? πŸ˜‰

Sabrina: Gosh, ever hear of private conversations?

Our little TH here met a boy at school just before prom. And she even rolled a wish to befriend him.

7 - sabrina wish

Sadly they didn’t get to friend status before prom. And she wouldn’t stay on the phone with him for more that a few minutes so progress is currently slow.


What happened to chatting with Victor? You two were finally starting to get to know each other.

Sabrina: Meh. I have better things to do with my time. I see him at school like every day.

And what do you mean by ‘better things to do with your time’?


Sabrina: Ha! I did it! Say hello to the world, L34H!

L34H: Hello.

Sabrina had just enough points to purchase the LTR trait chip bundle. So thanks to that, L34H is a competent cleaner, a handibot, and solar powered. Also, since Sabrina is still fairly new to bot building, L34H is a very poorly made plumbot. Fingers crossed she doesn’t become scrap metal.


Sabrina: Look, I know I’m still pretty new at this (thanks for the reminder Watcher!) but I promise you wont become scrap metal. I’ll work on upgrading you, maybe you’ll even feel emotions someday!

L34H: Invalid command. Please rephrase.

Sabrina: This is going to take some work.


Even though she can’t understand the finer details of life, L34H wastes no time in tidying the place up. Who needs a maid when you have a robot from the future? πŸ˜€


After cleaning up the remains of things caught by the cats, she cleans up all the nasty dishes. L34H’s turning out to be really helpful!


…Or not. Where did she go?

Sabrina: Apparently this place is so full of garbage even the robot is having a hard time dealing with it all. Just look outside.


I guess old newspapers trump dirty dishes on the cleaning hierarchy. Good to know.


Sabrina: Ahhh… this is the life.

Enjoying your new found freedom?

Sabrina: Very much. I get why mom wanted a man servant all those years ago.


Sabrina: Hey, here’s a thought to spice things up.

Oh yah? And what’s that?

Sabrina: One word. Mermaids. Think I’d look good in scales?

I think you’ve spent too much time in the hot water.


Meanwhile, L34H starts to break things. You’re a HandiBot! Not a BreakiBot!


Melody: This is so relaxing, a great way to unwind before bedtime. I can’t believe we’ve never used this before!

Sabrina: I could drift off right here…

Don’t you dare! No one is drowning in this hot tub!

Sabrina: Chill! I was kidding.


Sabrina: Hey sis, how do you feel about fins?

Melody: Fins? Not sure. Now comfy beds, I can feel that. And mine’s calling my name.


While Sabrina dreams of underwater adventures and Melody heads to bed, I catch L34H doing a self-tuneup. Just one of the many perks of the HandiBot chip. πŸ™‚

22 - ellen and colin

In other news, Ellen traded in one alien lover for another.

23 - natalie and petre

And Natalie is still madly in love with her baby daddy. Too bad those two never got married, but hey, it’s not for everyone.

24 - cale sabrina date.jpg

The next day, Sabrina was asked out on a date by Cale. He was at the party a few chapters ago and is currently dating some townie teen. That didn’t stop her from saying yes though.


Sabrina: So this is a neat building that looks just like all the other buildings here. Why did you want to meet here at night instead of going out during the day like normal sims?

Cale: This is the Military Base. They offer a cheaper tour at night. Want to get started? Standing around here is just making me tired.

25 - kim lost trait

Kim went through another personality swap while Sabrina was on her date. Not a bad swap, but not great. Now she wanders around the house critiquing the dΓ©cor.

26 - ellen and colin steady

Colin doesn’t seem to mind Ellen is his uncle’s ex. As long as you’re happy kid, that’s all I care about.

27 - sabrina broke curfew

Uh-oh, looks like someone is about to become very unhappy.


Sabrina: I swear we were just taking the Night Tour! What did I do to deserve this? I’m like a DAY away from being a young adult!

It’s true. Her birthday is the next day. Poor girl. 😦


Dimitri: What were you doing sneaking around a military base at night?! You’re the torch holder! You’ll be a young adult tomorrow! You have responsibilities! YOU MUST UPHOLD THE HONOUR OF THIS FAMILY!!


Sabrina: Whoa! I’m sorry Dad! Cale asked me on a date. I swear I didn’t pull any pranks. That was all him!

28 - sabrina grounded

Wow, what a way to end your teenage years with a bang.

Sabrina: I hate you. You talked me into going. THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!

I’m sorry! Look, maybe you can apologize and get out of it?


Sabrina: Please Dad! I’m sooooo sorry!



Sabrina: Um, Dad? Kinda begging for forgiveness here.

Dimitri: Hmm, maybe if you do some chores I’ll forgive you.

Sabrina: Seriously!? I created a ROBOT for that!

29 - cale likes melody

Cale followed Sabrina home before being whisked away by the curfew officer. But he hung around long enough to heart-fart Melody. You’re officially no longer a spouse option, Cale. Sorry, not sorry.


Sabrina: *pout* I can’t believe I have to do chores to get out of this. It wasn’t even my fault!

I’m sorry sweetie…

Sabrina: Don’t talk to me. I don’t like you right now.



L34H decided to be extra helpful around the house today so the only chore left was to take out the trash. Somehow I don’t think that will be enough to get back on her Dad’s good side.


Sabrina: Listen, I took out the trash but that’s the only thing I could do! The robot I CREATED did the rest of the chores already!

Dimitri: Is that right? Well tomorrow is a new day. I’d suggest getting a good sleep and do tomorrow’s chores before that robot beats you to it.

It looks like Dimitri wont budge. (And those Z’s are from a snoozing cat.)


Sabrina: Mom, can you please talk to Dad and get him to unground me? It’s my birthday tomorrow! And I took out the trash!

Kim: Hmm, just the trash?

Sabrina: Yes… my robot did the rest of the chores.


Kim: No. You need to own up to your mistakes. Your birthday is tomorrow and you’ll be a young adult. So start acting like one. Show us you can handle your responsibilities.

Sabrina: Ugh. Why did I even bother?


You know… it was kind of my fault she was out so late…

Kim: Don’t go making excuses for her.

I’m not. Just maybe consider giving her a break tomorrow. It is her birthday.

Kim: We’ll see.

30 - ellen colin engaged

Somehow, Sabrina managed to get to school for her last day without her parents stopping her for ‘going out’. And while she was there the only interesting thing that happened was this notification! Congrats Colin and Ellen! πŸ˜€


Kim: Where were you?! You’re grounded young lady! You’re not allowed to leave this house!

Sabrina: Seriously mom? I went to school. It was my last day!

I agree with Sabrina, she worked hard to earn an A in school. I’m not about to let her lose it. Giver her a break Kim!


It maybe wasn’t the best thing I could do with Kim’s free action, but Sabrina didn’t deserve to be grounded on her birthday.

Kim: Maybe we have been a little hard on you honey. You’re the TH and that’s a big responsibility, but I think you’ve learned your lesson.


Sabrina: Does that mean I’m not grounded anymore?

Kim: Yes dear. It’s not like you become a young adult every day!


Sabrina: Hello party planner person. It’s my birthday and I want a HUGE party!

So are we on speaking terms again?

Sabrina: I guess you did help me get out of being grounded so… yah, we’re cool.


The day is quickly coming to an end so we wasted no time in planning a party and getting it started. Even though Sabrina threw the party, almost everyone is greeting Kim.

Sabrina: Can we get this moving please? I’ve had a rough day, I’m hungry, and all I want is cake.

As you wish.


First up is Sabrina! Since she’s the TH and she’s cranky from her bad day it’s only fair to let her go first. The two kids are Natalie’s children fyi. And somehow Kim teleported beside Sabrina while she aged up. Please don’t glitch up my game! *fingers crossed!*


Success! But in need of a make-over. That will come later.



EVIL?! After all that trouble I went to so that she wouldn’t have a bad trait locked in when she aged up and she rolled EVIL!! I’ve never played an evil sim before. This should be interesting.

Randomized LTW Roll

As for LTW I had no clue what to choose. So I randomized it and according to her LTW will be the fourth one listed for her. Drum roll please…

33 - sabrina LTW

And the winner is Pervasive Private Eye! A career and LTW I’ve never done before. Don’t worry, I wont showcase every case she gets. πŸ™‚


But we’re not done yet! It’s Melody’s turn to blow out the candles.

Another successful aging! Now let’s see what her new trait is.

Light sleeper. Not nearly as new and exciting as Evil but it suits her.

36 - melody LTW.jpg

This seemed like a good fit for Melody, or at least that’s what I wrote down. What were my reasons? I don’t recall.


Melody got the first make-over. She really looks like Kim, except her eyes. Very pretty though!


And here is Sabrina’s make-over! I’m glad she’s not a Kim clone, different lips and eye shape. πŸ™‚


Sabrina: So what do you think of my party?

Kristofer: I think you’re great! I-I mean… I think your party is great. Ya, that’s right.

They heart-farted but I missed it.


Then again, he also heart-farted Kim, Melody, and Natalie. :S

Kristofer: It’s easy to see who Sabrina gets her beauty from. πŸ˜‰

Kim: Oh, you’re a charmer, aren’t you? πŸ™‚

Dimitri: Remember our chat, boy! I’m watching you!


Sabrina: Thanks for coming to my party! Don’t mind my Dad, he’s a bit protective. Oh, that reminds me. I want to get away for a bit but I’m looking for a travel buddy. Interested? *Rolls wish to travel abroad*

Great. That wish might take some time to fulfill. That’s it for this chapter! Our little Sabrina is all grown up and ready to take on the world. But is the world ready for her? πŸ˜€

And one more question: should Sabrina eat some magical kelp and become a mermaid? I want to start getting some of the occults into this family. Let me know in the poll!



-15 Service Sim (3)
-35 Fire (7)
-90 Self urination (18)
-160 Passing out (32)
-20 Accidental Death (2)
+45 Birth (9)
+30 Twin Birth (3)
+40 Skill Challenge (8)
+55 Honour Roll (11)
+70 Max Skill (7)
+120 Completed LTW (3)

40 points

6 responses to “Chapter 4.4

  1. Ooh, mermaid Sabrina would be much fun! She’s really fun, so glad we chose her for TH. Can’t wait to see who she picks for spouse.

    Very impressed that she made a plumbot as a teen! I really need to play with ITF more, so much fun stuff to check out.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. pinkfiend1 says:

    Mermaids are fun to start with. Just make sure she has a pool and lives near the beach. Sometimes only salt water will do.


  3. silentwolfy101 says:

    Ohhhh, I vote mermaid sim!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. DarkwingLady says:

    Dammit, you Kooks are so much fun that I actually catch up this far within 3 damn days (nights too).

    I LOVE you.

    Now amma go back up, read this chapter, and comment properly afterwards. Toodaloo~

    Liked by 1 person

    • DarkwingLady says:

      Oooyeaaa CONGRATULATIONS you grrrrllzzz~

      I am SO thrilled! Poor Brinnie, but sometimes you gotta learn how to say ‘no’, Girl-child. Especially when it comes to guys. It’ll come in handy, trust me.

      Then again, you’re one tough Kooky, so you’ll prolly ignore me on this. Hehehe.

      Great chapter as always ❀

      Liked by 1 person

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