Insanity Family

The Kook Family Backwards ISBI!

Chapter 2.15

What’s this? Another chapter for the Kooks? Right you are! So let’s get started!

ScreenshotHi Bonehilda! Haven’t seen you around in a while. And what’s this? You’re actually cleaning!

Screenshot-3Chris: Oops. Maybe no one will know it was me. I’m just going to go get a snack now. Yup, snack time. Perfect alibi.

Would you all just quit breaking things!?

Screenshot-4Welcome to the first ever (and only) meeting of the Kook Book Club!

Chris: Really guys? You’re so lame.

Mckenna and Kim: Shhh!

Screenshot-5Bonehilda: Oh my, he really is quite muscular. :3

Can you say ‘creepy’?

Screenshot-6The kids wanted to get out of the house for a bit and away from their creepy house-cleaner so off the family went to a nearby park. Kim immediately ran for the slide. Why she needs to wear a snowsuit in summer? I don’t even know. She must get that from Ben.

Screenshot-7Ryan ran over to the jungle gym.

Ryan: Hey! I can see our house from here!

Yup, he’s having fun.

Screenshot-8Chris was content to sit on the pavement and sing to his IF doll. Jungle gyms, slides, and swing sets galore! And what does he do? Plays with that stupid doll.

Screenshot-9Kenneth decides to read on a nearby bench and keep a watchful eye over his family. D’awe. πŸ™‚

Screenshot-10Sun Young: Chris, I need your honest opinion. Does my makeup look okay in this light?

Chris: Um, sure? What’s makeup?

Screenshot-11Overall the family had a fun time at the park until it started to rain. And even then it was a tough time getting them all home. πŸ™‚

Screenshot-12Sun Young stayed at the park so long that she ended up having her adult birthday there.

Screenshot-13 Screenshot-14 16 - Sun Young adult bday 17 - Sun Young midlife crisisOh great. Another midlife crisis. I doubt she’ll get many wishes fulfilled.

Screenshot-15Chris: What the – ?

Screenshot-16Chris: THERE’S A MONSTER UNDER MY BED! I’ll just run away and it wont get me.

Great! Well he’s not sleeping tonight. :/

Screenshot-17Sun Young rolled a midlife crisis wish to get a makeover. So I decided to use her free action and indulge it.

Screenshot-19Stylist: Oh darling, let’s do something with your hair. And that shirt? So last year.

Screenshot-20Stylist: Fabulous! (Now to take my money and run!)

Um, what?

Screenshot-21Sun Young: I feel so hip and flirty! Te-he!

What a waste of a free action. No more indulgences!

Screenshot-22Hello IF dolls. Prepare to meet your end. Muahahahahaha!

Screenshot-23 Screenshot-25I realized I never showed the prom pictures for Mckenna and Lee. I wish the background for the prom pictures would rotate every so often.

18 - anakin the all time creeperThe hell?! I was considering taking the extended family with us for the move but you’ve just sealed your fate Anakin! You all time creeper!

Screenshot-26Sun Young: *scoffs* What? Go on a date with you and leave my position of legacy spouse? No thank you!

You tell him Sun Young!

Screenshot-27Ryan: Finally, a quiet place to do homework.

Really? Your parents bedroom? Okay then.

Screenshot-28Ben: Ah, nothing better than the fresh morning air!

Dusty: What a perfect spot to relieve myself. πŸ™‚


Screenshot-29Ben: Woof! Woof! *pants*

Dusty: What the hell are you doing? Just stop before you hurt yourself.

My thoughts exactly. -.-‘

Screenshot-30Screenshot-31Look who got to level 8 in martial arts! Those are some awesome moves! πŸ˜€

Screenshot-32See the cane? Completely for show.

Kenneth: What are you talking about? I’ll have you know I’m a frail old man now.

Ppsshh, sure you are. And I’m The Doctor.

Screenshot-34I can’t believe my eyes! It’s a study session! And they did it all on their own!

Mckenna: Hey, who wants to put on some tunes?

Kim: How are we supposed to concentrate with that noise you call music?

Salem: I’m going to stink up my box and make you all run for the hills. XD

Screenshot-39Guess what time it is?!

Screenshot-40 19 - kim teen bday Screenshot-42Kim is finally a teen! And that means it’s time to vote for the next heir! But first, lets change her outfit and hair.

Screenshot-43SHE’S SO PRETTY!!!!! I don’t care where that blonde hair came from, I think it suits her and her golden eyes. I know I shouldn’t pick favourites, but can I? Just this once? πŸ˜€

20 - frankie son bornFINALLY! The ENTIRE reason for this chapter was to just kill time until Frankie’s second child was born. Now that we know what the gender is I can move the main family to their new town! Buuuuuut… you’ll have to wait until next chapter because I’m evil like that. XD

For now go vote for the next heir over here! πŸ˜€



-10 Dog sitter
-20 Fire
-65 Self urination
-110 Passing out
+35 Birth
+10 Twin Birth
+30 Skill Challenge
+15 Honour Roll
+20 Max Skill
+40 Completed LTW
-55 Total Points


Chapter 2.13

Hello and welcome to another chapter of the Kooks! While we wait for the votes to come in for a new town lets see what this crazy family gets up to this time.

Screenshot-100You seem to be taking quite well to being an elder. πŸ˜€

Kenneth: I guess it’s not so bad. I do have this awesome cane I can hit ankles with. πŸ˜‰

Oh the perks of old age.

Screenshot-85Chris: Man, I’m so hungry I could eat a pound of waffles!

Maybe if you didn’t wait until you were starving to eat… just saying.

Kenneth: Why does he get waffles? Why am I stuck with cereal?

I’m sorry! I didn’t know there were waffles!

Screenshot-87Oh hai Cindy! Our first visit from beyond the grave! Eee! XD

Cindy: Boo! My grandson is such a loser!! Booooooo!

I see she’s just as mean as she ever was.

Screenshot-88Chris: So grandma, since you’re back from the dead and all, how about a bed time story?

Cindy: I guess old Grimm wouldn’t mind if I told you a story from the Netherworld…

Umm… lets NOT give the children nightmares. K’ thanks.

Screenshot-89Ryan: Ewww… ectoplasm… gross

Cindy: How rude! I am not secreting ectoplasm you fool.

Harsh Cindy, just harsh.

Screenshot-90Luckily Cindy read him a nice bedtime story and he drifted off to sleep almost instantly. That’s one less kid for Kenneth to worry about!

Screenshot-91Poor Ben, he still doesn’t sleep in his own bed. At least he finds somewhere to take a proper nap and doesn’t pass out.

Screenshot-99So I had thought Mckenna glitched like Kenneth did. However, I later realized Mr. Freezer Bunny Gnome had popped up in front of the door and was preventing her from leaving. I’m tempted to sell the Gnomes when they do stuff like that.

Screenshot-100Ben also has his old trusty sleeping bag so he often sleeps in random places with it. I don’t really worry about him anymore. In the end Ben will be Ben. πŸ˜‰

Screenshot-101Kenneth is still trying to complete his LTW in time. I swear, he gets hardly any time to himself.

Kenneth: Maybe if someone didn’t have me cleaning the house and reading kids to sleep all the time I’d actually accomplish something!

Trrrrruuuuuuuuue… but I’d rather not have any more fails.

1 - Anakin and Lina second kidFamily Update! Anakin is having a second kid with Lina! I can’t wait to see if it’s a boy or a girl! (P.S. I finally got pictures of Lina and her daughter, as well as Pansy (Frankie’s wife) and her son.)

Screenshot-103This is why I don’t let the kids go over to friend’s houses…

Chris: Hey mister, can you read me a bedtime story?

Mr. Scientist Dude: Um, who are you again?

Paramedic Girl: I’m sorry, he just randomly followed me home…

Screenshot-105At least Kim was somewhat productive at her friend’s house.

Kim: Yo, nerd. What’s the value of x for the equation 17x + (-12) = 114 + 3x?

Nerdy Kid (I never write down their names): Um… x would equal…. 9.

Kim: Perfect…

And she’s supposed to be the smart one. Well actually, that is pretty smart. Befriend the smart kids and get all the homework answers. XD

Screenshot-106Ryan: I was thinking, we should do a family photo shoot sometime. You know, so we can have a big box of photos to look at and see how beautiful you are before you get all old and wrinkled like dad.

Sun Young: Oh! Um, how uh, thoughtful dear. (I don’t want to grow old and wrinkled.) ‘-.-

At least the kid’s heart is in the right place… I think…

Screenshot-107Eventually, Chris got his bedtime story. But there was no way he was staying at a stranger’s house overnight.

Screenshot-108Kim was left to her own devices basked in a glowing yellow light. Alright, time to get you two back home. Kenneth, please call your children home, I am beginning to fear for their safety.

Screenshot-109Uh, Ben?

Ben: Yes? What is it?

Where did the other half of your body go?

Ben: Part of the crew… part of the ship…

Alright… I’m just going to leave you alone now…

Screenshot-110More bedtime stories! As you can see the kids constantly switch beds. It’s a little annoying.

Screenshot-111Ben: TOOOOOT!!! Guess what time it is Lee?!

Lee: Father, please remove yourself from my personal space. You are covering me in your spittle.

Ben: It’s your birthday! TOOOOOOT!

Screenshot-112 Screenshot-1132 - Lee teen bdayOh great. Lee got Unstable locked in to go along with Easily Impressed, Absent-Minded, and Hot-Headed. Give him the Insane trait and he’d be the kookiest of them all. Oh well. πŸ™‚

Screenshot-115And here is Teen Lee! He looks a bit like a Frankie clone (considering Ben fathered both of them I’m not surprised) so I’m hoping the surfer hair will give him his own look. πŸ˜€

That’s it for this chapter! Next chapter will hopefully see the Kooks move to a new town, keyword hopefully. πŸ˜‰



-10 Dog sitter
-20 Fire
-60 Self urination
-95 Passing out
+35 Birth
+10 Twin Birth
+30 Skill Challenge
+15 Honour Roll
+20 Max Skill
+40 Completed LTW
-35 Total Points


Chapter 2.8

Welcome back! Last time Kenneth and Sun Young returned home from China, the family adopted a super cute stray cat, and Sun Young gave birth to our first heir! Let’s see how the family is doing with a new bundle of joy in the house!

Screenshot-60Mckenna is such a cute alien! And it’s birthday time!

Screenshot-61 14 - Mckenna child birthdayOh gosh, Mckenna got Evil to go along with Genius and Loves the Cold. We have an evil genius on our hands!

Screenshot-63TA-DA! Isn’t she cute? I like the hair.

Screenshot-64Ben: Mckenna! What are you wearing? Don’t let me being a star go to your head! Young people these days, always wanting their 15 minutes of fame!

Mckenna: Whoa grandpa! What’s your problem?

Ben, stop frightening the children. Go work in your garden or something!

Ben: Young’uns these days, no respect for anyone.

Screenshot-66Yup, Kenneth and Sun Young are at it again! We have one legacy baby, let’s have another! πŸ˜€

Screenshot-67Ben is such a good grandpa. If you’re not an alien it seems.

Screenshot-68Kenneth has always taken to the role of parenting quite well. Good job Kenneth.

Kenneth: I was the ignored child growing up. I try not to do that to my kids.

Awe. πŸ™‚

Screenshot-69Look who it is! Sun Young has an upset tummy so baby #2 must be on its way!

Screenshot-70Oh hi aliens! You want to abduct Cindy this time. Well… ok.

Screenshot-72Kenneth: I have now mastered Sim-Fu!

No you haven’t. You are level 6 or something. Where’s your new belt?

Kenneth: I don’t know.

I couldn’t figure out which one was his new one. I will try to figure it out. 😦

Screenshot-77It’s confirmed! The next heir is one its way! Will it be another girl? Or will it be a boy?

Screenshot-80CINDY! WHAT DID YOU DO?!

Cindy: Oh, oh my. I’m so embarrassed, I hope no one saw that.

I SAW THAT! Thanks Cindy (-5 points), and we were doing so well.

15 - Frankie and Naomi relationshipFamily Updates! Frankie is BACK with Naomi. Again, his picture wouldn’t render and I’m getting annoyed with him so… yah.

16 - more stalker AnakinAnakin is STILL stalking his ex-lover. This is getting a bit old Anakin.

17 - Phoenix burns Anakins stuffThis Phoenix guy is constantly in pop-ups about setting things on fire. He struck again at Anakin’s house!

18 - Frankie and Naomi engagementThanks for finally rendering Frankie! Oh, you’re getting married? After how many break-ups? Who wants to bet this wont last.

Screenshot-82More birthdays!

19 - Lee child birthdayThese poor kids didn’t learn any of their skills. Lee got Hot-Headed to go with Absent-Minded and Easily Impressed. That’s an interesting combination of traits forming.

Screenshot-85Does anyone else think the aliens pretty much all look the same? It’s the eyes, nose, and mouth I think.

Screenshot-86Their next victim is Kenneth. I wont keep you in suspense, this abduction did not result in a pregnancy.

Screenshot-87Mckenna: BOO! That’s for taking up all my dad’s time!

Sun Young: *Gasp!* I had no clue someone was there!

Mckenna! It’s not nice to scare pregnant ladies! She does this at least once a day.

Screenshot-89But she also does her homework. Sometimes. So I can’t complain too much.

Screenshot-90The mandatory ‘kids on the school bus’ shot. Neither of them are doing that great in school.

Screenshot-92Bonding time!

Cindy: It’s nice to see a normal pregnancy around here for once.

Sun Young: I had a normal pregnancy with Kim though. Don’t you remember?

Cindy: I have a granddaughter named Kim?

Poor Cindy, her memory isn’t what it use to be.

Screenshot-93Lee brought a friend home from school! I don’t know her name though, didn’t catch it. At least they’re being good kids and working on homework together!

Screenshot-94Mckenna is doing homework too, just not at the house. I don’t really know where she is. o.O

Screenshot-95And Kenneth is… PASSED OUT?! NO! WHY?! (-5 points) I expected better from you Kenneth!

20 - Frankie and Naomi breakupSee? I told you it wouldn’t take long. Poor Frankie, although, now he can find a younger woman and procreate, yes? Would that be too much to ask?

Screenshot-96Birthdays for everyone! πŸ˜€

21 - Kimberly toddler birthdayScreenshot-98O.O Um… where did the blonde hair come from? *quickly checks Kim’s family tree* Okay… so Kenneth IS the father… weird. She has Cindy’s eyes so she MUST be related! I don’t think Ben’s eyes got passed down. Sad times. But Kim is a cutie! πŸ˜€

Screenshot-99Kenneth spends some father-daughter bonding time with Kim. I love their faces.

Screenshot-102Toddler skills! I’m glad Kenneth didn’t take notes about how his parents raised kids. I think he’s doing a much better job.

Kenneth: That might be the nicest thing you’ve ever said.

Ben: She lies! I was an exemplary parent!

Hush Ben! You’re ruining the moment!

Screenshot-104O.O WHAT?!?!?! You were even right next to the toilet!!!! GAH!! CINDY!! (-5 points)

Sun Young: Mother, dear, maybe you should lie down. I’ll help you clean up.

Cindy: I’m sorry dear, my bladder just isn’t what it use to be.

I think we’ve lost most of our points due to Cindy. -.-‘

22 - Anakin and Lina relationshipOn the upside, Anakin has found himself a nice young lady to date! *Prays for more Anakin babies*

Screenshot-105Speaking of babies… Kenneth! Get in here! Oh wait, he’s at work. Looks like you’re having a home birth Sun Young! I’m here for you!

Screenshot-10623 - Christopher birthYay! A boy this time! Welcome the the world little Christopher!

24 - Christopher infant traitsSo I rolled Christopher’s next trait and got Disciplined (not a bad combo with Brave) however, I forgot momentarily about my self-imposed rule of all heirs must have the Insane trait. So here’s hoping he does well in school so I can pick his next trait.

Screenshot-10725 - Ryan birthUm. What? You had TWINS? YAY TWINS! (+10 points!) Welcome to the world little Ryan!

26 - Ryan infant traitsRyan got the Insane trait randomly, and that’s when I remembered my self-imposed rule while playing and went derp. Like I said, hopefully Chris does well in school. πŸ™‚



-10 Dog sitter
-15 Fire
-20 Self urination
-20 Passing out
+35 Birth
+10 Twin Birth
+30 Skill Challenge
+15 Honour Roll
+20 Max Skill
+40 Completed LTW
+85 Total Points


Chapter 2.7

Last chapter Kenneth and Sun Young concluded their vacation in China! Let’s see what kind of mayhem they came home to. πŸ™‚

ScreenshotScreaming babies and bad parenting by your favourite Kook. Way to go Ben.

Ben: Maybe it will stop screaming if I don’t look at it.

Just look after the poor kids!

Screenshot-2Kenneth had to go to work as soon as he got back to town and Sun Young happened to be dropped off at the local pool instead of the house. Please don’t starve and drown in the pool! We need you!

1 - Sun's LTWAlso, I took a peek at her LTW. Yah… I don’t think she’ll be completing it.

Screenshot-3As usual, Cindy is doing nothing to help around the house and is just being her normal lazy self.

Screenshot-4At least Ben eventually gets around to feeding the children. Poor kids, since Mckenna and Lee are not eligible heirs they get neglected. Neither one has learned any of the toddler skills so far.

Screenshot-7Oh, look who decided to head home and get some food! Keep your eyes on the road Cabbie!

Screenshot-8Sun Young: I’m so hungry! I really hope this is the right house, I need to eat!

Then go eat! Gah!

Screenshot-10Ben: So Cindy, you’re getting up there in age now. When do you think my good friend Grim will be stopping by?

Screenshot-11Cindy: How could you say such a thing! Do you WANT me to die!?

Screenshot-12Ben: What did I do?

Cindy: Humph, I don’t want to speak to you until the day I die.

Sun Young: I hope Kenneth and I don’t end up like his parents…

Screenshot-13Ben: Cindy, my darling, I’m sorry.

Cindy: Oh Ben, some times your words break my heart. It’s too much.

Sun Young: Just focus on the sink. I’m not listening, no, not at all. Lalalala lalala lala.

Ben and Cindy have a special kind of relationship. They fight, then make up, then fight again when they make up.

Screenshot-14Sun Young: Oh look. A child. Why is he playing all alone?

Screenshot-15You are amazing Sun Young! You are the first one to teach Lee any of his toddler skills!

Screenshot-16Ben: Excuse me Sun, it’s time for Lee to go to bed! Tickle tickle!

Lee: Dada NOOOO!

Sun Young: But it’s the afternoon. I don’t understand why he needs to go to bed now.

Damn you Ben! Lee was learning skills and you just HAD to go and interrupt!

Screenshot-17By the way, here is Kenneth in his dashing work uniform. He’s quite handsome in his uniform.

2 - Frankie gets a petFamily Update! Frankie decided he needed a pet apparently. I hope he doesn’t become a crazy cat person.3 - Kenneth promotionAnd Kenneth got a promotion! Oh, and he also works with Frankie. Brother bonding time at work!

Screenshot-19Sun Young: How was your day at work? I met your family.

Kenneth: I got a promotion! And good, I hope they didn’t do anything too crazy. Hehe.

Screenshot-20Kenneth: So what do you say we retire to the bedroom. *Wink wink*

We need to get this legacy moving! πŸ˜€

Screenshot-22Look! Cindy is actually doing something!

Ben: Just help me put the kids to bed, then you can watch your shows or read or whatever.

Cindy: Where are their parents? Why am I dong this? My baby days are over.

Screenshot-23I wouldn’t be so sure Cindy! Are there more grand-babies on the way? πŸ˜€

4 - Frankie and Naomi breakupMore Family Updates! Frankie was apparently dating Naomi and they broke up. Why can’t this family keep relationships?5 - Stalker AnakinAnakin is being a creeper and stalking his ex lover.6 - Anakin and Lina romanceThen he gets a new lover, Lina Lancaster. And she’s not an Elder! I really hope Anakin and Frankie have some children.7 - Stalker AnakinAnd then Anakin goes back to stalking his ex-lover again.

Screenshot-24Sun Young has also decided she likes to paint. No one but Frankie ever used it anyway.

Screenshot-27Someone has an upset tummy! Could it mean babies?

Screenshot-28So at some point a stray cat wandered into the house and would not leave. He’s just so cute so the Kooks adopted him and renamed his Salem. πŸ™‚

Screenshot-30I’ve always wanted a black cat.

Screenshot-31Dusty: Cat? What cat? Where’s the cat?!

Awe, Dusty is looking so old! He’s over 120 days now!

Screenshot-32But Salem is just so cute! Look at him play in the bathtub!

Screenshot-33He and Sun Young started to become friends. He’s a sweet little cat. Welcome to the family!

Screenshot-34Here’s a random shot of Ben sleeping on the couch. Cindy is in the bed so he can’t sleep there apparently.

Screenshot-36Dusty: I like leaves! I like to chase them all over the yard!

Salem: You should chase rodents with me. Rid the world of them, it is our duty!

Screenshot-41It’s confirmed! Sun Young is pregnant! Prepare for cute babies! πŸ˜€

Screenshot-43And what’s a chapter of the Kooks without an alien abduction? They got Kenneth again, however I am happy to report no hanky-panky went on.

Screenshot-44Kenneth works on his Martial Arts skill any chance he gets. Soon he will have to deal with a new baby!

Screenshot-47I think this is one of the nicest maternity outfits I’ve seen on my sims, ever. Just saying. πŸ˜‰

Screenshot-50Sun Young is such a caring sim! She brushes Dusty all the time, play with Salem, and even looks after children who are not her own without complaint. Good choice for wife material if I do say so myself. πŸ™‚

9 - Kenneth Saves the dayAt some point there was an emergency at work and Kenneth saved the day!8 - Kenneth promotionThat resulted in a promotion. πŸ˜€ More monies makes for happy Kooks.10 - What is with the alien fetishI was checking on Sun Young (she has a couple books in her inventory I wanted) and I noticed this wish. What is with this family and your alien fetishes!? I didn’t lock in the wish for obvious reasons.11 - Frankie and Naomi romanceWhy is Frankie dating Naomi again and why is she an elder now? Story Progression hates this family. Oh, and his picture wouldn’t render, so I improvised. πŸ™‚

Screenshot-52Back to the main family! They make a cute couple. I can’t wait to see their babies!

Screenshot-53Speaking of which…. πŸ˜€

Kenneth: AHHHH!!! What do I do?! What do I DO!?

Ben: What’s wrong with her? Why is she screaming? DO SOMETHING!

Oh yah! I don’t think Ben was around for the birth of his sons, except for Frankie since he gave birth to him. Welcome to child bearing Ben!

Screenshot-54Sun Young: I swear, if you don’t drive faster that 20 km/hr I will Sim Fu Chop you all the way back to China!

Kenneth: I’m going as fast as I can! I don’t want to scratch my car!

Screenshot-55Kenneth: Um, we’re here.

Sun Young: You know, I think I’ll just levitate here for a while. It helps with the contractions!

Hooray for glitches.

Screenshot-56Eventually she made it to the sidewalk and then to the hospital.

Random Sim: OH MY PLUMBOB! She’s gonna burst! Get her to a hospital!

Sun Young: I would already be in the hospital if you would get out of my way!

Note to self, have a home birth next time. So much easier.

Screenshot-58Frankie: What do you mean I can’t go in? I wanna see the baby too!

Go away Frankie! Must you be involved in everything?

12 - Birth KimberlySun Young has a little girl! She named her Kimberly since her last name used to be “Kim”, but I changed the hyphenated last name to be just “Kook” again. (+5 points!)

13 - Kimberly infant traitsSince Kimberly is an eligible heir she got the insane trait. πŸ™‚

Screenshot-59Frankie: Yes! I got to see my new niece! Score!

Sun Young: Now where is Ken with the car? His brother is upsetting Kim!

Well that’s all for this chapter! Next chapter… BIRTHDAYS! πŸ˜€



-10 Dog sitter

-15 Fire

-10 Self urination

-15 Passing out

+35 Birth

+30 Skill Challenge

+15 Honour Roll

+20 Max Skill

+40 Completed LTW


+90 Total Points



Chapter 2.6

Welcome back to the Kooks, and guess what? We have a wedding to attend! How are you feeling Kenneth?

Kenneth: Okay, I guess. Wish my parents were here…

Yah, sorry about that buddy. The only downfall of a “Destination Wedding” in China. πŸ˜‰

Screenshot-108At least Sun Young’s family is here! This is her brother’s back. I don’t think I captured his face.

Kenneth: So I was looking at this feather pen for the guests to sign the guest book with but then I couldn’t find a guest book I liked the look of. Wedding planning is so hard.

Sun Young’s Brother who I forget the name of: Right… I thought women mainly did the wedding planning? *Gives Ken a shifty eyed look*

Screenshot-109And this is Sun Young’s brother’s wife, again, I forget her name.

Kenneth: Wow, good looks sure do run in this family!

Brother’s wife: Um, I’m married into the family, but thanks! You’re not bad looking yourself!

They honestly heart farted each other moments before the wedding. Sims! *Face palm*

Screenshot-110And here is the beautiful wedding venue I set up in the base camp! Yes I used a cheat to edit the lot, but no, I did not use money cheats. The Kooks happen to be a bit rich right now so I splurged. πŸ˜€

Let the wedding begin!

Screenshot-111Kenneth: My darling Sun Young, will you take me to be your lawfully wedded husband?

Sun Young: Don’t we say vows first?

Kenneth: Did you prepare any?

Sun Young: No, did you?

Kenneth: Nope.

Oh boy, we’re off to a great start! How about you just each say “I promise to love you, and cherish you, and be with you through better or for worse, till death do us part”. I think that’s how it goes…

Screenshot-112Sun Young: Kenneth, I love you and promise to be by your side on your journey to continue your father’s legacy… oh, I think the ring is stuck.

Kenneth: You’re putting it on the wrong finger, it’s goes on the ring finger, not the middle.

Look closely at the picture, she’s totally putting it on the wrong finger. πŸ˜›

Screenshot-113Kenneth: One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkens bind them – no wait, that’s from a movie.

Sun Young: You’re so funny!

Good going Kenneth. I hope Sun Young knows she’s marrying into an insane family. She seems pretty happy though.

Screenshot-114The kiss to seal the deal! With only two guests in attendance to witness this happy couple tie the knot. Apparently it’s still an awesome party to Sun Young’s brother though.

Screenshot-115Okay you love birds, you have one day left of your vacation! Are you going to go on romantic moonlit walks and have picnics in the Scholar’s Garden?

Screenshot-118Really? You can treat this as your honeymoon you know! Why are you acting like an old couple? Like, come on! Kenneth, show your blushing bride a good time!

Screenshot-119Kenneth: So, what do you say we head upstairs and get started on our wedding night?

Sun Young: You must have read my mind baby, that book had some ideas I want to try.

Whoa! T.M.I.! T.M.I.!

Screenshot-122Awe, they both get the “Good Clean Fun” moodlet! Too bad pregnancies can’t occur on “vacation”.

Screenshot-126The next day, Kenneth makes a few purchases from the local shops to remember his trip to China since it is unlikely he will ever return.

Screenshot-127Remember that opportunity Kenneth got about learning from a Sim Fu master? Say hello to Sima Zhi, Sim Fu Master.

Screenshot-128Let the sparing match begin!

Screenshot-129Screenshot-131Screenshot-133Screenshot-134Screenshot-135Unfortunately, Kenneth lost since he got kicked in the face. The opportunity said to spar twice, I think he may have won the second time.

Screenshot-136Kenneth: I am now the true Master!

Sima Zhi: Um, actually, I’m still a master of Sim Fu… so yah…

Screenshot-138Gosh Kenneth, show us your belt!

Kenneth: But it’s boring. It should have flames on it because I’m a Master.

You are not a master yet! However, flames would be cool… I’ll see what I can do… later… if I remember. πŸ˜€

Screenshot-139Kenneth: Hey, so, I sparred with Master Sima.

Opportunity Lady: Great! I have another task for you…

11 - Sim-Fu OportunityWe have the time so may as well! OFF TO THE SCHOLAR’S GARDEN!

Screenshot-141Screenshot-142Hey, you don’t look half bad. I’m inclined to think you actually know what you’re doing! πŸ™‚

Kenneth: I must focus on my training and calm the stirring emotions within me.

Screenshot-143While Kenneth levels his Martial Arts Skill to level 5, Sun Young decides to work on her logic skill. She already has a couple of points. πŸ™‚

Screenshot-144After reaching level 5, Kenneth meditates on the bridge until the sun goes down and he stinks like rotten fish.

Kenneth: Hey! I do not!

Have you smelled yourself? Your new wife was making faces. Go take a shower man!

Screenshot-145Kenneth: I did it! I reached enlightenment! Well, actually I meditated for a few hours like you asked. Not much happened.

Opportunity Lady: That’s good! You are on your way to becomingΒ  master! I have one more task for you…

12 - Sim-Fu Oportunity Did you really have a vision Kenneth?

Kenneth: No, I um, sorta made it up. He he.

Oh well. Take a quick beauty nap then it’s off to find the writings of Qin Shan Hu!

Screenshot-146No, no, no, no, no! You are with us for less than a day and you are already costing us points Sun Young! (-5 points)

Screenshot-147After a quick beauty rest, Kenneth goes hunting for the writings of Qin Shan Hu. A regular chip off the ol’ block! Anyone remember Ben’s adventuring days? πŸ˜€

Screenshot-149And he found them! Go hand them in, we’re almost out of time!

Screenshot-150What are you doing?!?!

Kenneth: I am Fire Lord Kenneth! Bow before me, the greatest Fire Bender of all time! I will defeat you Avatar!

Get out of the flames! What is with you Kooks and your need to put your life in danger when I look away!

Screenshot-151Kenneth: I found the writings. Sorry they got a bit burnt.

Opportunity Lady: I must study these right away! Oh the teachings they are sure to hold!

13 - Sim-Fu Oportunity CompleteAnd that concludes our adventure in China! Oh yah, and for some reason when Kenneth and Sun Young married their last names hyphenated. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’ll probably change it back.



-10 Dog sitter

-15 Fire

-10 Self urination

-15 Passing out

+30 Birth

+30 Skill Challenge

+15 Honour Roll

+20 Max Skill

+40 Completed LTW


+85 Total Points


Chapter 2.5

I’m back with another update for these crazy Kooks! Last chapter Kenneth went to Shang Simla, China and learned the secrets of Sim-Fu while meeting his true love!

Kenneth: She’s not my true love. I barely even know her!

Hush you! Sun Young is your true love because I say so.

Screenshot-72Kenneth: HA! HI-YA!

“The Master” spends time improving his skills…


Kenneth: Leave me alone while I train! Gah!

Screenshot-74Did you just….?

Kenneth: My face! OW ow owowowowow!!!

*snort, giggle, snort* Bwahahahahaha! So how’s training going? Hahahahaha!

Screenshot-75Kenneth: I have mastered Sim-Fu!

No, no you have not.

Screenshot-76You’re are a yellow belt now my dear.

Kenneth: Why do I have to show off my belts?

Because it let’s me keep track of your progress!

4 - Sun and ShingWhat is this?! Who are you Shing Hong, and why are you brainwashing our Sun Young to like you?! Hurry Kenneth! You must woo Sun Young before it’s too late!

Kenneth: They’re not actually dating, so relax.

5 - Sim-Fu OportunityKenneth got an opportunity! Apparently he must spar with Sima Zhi 2 times to learn more about Sim-Fu from a true master. Of course, we accept. πŸ™‚

Screenshot-77Kenneth: Pitiful foam board, you do not stand a chance against The Master!

Screenshot-78Kenneth: FISTS OF FURY SMASH! HA!

Are you going to name all your moves?

Screenshot-79Kenneth: Oh yah, who’s The Master of the Foam Board!

Let’s see you try and break a space rock. I’ll watch and laugh when you break your hand, ‘kay? πŸ˜€

Screenshot-826 - Sun and Kenneth HangoutKenneth: *on phone* Hello? *pause* Hi Sun! Sure, I’ll come over right away! *click* Did you hear? Sun Young wants to hang out with me!

That’s great! But, uh, you stink. So go take a shower before you visit her.

Screenshot-83Kenneth: The Master will triumph in love and battle!

You do know Sim-Fu is more about finding inner peace, dedication, and training, and less about kicking others butts right?

Screenshot-84Kenneth: Ya, ya, whatever. Can I go see Sun now? And I still need to take that shower.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Kenneth has achieved his orange belt! πŸ˜€

Screenshot-85Kenneth: Hey Sun, I can call you Sun right? Sorry I’m here so late, I had to shower after training. So yah, uhm. I’m here now!

Sun Young: It’s so late, I’m a little tired…

Smooth Kenneth, very smooth.

Screenshot-86Sun Young: But sure! It’s only midnight, but come on in!

Oh Sim logic.

Screenshot-87And she promptly goes to bed anyway and Kenneth automatically gets kicked out. We’ll try again tomorrow. πŸ™‚

*The next day*

7 - Sun and Shing RelationshipWHAT?!?!?!?! NO! This is not okay!

Screenshot-88Kenneth: *on phone* Hey Sun! It’s Ken! Do you want to hang out today?

8 - No HangoutDAMMIT! Why? Why are none of my plans working?

Kenneth: Maybe I should look for someone else?

No! Sun Young has been chosen by The Watcher to be your legacy wife! *plots madly to get them together*

*Almost 5 sim hours later*

Screenshot-89Sun Young: Hey Ken, I can only hang out for a bit. My boyfriend, Shing, is taking me out for a romantic dinner tonight.

Kenneth: That’s fine, it’s just great to see you and hang out finally!

Screenshot-91Kenneth: By the way, I got these for you, as a token of our friendship.

Screenshot-92Sun Young: They’re lovely! *Inhales deeply* Shing never gives me flowers!

Kenneth: Maybe Shing isn’t the right guy for you then?

9 - Sun and Shing BreakupScore! Now we can get this legacy moving again!

*After a day of spamming romantic iterations*

Screenshot-94Kenneth: I have something to confess.

Sun Young: What is it Ken?

Kenneth: I really, really like you so here goes nothing…

Screenshot-95First kiss is a success!

Screenshot-98Kenneth: So, does this mean we’re dating now, or…?

Screenshot-99Sun Young: You’re lucky you’re so cute!

You’re on a roll Kenneth! Don’t stop there!

Screenshot-100Kenneth: For you my love, I’ll be cute, sexy, strong, handsome, or anything you need.

Screenshot-101Kenneth seems to have a hidden Romantic trait, but they are just so cute together! πŸ˜€

Screenshot-102Kenneth: We seem to be destined to be together and this might sound a little crazy…

Screenshot-103Kenneth: But I have been given a task by The Watcher to continue my father’s legacy in all of it’s Kooky glory and…

Screenshot-104Kenneth: The Watcher chose you to be the one to stand by my side on this journey! Will you marry me?

Screenshot-105Sun Young: Oh, of course Kenneth! I am honored The Watcher chose me!

Screenshot-107Kenneth is now engaged to beautiful Sun Young! It will be good to get some culture into this family. πŸ™‚



-10 Dog sitter

-15 Fire

-10 Self urination

-10 Passing out

+30 Birth

+30 Skill Challenge

+15 Honour Roll

+20 Max Skill

+40 Completed LTW


+90 Total Points




Chapter 2.4

Last chapter Kenneth decided to leave the desert and the aliens behind to embark on an epic adventure!

Kenneth: More like you made me get up in the middle of the night and forced me here…

Hush! No being a sourpuss! Anyway… he decide it was time to fulfill the other half of his Lifetime Wish – learning the secret art of SIM-FU!!

1 - Shang SimlaWelcome to Shang Simla Kenneth!

Screenshot-45This is the base camp where you will be living for the duration of your adventure!

Kenneth: Can’t I just read a book about Sim-Fu or something?

No! You must train at the Academy!

Screenshot-46Kenneth: Gah! This is so pointless! Why do I have to come all the way here JUST to learn Sim-Fu?!

This is not pointless! In Shang Simla you can learn Sim-Fu, buy a training dummy, and practice with others! AND… you shall find your future wife here!

Screenshot-47Kenneth: You mean… I get to chat up the ladies?

Of course! Chat up the ladies all you want!

Kenneth: Score!

Screenshot-48Um, your car doesn’t really go with the tranquility of Shang Simla.

Kenneth: Hey, this is my sweet ride, and it’ll get the attention of the ladies!

It will get the attention of EVERYONE!

Kenneth: Meh.

Screenshot-49Kenneth: So, you got any books about Sim-Fu?

Store Owner: If you want to learn the secrets of Sim-Fu you must train at the Academy! Or buy my book for $1000.

Kenneth: Whoa! No thanks! I’ll, um, go to the Academy I guess.

Told you so.

Kenneth: Don’t even!

Screenshot-50Why are you training in your formal attire?

Kenneth: I have to look good while training!

Screenshot-53Oh yah… you look really good. Love the moves.

Kenneth: Hiya! Ha!

Girly slap attack!

Kenneth: Go away!

Screenshot-55Oh look! A pretty Sim-Fu student who could probably kick your butt!

Screenshot-56Kenneth: I am the MASTER!

Where’s your new belt?

Screenshot-57Kenneth: Come on! It’s all white! I look dumb!

Quit whining and go talk to that girl over there!Screenshot-59Kenneth: Hey cutie, what’s your name?

Girl I didn’t catch name of: Awe, a new student! I’d love to spar with you. *Wink*

Screenshot-60Kenneth: Could I have your email? Maybe we could chat online sometime.

Get out of the way Sim-Fu man! Gah!

Screenshot-61KENNETH!!! Pretty girl alert! Go talk to her now!

Screenshot-63Kenneth: Hello, beautiful!

Sun Young: Aren’t you a charmer.

2 - Sun likes KennethYes! Kenneth has just as much luck with the ladies as Ben! πŸ˜€

Screenshot-65I’ll leave them to chat each other up a bit. πŸ˜‰

3 - Compatible SignsThey even have compatible signs! It’s a match made in heaven! πŸ˜€

Screenshot-68So Kenneth, how did you like Sun Young?

Kenneth: She’s great. Pretty, smart, into Sim-Fu, likes me…

Well good, because I’ve decided she is going to be your wife!

Screenshot-69Kenneth: *choke* What?!

You heard me!

Screenshot-70Kenneth: *has a coughing fit* You decided that quickly? Don’t I get a say?

Um, you just did. You like her, she likes you. It’s perfect!

Screenshot-71Awe, he even dreams about her at night!

A/N: I know this was a really short chapter, but after going through more of my screen shots they work perfectly into two longer chapters! So stay tuned for more Kookiness to come! πŸ˜€



-10 Dog sitter

-15 Fire

-10 Self urination

-10 Passing out

+30 Birth

+30 Skill Challenge

+15 Honour Roll

+20 Max Skill

+40 Completed LTW


+90 Total Points



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