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Happy Anniversary!

It’s the anniversary of Insanity Family! (Technically it was yesterday but ya know, close enough. 😉 ) So here’s a little story/family history for some fun. Enjoy! 🙂

Ben and CindyIt all started on July 31, with a kooky old guy falling for his university sweetheart. Even though he didn’t think he would be around long, he found a way to live long enough to watch her age beautifully and have a full life.

Kenneth Anakin FrankieThe two of them had two handsome sons together and they were happy with life. Until one night, long ago, the kooky old man spun a tale of alien abduction. Only it wasn’t a tall tale and he got a third son, an alien.

Mckenna Hannah LeeAs his sons grew, the alien visits became more common. His first son gave birth to a lovely alien girl. After a while his second son gave birth to another alien girl and she was special because she had beautiful chocolate brown skin. Even the kooky old man himself had another alien son.

Kenneth Adult and Sun Young YASoon,his first three wonderful children grew up into fine men. It was time to choose an heir to his kooky legacy and his second son took up the torch. He met his beautiful wife during a trip to China and it was love at first sight.

Kenneth and KimKim and Sun YoungTogether they had a beautiful daughter with strange blonde hair, but they loved her for it.

Sun Young Kenneth Ryan ChrisNot long after, they were blessed with twin boys. At this point there were five children living in the main house and life was pretty hectic but they managed.

Screenshot-59Then the kooky old man’s loving wife passed away. The entire family took her passing very hard and they couldn’t function properly for days. But as time moved on, their grief eased into acceptance and life went on for this kooky family.

Kenneth Elder and Sun Young AdultNow the second son is a kooky old man himself, but he doesn’t mind. His beautiful wife and wonderful children are by his side and life is good.

Sun Young Ben KennethEven though his father is ancient, he’s still a very active member of the family and loves all his children and grandchildren. He even hopes to meet his great-grandchildren someday, if his old buddy, Grimm, will allow it.

Lee Mckenna Kim TeensThe kids are aging up and it will soon be time to choose a new heir and pass along the torch.

Ryan and Chris ChildrenWhere will this kooky family be in another year? Only time will tell!

Thank you to all my readers for all the support and encouragement over the past year! I think of you all as I write this kooky legacy, and without you it wouldn’t have come as far as it has! I hope you all continue to enjoy reading about the Kooks as much as I enjoy playing the family. Thank you everyone! 😀


Chapter 2.15

What’s this? Another chapter for the Kooks? Right you are! So let’s get started!

ScreenshotHi Bonehilda! Haven’t seen you around in a while. And what’s this? You’re actually cleaning!

Screenshot-3Chris: Oops. Maybe no one will know it was me. I’m just going to go get a snack now. Yup, snack time. Perfect alibi.

Would you all just quit breaking things!?

Screenshot-4Welcome to the first ever (and only) meeting of the Kook Book Club!

Chris: Really guys? You’re so lame.

Mckenna and Kim: Shhh!

Screenshot-5Bonehilda: Oh my, he really is quite muscular. :3

Can you say ‘creepy’?

Screenshot-6The kids wanted to get out of the house for a bit and away from their creepy house-cleaner so off the family went to a nearby park. Kim immediately ran for the slide. Why she needs to wear a snowsuit in summer? I don’t even know. She must get that from Ben.

Screenshot-7Ryan ran over to the jungle gym.

Ryan: Hey! I can see our house from here!

Yup, he’s having fun.

Screenshot-8Chris was content to sit on the pavement and sing to his IF doll. Jungle gyms, slides, and swing sets galore! And what does he do? Plays with that stupid doll.

Screenshot-9Kenneth decides to read on a nearby bench and keep a watchful eye over his family. D’awe. 🙂

Screenshot-10Sun Young: Chris, I need your honest opinion. Does my makeup look okay in this light?

Chris: Um, sure? What’s makeup?

Screenshot-11Overall the family had a fun time at the park until it started to rain. And even then it was a tough time getting them all home. 🙂

Screenshot-12Sun Young stayed at the park so long that she ended up having her adult birthday there.

Screenshot-13 Screenshot-14 16 - Sun Young adult bday 17 - Sun Young midlife crisisOh great. Another midlife crisis. I doubt she’ll get many wishes fulfilled.

Screenshot-15Chris: What the – ?

Screenshot-16Chris: THERE’S A MONSTER UNDER MY BED! I’ll just run away and it wont get me.

Great! Well he’s not sleeping tonight. :/

Screenshot-17Sun Young rolled a midlife crisis wish to get a makeover. So I decided to use her free action and indulge it.

Screenshot-19Stylist: Oh darling, let’s do something with your hair. And that shirt? So last year.

Screenshot-20Stylist: Fabulous! (Now to take my money and run!)

Um, what?

Screenshot-21Sun Young: I feel so hip and flirty! Te-he!

What a waste of a free action. No more indulgences!

Screenshot-22Hello IF dolls. Prepare to meet your end. Muahahahahaha!

Screenshot-23 Screenshot-25I realized I never showed the prom pictures for Mckenna and Lee. I wish the background for the prom pictures would rotate every so often.

18 - anakin the all time creeperThe hell?! I was considering taking the extended family with us for the move but you’ve just sealed your fate Anakin! You all time creeper!

Screenshot-26Sun Young: *scoffs* What? Go on a date with you and leave my position of legacy spouse? No thank you!

You tell him Sun Young!

Screenshot-27Ryan: Finally, a quiet place to do homework.

Really? Your parents bedroom? Okay then.

Screenshot-28Ben: Ah, nothing better than the fresh morning air!

Dusty: What a perfect spot to relieve myself. 🙂


Screenshot-29Ben: Woof! Woof! *pants*

Dusty: What the hell are you doing? Just stop before you hurt yourself.

My thoughts exactly. -.-‘

Screenshot-30Screenshot-31Look who got to level 8 in martial arts! Those are some awesome moves! 😀

Screenshot-32See the cane? Completely for show.

Kenneth: What are you talking about? I’ll have you know I’m a frail old man now.

Ppsshh, sure you are. And I’m The Doctor.

Screenshot-34I can’t believe my eyes! It’s a study session! And they did it all on their own!

Mckenna: Hey, who wants to put on some tunes?

Kim: How are we supposed to concentrate with that noise you call music?

Salem: I’m going to stink up my box and make you all run for the hills. XD

Screenshot-39Guess what time it is?!

Screenshot-40 19 - kim teen bday Screenshot-42Kim is finally a teen! And that means it’s time to vote for the next heir! But first, lets change her outfit and hair.

Screenshot-43SHE’S SO PRETTY!!!!! I don’t care where that blonde hair came from, I think it suits her and her golden eyes. I know I shouldn’t pick favourites, but can I? Just this once? 😀

20 - frankie son bornFINALLY! The ENTIRE reason for this chapter was to just kill time until Frankie’s second child was born. Now that we know what the gender is I can move the main family to their new town! Buuuuuut… you’ll have to wait until next chapter because I’m evil like that. XD

For now go vote for the next heir over here! 😀



-10 Dog sitter
-20 Fire
-65 Self urination
-110 Passing out
+35 Birth
+10 Twin Birth
+30 Skill Challenge
+15 Honour Roll
+20 Max Skill
+40 Completed LTW
-55 Total Points


Chapter 2.12

Last time the family mourned the loss of Cindy in the kooky fashion this family is known for. And by that I mean losing as many points in one chapter as possible. Now that we’re in negative points lets see if we can start gaining points again.

Screenshot-48Damn it Ryan! I said gain points! (-5 points)

1 - frankie and pansy marryAt least I got this cheery popup. Frankie finally found someone to marry him!

Screenshot-49Chris decides to tell ghost stories to thin air in the middle of a storm. I can deal.

2 - Chris' creepy storyRiiiiight… no more scary TV for you.

Screenshot-50So apparently I put Cindy’s grave in the perfect spot for a puddle. It was totally unintentional.

Screenshot-51Kenneth: Hail to the mighty King!

Chris: Bow before me my loyal subject!

Um, Bonehilda? Why are you eating? It’s not like you need to eat…

Screenshot-52Oh look! Family! It’s Kenneth’s birthday so we gathered the family up to celebrate! As you can see they promptly route failed at the front door. PS the girl with the dark hair is a party crasher, so I blame her.

Screenshot-53Birthday time! Blow out the candles Kenneth!

Kenneth: Do I have to?

Yes, this is a birthday party. You get to be an old man now!

Screenshot-54You look totally overjoyed Lee. At least Hannah is in the birthday spirit. Her dad, Anakin, is just outside those doors. Why? Because he’s Anakin.

Screenshot-55This lovely lady is Lina Lancaster, the mother of Anakin’s second child. At some point I will get pictures of their daughter.

Screenshot-56Party Crasher: Boo! Anakin sucks! He’s so old and lame!

No one asked you pigtails! Go home!

Screenshot-57Ben: Yay! Birthday time! Get in the spirit Lee!

Um guys? I wouldn’t be cheering if I were you…

Screenshot-58Kenneth: Man I’m tired. All this partying is wearing me out.

Crowd of people: Yay! Yippie! Wahoo! Yah!


Screenshot-60OH-EM-GEE!!! *frantic clicking on Kenneth to make him put out fire* Why aren’t you doing anything!?

Kenneth: I could go for a quick nap. Maybe that will perk me up.

Chris: It’s getting kinda warm in here.

Ben: *screams like a little girl* AHHH! Fire! There’s a fire!


Screenshot-61Kenneth: Oh-em-gee, there’s a fire!

Thanks tips! Now put your son out!

Ben: The flame! It’s too hot! I can’t watch!

Ryan: Where’s Uncle Frankie! He’ll know what to do!

Screenshot-62Kenneth: I found a fire extinguisher!

Good! Now use it! *chews on nails nervously watching the scene unfold*

Screenshot-64Pansy: Yah! Fire!

You are way too happy about this! I no longer like you as Frankie’s wife. 😡

Screenshot-65Frankie: Oh cool, it’s a fire. 🙂

Gah! Stop admiring the flames and help save your nephew!!

Screenshot-67Chris: Whew, glad that’s over!

You may not be on fire anymore but the rest of the house is! Come on guys! Put it out!

Screenshot-69I see you’re being less than useful Anakin. Thanks for finally finding a door and joining us. *facepalm*

Screenshot-72Kenneth: Why’d it stop working?

Frankie: Weird, mine stopped too.

Noooo… I don’t want the Kooks to die by fiery death. 😥

Screenshot-73Screenshot-74 Screenshot-75Well that was enough excitement for one day. Thank you Frankie for coming to everyone’s rescue. (-5 points)

Screenshot-76Pansy: Haha! You’re son is burnt to a crisp!

I dislike you! Go home!

Kenneth: All this excitement is too much for an old guy like me. Frankie, take your wife home. I’m going to bed.

News flash Kenneth, you never aged up.

Screenshot-77Ryan: I’m hungry. When are we having cake?

Chris: I’m so tired I could go to sleep right here.

No more fails! Ryan, there is no cake! Chris, go to bed!

Screenshot-78Awe, the poor kid is so tired he goes to bed before having a shower.

Screenshot-79And promptly wakes up to wet himself! (-5 points)

Screenshot-80Um, what are you doing?

Kenneth: Nothing.

Riiight… you still need to age up.

Kenneth: Do I have to?


Screenshot-81Let’s try this one more time. With everyone standing as far back as possible.

Ben: He’s going to set himself on fire this time.

Ben! Don’t say such things! :O

Screenshot-82Mckenna: Whoo! Go dad! *TOOT!*

Kim: Really? We’re doing this again?

Screenshot-84Kenneth: Yay! *Clap, clap, clap*

Ben: Wait for it…

Shut up Ben!

Screenshot-85Kenneth: Awe, no fire?

That’s not a bad thing!

3 - Kenneth glitched again 4 - and againThen I get these popups. Kenneth glitched… again. *facepalm*

Screenshot-86Kenneth: Hello! Watcher! I can’t seem to go there!

Ok everyone, you can stop cheering now. He’s not going to age up. *Sigh*

Screenshot-87So Kenneth. You’ve decided to glitch my game eh?

Kenneth: Yup! *stretch* Ah, all in a day’s work. 🙂

I hate you.

Kenneth: I’ve been glitchy since I was a teen. Not my fault.

*Sigh* (So this is the part where Kenneth is stuck and can’t do anything. I tell him to go places but he route fails constantly and wont do anything autonomously. I tried many differently things, and tried reseting him, everything. But nothing worked. He even disappeared at one point. Eventually I made an exact clone and used mastercontroller to put his skills, relationships, family tree, LTH rewards and points back to where they were for the original Kenneth. Now glitched Kenneth is no more.)

Screenshot-88The next day the kids head off to school while I make the switch with their dad. Chris has still not had a shower.

Screenshot-89Why hello, Kenneth 2.0! Are you finally going to age up?

Kenneth: Why are you calling me 2.0?

No reason. Carry on. 😀

Screenshot-90Chris: Hey dad. Look, I’m back to normal! Why are you sparkling?

Kenneth: Here goes nothing…

Screenshot-91 5 - Kenneth finally has a bday Screenshot-92Kenneth: Hey! This isn’t so bad!

Chris: Cool hair dad! It’s just like Grandpa’s!

Screenshot-93I am proud to finally present Elderly Kenneth Kook! Even in old age he is still very handsome!

Screenshot-95Who ya callin’?

Kenneth: I’m an old geezer now so I’m not working another day of my life away.

Screenshot-96Kenneth: *on phone* Hey boss! *pause* Yah it’s me, Kenneth. *pause* Why would my voice sound different? *pause* Well anyway, I’m an old guy now so I’ll be retiring. 😀 *click*

6 - Kenneth retiresAt least it’s better than $0, and better than what Cindy got as a pension.

Screenshot-97 Screenshot-98 Screenshot-99Mckenna: Whoo! Awesome dad! Now you can sit around the house all day and be a lazy bum!

Kenneth: Mckenna, stop throwing confetti in my face.

Mckenna: Whoo! Confetti!

Well that’s it for this chapter! I just have to say, I’m glad Kenneth’s birthday is over. Now we get to look forward to kid birthdays! There will also be a torch holder vote up once Kim is a teen!



-10 Dog sitter
-20 Fire
-60 Self urination
-95 Passing out
+35 Birth
+10 Twin Birth
+30 Skill Challenge
+15 Honour Roll
+20 Max Skill
+40 Completed LTW
-35 Total Points


Chapter 2.11

The Kooks are back, but it is anything but happy times for this family. Last chapter saw the passing of Cindy Kook, and even though she may not have been the best parent at times (especially to the alien children of the household) she is dearly missed.

Screenshot-72Ben: The love of my life is gone! What will I do?!

Sun Young: She was a good woman at heart. I’m sad I didn’t get to spend more time with her.

Lee: I’m sad even though she pretended I didn’t exist half the time. I’m sad that pops is sad really.

In their grief, these three stay in the bathroom crying for most of the day. They weren’t ready to let go.

Screenshot-73Grimm hung around the house for a bit yelling at plants…

Grimm: Do you know who I am lettuce plant? I am DEATH! Now move out of my way and let me pass to the Netherworld!

Screenshot-74Then Mckenna heard the sad news.

Dusty: Your grandma passed, just thought I’d update you. I’m off to chew the furniture now.

Mckenna: That is so sad! She’s actually gone?! *cries hysterically*

Screenshot-75Back to the bathroom crowd…

Sun Young: I… I can’t… *sniff, hiccup* this is just so sad!

Screenshot-76Lee: The more I think about it the sadder I am! *cries hysterically while blocking the door*

Ben: Poor kid, he loved his grandma after all. Now move! I want out of this horrible place!

Give the kid a moment Ben! Give him a hug or something!

Screenshot-77It seems Kim hasn’t yet realized what happened. I blame the brainwashing IF doll.

ScreenshotNow the family REALLY starts to fall apart. Ben kicks of the point deduction marathon by passing out (-5 points).

Ben: *sleep talking* No Grimm! Give my wife back! *snore*

Kim: What?! Grandma’s gone?! When?! How?! Why didn’t someone tell me?! *cries hysterically*

Poor kid. 😦 This family needs better communication.

Screenshot-2Lee is second in the points deduction marathon. Apparently he is so distraught he can’t move five steps to the toilet to go pee (-5 points).

Screenshot-3Since Cindy didn’t get a fancy urn she was moved outside where her gravestone looked nicer. And now she’ll always be surrounded by pretty flowers.

Screenshot-4Kenneth came home to a complete train wreak. Have fun buddy.

Ben: Son, there’s no easy way to say this. Grimm stole your mother from us!

Kim: Daddy I’m so tired! But I’m too upset to sleep!

Kenneth: This is why I don’t go out. I come back and the family has fallen apart. I must stay strong! Kim, go to bed, now. You need sleep. Father, you too. All this excitement isn’t good for your health.

Way to be the man, Kenneth. Although, you could show a little sadness for your mother passing.

Screenshot-5I take it back, he went and cried like a baby at her grave.

Kenneth: Nooooooo! Mom, why’d you have to leave us!? I must be strong for my kids but I’ll cry for you when I’m alone!

Screenshot-6Kim decides to ignore her father’s push to get some rest and instead stands in the kitchen crying until she has an accident (-5 points). Way to go kid, you’re third in the point deduction marathon.

Screenshot-7Kim: I’m so embarrassed right now! I don’t know what to do anymore! This is all too much for my young mind to handle!

Ben: When the going gets tough, the tough… um… *faints*

Of course, Ben is determined to win the marathon by losing the most points (-5 points).

Sun Young: That’s odd, there is a foul smell in the air…

Maybe if you didn’t stand in pee puddles instead of cleaning them up you wouldn’t be smelling things.

Screenshot-8Sung Young: This stench, it’s too much. *faints*

Looks like she’s decided to hop on the point deduction band wagon (-5 points). I hate you all right now.

Screenshot-9Mckenna: I’m so tired but I have to pee so bad! What do I do first?!

So she danced a little jig and made a puddle (-5 points).

Mckenna: Looks like that’s taken care of, I’ll just head to bed.

Go take a shower! You’re disgusting! All of you! 😡

Screenshot-10At least one of them eventually made it to bed. Take notes from Lee everyone! There are beds available, now use them instead of the floor!

Screenshot-11Ben, you have not moved from this spot since you came upstairs. Quit passing out and making puddles and move away from the fridge! (-5 points)

Ben: My grief is so horrible I just can’t function anymore!

Yes you can! There are three bathrooms in this house, go use one!

Screenshot-12Sun Young did manage to find one of the three washrooms in this house. Maybe pass the knowledge along to the rest of the family, k?

Screenshot-13Kenneth decides to ignore all the chaos around him and focus on his sons. He starts with a very serious Ryan and teaching him how to walk.

Screenshot-14Dusty: Did you hear the news? Your grandma just passed away!

Lee: Why did you have to remind me? I was there when it happened! My heart breaks every time I think about it!

Screenshot-15Dusty: Tough break kid. I’m outta here.

Lee: Grandma… *sobs*

Chris: They’ll never find me in here! Hehe!

Of course, Chris and Ryan are too young to understand why the family is falling to pieces. Oh the life of a toddler, full and sunshine, rainbows, and lollipops.

Screenshot-16I just… I don’t even… like really Kim?! She must be competing for first place against Ben (-5 points).

Screenshot-17Even though their lives are chaos, life must go on. And that means school for the kids even though they are moments away from passing out, loosing control of their bladders, or starving. Actually, maybe school will help them a bit.

Screenshot-18Sun Young also manages to find her bed. The rest of the family should follow her example and realize they can’t just stop, they have to move forward and time will heal their hearts.

Screenshot-19Or not… I’m afraid the strain has just been too much for dear old Ben. He has lost all will to function (-5 points).

Screenshot-21Since the family can’t even take care of their most basic needs (sleep, toilet, etc.) Kenneth hired Bonehilda to help clean up the place. Please don’t glitch my game Bonehilda.

Screenshot-22Ben: You are in big trouble young lady! I know you skipped school and came home to sleep and bathe! You are grounded!

Mckenna: But Grandpa! I was going to pass out so I came home! The school said I could!

Ben: That is no excuse!

Lighten up Ben! The poor kid needs to tend to her needs. Let her go inside.

Screenshot-23On another note, there may be dirty toilets and smelly dishes, but oh no, Bonehilda starts by putting away all the pet toys. Because the place isn’t clean unless the pet toys are put away. *facepalm*

Screenshot-24See what I mean? The toilets are disgusting, yet pet toys seem to be more of an issue of cleanliness.

Salem: Hey! I think there’s something living down here!

That’s just gross.

Screenshot-25Then she decides to fix the computer that has been broken forever. Never mind the toilets, the dirty dishes, the disgusting counters, that broken computer needs fixing now!

Screenshot-27I caught you Ben! Thought you could take a quick dirt nap without me knowing, eh? (-5 points)

Ben: You saw nothing!

I honestly think we won’t have any points left by the end of this chapter. 😦

Screenshot-28And the marathon continues (-5 points). I believe Ben is still in the lead, followed by Kim in second place, and now Lee in third.

Screenshot-29Yep, Kim is in second place, quickly closing in on Ben for first! (-5 points)

Sun Young: Kim, you need to go to bed. Stop asking for bedtime stories and just go to sleep!

Dusty: You ain’t got nothing on Master Ben, kid! Ha! He’s the champion of losing points!

Lee: I can’t take it! I miss her so much!

Screenshot-30Kenneth focuses on teach Chris how to talk. Poor guy can’t even deal with the rest of his family.

1 - Chris talking skillAt least Chris learned his last skill!

Screenshot-31I think Kim has just about caught up to Ben in the point deduction marathon (-5 points).

Bonehilda: Ma’am, your child is passed out…

Sun Young: Yah, she’s been doing that all day. Just leave her be and get cleaning those toilets.

Bonehilda: Yes ma’am.

Screenshot-32Lee: You stink. Maybe you should go have a bath.

Kim: Yah? Well you’re a loser for doing homework. Who does homework during a time of grief and sadness?

Screenshot-33Lee: I need to get out of this place. Maybe I’ll go find a nice pond, go for a swim, maybe fish a little…

Mckenna: Maybe you’ll drown in it and then we can all cry over you too.

Kim: How can you both be so calm and joke about things! Our dear, sweet, loving grandmother just passed away!

Mckenna: Um, I don’t know if you were old enough to know what was going on, but that old hag hated us because we’re aliens. I’m over it.

Screenshot-34Ben: I can’t do it. I can’t go downstairs. She passed away down there.

I’m here for you Ben. Go steal one of the beds upstairs, it’s not like any of the kids are using theirs.

Screenshot-35Still teaching toddler skills I see. At least Kenneth is keeping himself busy.

Screenshot-36Mckenna: RAWR!! I’m the Grimm Reaper!

Ben: AHH! No! My time is up!

Mckenna! It is not nice to scare old men half to death! You evil child, go kick a gnome or something!

Screenshot-37Mckenna: Hahahahahaha! Your reaction was priceless! Later gramps, I’ve gotta pee.

Ben: *panting* I… I nearly had a… a heart attack. Whew! That kid’s got issues!

You’re telling me! I have to keep an eye on Mckenna.

2 - frankie and pansy weddingFamily Update! Frankie and Pansy are getting married! (For some reason I thought this already happened. Oops.)

Screenshot-38Sparkle butt! That can only mean one thing!

3 - Ryan bdayRyan got Photographer’s Eye to go along with Easily Impressed and Insane. My guess is he’s going to take really good pictures of really weird, simple things. 🙂

Screenshot-39Birthday time! But seriously, what is with this outfit? Why are the Into the Future EP clothes the default birthday clothes?

Screenshot-40More sparkle butts!

Ryan: I’m choking on a sparkle! Help!

4 - Chris bday 5 - Chris traitsBrace, Disciplined, and Insane… hmmmm, doesn’t that sound like someone we already know? This kid is a chip off the old block.

Screenshot-41Chris: Ha! I’m still the cute one!

Ryan: No you’re not! *pouts*

Okay you two, you’re both gonna be cuties once I’m done your makeovers so stop fighting.

Screenshot-46First up is Ryan! He seems to suit the faux hawk. 🙂

Screenshot-45Next up is Chris! I spent forever deciding on a hairstyle for him, but I think I like it. 🙂

Screenshot-42What’s this? More sparkles?

6 - Mckenna bdaySo now Mckenna is an Evil Genius who Loves the Cold and is a Perfectionist. Great. 

Screenshot-44Mckenna aged up to a teen all alone in the dark garden. That’s what you get for being evil to everyone!

Screenshot-47The aliens in my game actually turn out pretty. I wish I could have kept her childhood hair, but this one looks great on her so that’s fine.

That’s it for this chapter! Ben lost us a grand total of 25 points this chapter so I’m naming him King of the Point Deduction Marathon. Kim came in second by losing us 20 points. Lee, Mckenna, and Sun Young lost us yet another 20 points combined. At this rate we’ll never be in positive numbers again!



-10 Dog sitter
-15 Fire
-55 Self urination
-90 Passing out
+35 Birth
+10 Twin Birth
+30 Skill Challenge
+15 Honour Roll
+20 Max Skill
+40 Completed LTW
-20 Total Points


Chapter 2.10

The Kooks are back with another chapter! Last time we lost a bunch of points because almost everyone forgot how to use a toilet, more chaos ensued, and the twins aged up to toddlers! What will we get up to this time?

Screenshot-32Here’s a great start to the chapter… Cindy gets abducted! Don’t worry about bringing her back. Our house is too full as it is.

Screenshot-34Meanwhile, Christopher is hard at work learning the potty skill! And looking majorly cute too!

Screenshot-35Ben: I pray to thee, Watcher in the heavens above, guide this child towards the light as she slumbers…

Stop being creepy Ben! And thanks Mckenna for losing another -5 points! This chapter isn’t off to the best start.

Screenshot-36Oh no, not you too!! Sun Young loses yet another -5 points. I wouldn’t be surprised if we hit zero points soon.

Screenshot-37At least Ryan is learning the potty skill! Toddlers make such cute faces.

Screenshot-39No, Salem didn’t get fluffy. For some reason, stray cats like to wander into the house and play with the pet toys.

Screenshot-40Here’s Salem! I think one cat and one dog is enough for this family right now. Bye stray cat!

14 - anakin still a creepFamily Updates! Anakin, being the mucho creep he is, can’t seem to leave Gennie alone.15 - hannah and donnovan splitHannah and Donnovan weren’t meant to last anyway. That guy already have a couple kids with other women. You’re better off without him Hannah.16 - baby kristenYay! Babies! I will try to get a picture of Kristen once she grows up a bit! 😀17 - frankie and pansy preggersAnd more babies! (As well as an non-rendering Frankie. Oh well.)18 - frankie and pansy engagedGood for you Frankie. He actually marries the woman he knocked up, unlike his half-brother, Anakin, who is STILL stalking his ex!20 - do the creepAs I said, he is STILL stalking her! Anyway… we interrupt our extended family update for important news!

Screenshot-41It’s birthday time! Derp face and all!

21 - kim child bday22 - kim child traitsAn over-emotional, insane genius is just what we needed. 😉 I’m interested to see what Kim gets up to with these traits.

Screenshot-42Oh gosh, honey, that look is WAY to futuristic for me.

Screenshot-43There! Isn’t she cute? Seriously though, where did the blonde hair come from? It goes well with her eyes though. 🙂

Screenshot-44Ryan is happily playing with the xylophone. Oh the joys of being a carefree toddler.

Screenshot-45And Christopher is enjoying the block table. They are just the cutest!

Screenshot-46Lee doesn’t always go around breaking things. He does clean sometimes when no one else seems to do it.

Screenshot-47It’s Kim’s first day of school! And she’s wearing her snowsuit in the middle of spring. She’s a Kook, that’s for sure.

Screenshot-50Later that night…

Mckenna: So grams, since the blonde passed out how about you read ME that bed time story?

These kids drive me nuts. Oh, I’m desperately tired and could pass out any second. Time for a story! Fail Kim! Fail! (-5 points) 😦

Screenshot-51Mckenna: Yes! My plan worked! I’ll just put sleeping pills in her dinner every night and she’ll pass out all the time! Soon enough I will be the heir to the kingdom! Mwahahaha! Right after I take a nap though.

Cindy: No bed time stories tonight dear, I’m pretty tired from doing nothing all day.

I hate to break it to ya Mckenna, but you aren’t eligible for heir anyway so quit trying!

Screenshot-53So she wanders into the kitchen of all places and passes out. YOU WERE JUST IN YOUR BEDROOM! GAH! (-5 points)

Ben: Watcher! I demand to know the meaning of this! These young’uns are ruining all my hard work!

I know Ben, I’m just as frustrated as you.

Screenshot-54WHAT IS THIS?! ‘Let’s take a dirt nap day’? Thanks Lee for losing us yet another -5 points!

Kim: Gramma I’m sleepy. When are you going to read me a story?


Cindy: I doubt any of these kids will graduate at this rate.

Screenshot-57At least Chris and Ryan are young enough to not cause trouble. They just have to focus on learning skills. 🙂

Screenshot-58Awe, Mckenna is helping around the house. I was starting to worry the flies would overrun the place with how many dirty dishes this family leaves behind. And Kim is doing homework! Yay!

23 - baby pabloBaby Pablo was born! I’m sure Frankie would be happy if he ever rendered properly.24 - chris walk skillOne skill down, two to go!25 - ryan potty skillEven Ryan is well on his way to learning his skills!26 - chris potty skillTwo skills down, just one more for Chris! 😀27 - frankie threw a partySpooky day is here and Frankie decided to throw a costum party! (Wasn’t I just commenting on how it was spring? Yah, just goes to show nothing SUPER exciting happens to the Kooks, like ever.)

Screenshot-59Kenneth was the only one who wanted to go, so the Rocket Man showed up looking for an awesome party.

Screenshot-60Sadly, he was disappointed.

Kenneth: Rockin’ party, bro.

Frankie: Who talks like that anymore?

Screenshot-61Frankie, Pansy, and Kenneth were the only ones there. And I would have got a picture of Pablo, but he wasn’t even on the lot. I guess Frankie and Pansy don’t live together yet.

28 - another partyRichard invites Kenneth to go to his party, and since nothing is happening at Frankie he decides to give it a shot.

Screenshot-62Kenneth gets to Richard’s house, and guess what? No one is there. Except for this magician who couldn’t do half his tricks properly.

Magician: Now you see them… now you don’t! Ta-da! *cards shoot everywhere*

Kenneth: I don’t think you know what you’re doing. Just sayin’. Can I go home now? I’m tired.

Screenshot-63Suddenly the camera goes nuts and we are taken to this grisly scene. Who killed Cindy Kook? I suspect Ben, in the bathroom, with the pipe. Can anyone disprove me?

Screenshot-65AH-HA! It was Ben in the bathroom! 😀

Ben: *wails hysterically* How can you say such things?!

Gosh, I’m joking. Calm down.

Ben: My wife just DIED and you’re telling me to calm down?!

Even though Ben and Cindy’s relationship was pretty much non-existent, he still cries like a baby during her passing.

Screenshot-66Hello Grimm, we meet again.

Grimm: Greetings Watcher. I believe I am here to collect the soul of one Ben Kook?

Nope, check your list again. Ben is very much alive and kicking… Cindy on the other hand…

Grimm: I see. You’ve slipped through my grip again old friend.

Screenshot-69Grimm: Hello Cindy. It is time for you to go to the Netherworld.

Cindy: *gasp* Really? Did I win a trip somewhere? Cool!

Screenshot-70Grimm: Um, no, actually you died of old age.

Cindy: NO! Please Grimm, old buddy, spare my life like you did for Ben all those years ago! I don’t want to leave!

Grimm: Yah… about that…

Hey! You gave Ben his life back in trade for a rare Death Flower! That was a fair trade!

Grimm: I understand the terms of the deal we made that day. No other Kook shall fool me again. Come now Cindy, I’m a busy Reaper and have several other stops to make.

Screenshot-72And so the family witnesses the first real death of the Kook Legacy. You will be missed Cindy Kook, most of the time a loving wife, mother, and grandmother. Sad days are a head for the Kooks.



-10 Dog sitter
-15 Fire
-35 Self urination
-45 Passing out
+35 Birth
+10 Twin Birth
+30 Skill Challenge
+15 Honour Roll
+20 Max Skill
+40 Completed LTW
+45 Total Points


Chapter 2.9

Welcome back! Last time we witnessed a bunch of birthdays and Sun Young gave birth to TWINS! Now we have an over-crowded household. Let the chaos begin! 😀

ScreenshotFirst, I would like to point out how this family can’t seem to clean up after itself. I’m beginning to think they should hire a maid, or get Bonehilda… on second though, no Bonehilda. Maid maybe. We’ll see.

Screenshot-2No sooner did Sun Young put her new born son into his crib, she danced a little jig and lost us -5 points. I know you just gave a home birth but come on! We are not off to a good start on this chapter.

Screenshot-3Meanwhile, Ben whips out his trusty old sleeping bag to sleep on the floor next to one of his new grandsons. D’awe. 🙂

Screenshot-5Lee: T-REX SMASH!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

You are an EVIL child! Who smashes innocent doll houses?!

Screenshot-6Kenneth: Why would you do that?! Your nieces and nephews will be so upset that you broke their toy! You are grounded mister!

Lee: You’re not my dad! I don’t have to listen to you!

Brothers… they always fight. BEN! Come discipline your youngest son! BEN!?

Ben: I’m busy. Come back later.

Screenshot-7Kenneth: I am the head of this family now and you will do as I say! You can start by cleaning up around here.

Lee: I can’t wait to leave this trash heap behind.

1 - Kenneth saves the day 2 - kenneth promotionOh yah! Earlier that day Kenneth ‘saved the day’ and earned another promotion! These Kooks are rolling in dough! 😀

Screenshot-9O.O CINDY! Put some clothes on! GAH!

Screenshot-8I guess Lee didn’t clean up like you asked?

Kenneth: No, good for nothing little twerp… *grumble grumble*

I entertained the idea of sending Mckenna and Lee off to boarding school but it somehow seemed cheaty to do so. They get up to so much mischief.

Screenshot-10At least Kim is young enough to not get into trouble. And she’s hard at work learning her skills!

Screenshot-11Sun Young: Mother! Put some clothes on! Think of the children!

Cindy: *choke* No wonder I feel such a draft!

Mckenna: It’s too early for this, I want to go back to bed.

Screenshot-13More toddler skills! She’s such a good little girl… for now.

Screenshot-14Lee: I don’t care what big brother Ken says, I’ll eat all the ice cream I want! He’s not my dad!

Seriously Lee… you’re too young to have daddy issues. BEN! COME LOOK AFTER YOUR YOUNGEST! He needs you!

Ben: BUSY!


Ben: IGNORING YOU! Hahahahaha!

I miss being able to control Ben at times. D:

Screenshot-16At least he attempts to interact with some members of the family. He and Dusty are very close (yes, Dusty is STILL around and seems to be immortal, he’s around 130 now) and Ben spends time with his grandchildren. So I can’t complain about him too much.

Ben: Deep down I knew you loved me!

I’ll miss you when you’re gone :,( but let’s not think about that now!

3 - hannah age up 4 - hannah ya jobYAY! Hannah has aged up to a Young Adult! And she got a job at the local science facility. Interesting… (SIDE NOTE: Remember how I said I might do a story for Hannah? Now that she’s a YA I can finally start it! 😀 )

Screenshot-17She aged pretty well! I will keep you all updated on when her story will come out! 😀

Screenshot-19And speaking of aliens. That’s Kenneth down there, sorry it’s so dark. Moving on!

5 - anakin and linaFamily Updates! It looks like Anakin is still with his new love interest!

6 - anakin and lina babyAND HE KNOCKED HER UP! Yay Anakin babies! The Kook bloodline will continue in story progression! YES! 😀

8 - hannah and donnovan 9 - hannah and donnovan relationshipHannah seems to have found a love interest as well. 😉

11 - frankie and pansyAnd a non-rendering Frankie is still going strong with Pansy!

Screenshot-20I think Kenneth has taken the role of fatherhood quite well. 🙂

Screenshot-22Except where Mckenna is concerned. She spent all night at a friends house (without permission), got kicked out, but still didn’t go home. Oh no, she thought she would get revenge by peeing on their porch! (-5 points!) NOW GO HOME MCKENNA!

Screenshot-23On a happier note, Kim is well on her way to becoming a well rounded toddler.

7 - kim walking skill 10 - kim potty skill 19 - kim walk skillAll three skills have been learned! 😀

Screenshot-25WHAT?! Not you too Lee! Another -5 points. These children with be the death of me.

Screenshot-26Birthday time! First up is Ryan!

12 - Ryan toddler bdayScreenshot-27BAM! Sparkles!

Screenshot-28Now it’s Christopher’s turn! Ryan looks so precious in the background watching his brother age up! 😀

13 - Chris toddler bdayScreenshot-29BAM! More sparkles!

Chris: Haha! I’m the cute one!

Ryan: *pouts* No fair!

Now boys… you are both adorable. Be prepared folks! We’ve got a couple lookers here!

Screenshot-30Ryan got Kenneth’s hair, complete with yellow highlights! And he got Cindy’s eyes. I’m glad Cindy’s eye colour has been passed along, it is pretty cool.

Screenshot-31Chris got the black hair! Either from Ben or Sun Young, it’s hard to tell. He did get Sun Young’s eyes though!

And we’ll end the chapter there with those cute faces! Some points were lost but hopefully they will be made up again soon! 😀



-10 Dog sitter
-15 Fire
-35 Self urination
-20 Passing out
+35 Birth
+10 Twin Birth
+30 Skill Challenge
+15 Honour Roll
+20 Max Skill
+40 Completed LTW
+70 Total Points


Chapter 2.8

Welcome back! Last time Kenneth and Sun Young returned home from China, the family adopted a super cute stray cat, and Sun Young gave birth to our first heir! Let’s see how the family is doing with a new bundle of joy in the house!

Screenshot-60Mckenna is such a cute alien! And it’s birthday time!

Screenshot-61 14 - Mckenna child birthdayOh gosh, Mckenna got Evil to go along with Genius and Loves the Cold. We have an evil genius on our hands!

Screenshot-63TA-DA! Isn’t she cute? I like the hair.

Screenshot-64Ben: Mckenna! What are you wearing? Don’t let me being a star go to your head! Young people these days, always wanting their 15 minutes of fame!

Mckenna: Whoa grandpa! What’s your problem?

Ben, stop frightening the children. Go work in your garden or something!

Ben: Young’uns these days, no respect for anyone.

Screenshot-66Yup, Kenneth and Sun Young are at it again! We have one legacy baby, let’s have another! 😀

Screenshot-67Ben is such a good grandpa. If you’re not an alien it seems.

Screenshot-68Kenneth has always taken to the role of parenting quite well. Good job Kenneth.

Kenneth: I was the ignored child growing up. I try not to do that to my kids.

Awe. 🙂

Screenshot-69Look who it is! Sun Young has an upset tummy so baby #2 must be on its way!

Screenshot-70Oh hi aliens! You want to abduct Cindy this time. Well… ok.

Screenshot-72Kenneth: I have now mastered Sim-Fu!

No you haven’t. You are level 6 or something. Where’s your new belt?

Kenneth: I don’t know.

I couldn’t figure out which one was his new one. I will try to figure it out. 😦

Screenshot-77It’s confirmed! The next heir is one its way! Will it be another girl? Or will it be a boy?

Screenshot-80CINDY! WHAT DID YOU DO?!

Cindy: Oh, oh my. I’m so embarrassed, I hope no one saw that.

I SAW THAT! Thanks Cindy (-5 points), and we were doing so well.

15 - Frankie and Naomi relationshipFamily Updates! Frankie is BACK with Naomi. Again, his picture wouldn’t render and I’m getting annoyed with him so… yah.

16 - more stalker AnakinAnakin is STILL stalking his ex-lover. This is getting a bit old Anakin.

17 - Phoenix burns Anakins stuffThis Phoenix guy is constantly in pop-ups about setting things on fire. He struck again at Anakin’s house!

18 - Frankie and Naomi engagementThanks for finally rendering Frankie! Oh, you’re getting married? After how many break-ups? Who wants to bet this wont last.

Screenshot-82More birthdays!

19 - Lee child birthdayThese poor kids didn’t learn any of their skills. Lee got Hot-Headed to go with Absent-Minded and Easily Impressed. That’s an interesting combination of traits forming.

Screenshot-85Does anyone else think the aliens pretty much all look the same? It’s the eyes, nose, and mouth I think.

Screenshot-86Their next victim is Kenneth. I wont keep you in suspense, this abduction did not result in a pregnancy.

Screenshot-87Mckenna: BOO! That’s for taking up all my dad’s time!

Sun Young: *Gasp!* I had no clue someone was there!

Mckenna! It’s not nice to scare pregnant ladies! She does this at least once a day.

Screenshot-89But she also does her homework. Sometimes. So I can’t complain too much.

Screenshot-90The mandatory ‘kids on the school bus’ shot. Neither of them are doing that great in school.

Screenshot-92Bonding time!

Cindy: It’s nice to see a normal pregnancy around here for once.

Sun Young: I had a normal pregnancy with Kim though. Don’t you remember?

Cindy: I have a granddaughter named Kim?

Poor Cindy, her memory isn’t what it use to be.

Screenshot-93Lee brought a friend home from school! I don’t know her name though, didn’t catch it. At least they’re being good kids and working on homework together!

Screenshot-94Mckenna is doing homework too, just not at the house. I don’t really know where she is. o.O

Screenshot-95And Kenneth is… PASSED OUT?! NO! WHY?! (-5 points) I expected better from you Kenneth!

20 - Frankie and Naomi breakupSee? I told you it wouldn’t take long. Poor Frankie, although, now he can find a younger woman and procreate, yes? Would that be too much to ask?

Screenshot-96Birthdays for everyone! 😀

21 - Kimberly toddler birthdayScreenshot-98O.O Um… where did the blonde hair come from? *quickly checks Kim’s family tree* Okay… so Kenneth IS the father… weird. She has Cindy’s eyes so she MUST be related! I don’t think Ben’s eyes got passed down. Sad times. But Kim is a cutie! 😀

Screenshot-99Kenneth spends some father-daughter bonding time with Kim. I love their faces.

Screenshot-102Toddler skills! I’m glad Kenneth didn’t take notes about how his parents raised kids. I think he’s doing a much better job.

Kenneth: That might be the nicest thing you’ve ever said.

Ben: She lies! I was an exemplary parent!

Hush Ben! You’re ruining the moment!

Screenshot-104O.O WHAT?!?!?! You were even right next to the toilet!!!! GAH!! CINDY!! (-5 points)

Sun Young: Mother, dear, maybe you should lie down. I’ll help you clean up.

Cindy: I’m sorry dear, my bladder just isn’t what it use to be.

I think we’ve lost most of our points due to Cindy. -.-‘

22 - Anakin and Lina relationshipOn the upside, Anakin has found himself a nice young lady to date! *Prays for more Anakin babies*

Screenshot-105Speaking of babies… Kenneth! Get in here! Oh wait, he’s at work. Looks like you’re having a home birth Sun Young! I’m here for you!

Screenshot-10623 - Christopher birthYay! A boy this time! Welcome the the world little Christopher!

24 - Christopher infant traitsSo I rolled Christopher’s next trait and got Disciplined (not a bad combo with Brave) however, I forgot momentarily about my self-imposed rule of all heirs must have the Insane trait. So here’s hoping he does well in school so I can pick his next trait.

Screenshot-10725 - Ryan birthUm. What? You had TWINS? YAY TWINS! (+10 points!) Welcome to the world little Ryan!

26 - Ryan infant traitsRyan got the Insane trait randomly, and that’s when I remembered my self-imposed rule while playing and went derp. Like I said, hopefully Chris does well in school. 🙂



-10 Dog sitter
-15 Fire
-20 Self urination
-20 Passing out
+35 Birth
+10 Twin Birth
+30 Skill Challenge
+15 Honour Roll
+20 Max Skill
+40 Completed LTW
+85 Total Points


Chapter 2.7

Last chapter Kenneth and Sun Young concluded their vacation in China! Let’s see what kind of mayhem they came home to. 🙂

ScreenshotScreaming babies and bad parenting by your favourite Kook. Way to go Ben.

Ben: Maybe it will stop screaming if I don’t look at it.

Just look after the poor kids!

Screenshot-2Kenneth had to go to work as soon as he got back to town and Sun Young happened to be dropped off at the local pool instead of the house. Please don’t starve and drown in the pool! We need you!

1 - Sun's LTWAlso, I took a peek at her LTW. Yah… I don’t think she’ll be completing it.

Screenshot-3As usual, Cindy is doing nothing to help around the house and is just being her normal lazy self.

Screenshot-4At least Ben eventually gets around to feeding the children. Poor kids, since Mckenna and Lee are not eligible heirs they get neglected. Neither one has learned any of the toddler skills so far.

Screenshot-7Oh, look who decided to head home and get some food! Keep your eyes on the road Cabbie!

Screenshot-8Sun Young: I’m so hungry! I really hope this is the right house, I need to eat!

Then go eat! Gah!

Screenshot-10Ben: So Cindy, you’re getting up there in age now. When do you think my good friend Grim will be stopping by?

Screenshot-11Cindy: How could you say such a thing! Do you WANT me to die!?

Screenshot-12Ben: What did I do?

Cindy: Humph, I don’t want to speak to you until the day I die.

Sun Young: I hope Kenneth and I don’t end up like his parents…

Screenshot-13Ben: Cindy, my darling, I’m sorry.

Cindy: Oh Ben, some times your words break my heart. It’s too much.

Sun Young: Just focus on the sink. I’m not listening, no, not at all. Lalalala lalala lala.

Ben and Cindy have a special kind of relationship. They fight, then make up, then fight again when they make up.

Screenshot-14Sun Young: Oh look. A child. Why is he playing all alone?

Screenshot-15You are amazing Sun Young! You are the first one to teach Lee any of his toddler skills!

Screenshot-16Ben: Excuse me Sun, it’s time for Lee to go to bed! Tickle tickle!

Lee: Dada NOOOO!

Sun Young: But it’s the afternoon. I don’t understand why he needs to go to bed now.

Damn you Ben! Lee was learning skills and you just HAD to go and interrupt!

Screenshot-17By the way, here is Kenneth in his dashing work uniform. He’s quite handsome in his uniform.

2 - Frankie gets a petFamily Update! Frankie decided he needed a pet apparently. I hope he doesn’t become a crazy cat person.3 - Kenneth promotionAnd Kenneth got a promotion! Oh, and he also works with Frankie. Brother bonding time at work!

Screenshot-19Sun Young: How was your day at work? I met your family.

Kenneth: I got a promotion! And good, I hope they didn’t do anything too crazy. Hehe.

Screenshot-20Kenneth: So what do you say we retire to the bedroom. *Wink wink*

We need to get this legacy moving! 😀

Screenshot-22Look! Cindy is actually doing something!

Ben: Just help me put the kids to bed, then you can watch your shows or read or whatever.

Cindy: Where are their parents? Why am I dong this? My baby days are over.

Screenshot-23I wouldn’t be so sure Cindy! Are there more grand-babies on the way? 😀

4 - Frankie and Naomi breakupMore Family Updates! Frankie was apparently dating Naomi and they broke up. Why can’t this family keep relationships?5 - Stalker AnakinAnakin is being a creeper and stalking his ex lover.6 - Anakin and Lina romanceThen he gets a new lover, Lina Lancaster. And she’s not an Elder! I really hope Anakin and Frankie have some children.7 - Stalker AnakinAnd then Anakin goes back to stalking his ex-lover again.

Screenshot-24Sun Young has also decided she likes to paint. No one but Frankie ever used it anyway.

Screenshot-27Someone has an upset tummy! Could it mean babies?

Screenshot-28So at some point a stray cat wandered into the house and would not leave. He’s just so cute so the Kooks adopted him and renamed his Salem. 🙂

Screenshot-30I’ve always wanted a black cat.

Screenshot-31Dusty: Cat? What cat? Where’s the cat?!

Awe, Dusty is looking so old! He’s over 120 days now!

Screenshot-32But Salem is just so cute! Look at him play in the bathtub!

Screenshot-33He and Sun Young started to become friends. He’s a sweet little cat. Welcome to the family!

Screenshot-34Here’s a random shot of Ben sleeping on the couch. Cindy is in the bed so he can’t sleep there apparently.

Screenshot-36Dusty: I like leaves! I like to chase them all over the yard!

Salem: You should chase rodents with me. Rid the world of them, it is our duty!

Screenshot-41It’s confirmed! Sun Young is pregnant! Prepare for cute babies! 😀

Screenshot-43And what’s a chapter of the Kooks without an alien abduction? They got Kenneth again, however I am happy to report no hanky-panky went on.

Screenshot-44Kenneth works on his Martial Arts skill any chance he gets. Soon he will have to deal with a new baby!

Screenshot-47I think this is one of the nicest maternity outfits I’ve seen on my sims, ever. Just saying. 😉

Screenshot-50Sun Young is such a caring sim! She brushes Dusty all the time, play with Salem, and even looks after children who are not her own without complaint. Good choice for wife material if I do say so myself. 🙂

9 - Kenneth Saves the dayAt some point there was an emergency at work and Kenneth saved the day!8 - Kenneth promotionThat resulted in a promotion. 😀 More monies makes for happy Kooks.10 - What is with the alien fetishI was checking on Sun Young (she has a couple books in her inventory I wanted) and I noticed this wish. What is with this family and your alien fetishes!? I didn’t lock in the wish for obvious reasons.11 - Frankie and Naomi romanceWhy is Frankie dating Naomi again and why is she an elder now? Story Progression hates this family. Oh, and his picture wouldn’t render, so I improvised. 🙂

Screenshot-52Back to the main family! They make a cute couple. I can’t wait to see their babies!

Screenshot-53Speaking of which…. 😀

Kenneth: AHHHH!!! What do I do?! What do I DO!?

Ben: What’s wrong with her? Why is she screaming? DO SOMETHING!

Oh yah! I don’t think Ben was around for the birth of his sons, except for Frankie since he gave birth to him. Welcome to child bearing Ben!

Screenshot-54Sun Young: I swear, if you don’t drive faster that 20 km/hr I will Sim Fu Chop you all the way back to China!

Kenneth: I’m going as fast as I can! I don’t want to scratch my car!

Screenshot-55Kenneth: Um, we’re here.

Sun Young: You know, I think I’ll just levitate here for a while. It helps with the contractions!

Hooray for glitches.

Screenshot-56Eventually she made it to the sidewalk and then to the hospital.

Random Sim: OH MY PLUMBOB! She’s gonna burst! Get her to a hospital!

Sun Young: I would already be in the hospital if you would get out of my way!

Note to self, have a home birth next time. So much easier.

Screenshot-58Frankie: What do you mean I can’t go in? I wanna see the baby too!

Go away Frankie! Must you be involved in everything?

12 - Birth KimberlySun Young has a little girl! She named her Kimberly since her last name used to be “Kim”, but I changed the hyphenated last name to be just “Kook” again. (+5 points!)

13 - Kimberly infant traitsSince Kimberly is an eligible heir she got the insane trait. 🙂

Screenshot-59Frankie: Yes! I got to see my new niece! Score!

Sun Young: Now where is Ken with the car? His brother is upsetting Kim!

Well that’s all for this chapter! Next chapter… BIRTHDAYS! 😀



-10 Dog sitter

-15 Fire

-10 Self urination

-15 Passing out

+35 Birth

+30 Skill Challenge

+15 Honour Roll

+20 Max Skill

+40 Completed LTW


+90 Total Points



Chapter 2.3

Last chapter Kenneth completed two Midlife Crisis wishes and was abducted by aliens… again. However, the abduction failed to produce a pregnancy. Now let’s get this chapter started!

14 - midlife crisis wish 3Really Kenneth? Did I do THAT bad of a job on your wardrobe?

Kenneth: You’re kidding right? You didn’t even change anything about my adult wardrobe!

True… time for a makeover!! Drum roll please…

Screenshot-22TA-DA! Cut and dyed! A complete new look for Kenneth!

Kenneth: It will do.

Another Midlife Crisis wish completed!

Screenshot-23Dude, you butt is ringing.

Kenneth: I know.

Are you going to answer it?

Kenneth: Nope.

And I wonder why he has no love interests, he doesn’t talk to anyone!

Screenshot-24Ben: Listen Cindy, you have to back off. If you truly love me you will give me the space I need.

Cindy: But my love, I just wanted a hug. 😦

I know she’s mean to the alien children Ben but give the poor woman a break. Either act like her husband or get a wish to divorce her!

Ben: I enjoy her company, just not the touchy-feely! That’s for the young-uns!

Screenshot-25Frankie: I’m going to be moving out soon Mckenna, but just remember you can always come live with me if your grandmother makes your life miserable.

Mckenna: Gramma bad!

Frankie: Yes, grandma is bad!

Stop reinforcing the negative! How will Sims and Aliens ever exist in peace with attitudes like this?

Kenneth: Maybe if they stopped abducting us every other night we would be nicer to them and they wouldn’t think we are nothing but play things!

He has a point…

Screenshot-26Birthday time!

Screenshot-2715 - lee toddler bdayScreenshot-28AWE!!! Little Lee as a toddler is so cute! The aliens did pick a family with good genes, I’ll give them that.

16 - midlife crisis wish 4Another Midlife Crisis wish? Actually, this one isn’t so bad…

17 - job changeKenneth: Can I? Can I? Can I?

Sure! Why not! The athletic skill is still needed for this job. 🙂

Kenneth: Yay! 😀

Screenshot-29Um, what are you doing?

Ben: Who, me?

No! Your son!

Kenneth: Well, the computer broke when I was using it so now I’m fixing it. What does it look like I’m doing?

It looks like a potential death hazard!

Kenneth: You know, even if I do die at this stage, you technically have Frankie as a spare since he’s not an Adult yet and hasn’t moved out.

That’s not the point! Stop endangering yourself!

Frankie: Where you talking to me bro?

Screenshot-31It seems like Frankie is the only one who looks after the children. He even plays with them! No one is teaching skills though… and Kenneth is focused on his LTW… more bad parenting styles brought to you by the Kooks!

Screenshot-32Frankie: Finally! I can age up and get out of this stinking dump!

Hey now! You’re the one who’s always breaking the sink!

Screenshot-3418 - frankie adult bdayScreenshot-35Frankie: Awe yeah, clothes still rock! Time to blow this joint!

Screenshot-36And so, Frankie drives off into the night without so much as a goodbye to even the children.

Screenshot-38And no sooner did he leave, the aliens attacked! They got Ben this time.

19 - frankie relationship 20 - midlife crisis over 21 - frankie relationshipAnd in the span of time that Ben was abducted for, all this happened! Frankie sure moves fast! And the girl is actually pretty cute.

Kenneth: And I feel great about my lot in life!

That’s good, because it’s all going to change soon…. muahahahaha.

Kenneth: What?

Screenshot-40Ben: Why do you keep doing this to me?! Why?!

I need a break from aliens. *Has a brilliant idea* I know just the thing!! 😀

Screenshot-41KENNETH! WAKE UP!

Kenneth: Wha-what?! What’s wrong? Is it Dusty?!

No! You’re going on a trip!

Kenneth: In the middle of the night?

Yup! Get up!

Screenshot-43Kenneth: *on phone* Hi, I’d like to book a trip…

Screenshot-44And so Kenneth heads out at the crack of dawn off on an epic adventure!

Kenneth: This trip better be worth it.

Oh it will. 😉



-10 Dog sitter

-15 Fire

-10 Self urination

-10 Passing out

+30 Birth

+30 Skill Challenge

+15 Honour Roll

+20 Max Skill

+40 Completed LTW


+90 Total Points


Chapter 2.2

What? Another chapter so soon? Considering it is Easter weekend I’m taking a day off from studying… to bring you more Kook antics! Let’s get started!

5 - midlife crisis wish 1I see you have your first Midlife Crisis Wish Kenneth. “Get a Makeover”… you do realize there is no salon in Lucky Palms?

Kenneth: Hey, I can’t control how I feel. I just really, really, really need a new outfit.

*sigh* Poof! There is now a salon in Lucky Palms!

Screenshot-97Kenneth: Hello gorgeous!

Stylist Girl: Is there something I can help you with or….?

Screenshot-98Kenneth: Can you make me look like a rock star? No! A movie star? Just make me look cool and hip!

Stylist Girl: Um… I’ll see what I can do…

Poor Kenneth… maybe I should have spent more time on his wardrobe when he became an Adult.

Screenshot-99Meanwhile, back at the house, Ben is having his (hopefully last) baby!

Ben: This hurts more than I remember…

Well it’s your own fault for going with those aliens in the first place!

6 - alien birth*I click ‘Raise’ of course…* 😀

Screenshot-100 Screenshot-101IT’S A BOY! (+5 points!)

7 - lee 8 - lee birth traitsPoor little Lee, Easily Impressed and Absent-Minded aren’t the best traits but he might be entertaining as he grows up. Welcome to the family, little guy! Since he is Kenneth’s brother he will be moved out when he reaches Adult like the rest of the Gen One babies. 🙂

Screenshot-102Ben: He’s… he’s not green!

O.O whaaaaaaat? I think Axane has faulty alien genes or something…

Screenshot-103WAIT! Now he’s green?! Okay…

Ben: The most peculiar thing just happened.

Thanks Tips! And so continues the Curse of the Colour Changing Babies…

Screenshot-104There Kenneth, did you get the look you were going for? What happened to the Stylist Girl? Who’s this long haired DUDE?

Kenneth: Thanks man, this is way more rockin’ than what that chick tried to dress me in.

Stylist Dude: It was my pleasure… dude.

Anyway… one midlife crisis wish down!

Screenshot-105Lee is another cutie just like his… um… I guess they would technically be nieces! Since Kenneth is Lee’s brother, and Mckenna is Kenneth’s daughter, that would make Lee Mckenna’s Uncle! It looks like the Kook family tree is as Kooky as the family itself. Success! 😉

9 - hannah kissingThis was an interesting pop-up! Hannah is getting her smooch on! However, I don’t approve of her taste in men. Shortly after this notification, Sahan Diwan popped up again in a relationship with another girl.  I hope Hannah finds love that isn’t some old geezer someday.

10 - midlife crisis wish 2Seriously Kenneth? Now you want an expensive car?!

Kenneth: I need a slick ride to pick up the ladies! Come on!

You don’t even have $10,000 for an expensive car!

Kenneth: My old man makes tons of money off his garden still.

*Grumble, grumble, grumble* I hate this midlife crisis wish. 😡

ScreenshotIt’s birthday time for Mckenna!

Screenshot-2I was really curious to see if she would have a different hair colour too…

11 - mckenne toddler bdayScreenshot-4Nope! Still green! It’s pretty cute with her skin tone too. 🙂

Screenshot-6 Screenshot-8I cry a little each time this happens. This trick is getting really old aliens!! Gah!

Screenshot-10Kenneth: Bad touch! BAD TOUCH!

Honestly, I stopped writing down the names of all the random aliens that abduct this family. But I don’t think that was Axane.

Screenshot-11Why are you trying to live even longer?

Ben: I am the Immortal Ben!

No, you are not. Your wife may be older than you now but you are not immortal.

Ben: But I want to be!

What happened to hating your existence and trying to kill yourself before the next generation could take over?

Ben: That was when I had to deal with you all the time. Now I’m free to do my own thing! Life is grand!

I’m not talking to you anymore… 😡

Screenshot-13Isn’t Mckenna cute?! She is so unique it’s hard to not take pictures of her. 🙂

12 - anakin breakupFINALLY! Maybe now Anakin can find a younger woman and have some more kids. Maybe.13 - kenneth skill challengeHooray for completing a Skill Challenge Kenneth! (+5 points!) Since Ben has lost all interest in gardening Kenneth has been looking after it. But I think once all these plants die we wont garden anymore. It’s so time consuming!

Screenshot-14Second Midlife Crisis Wish completed! Does this car have a sufficient coolness factor for picking up the ladies?

Kenneth: You are AWESOME!

At least someone in this family likes me.

Ben: You can not buy your way into my heart! Although, that is a pretty sweet ride. Why didn’t I get a sweet ride?!

You never asked for one.

Ben: This is how you ruined my life!

Moving on…

Screenshot-15Random Cute Toddler Picture! Just because. Notice the creepy IF doll in the corner? It shall mysteriously disappear soon.

Screenshot-16 Screenshot-18AHHHHHHHH!!! What is your problem?! Why do you have such a smug look on your face? Hmm?!

Screenshot-19I blame you Frankie! You probably call your alien buddies and summon them to abduct this family! 😡

Frankie: Whoa! Really negative vibes around here. Okay Axane, you got him? Excellent. >:D


Screenshot-20Kenneth: Why meeeeeeee?

I don’t know sweetie. I really don’t know.

Screenshot-21Kenneth: I don’t want a green glowing stomach again! *cries silently for a moment*

It looks like Cindy’s talk with Axane the other day didn’t deter the aliens from abducting the Kook men. Will Kenneth be pregnant again?



-10 Dog sitter

-15 Fire

-10 Self urination

-10 Passing out

+30 Birth

+30 Skill Challenge

+15 Honour Roll

+20 Max Skill

+40 Completed LTW


+90 Total Points



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