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The Kooks are moving!

It’s that time again! Kim has not only rolled a wish to move but the game is also becoming a bit laggy and a move always helps! As usual the readers get to choose. 😀 I’ve taken out towns where the family has previously lived and all towns on the list I have. Where should the family make a fresh start? Vote now!


The Kooks need to move… again!

Hi everyone!

So as you’ve probably guessed the Kooks need to move… again. Well, maybe it’s not so much need as I want to move them. My game is getting extremely laggy making it very difficult to play. I know the last time the Kooks moved it was better and stayed that way for quite some time.

However, when the Kooks move Anakin and Frankie (with their respective partners and children) will not be moving with the main family. But that also means I can start Hannah’s story and not have to worry about her showing up in the Kooks anymore!

So let me know which town you’d like to see the family in next!  Take the poll!


The Kooks Need to Move!

Hey everyone!

The Kook family needs to move to a new town! So I thought to myself, why not let my readers choose which town?

The poll below lists every world I own/have access to for The Sims 3. Please choose a town! Any town, whether it’s your favourite, least favourite, sounds cool or even just at random!

This poll will remain open until the Torch Holder vote for Gen. 1 closes. I will post a date soon. So please don’t hesitate, vote now!


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