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Generation Three Torch Holder Vote

Generation Three is wrapping up and it’s time to pick the next Torch Holder! Since all the heirs are in the Child stage and not much as been seen of them I went into an alternate save and played around with pose player. XD

Enjoy the pictures!

Screenshot-45Logan (right) and Colin (left) are the first set of twins of Generation Three. These two little alien guys lost their father, Obgu, in a tragic Cow Plant attack.

Screenshot-47Sabrina (right) and Melody (left) are the second set of twins born in Generation Three. Their father, Dimitri, is Kim’s Imaginary Friend turned real!

Screenshot-48 Screenshot-46

It was hard to determine how much the kids took after their respective parents so I aged them up to take a look. 🙂

Screenshot-54Logan very much takes after the other men in the Kook family, although he got Kim’s hair. Aside from his alien skin tone, he has a nice mix for his jaw while all his other features are from Ben.

Colin takes after his father and shows more of his alien heritage. He got his hair and mouth from Kenneth and has the same skin tone as Kim. His eye shape seems to be a little random, he shares the same jaw as Logan, and his nose is definitely alien.

Screenshot-50Sabrina takes mostly after her mother, Kim. She has the same hair, eye shape, nose and jaw. Her mouth is a mix of Kim and Dimitri’s while her eye colour is from Sun Young! She also has the same skin tone as Kim.

Melody is a perfect face clone of Kim. She has the same golden eyes that originated with Cindy, she got Kenneth’s hair colour, and she has Dimitri’s skin tone.

Screenshot-56Even though their features are more Kook than anything they’re still a good looking bunch of kids in my opinion!

NOW IT’S TIME TO VOTE! I’ve kept the kids in their teen versions for the vote. Keep in mind they’re all still in the Child stage so they only have three traits. Also, hair styles and clothing may change once they age up for real.

Logan - TH Vote

Colin - TH Vote

Sabrina - TH Vote

Melody - TH Vote


Generation Two Torch Holder Vote

It’s that time again! Welcome the the second generation Torch Holder vote! Once an eligible heir reaches the Young Adult stage the votes will be counted and the next torch holder will be announced! Who will you vote for?

Kimberly Heir VoteRyan Heir VoteChristopher Heir Vote


Generation One Torch Holder Vote

Welcome to the very first Kook Family Torch Holder vote! This vote will run until the first born heir reaches the Adult stage, then voting will close one week after that event. Check out our contestants!

Anakin Kook

Anakin - ToddlerAnakin - ChildAnakin - TeenAnakin - YATRAITS: Insane, Loves the Outdoors, Neat, Genius, Clumsy

LTW: Become a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder

FAVOURITES: Music ~ Rockabilly | Colour ~ Blue | Food ~ Pumpkin Pie

ZODIAC: Capricorn

Kenneth Kook

Kenneth - ToddlerKenneth - ChildKenneth - TeenKenneth - YATRAITS: Insane, Brave, Disciplined, Bookworm, Computer Whiz

LTW: Physical Perfection

FAVOURITES: Music ~ Dark Wave | Colour ~ Irish Green | Food ~ Pumpkin Pie

ZODIAC: Taurus

Frankie Kook

Frankie - ToddlerFrankie - ChildFrankie - TeenFrankie - YATRAITS: Insane, Clumsy, Animal Lover, Daredevil, Supernatural Skeptic

LTW: The Ark Builder

FAVOURITES: Music ~ Hip Hop | Colour ~ Spice Berry | Food ~ Vegetarian Chili

ZODIAC: Cancer


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