Insanity Family

The Kook Family Backwards ISBI!

Chapter 4.6

The Kooks are back! And I’m back from an unintentionally very long hiatus. Apologies everyone! Also… HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOOKS! It’s been three years TODAY since I started this blog, and I think this is the first time I’ve mentioned the anniversary on the actual day. Not that this is a birthday post… so ON WITH THE SHOW! πŸ˜€


Hi Ben and Obgu! How’s the Nether World these days?

Obgu: The dishwasher is broken

Thanks tips.

Ben: You should get that seen to.

Yes! I’m aware! Where’s that good for nothing robot?


Ben wandered off to play Foosball by himself. I miss his face. 😦


Obgu: Hello dear. It wont be long until you join me.

Kim: Ew. I’ll wait, thanks.

I hope Kim gets to see her grandkids before she passes. This is a tricky generation since the next one will start at the child stage. I’m waiting for Sabrina to become an Adult or wish for a baby, whatever comes first. Any bets? πŸ˜‰


Oh sure. The house is a mess and the dishwasher is broken but leaves must come first! ARGH!


Dusty came for a visit! Hi Dusty! The only one we’re missing from Gen. 1 is Cindy. I’m surprised we haven’t seen her lately.


Sabrina ponders her next move against herself. Honestly, I don’t even know how you play that version of chess. It looks complicated.

Sabrina: It’s less complicated when you’re not muttering in my ear.

Well, sooooorry.

1 - promotion

HA! She got a promotion by playing chess. XD If only that worked IRL. Too bad her LTW is based on number of solved cases and not career level. Time to get to work Sabrina!


Sabrina’s next case is to investigate Colin’s fiancΓ©e, Ellen.

Sabrina: Why are you watching me? You’re supposed to be my lookout!

Don’t worry. No one’s here. Did you find any dirt?

Sabrina: You don’t even want to know. This is good!

2 - found info

You still have to check her garbage.

Sabrina: But I found juicy information already!

Stop complaining and just do it!


Sabrina: Ugh. I can’t believe I had to go through her trash!

You’re great-grandpa Ben used to love doing that.

Sabrina: Oh, he was a P.I. too?

Um, no… he just liked digging through trash.


As soon as she finished the case it was time for graduation. What’s with the face?

Sabrina: Do I really have to attend this thing?

Yes! Now get going!


Melody showed up for graduation as well. At least they were able to get inside before everyone else showed up to route fail.


See what I mean? Kim and Dimitri eventually made it inside. That’s all I care about. XD

3 - klepto kris

Turns out Kristofer is a klepto! Our lover boy has a naughty side. πŸ˜‰

4 - logan RI

Logan catches the eye of a cougar. This is before I found out there’s a mod you can adjust so elders don’t steal all the young adults. (Thanks Mastress Alita!)

5 - sabrina graduates

‘Most Likely to Hack the Military Facility’… hmm.

Sabrina: Ha! Been there, done that. It’s old news.

You WHAT?!

Sabrina: It helps when your twin works there. πŸ˜€


Sabrina: Woo!! *Diploma toss*

AKGHSJHAT!! L34H get out of Sabrina! Way to ruin the shot. 😑

6 - kim trait swap

Another personality swap for Kim. As if she needs to be more lovey-dovey.

7 - 3 cases solved award

After graduation Sabrina got to work on another case. I wasn’t going to say anything about it but then she got this award. Way to go!

8 - Xavier RI

Xavier is still looking for that special someone. I hope he settles down before he becomes an elder.

9 - kim trait swap

Kim, we’ve been over this. You can’t lose a trait more than once.

Kim: Yes I can, and I just did!

*Throws hands up sending notes flying everywhere* I give up.

10 - sabrina wish

It seems Sabrina really likes Kristofer! I don’t know if you can tell from that little thumbnail picture but I changed his hair. It sort of resembles his plantsim hair.


I feel like this generation is moving at snail speed. She’s done two more cases and FINALLY got a date with Kristofer. He always seems to be at work when she calls him up.

Sabrina: I’m glad we finally found some free time to get together! I’ve been getting so many cases lately. How’s your job going?

Kristofer: I’m not really supposed to talk about it. The less you know the safer you are.

Sabrina: Oh, that’s mysterious. πŸ˜‰


A couple of hours and a blizzard later…

Sabrina: I really like you and I think you’re a great guy. I don’t really want to settle down this instant but do you think we could, I dunno, date?


I’d say that’s a yes! πŸ˜€


Who can guess the many things wrong with this picture? Somehow Kim and Dimitri glitched. I don’t know what’s up with them but ‘resetsim’ fixed it.


Sabrina invited Kristofer back to her place for a late night bonfire. I think this is the first time any of the family has used the bonfire pit.


Sabrina: Thanks for a wonderful evening!

Kristofer: Don’t worry, it’s not over quite yet. πŸ˜‰


Seriously guys? This is what happens when I turn on Autonomous Woohoo. And in your parents bed even! For shame!

Dimitri: What’s going on here!? I wanted to get at least a bit of sleep before the night is over!


I can’t believe you two. SMH :/


You appear to be unfazed by your daughter’s indiscretion.

Dimitri: She’s a grown woman. And I never liked that bed anyway.

I see. I supposed you’d like a new bed now?

Dimitri: It would be appreciated.


It’s only fair he stole Sabrina’s bed. I have no clue where Kim was for this whole thing. She’s probably wandering around the house after I reset her.


Scratch that! She’s fast asleep in Ben’s old sleeping bag. And Kristofer looks pretty pleased with himself. XD


L34H: Malfunction. Systems require maintenance. Emergency shutdown activated.

Poor, neglected L34H. Hopefully Sabrina can get her bot building skill up and give L34H a much needed upgrade! I hope you enjoyed the chapter, even though it was a short one. Until next time!



-15 Service Sim (3)
-35 Fire (7)
-90 Self urination (18)
-160 Passing out (32)
-20 Accidental Death (2)
+45 Birth (9)
+30 Twin Birth (3)
+40 Skill Challenge (8)
+55 Honour Roll (11)
+70 Max Skill (7)
+120 Completed LTW (3)

40 points


Chapter 4.5

Welcome back! Last chapter Sabrina made a plumbot, stayed out too late with a boy, got grounded, and had her birthday. Her sister Melody also had a birthday so she is now out of the house and at the mercy of Story Progression. Good luck Mel! Now back to the main family!


And what is a better way than this to kick off a Kook chapter? Pesky aliens. Have fun L34H!


Whoa… someone’s a little angry…

Sabrina: Angry? ANGRY?! WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST CLUE!? I’m sick of being cooped up in here!

Really? I mean, it’s a pretty big house. There’s lots to do.

Sabrina: *rages*


Since she has a job oriented LTW it time to get to work on it!

39 - sabrina job

We’ll see how often she actually wears that ‘respectable coat’. And speaking of new jobs…

38 - melody job

Melody landed a career in the Military! It seems to be a popular career choice in this town.

37 - logan and chrissie

In other news, Logan and Chrissie seem interested in each other. I wonder how long this relationship will last.


Sabrina: Hey L34H, what’s that over there?

L34H: Need reference point. Please restate inquiry.

Sabrina: Hehehe

Apparently Evil sims can initiate an ‘evil’ water balloon fight. Luckily the water didn’t fry L34H’s circuits.


After harassing L34H for a bit, Sabrina tried calling up Kristofer to hang out. She keeps rolling wishes to pillow fight or play games or group up with him so I figured we could see where this went.

Sabrina: Excuse me? You don’t “feel like hanging out”? Well I’ve got better things to do anyway.

What’s his problem? Your relationship bar is pretty high!

Sabrina: Beats me. Men. Gah!


Since you have nothing better to do let’s get your first case assignment!

Sabrina: Are you sure this is the police station? All the buildings look the same.

Yes I’m sure! Now hurry up.


Now what’s your issue?

Sabrina: Some lady is all bent out of shape over stolen information. Can this get any more boring?

It’s your first case, what did you expect?

Sabrina: Humph.

Aren’t you a joy to be around. :/


Say hello to Eleanor Alto. She’s the one who hired Sabrina to find some missing information.

Sabrina: So let me get this straight. You think Dahlia Benton hacked your computer and stole some information that you originally stole from your work and now she’s going to use it to black mail you?

Eleanor: Pretty much sums it up. So what are you waiting for?


While Sabrina ran around town tracking down Dahlia I checked in on Kim. At least she found her room this time. Dimitri was at work. What a boring place right now with no kids around.

40 - sabrina case 1 solved

First case solved! That wasn’t so bad, was it?

Sabrina: Meh. It was easy money.


Sabrina: Mom said she saw some electrical sparks coming out of your arm socket. Can I take a look?

L34H: Upgrade required. Trait chip requested: Angler.

Sabrina: What? Why? You know what, never mind. You must have some screws loose. Just turn around.


Sabrina: You might feel a little jolt.

I didn’t know robots could feel. Especially one as poorly made as L34H.

Sabrina: Are you a robot? No. Didn’t think so. So how do you know what they feel, huh?

I just –

Sabrina: Don’t listen to her L34H. You go right ahead and have feelings. Tell me if this hurts.

I give up.


L34H: System performance status: excellent. Thank you.

Sabrina: No problem! But what’s with this gesture. Where’d you pick this up?

L34H: Incorrect inquiry. Please rephrase.

You have a lot of work to do on that plumbot.

Sabrina: Yes. Thank you! I realize that!

41 - jareth sabrina date

Apparently some the Bentons and Altos are related. Funny how your last case involved some of his family.

Sabrina: Forget about that. Who is this guy?

I dunno. Go on the date and find out! πŸ˜€


I know that look…

Sabrina: He’s late.


Sabrina: AND WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HAVE TO BE RAINING?! Mark my words sky, you will rue the day you got my hair wet!

I know you’re evil hun, but you can’t punish the sky…

Sabrina: Oh yah? Watch me. SOME DAY I’LL GET YOU!


Sabrina: Thanks for finally showing up. The movie started an hour ago.

OH! It’s THAT guy? The same Jareth who creeped on Sabrina at her teen birthday, who is married, and also has two kids? Well then. Nope! Good bye.

42 - colin and ellen

Colin seems to be having more luck that his little sister in finding love. I get these popups all the time. Let’s see if Sabrina can find a more suitable date.


Look who finally decided to leave his house! πŸ˜€

Sabrina: You sure took your sweet time.

Kristofer: It takes time to look this good.

And by good you mean dorky right? I swear if this goes anywhere he’s getting a makeover.


Oh come on! You’ve been wanting to hang out with Kristofer for ages now!

Sabrina: Ya, that’s great and all…

But what?

Sabrina: It’s raining. Harder.

You know, your great-grandpa Ben fell in love and started dating your great-grandma Cindy in the rain.

Sabrina: *not amused* Well good for them.

Fine. One dry, romantic spot coming up.


Sabrina: You call this romantic? There’s a freakin’ zombie popping out of the ground! I oughta just go home to bed.

It’s a full moon, what do you expect?! Just ignore her and she’ll ignore you. Hopefully.


Luckily there were others hanging out in the park so the zombie wandered off to go bug them. After a couple of flirts Sabrina wanted to watch the stars with Kristofer. I’d say the evening is going rather well now.

Kristofer: Ever wonder if we’re actually alone in the universe?

Sabrina: Dude, do you even know who my family is?

Kristofer: I know some of your relatives are descendants of aliens. What I mean is: are there any original aliens left? Haven’t they all died out by now?

Sabrina: Good question.


I think she likes him. πŸ™‚


These two are so cute! Aside from his hair. I can’t stand Kristofer’s ‘plant-sim’ hair.

45 - great date

Awe, it’s over already? I guess it is getting late.

46 - kristofer had fun

There seems to be some chemistry here.

47 - first kiss wish

Correction. There’s a lot of chemistry here!


Sabrina: I know it’s late and you want to head out but… uhm…

Kristofer: What is it?


Awe! Their first kiss! I’m trying really hard not to get all sappy and emotional here but they are cute together. πŸ™‚


Kristofer: That was… I mean… I’m so happy *sniffle* Sorry, there’s something in my eye.

It looks like I don’t have to be sappy and emotional. Kristofer’s doing it for me! What does the future hold for these two? Is Kristofer the one for Sabrina? Maybe we’ll find out next time! Thanks for reading!



-15 Service Sim (3)
-35 Fire (7)
-90 Self urination (18)
-160 Passing out (32)
-20 Accidental Death (2)
+45 Birth (9)
+30 Twin Birth (3)
+40 Skill Challenge (8)
+55 Honour Roll (11)
+70 Max Skill (7)
+120 Completed LTW (3)

40 points


Chapter 4.4

Welcome back to the Kooks! This will be the last chapter for Sabrina in the Teen life stage. Yippee! Then the real fun and a spouse hunt can begin! But I’m getting a head of myself…


Who’s that cutie? πŸ˜‰

Sabrina: Gosh, ever hear of private conversations?

Our little TH here met a boy at school just before prom. And she even rolled a wish to befriend him.

7 - sabrina wish

Sadly they didn’t get to friend status before prom. And she wouldn’t stay on the phone with him for more that a few minutes so progress is currently slow.


What happened to chatting with Victor? You two were finally starting to get to know each other.

Sabrina: Meh. I have better things to do with my time. I see him at school like every day.

And what do you mean by ‘better things to do with your time’?


Sabrina: Ha! I did it! Say hello to the world, L34H!

L34H: Hello.

Sabrina had just enough points to purchase the LTR trait chip bundle. So thanks to that, L34H is a competent cleaner, a handibot, and solar powered. Also, since Sabrina is still fairly new to bot building, L34H is a very poorly made plumbot. Fingers crossed she doesn’t become scrap metal.


Sabrina: Look, I know I’m still pretty new at this (thanks for the reminder Watcher!) but I promise you wont become scrap metal. I’ll work on upgrading you, maybe you’ll even feel emotions someday!

L34H: Invalid command. Please rephrase.

Sabrina: This is going to take some work.


Even though she can’t understand the finer details of life, L34H wastes no time in tidying the place up. Who needs a maid when you have a robot from the future? πŸ˜€


After cleaning up the remains of things caught by the cats, she cleans up all the nasty dishes. L34H’s turning out to be really helpful!


…Or not. Where did she go?

Sabrina: Apparently this place is so full of garbage even the robot is having a hard time dealing with it all. Just look outside.


I guess old newspapers trump dirty dishes on the cleaning hierarchy. Good to know.


Sabrina: Ahhh… this is the life.

Enjoying your new found freedom?

Sabrina: Very much. I get why mom wanted a man servant all those years ago.


Sabrina: Hey, here’s a thought to spice things up.

Oh yah? And what’s that?

Sabrina: One word. Mermaids. Think I’d look good in scales?

I think you’ve spent too much time in the hot water.


Meanwhile, L34H starts to break things. You’re a HandiBot! Not a BreakiBot!


Melody: This is so relaxing, a great way to unwind before bedtime. I can’t believe we’ve never used this before!

Sabrina: I could drift off right here…

Don’t you dare! No one is drowning in this hot tub!

Sabrina: Chill! I was kidding.


Sabrina: Hey sis, how do you feel about fins?

Melody: Fins? Not sure. Now comfy beds, I can feel that. And mine’s calling my name.


While Sabrina dreams of underwater adventures and Melody heads to bed, I catch L34H doing a self-tuneup. Just one of the many perks of the HandiBot chip. πŸ™‚

22 - ellen and colin

In other news, Ellen traded in one alien lover for another.

23 - natalie and petre

And Natalie is still madly in love with her baby daddy. Too bad those two never got married, but hey, it’s not for everyone.

24 - cale sabrina date.jpg

The next day, Sabrina was asked out on a date by Cale. He was at the party a few chapters ago and is currently dating some townie teen. That didn’t stop her from saying yes though.


Sabrina: So this is a neat building that looks just like all the other buildings here. Why did you want to meet here at night instead of going out during the day like normal sims?

Cale: This is the Military Base. They offer a cheaper tour at night. Want to get started? Standing around here is just making me tired.

25 - kim lost trait

Kim went through another personality swap while Sabrina was on her date. Not a bad swap, but not great. Now she wanders around the house critiquing the dΓ©cor.

26 - ellen and colin steady

Colin doesn’t seem to mind Ellen is his uncle’s ex. As long as you’re happy kid, that’s all I care about.

27 - sabrina broke curfew

Uh-oh, looks like someone is about to become very unhappy.


Sabrina: I swear we were just taking the Night Tour! What did I do to deserve this? I’m like a DAY away from being a young adult!

It’s true. Her birthday is the next day. Poor girl. 😦


Dimitri: What were you doing sneaking around a military base at night?! You’re the torch holder! You’ll be a young adult tomorrow! You have responsibilities! YOU MUST UPHOLD THE HONOUR OF THIS FAMILY!!


Sabrina: Whoa! I’m sorry Dad! Cale asked me on a date. I swear I didn’t pull any pranks. That was all him!

28 - sabrina grounded

Wow, what a way to end your teenage years with a bang.

Sabrina: I hate you. You talked me into going. THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!

I’m sorry! Look, maybe you can apologize and get out of it?


Sabrina: Please Dad! I’m sooooo sorry!



Sabrina: Um, Dad? Kinda begging for forgiveness here.

Dimitri: Hmm, maybe if you do some chores I’ll forgive you.

Sabrina: Seriously!? I created a ROBOT for that!

29 - cale likes melody

Cale followed Sabrina home before being whisked away by the curfew officer. But he hung around long enough to heart-fart Melody. You’re officially no longer a spouse option, Cale. Sorry, not sorry.


Sabrina: *pout* I can’t believe I have to do chores to get out of this. It wasn’t even my fault!

I’m sorry sweetie…

Sabrina: Don’t talk to me. I don’t like you right now.



L34H decided to be extra helpful around the house today so the only chore left was to take out the trash. Somehow I don’t think that will be enough to get back on her Dad’s good side.


Sabrina: Listen, I took out the trash but that’s the only thing I could do! The robot I CREATED did the rest of the chores already!

Dimitri: Is that right? Well tomorrow is a new day. I’d suggest getting a good sleep and do tomorrow’s chores before that robot beats you to it.

It looks like Dimitri wont budge. (And those Z’s are from a snoozing cat.)


Sabrina: Mom, can you please talk to Dad and get him to unground me? It’s my birthday tomorrow! And I took out the trash!

Kim: Hmm, just the trash?

Sabrina: Yes… my robot did the rest of the chores.


Kim: No. You need to own up to your mistakes. Your birthday is tomorrow and you’ll be a young adult. So start acting like one. Show us you can handle your responsibilities.

Sabrina: Ugh. Why did I even bother?


You know… it was kind of my fault she was out so late…

Kim: Don’t go making excuses for her.

I’m not. Just maybe consider giving her a break tomorrow. It is her birthday.

Kim: We’ll see.

30 - ellen colin engaged

Somehow, Sabrina managed to get to school for her last day without her parents stopping her for ‘going out’. And while she was there the only interesting thing that happened was this notification! Congrats Colin and Ellen! πŸ˜€


Kim: Where were you?! You’re grounded young lady! You’re not allowed to leave this house!

Sabrina: Seriously mom? I went to school. It was my last day!

I agree with Sabrina, she worked hard to earn an A in school. I’m not about to let her lose it. Giver her a break Kim!


It maybe wasn’t the best thing I could do with Kim’s free action, but Sabrina didn’t deserve to be grounded on her birthday.

Kim: Maybe we have been a little hard on you honey. You’re the TH and that’s a big responsibility, but I think you’ve learned your lesson.


Sabrina: Does that mean I’m not grounded anymore?

Kim: Yes dear. It’s not like you become a young adult every day!


Sabrina: Hello party planner person. It’s my birthday and I want a HUGE party!

So are we on speaking terms again?

Sabrina: I guess you did help me get out of being grounded so… yah, we’re cool.


The day is quickly coming to an end so we wasted no time in planning a party and getting it started. Even though Sabrina threw the party, almost everyone is greeting Kim.

Sabrina: Can we get this moving please? I’ve had a rough day, I’m hungry, and all I want is cake.

As you wish.


First up is Sabrina! Since she’s the TH and she’s cranky from her bad day it’s only fair to let her go first. The two kids are Natalie’s children fyi. And somehow Kim teleported beside Sabrina while she aged up. Please don’t glitch up my game! *fingers crossed!*


Success! But in need of a make-over. That will come later.



EVIL?! After all that trouble I went to so that she wouldn’t have a bad trait locked in when she aged up and she rolled EVIL!! I’ve never played an evil sim before. This should be interesting.

Randomized LTW Roll

As for LTW I had no clue what to choose. So I randomized it and according to her LTW will be the fourth one listed for her. Drum roll please…

33 - sabrina LTW

And the winner is Pervasive Private Eye! A career and LTW I’ve never done before. Don’t worry, I wont showcase every case she gets. πŸ™‚


But we’re not done yet! It’s Melody’s turn to blow out the candles.

Another successful aging! Now let’s see what her new trait is.

Light sleeper. Not nearly as new and exciting as Evil but it suits her.

36 - melody LTW.jpg

This seemed like a good fit for Melody, or at least that’s what I wrote down. What were my reasons? I don’t recall.


Melody got the first make-over. She really looks like Kim, except her eyes. Very pretty though!


And here is Sabrina’s make-over! I’m glad she’s not a Kim clone, different lips and eye shape. πŸ™‚


Sabrina: So what do you think of my party?

Kristofer: I think you’re great! I-I mean… I think your party is great. Ya, that’s right.

They heart-farted but I missed it.


Then again, he also heart-farted Kim, Melody, and Natalie. :S

Kristofer: It’s easy to see who Sabrina gets her beauty from. πŸ˜‰

Kim: Oh, you’re a charmer, aren’t you? πŸ™‚

Dimitri: Remember our chat, boy! I’m watching you!


Sabrina: Thanks for coming to my party! Don’t mind my Dad, he’s a bit protective. Oh, that reminds me. I want to get away for a bit but I’m looking for a travel buddy. Interested? *Rolls wish to travel abroad*

Great. That wish might take some time to fulfill. That’s it for this chapter! Our little Sabrina is all grown up and ready to take on the world. But is the world ready for her? πŸ˜€

And one more question: should Sabrina eat some magical kelp and become a mermaid? I want to start getting some of the occults into this family. Let me know in the poll!



-15 Service Sim (3)
-35 Fire (7)
-90 Self urination (18)
-160 Passing out (32)
-20 Accidental Death (2)
+45 Birth (9)
+30 Twin Birth (3)
+40 Skill Challenge (8)
+55 Honour Roll (11)
+70 Max Skill (7)
+120 Completed LTW (3)

40 points


Chapter 4.3

Hello and welcome back to the Kooks! Our latest TH, Sabrina, is growing up so fast. She doesn’t have too much time left as a teen. How much mischief can she get up to this chapter? Let’s find out!


Sabrina: I’ll have you know I’m a perfect angel.

Oh yah? And all those pranks around the house are just…?

Sabrina: Innocent until proven guilty. πŸ˜‰

I swear, this girl will test my patience to the fullest.


Kim: I tried to raise her well! I really did! But that daughter of yours is a MENACE! She set a trap on the toilet and the water got in my face. IN MY FACE!


Dimitri: Of course she’s only my daughter when she does something wrong. I’m getting tired of this trend. Actually, I’m just tired in general. Can I retire yet?

No! Not when you’re only two promotions away from fulfilling your lifetime wish of becoming a Superstar Athlete!


Hi Melody! How are you doing?

Melody: I’m fine. As usual. Just chillin’ here watching everything fall into chaos.

Don’t say that! Things are going just smoothly.

Sun Young: Oops. Maybe that wasn’t supposed to go in the dishwasher…

She didn’t…

Melody: Yup! She broke it!

Sun Young! Why?! >.<


So, you’ve decided to hang out with Kristofer Sekemoto for the day.

Sabrina: And?? Is there something wrong with that?

No. I’m just happy you’re going on a date!

Sabrina: SHH!! *whispers* It’s not a date!


Kristofer: Hey Sabrina. Long time no see! πŸ˜€

Sabrina: Who are you and what did you do with the short, dorky teen from my party?

Kristofer: What, you don’t recognize me? I just had my birthday!

*Facepalm* I forgot he aged up shortly after Logan and Colin. Awkward! :S


But seriously. He’s got some interesting genetics so let’s just see where this goes. XD

Sabrina: Really? Is that ALL you care about?!

Yup. Pretty much! Have fun on your ‘not-a-date’!


The two decide to make use of the freshly fallen snow and bond over building a snowman. Sabrina uses this chance to casually brush her hand against his. Could it be love?

Sabrina: It was by mistake! Quit watching us, you’re being a creep!


Wanting to lighten the mood after an awkward moment, Sabrina tried to start a snowball fight! Luckily he laughed through the face full of snow she gave him and suggested they head somewhere warmer.

Sabrina: You are making this out to be so much more embarrassing than it actually is.

Just doing my job, dear. πŸ™‚


They hopped into his beat-up rust bucket and headed to her place. Who cares about snow when you have Foosball and a pool table at home?


Of course, an awkward ‘not-a-date’ isn’t complete without pillow fighting in your sister’s room. πŸ˜›


Sabrina: Um, I know this is weird but even though this isn’t my room, it’s Mel’s, I’d still get in trouble for being ‘alone with a boy’. We should probably do something else before my mom has a fit. She’s a bit nuts.

Kristofer: Cool beans. Just lead the way. *Person person plus*


So they enjoyed some Foosball. Even though Sabrina sucked and lost every time, I think she had fun.


Then they bonded over pool. For not playing once in her life, she was actually pretty good at it. Maybe Kristofer just let her win since she sucked at Foosball.


Dimitri: Hey Kristofer. You seem like a nice guy so I’ll let you in on a little secret. Lean close now. *whispers something*

Kristofer: Duly noted sir. I’ll be leaving now.

What did you say to him?!

Dimitri: That’s between me and my potential future son-in-law.


I swear we’re not! *Backs away slowly*

1 - Logan baby

During Sabrina’s ‘not-a-date’ some interesting notifications popped up. Like this one! Yay, Logan now has a little girl!

2 - kim lost trait

Kim lost Over-Emotional for the THIRD time. Are you sure it’s gone this time?

Kim: Yup. I’m pretty sure I’ve done away with this trait for good now! πŸ˜€

Honestly, I don’t even know what her traits look like at the moment…

3 - stalker logan

Logan has become the newest Kook stalker. Really Logan, I always thought better of you.

4 - ellen xavier breakup

Oh no! I was really hoping Xavier had found love. 😦

5 - logan and christa

Logan seems to have moved on from Irene.

6 - logan and christa breakup

Then 10 minutes later they broke up. Way to have the fastest rebound relationship ever.

8 - melody honour roll

Melody also got on the honour roll!Β  She also got it as a child so no points this time.


Salem and Cosmo hardly get any screen time. But fear not! They are both well looked after. They’re just pretty boring most of the time.

Salem: I am not! You’re just always too busy when something interesting is happening.



It’s time for prom! This time Melody actually made it to the limo.


Sabrina: I’m glad you decided to go this time! We are going to have a blast!

Melody: This better be worth it.

9 - melody prom

I’d say going was worth it since she became Prom Queen! Even if she did beg her peers to vote for her.

11 - melody prom

So far so good.

13 - melody prom

Melody is having a great time! Now if only she could get a romantic interest too.

15 - melody prom

I wonder how much more amazing this night can get for her.

17 - melody prom

Uh-oh, trouble just reared it’s ugly head.

19 - melody prom

And her amazing night came down with a crash. Hopefully the good memories will outweigh the bad. Let’s see how Sabrina’s second prom went!

10 - sabrina prom

Well that’s not a good start to her night. :S

Sabrina: No kidding! I wanted to be crowned Queen!

12 - sabrina prom

At least she’s not letting others get her spirits down!

14 - sabrina prom

Maybe I spoke too soon. And hey! Who’s this ‘true love’?

Sabrina: I’m not telling! He wasn’t worth my time anyway!

16 - sabrina prom

This Ethan kid… who is he again?

Sabrina: How should I know? It’s not like I know EVERYONE at school.

18 - sabrina prom

It’s just not your night sweetie. 😦

Sabrina: I’m way out of his league anyway!

20 - sabrina prom

At least she won something, even if it lead to a fight.

21 - sabrina prom

Last I checked your highlights of the evening didn’t meet my definition of ‘amazing’.

Sabrina: Maybe you only heard about what I wanted you to hear about. Ever think of that?

And our little trouble maker is back.


It’s a bit of a shorter chapter but that’s where we’ll end this one folks! Sabrina doesn’t have a whole lot of time left as a teen so we may as well get at least one more chapter out of this life stage. Until next time! πŸ˜€



-15 Service Sim (3)
-35 Fire (7)
-90 Self urination (18)
-160 Passing out (32)
-20 Accidental Death (2)
+45 Birth (9)
+30 Twin Birth (3)
+40 Skill Challenge (8)
+55 Honour Roll (11)
+70 Max Skill (7)
+120 Completed LTW (3)

40 points


Chapter 4.2

Could it be? Is it true? Yes it is! The Kooks are back with a new chapter! My deepest apologies for taking so long. You see… I was abducted by those pesky aliens and –

Screenshot-36Dimitri: Blah, blah. Save your excuses. I ain’t getting any younger listening to you.

And you sir are getting no less smelly just standing there. Go take a shower! 😑

Besides, what are you doing interrupting my opening? Where’s our TH?

Screenshot-37Nope, not over here.

Melody: Thanks Watcher. Just rub it in a little deeper.

Still upset about not winning?

Melody: Meh. I have more important things to do.

Like what, I wonder?

Screenshot-38Excuse me guys, I know you’re being cute and all but have either of you seen Sabrina?

Kimitri: *oblivious to everyone and everything around them*

Well fine then.

Screenshot-39There she is!

Colin: Um, Watcher? Can you get this guy to leave?

What is Elvin still doing here!? The party ended hours ago!

Screenshot-40Hey Sabrina! Glad I finally caught up to you. Listen, sorry about taking so long –

Sabrina: Do you REALLY think this is important right now?! I’m about to discover a new star! I can feel it!

Spoiler: She didn’t discover anything.

Screenshot-41Since the family is living in a futuristic world, in a futuristic house, Sabrina wanted a futuristic bed. How could I say no? Especially when she looks so precious dreaming about… showering. >.>

Screenshot-42Ok Elvin, you are now at the top of the Ultimate Creeper list. GO HOME!

Screenshot-43Following in your mother’s footsteps! So how do you like chemistry? Have you found your calling?

Sabrina: You sure do ask a lot of questions. I was just bored and found this stuff out in the garage.

Well I’d ask less questions if you were less indecisive.

Screenshot-44Logan has used this room quite a bit, but I’m glad Melody is now using it too! Kenneth would be proud of you two.

Logan: Mel just likes beating up the training dummy. I think she pretends it’s you.


Melody: Logan! Shh!

30 - kara remarryingLet’s check out some updates while I hide. Kara wasted no time in moving on. And I believe he aged up to YA not long ago…

31 - dimitri skill challengeDimitri has also been making good use of the martial arts equipment and completed a skill challenge! Yay points! (+5 points)

32 - kara mean to everyoneOk, this is proof Kara is a ***** and Xavier had nothing to do with their relationship going south. I just hope he can move on and find someone else.

33 - dimitri work opDimitri: Let’s do it!

Are you sure? You are pretty old, it might have negative side effects…

34 - dimitri sick from workTold ‘ya.

Dimitri: Why did you poison me!? I’m too young to die!

Calm down, you’re fine.

35 - kim trait changeKim on the other hand is having a rough time. Although, losing Over-Emotional isn’t so bad.

Screenshot-45Logan: WOO! GUYS! GUYS! Guess what?!

Everyone: What’s up with him?

Screenshot-46Logan: Don’t tell me you forgot.

Sabrina & Melody: Got’cha! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Screenshot-47Logan: Wait! I’m not ready!

Sabrina: Any day now, brother dear.

36 - logan birthdayYes! Logan is now a young adult and can begin his own adventures!

37 - logan traitsAnd he rolls Inappropriate to round out his traits. That is quite the interesting mix.

38 - logan LTWWhat better lifetime wish for an alien genius who’s insane and loves bots? πŸ˜€

Screenshot-49Logan: Hold on. Something’s not right… I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Sabrina: Try looking in a mirror, baldy. It’ll come to you.

Screenshot-50Colin: HEY GUYS! OVER HERE!

Why are you yelling?! It’s the middle of the night and everyone’s gone to bed.

Colin: But… my birthday…

Screenshot-51Logan: Haha! Look who glitched and gets to age up all alone!

Colin: Oh no! I wanted to wait until mom woke up. 😦

Technically he’s not alone Logan since you’re right there…

39 - colin bdayBut yay for Colin too! He just squeaked in an A grade, good job buddy.

40 - colin traitsColin rolls perceptive to round out his traits. Another interesting combination.

41 - colin LTWHonestly, he didn’t have much choice for a LTW. At least this one he can work on alone and maybe we’ll be lucky enough to catch some of the chess notifications for him!

Screenshot-53Logan: HAhahahah! You’re totally bald, dude!

Colin: Look who’s talking bro! At least I look good like this.

No. Nope. Never. Neither of you are staying bald.

Screenshot-54TA-DA! Post-makeover Logan! Quite the handsome devil. I can’t wait to see his babies.

Screenshot-55Second TA-DA! Post-makeover Colin! I pray your children don’t inherit that nose. Only time will tell. XD

Screenshot-56Sabrina: Now it’s just me and you, Mr. Guppy.

Um, only Logan and Colin moved out. Melody, Kim, and Dimitri are all still around…

Sabrina: Just me and Mr. Guppy. Two new friends off on a wonderful adventure!

… o.O I’m just going to walk away now…

42 - kim trait changeKim, what is going on with you? You already lost Over-emotional.

Kim: Yes, but now it’s gone forever! Isn’t that great!!

Oh boy.

43 - Xavier new RIBut here’s good news! Xavier has found love again! Hopefully. Keep your fingers crossed.

44 - logan new jobLogan got a job at the science facility, big surprise there. Let’s just hope he’s doing the testing, not the one being tested.

45 - colin new jobColin decided to join the military. Why? I have no clue considering he’s a couch potato.

46 - logan living with two girls47 - other girlLogan decided living with his brother would hurt his chances with the ladies and moved in with two girls instead. Who happen to be sisters. What a player.

48 - colin new kittenColin felt extremely lonely after his brother took off to womanize the town so he got a furbaby. D’awe. πŸ™‚

Screenshot-57Sabrina: Success! Well that was fun. Wonder if I can make it again.

You really do take after your mother.

Sabrina: Shut up. Just because I like playing with corrosive liquids doesn’t make me just like her!

I didn’t say that.

Sabrina: You are SOO annoying!

Screenshot-58Kim: Maybe you should have a little chat with your daughter. I hear she’s giving the Watcher a rough time. She might listen to you.

Dimitri: She’s your daughter too you know. Who’s to say she wont listen to you?

Any help would be appreciated guys! Thanks!

Screenshot-59Kim: Or you and I could… *whisper whisper*

Dimitri: You must have read my mind, my beautiful bouquet of roses.

Good chat guys. Thanks for the help.

Screenshot-60Of course, it wouldn’t be a chapter of the Kooks without an alien abduction now would it? Just don’t get pregnant Dimitri! This is a baby-free household for once!

*** The Next Day ***

Screenshot-61What’s got you in such a good mood?

Sabrina: Who me? Oh… nothing… πŸ˜€

Screenshot-62What is that?

Sabrina: Test #1. Begin! I have 10 seconds to vacate the area!


Screenshot-63Oh sure. Just as we finally got all the smelly plates cleaned up. PERFECT! 😑

And I assume you’re the one who set a trap on the sink as well.

Sabrina: You can prove nothing!

I’m watching you Missy.

Screenshot-64Uh, Kim? I’m not so sure that’s a great place to sleep. Also, it’s mid-morning and no one is home to help you out of a bind should you find yourself in one.

Kim: ZzZzZzZ

You have been warned.

Screenshot-65Wait, what are you doing home? It’s a school day!

Melody: Meow a little louder Salem. I can’t quite hear you over this annoying voice ruining a perfectly good cookie moment.

Salem: I just want a bit! Just a tiny little bite for your old pal?

Cosmo: You know she wont give you any. Just go take a nap somewhere. If anyone needs me I’ll be doing just that.

Oh the simple life of cats. Now get your butt to school Mel!

49 - logan babyIt looks like Logan and Irene are moving along pretty quickly! And he’s still living with the Martel girls.

50 - Xavier and Ellen datingThis makes me very happy! Now go have babies! πŸ˜€

Screenshot-66Kim: AHHH! Someone painted my face while I was asleep!

51 - kim going to freezeI don’t think that’s paint…

Screenshot-67Kim: Brrr… it’s really chilly out. When did winter get here?

Oh, just the other night while you slept on the lawn.

Screenshot-68Kim: *muffled* …help

*facepalm* You are not doing well as an idiot.

Screenshot-69Say Melody, you’re not really doing anything important right? Why not help your dear old mom out.

Melody: Great! I give up! I was so close to figuring out this question but you just HAD to interrupt my train of thought.

Sorry, not sorry. YOUR MOTHER IS IN DANGER!

Screenshot-71Sabrina: Seriously mom? You couldn’t have waited until AFTER I was done my shift at work? Gah.

Hey, remember when you said you had loads of time on your hands…

Sabrina: Shut up.

Screenshot-73Kim: Well, it certainly took you long enough. Am I no longer important!?

Sabrina: Chill mom! I left work early to save you. Now get inside.

You know you were never in REAL danger. I kept an eye on the time.

Screenshot-75I will never understand this family and their desire to do homework in the snow.

53 - logan and irene fightingBut. She’s having your baby! It’s all just drama for the family out in Story Progression.

54 - xavier remarryingAt least Xavier is finding happiness! I hope she’s the one for him!

55 - logan and irene splitApparently Irene’s not the one for Logan though. Sad times. 😦

Screenshot-77And just what are you up to this time little miss?

Sabrina: You have the WORST timing ever.

56 - hacker sabrinaI can’t believe you’re turning to a life of crime! You’re so young and innocent still!

Sabrina: Please. A girl’s gotta have her hobbies you know.

That is not a hobby! That’s stealing! 😑

Screenshot-78Seriously you two, get a room. And get dressed! What is this, eternal pajama day?

Screenshot-79Stealing robot plans this time?

Sabrina: Actually, I’m creating them myself if you must know.

Sure you are. I’m on to you, little trouble maker.

Screenshot-81Sabrina: You know, this whole ‘following me around’ thing is getting old.

Well excuse me, Miss TH. It’s not like it’s your generation or anything.

58 - sabrina honour rollI was going to congratulate her for getting on the honour roll but little Miss Attitude needs to chill. And since she got it as a child I’m not counting this one.

Screenshot-84Melody: I’m sick of studying. And who’s calling at this hour? It better be for a good reason.

Sabrina: You’re hopeless. You’ll never be an honour student like me at this rate. Oh well.

Screenshot-85Melody: Oh, hey Elvin. What’s up?

59 - elvin likes melodyI knew he wasn’t just innocently doing homework in her room for no good reason. He has a crush on her! Sorry Sabrina.

Screenshot-87Elvin chose this reclusive and scenic spot for their date. An abandoned mine, late at night, in the middle of winter. Lovely.

60 - elvin cheaterThen, as Melody was heading to the date I saw this little notification. What a player!

Screenshot-88Melody: Hey! I thought maybe you weren’t going to show! I only stood around here for an hour waiting but it’s all good. My snow suit is pretty warm. And it’s my favourite colour!

Elvin: I don’t really like colour. I don’t like art.

Melody: Fascinating. *eye roll*

Screenshot-89Melody: Soooo… wanna build a snowman?

I can see this date is going REALLY well. Anyway! That’s a wrap for this chapter. Until next time folks! And no, you wont have to wait 3 months again. (Sorry!)



-15 Service Sim (3)
-35 Fire (7)
-90 Self urination (18)
-160 Passing out (32)
-20 Accidental Death (2)
+45 Birth (9)
+30 Twin Birth (3)
+40 Skill Challenge (8)
+55 Honour Roll (11)
+70 Max Skill (7)
+120 Completed LTW (3)

40 points


Chapter 4.1

Hello and welcome to the first chapter of Generation Four! Sabrina is now head of the family but she’s a teen. Let’s see how she’s handling her new responsibilities.

ScreenshotSabrina: I was sleeping…

Melody: Ugh. I was having a good dream too.

Screenshot-2Ah, I see you are the source of the issue, Sun Young.

Sun Young: I simply wish to relax here. Why are you bothering me?

The girls still react to some of the ghosts which is pretty annoying in an ISBI. :S

Screenshot-3Melody: I can’t put this dumb toy anywhere!

Dimitri: The toy box is a little to your left sweetie.

Random route fails FTW!

Screenshot-4Now that Sabrina is TH it’s time to switch the rooms around. Kim and Dimitri took over Logan and Colin’s room since those two don’t sleep anyway. I was getting sick of all the white/grey so I incorporated their favourite colours: spice berry and hot pink. And the rabbit head randomly appeared in the family inventory. Apparently it was stolen from somewhere, but I liked how it matched their room.

Screenshot-5Melody will stay in the old nursery. It’s been recoloured to her favourite: lime. Don’t mind the mess of toys, no one’s figured out how to use the toy box properly.

Screenshot-6Sabrina took over her parents old room. Since her favourite colour is grey I just gave her a new bed and that’s it. I figure once she finds a partner I can incorporate his favourite colour as well.

1 - Kim trait changeUnfortunately there’s nothing I can do to help Kim with her Unstable trait. When she was TH I helped her keep it in check and she could go to the hospital if I didn’t catch it in time. At least she was able to pass on the torch before losing the family trait.

Screenshot-7The teens are heading off to prom! Irene is Logan’s date, last chapter she called him up and asked him to go with her. Sabrina is on her way to the prom but Melody is taking her sweet time.

Screenshot-8Melody: …coffee…

*drums fingers waiting for her to finish… realizes prom has started without her*

Um, don’t you want to go to prom?

Melody: It’s not even MY prom. If Sabrina wants to crash it, fine, but count me out.

Alright. I can see she’s in a mood. Let’s see how the other teens are doing.

2 - logan promAwe! Irene kissed him! I guess that means she’s done with whats-his-face who she was dating when she met Logan.5 - logan promWow! She REALLY likes him! Of course he said yes. πŸ˜€8 - logan prom 11 - logan prom 15 - logan promIt looks like Logan had a perfectly romantic evening with Irene. I hope it lasts.

3 - colin promConsidering he’s an alien himself… I’m not sure. They only seem to abduct humans.6 - colin prom 9 - colin prom 12 - colin promOoooo! Who’s Mona? I’m glad Colin got a romantic interest at prom! This never happens to the Kooks!16 - colin promUh-oh, hopefully he didn’t cause too much trouble fighting. We don’t want him to leave a bad impression for Mona!

4 - sabrina prom 7 - sabrina prom 10 - sabrina promYay! Sabrina grabbed the crown for Prom Queen. That other student though saying the crown was an alien device… hmm…13 - sabrina promIt must be the crown calling the mothership!14 - sabrina prom 17 - sabrina promEither aliens got to Sabrina or someone slipped her something… hopefully she’ll have a better time at her own prom.

Screenshot-10Are you STILL drinking that coffee?

Kim: I told her she’ll be up all night but do you think she listens to me? No.

Screenshot-11Now you’re drinking coffee too, Kim!

Kim: Mmm, this is really good.

Melody: I have a magic touch.

At least Logan and Colin are doing something useful. Sabrina already went to bed.

Screenshot-12Logan: Tsk. Tsk. Mom told her she’d crash, but she doesn’t listen to anyone.

Really Melody!? She must be lashing out because she’s mad about not winning the heir vote. (-5 points)

Screenshot-14Careful, or you’ll hurt something.

Melody: Go away! I need a better outlet for my frustration!

I agree, but please don’t hurt yourself in the process.

Screenshot-15So how do you like painting?

Sabrina: Meh.

18 - sabrina wishSabrina: *rolls wish*

I see. Either she’s secretly ambitious or she hasn’t found her calling yet.

Screenshot-18You be careful too Dimitri! I like having you around.

Dimitri: I’m a professional athlete! I can handle this!

If you say so.

Screenshot-20Sabrina: Let’s see what’s on the job market today.

You know, you don’t have to get a job. You have lots of money so why not do teenager things?

20 - sabrina jobWe’ll see how long this lasts. At least being a receptionist at the spa wont be a tough job.

Sabrina: I’m already an honour student. I need something else to fill my time.

And being TH isn’t cutting it for you?

Sabrina: There’s not much to do right now.

I’ll remind you of this once the idiots get going…

19 - Xavier babyIn other news, Xavier now has a little girl! Yay!

21 - Xavier and Kara fightUh-oh, this can’t be good. What happened between you two! Ever since you got married it’s been nothing but fighting.

22 - Xavier and Kara splitI’m sad they couldn’t find happiness together. And they even have a newborn daughter. I hope Xavier can find love. Also, I changed their last names back to what they were before now they’re split up. Elaine’s last name is still Ansari-Kook though.

Screenshot-21I’m glad Kenneth’s old things get so much use. The machine on the wall is some aromatherapy meditation device so they’ll sit and meditate which actually builds the martial arts skill. Such smart little cookies.

Screenshot-22And just what are you up to young lady?

Sabrina: I don’t know what you mean. I’m obviously reading a book.

23 - sabrina rebelliousYa-huh, and this little notification this morning was just a fluke right? Like all those booby-traps around the house?

Sabrina: Innocent until proven guilty. πŸ˜‰

Screenshot-25Sabrina: Yes, hello? I want to throw a party. Um, maybe just invite all the cute guys ok?

Logan: Is this not done yet? Man, I’m getting hungry.

It’s Spooky Day and Sabrina wanted to throw a Feast Party. What better opportunity to scout potential spouses?


Sabrina: You see nothing!

Screenshot-27The guests are here and it’s time to get the party started. I have no clue who’s wearing the red shirt talking to Sabrina but apparently they weren’t a spouse option since they mysteriously disappeared shortly after this. >_>

Screenshot-28First guy she talks to is Horace Ansari. Yup, you might have guessed this is Kara Ansari’s oldest child from a previous relationship.

Dimitri: Don’t I have a say in who my daughter dates?

Nope, but I do! Don’t worry, I’ll take care of her. πŸ™‚

24 - sabrina likes horaceAnd Sabrina thinks he’s “blindingly stunning” which I’m sure Xavier is just thrilled about.

Xavier: Over my dead body.

Alright! Moving on!

Screenshot-29Next up, Sabrina meets Cale. Cale… Kale… mmm… leafy greens…

Sabrina: Shut up! I think he’s nice!

25 - sabrina and caleI can see we’re going to have an issue here. You find every guy attractive!

Screenshot-31The next sucker boy is Elvin. Really? His name is Elvin? 9_9

26 - sabrina and elvinWhy am I not surprised?

Sabrina: I’m trying to not be picky!

Why?? You have time to be picky! So be picky!

Screenshot-33The last guy she’s able to meet (and the only other teen male at the party) is Kristofer. Note, she heart-farted all the others but not him.

27 - sabrina and kristoferMaybe this is why. Apparently he’s only “smoking hot” and not “blindingly stunning”.

Sabrina: You said to be more picky so I am.

This is you being picky?

28 - sabrina wishOut of all the guys she met she only rolled a wish to chat with Kristofer. This is not the definition of being picky my dear!

Sabrina: Oh come on! I AM being picky. I want to talk to him and not the others. Jeez, how much more picky can I get?

Screenshot-35The party had already ended and he ran out the door like the house was on fire. So she called him up for a nice chat.

Sabrina: Huh? What do you mean by “trashy”? That must not smell good.

Guess that conversation went no where since she has no more wishes for him.

That’s where we’ll leave it for now! Hopefully Sabrina will be a little less boy crazy as she gets older. She has tons of time to be picky so let’s see if she decides on anyone for herself. πŸ™‚



-15 Service Sim (3)
-35 Fire (7)
-90 Self urination (18)
-160 Passing out (32)
-20 Accidental Death (2)
+45 Birth (9)
+30 Twin Birth (3)
+35 Skill Challenge (7)
+55 Honour Roll (11)
+70 Max Skill (7)
+120 Completed LTW (3)

35 points


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